When I Work Staff Scheduling Reviews

When I Work Staff Scheduling Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-12

When I Work is the easiest way to create an employee schedule, handle employee
time tracking, and communicate with your staff— all from the app or
desktop. Why managers love it: *Make and manage the work schedule with
ease *View entire staff schedule from anywhere at anytime *Create, u...

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When I Work Staff Scheduling Reviews

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    I can't see history as of yesterday

    I work for a major airlines and we use this app to track our shift drop split and trade we also use the history to keep track of who we picked up because w have to note it the day we work. As of yesterday. The history is not there for us. We deleted and reinstalled still not working please fix asap Also are team is large and we drop pick up swap and split a lot. Daily we have to put who we are working for. Can there be an added feature that when we pick up a shift that there is another line stating who we are working for it will eliminate a lot of issues for teammates and add the capabilities for teammates to add personal notes to a work schedule as a personal reminder. Right now it's only a supervisor feature. It will help teammates when we need to remind ourself for future task in one place. Thank you in advance

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    Usually I don’t leave reviews on apps but for this app I need it for work and it’s glitches has created complications for my every day life. I updated the app and when I reopened it kicked me out of my work group. I tried to log back in and it said find a workplace and I typed in my job and it said it was waiting for approval from my manager but the same email that said I was waiting for approval is the email where I get notifications from this app saying my schedule as if I am already in the group even though when I go into the app it says it kicked me out. it’s super Frustrating because when I go in the app I can see my self as one of my coworkers like it’s two separate profiles even though it’s the same email and same profile which makes no sense. This is an app I need to see my schedule for work and to see my work chat for work updates finally my manager had to except the request that made it look like I was a separate profile but I have only signed up with one email and it’s the same email I used for them to accept me back in. So we had to start all over and I can’t see my past schedule or my hours but I can see my other profile that apparently doesn’t exist anymore

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    Availability no longer usable

    I am an MFA student, so being able to set my availability for different parts of the year is incredibly important. With the old version, this was incredibly easy to do. I was able to set different availabilities for different parts of the year, set when they started and ended, and add names and descriptions for each, making it easy for both me and my employer. But since the new update, that is impossible. The interface for availability has become confusing, and setting specific dates is no longer apparently possible. Any change made to a specific day is applied to all dates indefinitely, regardless of what the starting date or end date is set as. It is effectively impossible to set an availability beyond the current week, an even then it must be entered day-by-day using a calendar. This is unacceptable. I have no choice but to use this app, since my employer set it up, and now I have to submit my availability by hand and hope it’s respected. This may actually cost me shifts in the long run, since my employer is already inflexible with the schedule as it is. I imagine I’m not the only user in this situation. Please return the availability menu back to its previous, usable form.

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    Fantastic company & Scheduling Service!

    One of my clients has been using this service for almost a month now. They provide hands on training, which really gives you a quick-start boost to getting your company online. That being said, it is REALLY easy to use and gives you the option of publishing your shifts live, or just keeping them where you can work with them until the time is right to publish live! You can create recurring schedules, one time schedules, you can color coordinate different departments, communicate with all your people in one place, and send out individual message or blast messages! It really is an amazing service! And very reasonably priced! The only room for improvement I will say is the phone app. It is stupendous on a computer, but the phone app does need some visual improvements. But it definitely does what you need it to do! I love it!

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    Post and Pray Method is Out the Door!

    I manage a small swim club with approximately 27 staff members. I was using MS Publisher to type up a schedule, hang it on the wall and pray people showed up for shifts and had shifts covered when needed. The problems came when the guards started texting me to swap shifts and I couldn't keep track of it. WhenIWork has saved my life! I am able to develop a schedule, post it and the guards can swap away because the can only swap with other guards holding the same certifications! I no longer stress that there will be missed shifts, confusion about when to work and failure to cover for people! The app also helps me manage payroll to insure I stay within budget! I can't run the club without this app. I can't say enough great things about the support team and the ease of use. Download it! You won't regret it!

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    Multi Store Manager

    I love this app , it's very useful for our business , helps tracking where people log in or out ,and it lets you know when someone forgot to clock in as well. We've been having problems for a while with it logging users out but i think that got fixed , the only thing that's not really convenient with the new update is the filter when wanna check out the schedule for a certain location , i think the old way was way more convenient especially when you have access to multiple locations it will show you all of the locations at once ... it's kinda of a mess ! wish you guys went back and eliminate that filter , other than that's it's a great tool !

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    New update is TERRIBLE

    Before, creating my schedule and setting my availability was a breeze! I could switch it whenever school was in session or vice verse. I could even set a preference for being unavailable twice in one day, or set my availability for a certain time span up until a specific date. Now it is on a weekly basis - terrible idea. For example, for Friday I am available all day. But now, I want to make my Friday’s unavailable to work from 5pm-12. When I try and input this, it keeps telling me it’s “conflicting with another day.” This is absolutely absurd! It’s not conflicting with another day because I don’t care about future dates, I want it to be consistent every Friday now! Now I have to delete my entire availability schedule for each day just to change ONE availability for any day. It’s ridiculous. PLEASE undo this. Or at least give each person an option. Maybe it’s a glitch because being a 19 year old, completely understanding technology, me nor my coworkers the same age as me can figure this out.

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    I had a bad initial experience; but, after deleting and reloading the app, it Almost became useable. My main suggestion now would be to change the placement/color of the Clock in/clock out button, and the Take Shift button. They are the same and easily confused in haste. I picked up a shift unintentionally, because I was trying to clock in. The app froze...couldn’t clock in. Back out and came back in...pushed the button. Apparently came back to a different screen and ended up signing up for a shift that I didn’t want. Another update: received notification that the schedule for the upcoming week was released...so contractors can pick up time blocks. I cannot see any of them. Next week is blank. In fact, every day is blank. I’ve never been able to access this to sign up for blocks. Ever. Which means I can’t get priority on the jobs. In case I’m just missing something, I tried their tutorial videos...and what do you know?...they don’t play. None of them. Every one is a black screen. Well done.

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    Worth every penny!

    We have only just started using this app a few weeks ago. But can already tell how valuable it will be the season! As a public golf course, we have dozens of seasonal employees and keeping the availability straight for all of the young workers we employ has always been a challenge. Plus the app is flexible enough to allow crossover of positions as many workers are trained in different to work in more than one area of the business. I used to spend days working on a schedule for the following week, and now I can put it in the hands of multiple people who can all work on the schedule the same time.

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    The new “My Availability” section is terrible

    We use When I Work in our college to manage student employees. They used to set up an “Availability” calendar based on each semester and whenever they require a change in schedule, we just would have them to either request time off or create a new availability for that period. The old Availability system allowed then to do that very quickly since you graphically visualize your week, but now we have to add slot by slot in a very complicated way. I understand that the new system would probably serve occasion when the employees will have a different schedule every week, but I honestly think this is a minority among When I Work users. I think it would be great to have both new and old systems working together.

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    Frank Napoli’s review on j-dogs

    J-dogs is a very professional Business they operate very well. It’s one of my favorite jobs Ive had in a long time the employees there are very friendly nice and funny j-dogs is almost like a second family to me it’s a job I enjoy waking up and going to most people can’t say they love to wake up and go to work but when I wake up I know I’m going to have a good time and enjoy my day , our events are fun the kids and adults love it I couldn’t ask for a better job I would definitely recommend friends or even random people to apply and work at j-dogs the job is awesome . This is frank Napoli employe of j-dogs signing out 😈✌🏼

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    Attendance needs work

    I’m a huge fan of When I Work we recently started using the attendance app as well. However It takes me almost an hour every pay period to fix my staffs hours. When I work doesn’t offer any kind of automated rounding which would stop unintended overtime. Example an employee clocks in 3 minuets early and clocks in 4 minutes early from lunch and then 3 minuets late clocking out. So every day you have 10 minutes of overtime, that adds up to a huge amount of unintended and in un- authorized overtime. If they would provide an option for overtime rounding that is already approved by the labor department It would make processing payroll much quicker. Btw the law states under 8 minutes round down over 8 minuets round up. 8:03 gets rounded to 8:00 and 8:08 gets rounded to 8:15 Hopefully this gets addressed soon.

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    Very multi-functional app! Great!

    I run a small business w 5 employees but our schedule can change at any moment. This app allows me to notify employees in an instant and receive shift confirmations w out having to text each employee individually. Most of my employees are hourly so they can see how much their take home for the week is. They can also see how much PTO they have taken and have left. This app is very comprehensive. There a ton of features that I don’t use but if u are willing to pay the premium for them, they may be very useful. The basic functions for me are exactly wht I need.

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    Years of app alert issues

    This app is the MOST important business tool I have. I don’t know how I would run my business without it. That said, it is the MOST frustrating thing in my life. I have used it since 2015 and have 90 part time employees on it. The app alerts are constantly an issue. I hear, “I have the app alerts on but didn’t a app notification” several times a week. I gave up on contacting customer support. What version of the app? What version of iOS? Can you delete the app and reinstall it? I’ve never had any missed notifications on ANY other app or had to delete ANY app and reinstall to get it to work. Please clean up the app alerts so they work reliably. Honestly I would pay more for the simplier version of the app from 3 years ago. It ran faster, crashed less and wasn’t as complicated for part time employees to grasp. Recently many of the employees are confused because filters are turning on without going in to the filter settings. Every week I get a screen shot “I don’t see my shifts”. I have to explain there is a red 1 in the top left which always leads to - “I didn’t turn on the filters”. I would increase the app rating with the alerts worked properly.

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    Great, needs some work

    Update: Overall works well, and chat loads quickly since an update. Thank you! Overall this app has been awesome for my job, the only issues I have is with the group chat. It takes forever to load them along with not sending messages at all. It’s very inconvenient as it’s just easier to text my coworkers/managers instead of bothering with the group chat. Sometimes notifications also do not come through. The group messaging needs and overall but besides that the app is awesome!

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Is When I Work Staff Scheduling Safe?

Yes. When I Work Staff Scheduling is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 15,329 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for When I Work Staff Scheduling Is 56.9/100.

Is When I Work Staff Scheduling Legit?

Yes. When I Work Staff Scheduling is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 15,329 When I Work Staff Scheduling User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for When I Work Staff Scheduling Is 56.9/100.

Is When I Work Staff Scheduling not working?

When I Work Staff Scheduling works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a When I Work Staff Scheduling customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using When I Work Staff Scheduling.

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