BodBot AI Personal Trainer Reviews

BodBot AI Personal Trainer Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

BodBot is your own digital personal trainer, providing AI workouts customized to
your goals, equipment, physical abilities, desired difficulty and much more.
BodBot provides you with step-by-step guidance for each exercise and
progression, and your plan adapts over time as you complete o...

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Reviews (21)


Great Concept, Faulty Delivery

I really like the idea of BodBotAIPersonalTrainer - using AÍ to develop a personalized training program designed to correct imbalances in your body. And BodBotAIPersonalTrainer appears to do a good job of finding those imbalances. Almost immediately, the algorithm detected I have weak shoulders and rotator cuff and correctly focused on those areas. However, BodBotAIPersonalTrainer seems to overly focus on those specific muscle groups. I get rotator cuff exercises almost every workout (which actually led to a small overuse injury), while chest, abs, and triceps are almost completely ignored. BodBotAIPersonalTrainer had me go almost two weeks without doing a single chest exercise. I’m worried that in the long term, this could actually cause muscle imbalances/injuries rather than reducing them. Now, I get that it wants me to focus on certain muscle groups - but that shouldn’t be at the exclusion of others. Even when I set BodBotAIPersonalTrainer to focus on chest and shoulders a certain day, it still only recommended one chest exercise. It doesn’t seem clear to me how the fitness tests translate into the recommended workouts. BodBotAIPersonalTrainer could do with better explainability - there should be more details on why it chose the exercises it did. And it should attempt to give more well-rounded workouts. If those issues were fixed, I think it would be pretty great. The interface is also extremely clunky, but that’s not a huge concern for me.


Generally satisfied but some things could be improved

I like that it gives me a variety of exercises I wouldn’t normally think of on my own. The videos are all helpful, but it would be nice if instead of the static image that shows on the workout screen, it showed the video without having to go into the exercise info page and hit play. I find myself doing that a lot with exercises I am not familiar with. Cons are sometimes it gives really bad programs for the day. Today it tried to give me 5 different variations of pull ups and chin ups. When I maxed out on the second variation, it changed the variation to the kind I had already done and struggled with before. It seems to overemphasize hitting one body part per day, when it should really spread things out more when someone is working out everyday to not exhaust that one muscle. Also, I tell BodBotAIPersonalTrainer to give me about 60 minutes of programming a day, but I probably need to cut that down to 45 minutes or less because it vastly underestimates the amount of time it things take. My “60” minute workouts take 1.5 - 2 hours per day. 5-10 minutes of stretching, 60+ minutes of resistance training, then 30 minutes of cardio and more stretching. If these kinks can get sorted, I think it’d be worth 5 stars.


Could be great but algorithm a bit off

First off I love BodBotAIPersonalTrainer. Getting back in the gym was daunting for me. I’ve always hated it because I didn’t know what to do once I got there and can’t afford a personal trainer. BodBotAIPersonalTrainer originally fit that need. However it’s been almost a month now and I’ve only worked on upper body exercises. I’ve completed the fit tests that have come up but I’ve done ZERO leg exercises. I changed my tailoring to primarily core and lower body focus but it still only workout arms, chest and back. Based on my activity level it adds 30 mins of walking at the end of my workouts but still there’s no exercises focused on lower body movements. Oh! And the nutrition portion of BodBotAIPersonalTrainer is horrible. Scratch it and start over. It’s super confusing and doesn’t make sense to me at all. I’ve paid for the annual subscription but I’m really starting to regret it.


Best fitness app - my whole family uses it!

I love BodBotAIPersonalTrainer and have been using it for a few years, as well as my step mom and dad. It works great for us, even though we all have different fitness goals and different age/gender/size, BodBotAIPersonalTrainer uses its algorithms to generate an acceptable workout for each one of us. It also has a built in system that asks how you feel after each set to see if you need to work harder/easier. There’s also fitness tests you can do to see where your abilities are at. It has everything I could ask for. The food section of BodBotAIPersonalTrainer is something that I don’t use so I am not familiar with it. However, the workout part is amazing.



Aside from the nutrition portion of BodBotAIPersonalTrainer that I could not figure out how to use, BodBotAIPersonalTrainer is put together in a somewhat easy to use fashion. That being said, in regards to the claim of being a pocket personal trainer, it is lacking. The idea of having people take a fitness test and then BodBotAIPersonalTrainer adapting the workouts according to the answers is a great idea. After playing around with app for a couple weeks, it seemed to always randomly pick exercise with no regard to either the seeds of the fitness test answers or the clever biometric tracking—which would be great for avoiding overtraining muscle groups. BodBotAIPersonalTrainer had me doing the same workouts on consecutive days at times for no reason at all. Ultimately, none of those unique features appeared to work correctly. After BodBotAIPersonalTrainer made me take my fitness tests and It said I failed on everything, it generated the same workout for me when I reported that I passed the fitness teats. I ended up doing my own research and changing workouts myself, rather than being able to trust any sort of comprehensive progression path that BodBotAIPersonalTrainer laid out due to BodBotAIPersonalTrainer ’s randomness. There are complete free apps that do the same thing as BodBotAIPersonalTrainer in the areas that seem to actually be useful. So even though I wanted to love BodBotAIPersonalTrainer and trust it would be worth paying for, sadly it isnt.


Cardio Issues Resolved, Highly Recommended!

I love the idea of workouts based on fitness testing and that adapts to your progress. However, I had given up on BodBotAIPersonalTrainer because of a failure to assign regular cardio workouts but unbeknownst to me, an update had featured a scheduling option that allows you to pick specific days for cardio sessions and that seems to have resolved this issue. Therefore I am now pleased to recommend BodBotAIPersonalTrainer most highly as I find it to be unique but in how it personally designs workouts based on your particular body condition fitness and progress. So, for I award four stars and after using it for a while to see if the cardio issue is really resolved I will likely give it the final star at that point.


Where’s my cardio?

I’d love to give BodBotAIPersonalTrainer 5 stars, but for the life of me I can’t figure out their approach to cardio. I’ve tried selecting just about every “goal” available, to no avail. I might get one run a week if I’m lucky, and that’s “sprints.” I’ve tried emailing and received no response at all. There is an “endurance running” goal, but that really isn’t what I’m trying to achieve. Seems very odd to me that a “lose fat” or “lose fat and gain muscle” or even a “cross training” goal would not include cardio. BodBotAIPersonalTrainer also doesn’t seem to be registering information from my Apple health app and is not able to connect with my Garmin watch. On the other hand, the actual exercise routine and the way BodBotAIPersonalTrainer helps you by increasing reps or weight based on your reporting of how hard a set was is great. Want to love it, but, where’s my cardio?


BodBot App

I loveeeeeee BodBotAIPersonalTrainer!!!! I have been wanting to get back into the gym and BodBotAIPersonalTrainer helped me with exactly that. It bases workout routines around your fitness level and your experience. It does a schedule for you and plans the workout to optimize whatever you are wanting to focus on whether that is fat loss, health benefits, or muscle gain. It has it all!!! Honestly I have never left a review for anything before in my life but BodBotAIPersonalTrainer is really worth trying! I am obsessed with it. The information transfers to your health app to so you track everything. I would highly recommend BodBotAIPersonalTrainer for anyone wanting to get into working out at home at at the gym!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Pretty good

This is the third personal trainer app I’ve tried after hating the first two (Shred and Workout). I like that the workout adjust based on how hard sets are. Seems very promising but two issues. First I can’t stop a workout early and time makes that happen some days. I just closed BodBotAIPersonalTrainer out so I hope it saves what I did. BodBotAIPersonalTrainer needs a finish button for days you don’t get to the end. Second, I don’t like the images of people working out in the underwear on my screen, especially when others can see it. Why couldn’t the models have clothes on, it’s just weird. Will update as I learn more. Final tally, uninstalled, puts cardio in the work out and won't mark workout complete without it. My cardio is separate from weights. Overall good idea with a few deal breaker poor executions.


My Most Used App

So I’ve only been using BodBot for a few weeks now, but it has easily become my most-used app of all time. I was diagnosed with depression a while back and they tried to put me on medication but instead, I desperately wanted to try working out and a healthier lifestyle. However, I didn’t know how to workout, which exercises to do, or how many. BodBot has made me feel much more confident going to the gym and I am already seeing results. I personally combine the free version of BodBotAIPersonalTrainer with another free app for calorie tracking for optimum weight loss.:) I always recommend BodBot!!


Excellent concept, but needs refinement

After using BodBotAIPersonalTrainer for a few weeks now, I'm seeing that in my workout sessions, some exercises disappear mid-session. It wasn't until I forced closed BodBotAIPersonalTrainer and restarted it that I realized that I had 4 missed exercises for that one day. Other little glitches like the home/gym icon on the top of the workout session also disappears. When creating a custom food...even after inputting all the nutritional values, the"add" button doesn't do anything. I'm hoping these bugs will be fixed in future updates. Some "good to have" features would be a barcode camera scanner to easily add foods not already in the food database.


I love it buttttttt

Why i can’t roll the page up?every time I’m trying to look all the exercises together it won’t let plus it looks like it’s stuck in the same type of exercises. In another hand I'm so pleased with BodBotAIPersonalTrainer, I have been using it for about a year but there's two things should be added: the timer should be awesome with voice for at least the cool down section and the ability to change the exercise for a similar one just like you do it in your personal computer


Love this app but it hasn’t been working

Edited to write that my former problem with BodBotAIPersonalTrainer has been resolved and the team reached out directly to me. So now I’m in love with the adaptive exercises and the customer service! This has great, adaptive exercises but there must be a recent bug because for the past week it has barely worked. My exercises won’t load. I have tried deleting and redownloading BodBotAIPersonalTrainer multiple times and it doesn’t help. I will update my review to reflect a better score when this is resolved!


Great app and amazing customer service!

While I have had a challenge with the length of my workouts being shorter than requested in my schedule preferences, I really like BodBotAIPersonalTrainer! The customer service is also fantastic! I contacted them about my issue and they’ve been working to figure it out, keeping in regular contact with me, and very generous in making it up to me (which I didn’t ask for or expect). I’m so happy to have found BodBotAIPersonalTrainer and have recommended it to several friends.


Awesome workout planning app and tracker!

I’ve watched BodBotAIPersonalTrainer grow and evolve into this amazing, refined workout app that’s as solid as they come! Not only is it a workout planner and tracker, it’s also highly predictive as it adapts to your physical changes and increase in performance over time. You can even track your fuel intake within BodBotAIPersonalTrainer . It’s the only app that allows me to block certain exercises permanently and add profile adjustments to account for my injuries. Give it a try; you won’t be disappointed!


This is a phenomenal app!

I really enjoy using BodBotAIPersonalTrainer. I have tried several trying to find the right one that challenges me but gives me a guided workout. BodBot is the best app I have found and used to help guide my workouts. I would recommend BodBotAIPersonalTrainer for anyone who needs a little boost in your workout time. They give daily reminders of your work out, enough to remind me to get off the couch and start moving. They have fitness tests- I just love everything about BodBotAIPersonalTrainer!! Great work BodBot!!


Loving Getting my Health Back!!

After some heart damage from a drug used for treatment, I needed a reliable system to help me regain health. Bodbot is helping tremendously!! I love that I can change my equipment as I travel (just getting ready for am adventure) and BodBotAIPersonalTrainer adjusts. I also really love that BodBotAIPersonalTrainer doesnt make goal assumptions based on gender. I still need to learn more about the intricacies of using BodBotAIPersonalTrainer , but I’ve used it for nearly a month and it’s fantastic!! Thanks!!


Great Fitness app

BodBotAIPersonalTrainer is probably the best fitness app I’ve tried. The way you can switch to workout in a gym or at home with no equipment and still successfully hit everything in the plan they create for you is unlike anything I’ve seen in an app. You can even select what equipment you do/don’t have access to and BodBotAIPersonalTrainer will adjust your workout accordingly. I am very impressed with the development team


Needs a Review Feature

Overall, love BodBotAIPersonalTrainer . It’s super adaptable and works great for someone who likes to keep trying different types of workouts. However, I think a review feature at the end of the workout would really push BodBotAIPersonalTrainer over the top. If BodBotAIPersonalTrainer asked you, at the end of the workout, what you liked, what you didn’t like, what you would change (I.e. less cool down exercises, more focus on chest exercises, etc.) and adapted accordingly, that’d be perfect. Otherwise, I really enjoy BodBotAIPersonalTrainer and encourage everyone to try it.


Great App

I love the approaches that BodBotAIPersonalTrainer has doing movements before workouts and fitness test to Taylor made the routines. I’ve been enjoying it a lot and the fact that I don’t have to think about my workouts it’s great. I just go to the gym and get started. I would recommend the developers to improve the workout history function. I do pyramid up and down and the usual 3x12 approach and in BodBotAIPersonalTrainer I can’t see the history ( there is an average but it hat is not useful for me). Other than that, great app


Promising. Very frustrating though.

My biggest frustrations with BodBotAIPersonalTrainer are in its lack of consistency and buggy watch app. I know they just put in a setting for workout consistency but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Instead, I end up doing a completely new workout with brand new exercises every time I use bodbot. This is no good for someone actually looking to improve themselves. Hell, it’s not even good for learning new exercises since you only get to do them once. Ending workouts with the watch app works maybe half of the time? Which is super frustrating since my watch will think I’m still at the gym hours later. I really love the idea of a personal trainer app that picks out exercises for you. It’s just that this one really feels like it’s in the “beta” phase.

Is BodBot AI Personal Trainer Safe?

Yes. BodBot AI Personal Trainer is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,929 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for BodBot AI Personal Trainer Is 56.5/100.

Is BodBot AI Personal Trainer Legit?

Yes. BodBot AI Personal Trainer is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,929 BodBot AI Personal Trainer User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for BodBot AI Personal Trainer Is 56.5/100.

Is BodBot AI Personal Trainer not working?

BodBot AI Personal Trainer works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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