Navmii Offline GPS Reviews

Navmii Offline GPS Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-21

Navmii is a free community based navigation and traffic app for drivers. Navmii
puts voice-guided navigation, live traffic information, local search, points of
interest and driver scores at your finger tips. With offline maps, for reliable
navigation at home or abroad without an intern...

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Navmii Offline GPS Reviews

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    This is nice who has a 3ds

    Read it

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    stepping backward...

    I've used the Navmii app for many years and always found it to be pretty reliable for GPS-assisted navigation in both the USA and Australia. The new unified version moves the 3-star app to 1 star for me for two reasons: (1) all my saved Favorite Places have disappeared (i.e., were not migrated over to the new version) and (2) Google search has been removed from the list of search providers meaning that the previously cumbersome search facility now takes 4 or 5 attempts to even find my home address in the US. I guess I'll place my navigational bet with Google Earth or Google Maps for future vacation travel. What a shame.

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    Forced to Repurchase Upgrades

    I was notified the Navmii USA will be obsolete and to download the unified app. Knowing what the unified app is still unclear; However, I clicked on the link within the app, and was brought to the Navmii UK & ROI app in the App Store. My purchases were not transferred and was forced to repurchase my upgrades. Please note I performed multiple attempts to restore my purchases. The app acknowledged my sign in; However the upgrades I purchased previously were not restored. I do not recommend this app based on my experience.

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    Like it when it works

    This is apparently the new, unified version of the app I've used for a while now. I liked it a lot until the update, but the unified version will just suddenly stop navigating for no apparent reason - my route and destination disappear and I have to start over. It makes the app unsafe to use on the highway because I have to keep re-entering my destination.

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    Apple CarPlay

    This is among the best if not the best offline navigation app. Please update to support Apple CarPlay and to go ‘back to the previous screen’ when the user swipes on the screen from the top left to top right.

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    Could not find me. Was going to share map so I could navigate without having to be online.

    Could not find me. Looked location and was going to share map for offline navigation. Google has the map and directions.

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    I want it to work

    After the update, it only displays as a one inch square on my 6 inch pioneer deck display. If you can touch the right spot everything still works but it is unusable.

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    None of my purchases of Navmii USA and France transferred the new app. No response from customer service. I will not buy those extras again but will delete this app forever.

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    Refund for heads up app

    I purchased the heads up app but I can’t get it to work. Is there directions on how to use this app? If not how can I get a refund?

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    Lifesaver app!

    Used this app for 3 weeks on the road in some of the remotest parts of Ireland where data signals for travelers are virtually non-existent! It even works in airplane mode!! The only downside is it picks your route for you but the trick around that is to pick a way point on a road you want to take. Depending on how long your journey is, you may have do this a couple of times. Wished I'd known about this app for our 3 weeks in the Scottish Highlands...would have saved us a lot of data charges.

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    Great App with Off-line voice guided Navigation

    I have tested this App and many others that claim to give off-line voice navigation. I find this to be the best of them all. The maps are updated regularly and the App itself is very easy and simple to use. I have no hesitation in rating the free offline part of the App with 5-stars... It gets better... Again 5-stars when you are on line. Of course the paid features would be better!

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    Very nearly perfect

    On a 5-day road trip around the UK, a good chunk of it in areas with little to no phone signal, this app steered me from one spot to the next with plenty of advance warning for turns and speedy recalculating when I went off track. The only bobble was when it sent me to an address about 500 feet from my actual destination, because the two locations had similar names. I'm buying the US map right away.

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    Best Tool for UK Travel

    Used NAVFREE UK & ROI last year (2012) while i travelled Peak District, Lake District, and went across Yorkshire Dales North Yorkshire. Most of the time through small unnamed back road close to the C2C walkway. It was the first time I used this app. I was not sure how accurate ad reliable it was, so I also got a GPS (sat nav) from car rental too. NAVFREE proved to be more useful, providing better route options, and bigger screen (on iPad). I'm going to UK again this summer. And this time I'll use NAVFREE, and save GPS rental money for more English Heritage visits.

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    Mixed feeling

    Used it for my holiday - UK version works geat, just lacks some POI (can't find Buckingham Palace), but Spain version is huge dissapointment: in Lanzarote navigation to specifc address doesn't work without internet connection and it cannot navigate to the airport (No route planned) Interface is realy nice, just some smalls things could be improved: 1. When you want to access menu from map screen, button is very small and located on bottom left - not easy to press while driving. 2. When you access an address from the Navigate -> Favourites (which can be renamed - very usefull) it shows unnessecary menu screen with map and button "Route here". It would be better to navigate directly. Overall, UK version is perfect free alternative, but would not trust Spannish for next trip.

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    Can't search for Northern Ireland places?

    I'm giving it two stars since it's free, but a lot of us travel both north and south, and there appears to be no way for search for places or postal codes (even the second largest city in Ireland, Belfast!) in Northern Ireland. And yes, I've tried both the UK and Republic of Ireland search. From the Navfree support forums, this seems to be an ongoing problem, with questions about it from over a year ago. Also, the search server for Ireland seems to be down a lot (has it ever actually worked?) - you can't search for a particular address when it's down. You can still view towns, but try planning a route between two houses in Dublin without address search. It looks like I'll have just to pay $85-$90 for the Navigon or TomTom app.

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Is Navmii Offline GPS Safe?

Yes. Navmii Offline GPS is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 19 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Navmii Offline GPS Is 47.1/100.

Is Navmii Offline GPS Legit?

Yes. Navmii Offline GPS is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 19 Navmii Offline GPS User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Navmii Offline GPS Is 47.1/100.

Is Navmii Offline GPS not working?

Navmii Offline GPS works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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