Fort Worth Star-Telegram News Reviews

Fort Worth Star-Telegram News Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-26

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Fort Worth Star-Telegram News Reviews

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    Updated app is terrible

    After updating the app it is terrible compared with the old app. Now it takes you to an internet browser filled with useless info. Simply put when I use the app I want to read the paper not have to go to several option to get the paper. Not to mention the app works terrible inside the browser. I can no longer just click on the continued on page to go to the end of story. It doesn’t expand easily either. It want let me move around the page easily either. It is a major disappointment that will make me reconsider keeping the star telegram. I was a home delivery user until the printed paper price got to be so expensive that I went to the e-print form. It was simple then just click on the app, up popped the paper and it downloaded and I could also download it for offline use easily. Now it opens in a browser, once opened it goes to a bunch of useless info, then you have to click on another spot to get paper that doesn’t work to well. JUST TERRIBLE!!

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    Searching for Search

    I live outside of Texas and enjoy the Star Telegram app for keeping up with local sports teams and local news. I can’t imagine a newspaper anywhere doing a better job. My only frustration with the app is difficulty finding a search function. Where’s that magnifying glass?

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    The app is totally inefficient

    I can’t believe how challenging it is to develop a basic app that works consistently. Obviously the Star-Telegram has not invested in its own product. Whoever designed this app had absolutely no clue what they were doing. That of course is my opinion. I’m tired of logging in and being logged out; I’m tired of being told I don’t have an account when I do; I’m tired of not being able to follow up on any article. I’m also really tired of trying to find anything that is timely. This app brings up articles that are two and three days old. Perhaps I’m not actually looking at a news document but instead a historical archives document. I’m also frustrated that in order to use this app I must have an active Facebook account. This is not a good value for somebody who cares about balanced media.

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    Absolutely horrible

    The “new” iPad app is nothing more than the convoluted mess that is the desktop e-edition. The previous app was essentially the print edition on screen. It opened to the front page of the paper then paged through sequentially (although you could jump sections if desired) - exactly as a reader would expect. It was an elegant presentation. Now we have a series of headlines (same headlines in multiple sections to make it appear as if there’s more to the paper than there really is). About the only thing that hasn’t changed is the ultra-biased, misleading and often downright false reporting. I didn’t think it was possible to create a local paper that would make The Dallas Morning News look good by comparison, but somehow McClatchy found a way to do it. I’d give it zero stars if I could.

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    My Hometown Paper

    Thanks for making the online version and app available! I get to read my hometown paper even though I’m no longer at home! The app provides all the great coverage of the FWST, and even throws in some news from other McClatchy owned news sources. The app performs well, loading quickly and accurately. My only criticism is that sometimes an ad will extend across the whole screen, and it’s difficult to scroll by it. Other than that, it’s a great mechanism to receive and read the news.

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    I have been a long time proud subscriber to the Star Telegram, having grown up in Ft. Worth and living in Tarrant County my whole life. But I am very disappointed at the lack of real journalism the paper used to have. For example, during the Nixon years, the Watergate hearings, and the legal process that was taking place in Washington was usually front page news. The current legal issues involving President Trump and the Mueller investigation are either buried deeply in the paper (or app) and are often not even covered at all. Our country is facing some possible serious constitutional issues that may result in the impeachment of a president. Should that not be front page news? I hope the paper is not bending to partisan pressure to become like “Fox News” by only presenting the news that suits a certain political viewpoint. I believe the Star Telegram can do better. I believe newspapers can serve as one of the guardians of our great democracy. But it can only do that if it tells the truth consistently. Sincerely, Dan Manning

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    Outstanding Rangers coverage.

    FWST writers share a fans perspective and ask and answer topics that are on the fans minds. Only improvement would be to be more objective in evaluating performance of Rangers Mgr and GM. Especially when comments about not trying to win it all this year comes from GM. Would he have arrogantly said that if vote for new stadium financed by tax payers hadn’t already been approved? CMon Man! You can and should do better reporting and holding people accountable as your readers deserve it.

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    Great improvements to the e-edition

    My compliments to the Star Telegram staff for striving to make the e-edition user friendly. You have removed the bottlenecks to smooth reading in the new version. I am particularly happy to see the news without the “pushy” in your face advertising. The pop ups were a nuisance while digesting news. After 50 years as a subscriber, thanks for again making the ST the finest source for all the news. Kurt Tauzel

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    Functionality...pretty lame

    This app has some serious shortcomings that should be addressed if the Star-Telegram wants it to anything other than an “also ran”. There are two issues which I have serious problems with: #1, There are many stories, opinions and other articles in the printed edition which I regularly read that are not in the app edition. The #2 issue is that posting an opinion doesn’t work so well between platforms. With the same settings, my iPhone allows feedback in the opinion sections while my iPad does not.

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    New version very bug filled

    The so called improved version E-edition is terrible. Frequent crashes, blurred text, ad at bottom blocks the page, pages are slow loading due to ad at bottom, frequent errors saying page won’t load, when exiting the e edition it no longer return to where you left off like the older version. You messed it up bad this time, Star Telegram. Please fix the bugs. Reading the E edition is a laborious and frustrating activity now.

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    Not as good as prior app

    Downloaded the new app today, October 1. I could not read the paper this morning. The connection failed about a dozen times. This surprised me because the prior app was far superior to that of another ePaper I take. It was clear and easy to use and provided a great index. This app came with a plethora of advertisements from Google. I wasted a lot of valuable time. Still have not read the Fort Worth Star Telegram today. I hope this gets fixed soon. I am a very unhappy customer

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    I liked the e-edition better because it was ladies out like the newspaper. It had a bug this morning and wouldn’t open. Tried to uninstall and install and couldn’t find it. Only able to find this in App Store. Hate it!

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    I love the app but now since you cannot read it without subscribing, I just look at the headlines. I’m on a fixed budget, since I retired. I live in West Texas and love keeping up with everything in Ft. Worth. The coverage of the news in Fort Worth is exceptional. Keep up the good work.

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    October 1 changes make it unusable

    I am a long time user of the Star Telegram iPad application. I dropped the physical paper years ago. The October 1, 2019 changes make this thing unusable. The only way to follow the layout of the actual newspaper is to launch the e-edition via a browser. The new edition is so clunky on the iPad browser that I gave up trying to read the paper. This application is completely useless other than to launch the terrible browser application.

  • Not liking this change

    Used to love reading star telegram on my iPad but since switch recently has been very frustrating. Very jumpy.... sometimes can only see part of article then jumps off. If not fixed soon may have to try a different paper. I switched to online version years ago and have been happy until last few weeks. Ugh

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Is Fort Worth Star-Telegram News Safe?

Yes. Fort Worth Star-Telegram News is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,702 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Fort Worth Star-Telegram News Is 42.8/100.

Is Fort Worth Star-Telegram News Legit?

Yes. Fort Worth Star-Telegram News is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,702 Fort Worth Star-Telegram News User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Fort Worth Star-Telegram News Is 42.8/100.

Is Fort Worth Star-Telegram News not working?

Fort Worth Star-Telegram News works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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