Lexington Herald-Leader News Reviews

Lexington Herald-Leader News Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-26

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Lexington Herald-Leader News Reviews

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    Will things ever get better.

    How are Lexington Herald – Leader has become a joke and an embarrassment to the citizens of Lexington. It seems to be rampant with spelling and grammar errors, incomplete obituary information lags behind to the point where sometimes the funeral service or visitation has been held before it appears in the paper if that’s what you want to call this. I find it odd that there seems to be an overabundance of articles and information about UK sports while the rest of the paper suffers for journalism that is incorrect and/lacking. This move to Louisville was supposed to make things so much better but sadly that is not the result and this is the Shame. Rick Young

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    Minus 100 stars

    I used to really enjoy using this ap. Read the paper first thing in the a.m. every day. The digital paper looked just like the printed version, and I was able to email articles to friends. With every update the iPad version has gotten worse. The screen is much smaller with an inch blank on each side, now there are ads on the bottom inch. Enlarging an article causes it to disappear behind the blank areas. There is STUFF at the top of the screen making it even smaller. I download a paper, get out of ap, and can’t find the downloaded version when I go back in. Digital version is a JOKE , but I am not laughing! Very dissatisfied!

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    Away from home

    Because of a family crises, I’ve been in California since February. I could not stay abreast of current events in Lexington if the Herald-Leader didn’t provide access to news worthy topics around town. I appreciate knowing how things will have changed once I return to My Old Kentucky Home.

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    Zero Stars

    This used to be a great app. Great news content with an app that worked seamlessly. Unfortunately, they have been having log-in issues for weeks and have been unwilling/unable to fix them. The problem is that they continue to charge me for content that I cannot access. I have contacted the support team and keep getting the same response: we are aware of the issue and will address it in future updates. If they are unwilling to deliver or fix their product, they should not be charging folks for e-subscriptions. Wish I could give this zero stars.

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    Not Happy

    For one thing, I hate the way I have to access news in the list down the left side. Old news is mixed with newer items. I used to be able to access a full page view, which is the way I prefer to peruse the news - that way I can see everything (including photos) instead of having to intuit which stories might interest me and pull them up. Now I can’t always access the full page view to read in my browser and when I do, it tends to be blurry and hard to scroll up and down.

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    Sports is done fairly well. Lackadaisical effort on some local reporting. Articles should be objective but aren’t. National/state reporting and opinion pieces are not far from being indistinguishable at times. Journalism used to go hand in hand with objectivity and integrity. Canceled paper delivery long ago but used this app to catch up on UK sports. Now behind paywall. I can get same information from other sources just takes a little extra effort than having in one place. Herald-Leader was a decent paper 15 years ago.

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    New Interface is Very Poor

    Regardless of what we were told, the new interface is a huge disappointment. You probably know this. (But we Really like the ExtraExtra.) Latest updates shut us out completely. Haven’t been able to access the e edition since updated my iPhone and iPad apps. 3 days now. Asks us to log in. Won’t take us to the login. Won’t let us log in on the app either. Question: Do you not field test the apps before you send out an update?

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    Love the investigative reporting of this paper!

    I don’t live in Lexington anymore but it’s great to keep up with the things going on there. The app is much better than any we have here. Glad they are investing in good reporting!

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    Recurring subscription issues

    I have a recurring subscription. About once a month, the app locks me out of reading the paper. It goes to a screen asking me to subscribe or sign in. But the link to sign in doesn’t open. The issue resolves itself in about a day. So I loose one issue a month because of this problem.

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    The new e-edition is awful. I have to log in with multiple steps every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. Some days it won’t even allow me to log in. What gives? This was supposed to be so much better. Exactly what was wrong with the previous app that needed changing? Are they just trying to annoy us subscribers by having to work harder to get content? In that, they succeed. Otherwise, it’s a bust!

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    Solid sauce

    You guys could actually run more adds Ang should. They’re aren’t exactly to the point of annoying yet. Nice work

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    Subscriber non-service.

    The subscriber services page is for the wrong newspaper. It takes you to The Enquirer-Herald, Ft Mills times, Lake Wylie Pilot page. Going on the web instead of the app takes you to the Lexington Herald Leader page. But now there is no way to report an undelivered paper, only a wet/damaged paper or wrong paper. By the way, if you phone the service center -- it is in the Philippines. The operator on it told me.

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    Like herding cats!

    Long time eedition users. Old app worked fine. The new one, fall 2019, is terrible. If you prefer to read it in traditional print version, it is jumpey and many times will not open at all. The tv news style does not offer the comics and is had to scan. Love the paper, but hate paying for something we cannot use. Thank goodness for the Louisville Courier Journal!

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    Inconsistent performance

    The new e-edition of the paper is erratic and is difficult to maneuver through articles as well as turn pages. Expanding the page size often does not work at all. I would encourage management to use the app in its current form to understand what a poor product this “new and improved” version of the paper acts is. Please fix the issues!!

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    Used to be one of my favorite apps

    I used to love this app and the Lexington Herald Leader and supported the advertisers who advertised on this page. However, this morning I was prevented from reading my news because I had exceeded my number of stories for the month. I guess I will look to other news media groups to get my news. So disappointed in Lexington Herald Leader.

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Is Lexington Herald-Leader News Safe?

Yes. Lexington Herald-Leader News is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,194 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Lexington Herald-Leader News Is 21.7/100.

Is Lexington Herald-Leader News Legit?

Yes. Lexington Herald-Leader News is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,194 Lexington Herald-Leader News User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Lexington Herald-Leader News Is 21.7/100.

Is Lexington Herald-Leader News not working?

Lexington Herald-Leader News works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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