Washington Post Reviews

Washington Post Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-19

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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
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Washington Post Reviews

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    A Forgetful App

    I subscribe to both The NY Times and the Washington Post. It’s interesting to compare how the two papers use mobile apps to present their content. Each has its advantages, but I find that the Washington Post Classic app has a couple of significant deficiencies. On the plus side, the Washington Post is a more visually appealing and less cluttered presentation compared to the NY Times. But there are two behaviors that I find limit the usefulness of the Washington Post Classic app. First is the fact that it does not give any indication of stories that have already been read. The NY Times app, for example, dims to a fainter gray the headline text of stories that have been opened. Second, and most infuriating, is that the Washington Post Classic app seems incapable of remembering the reader’s position within the app. Leave the app to read a text message? When you return to the Washington Post app you’ll be returned to the story you were reading, but once leaving that you’re back at the top of the story list and forced to scroll and scroll to re-find where you were. This often happens even when you haven’t left the app at all and simply close a story. (Note that I’m using a current generation iPad Pro.)

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    Video ads

    For the last week, I have been plagued with a video ad for a personnel service that begins talking shortly after I start reading an article. I can't find any way to turn it off and it is irritating and intrusive. Am getting to the point of cancelling my subscription if it doesn't stop. Update, it is now broadcasting this same talking ad every single time I try to read an article. I am regretfully canceling my subscription. I will check back in a couple months to see if this has been fixed, but for now, can't stand it. Another update. I did cancel, but like the post so much, I regretted it and renewed the next day. Now I am canceling again. Every single time I tap on an article to read it, a voice blares, “For the past 25 years, PNP personnel services...” I did write to the help desk, and got back an email that did not resolve the problem. Nobody else has complained about this, which leaves me wondering why I have been so blessed with the attentions of PNP personnel services. I’ve tried easy solutions, but no setting addresses it. If anybody has any ideas, I’d be happy to try them. I love the Post, but have come to hate PNP personnel services more.

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    Too Few Quality News Sources Remain Nowadays

    I grew up at a time when mid sized cities had quality local papers and televised news. Nationally there were three major networks that provided political balance and maintained actual journalists to report and anchor. Another commonality, what these sources provided was information edited with integrity and published with an attempt to provide factual reports. Today, CNN does retain some of that character and the actual news segments of NBC, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC appear to do the same. I gather that lately even Fox does that .occasionally . However, financial stresses and the internet with its information flow has led to a lot of shrinkage - and the reduction of reliable sources of valid, factual news. The Washington Post is one of the few to come close to maintaining journalistic standards in reporting and editing. I appreciate this paper and the other media sources and employees who try to keep a decent news flow in our Country.

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    No Comments, Poor Support for Subscribers

    This app doesn’t show comments on the articles. So if you want to see the comments you click on the share to/open with button and click Chrome. But wait, that doesn’t allow you to open in Chrome. You can only bookmark or add it to a reading list. Why can’t you simply open it in Chrome, you ask? I was curious too! So I called their support phone number since there is no option for developer support or feedback and the “developer website” simply links to the newspaper homepage. At the 800 number I got a very nice lady overseas who did not understand my question. I asked for a supervisor who also didn’t understand and said I would have to “search for the article in a mobile browser.” So I called the 202 number and explained that I was a paying subscriber in Virginia and could I please speak to a DC/Virginia based person to ask a question and (now) make a complaint. I got a recording and left a voicemail. Instead of a call I got an email asking me to write what I wanted. I called the 202 back and explained to a nice lady in DC what happened and she said to email back requesting a call. I did so. As for writing what my problem is, I decided to go ahead and write that right here. Under a single star.

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    Great news source, lousy app

    No question, WaPo is my go-to news source for All Things DC. It's profoundly satisfying to read well researched, trustworthy journalism in a day of claimed witch hunts and fake news. So why does such a fine media outlet have such a crappy app? The navigation is awkward at best. Ads are often intrusive, disrupting reading. We subscribers get only partial versions of the print or browser-ready WaPo with the apps. Whole sections are missing, to say nothing of less popular articles. And there are no comments. WaPo comments are worth reading if only because some DC insider anonymously posts a news nugget from time to time. Many are thought provoking or witty or both. WaPo's app developers have been aware of these issues with the app for a long time-I mean years. The app developers always promise fixes but seldom do apps change. It's jarring that journalism of WaPo's quality is delivered with the faulty, user hostile classic black or blue app. It's outrageous that the app is unleashed in an unsuspecting world by WaPo publisher Jeff Bezos, the guy who practically invented seamless digital usability with his little ecommerce venture. Fix the problems, man. Deliver apps as good as the WaPo news reporting.

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    An appreciation for the courageous

    Our Founding Father’s created a government that was is supposedly designed with “Checks and Balances.” What they did not plan on was that moment when one of those branches lacks the integrity or courage to executed their solemn oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Sadly, that is where we find ourselves at this moment. The WP and others in MSM - particularly print media - have courageously stepped in to fill the breech to bravely defend the Rule of Law, and the concept of Human Decency our forefathers valued so much. So far, their reward - to come under an attack that seems to get stronger everyday. At some point history will show us who were the heroes and who were the villains of this moment in our journey. No doubt - America’s Free Press will be among those heroes. My hope is that ALL of America comes to that realization soon. I’m not sure we will ever truly appreciate the great patriotic service these journalist have performed for our nation.

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    A Society Ripped Apart by Full Frontal Nudiy

    “We?” I’m not your “we,” Ruth. You say what Barr said was unforgivable. I can forgive her and have some sympathy to boot. She said something dumb, without forethought, she hasn’t killed anyone. Now, deservedly, she’s been humiliated, raked over the coals in front of our nation. I think she got hers. As for Dee, she used an ‘offensive’ word. In America that’s okay. The Donald used the exact same word and got elected President. So we should humiliate and destroy her after the Trump precedent was set and half the nation was okay with it? Who do you think you are? You need to calm down and focus. The so-called “Outrage Machine’ has landed right in your lap and you are obviously ready to fuel it up so you can use your power to jump on the ‘Enemy’ because what they’ve done, as you’ve righteously judged, is unforgivable. “We” have all decided, as you have so passionately argued in your special column, that Dee like Barr, should burn too. Bring the family!

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    Superior Factual Journalism

    We hear the term Patriot being thrown around by blow hearts that want to twist the information, they believe if they speak their falsehoods numerous times that people will believe their narrative is the truth. But in reality they do not have facts or truth. The Post and it’s journalists have verified facts that speak truth to power. Journalists at the Post are professionals and not two bit imposters that fill present day public positions. They understand that any false information not varieties would be career ending. The Post’s Journalist are our true PATRIOTS! Those that tell the true story fear reporting falsehoods. Those that tell falsehoods have no fear of telling falsehoods because their only survival is to bend the truth to their universe, they fill if you say unverified falsehoods enough there must be some truth in what they say. Free journalism verified is what helps keep are lives free!

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    Check the Post every morning., noon and night

    I love the convenience of this App even though I have news aggregators for my favorite topics. On this app, the Washington Post stands alone because, for me, it is special. I trust it. Sometimes I want to skip the rest and just see what The Post has to say about something. Sometimes, I receive articles before the stories come out in print and that’s fun for me. But I also enjoy searching through historical archive stories that evolved over time. I frequently compare WAPO’s perspective with that of papers and topical magazines in the U.S. and abroad. This app makes it easier. The Post verifies it’s breaking stories. So reading the paper via the app gives me deep insight into both fools gold and fact-based stories that arise in other media throughout the day, The Washington Post app gives me many entertaining and informative articles to easily share with my friends on social media. I also confidently reference articles at the Post when I write online stories on topics that the general public might find interesting.. In short, I appreciate WAPO’s in-depth, longitudinal stories, award-winning research and unique, fact-checked perspective. I like having it with me all day long on my phone.

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    Five Stars for The Dedicated Journalists of the Washington Post

    This is more of a profound, heart-felt thank you to the hard-working, dedicated journalists and all the staff of the Washington Post for being our light in the darkness as our nation struggles to steer our democracy out of the quagmire of Trump and all he represents. I don’t know where we would be or how our democracy would survive without your efforts on behalf of truth and justice. I start and end each day with you, and trust I will find the answers we all are seeking in your stories. I’d also like to thank the families of your journalists and all the staff of the Washington Post for their sacrifice of time and family life that allow these pieces to be written and to become lifelines for us all. We and our country are in your debt. Thank You! Renee A. Huss, Ph.D., St. Louis, Missouri

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    Notifications not working

    Amazing app, very readable and high quality well-sourced journalism. Some time recently I haven’t been receiving any notifications even though I’m subscribed to most popular/politics etc. I toggled every button on/off and did the same in the iPhone notifications options for WaPo. I don’t think this is a phone issue because my WSJ alerts have still been working fine. Also last comment is that I like the WSJ app’s long home page where I can basically scroll through 40 or so articles and get caught up. The same process in the WaPo app cuts off much more quickly, just some food for thought for the developers. I’ll finally say that I like that alerts are compiled in a list vs. disappearing in the WSJ app.

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    Solid App

    Very stable, aesthetics are pleasing (especially compared to the other WaPo app), and the alerts are relevant. WaPo itself is among the great papers of our time following the Bezos purchase, and it's the only outlet I personally pay for a subscription to access. My only suggestion would be to incorporate the comment section into the app. Right now, I can only read and write comments using my phone's web browser. At a minimum, the app could include a link at the end of each article that would open the article's comments in Safari or whatever default browser you may have. Still, the ideal would be to have the comment section within the app itself to make for a more seamless experience. Keep it up WaPo! We appreciate your dogged reporting in this age of "alternative facts" and outright misinformation.

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    An honest voice when we most need it

    We are living in very strange times. The President of the United States has stated he knows more about science than his scientists, more about intelligence than the CIA, more about justice than the Justice Department. He takes the word of foreign dictators and historic enemies of the United States over his own advisors. If any of this is pointed out, he describes the report as “fake news” and mainstream journalism as “the Enemy of the People”. Meanwhile, much of the rest of the world landed in Bedlam as well. Great Britain is cutting ties with the Continent in a manner apparently designed to cause the greatest harm to its own citizens. France is seething with protesters wearing yellow traffic vests. Venezuela’s badly run leftist government is being overthrown, possible by a US Government supported coup (shades of Salvador Allende). And the globe continues to warm, weather continues to harshen, and the seas continue to rise. The only way we have a clue about all this, the only way that we have any idea of what’s happening to our government and our world, is through good, honest journalism. The Washington Post in one of the nation’s finest purveyors of the truth, at a time we desperately need it. Truth dies in darkness.

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    Journalism is almost happening

    I give the New York Times 4 stars. I wish I could give them five but in the past two decades or so they have backed away from genuine journalism and participated instead in “bothsideism” which is not journalism. It is reporting truth on one side and lies and propaganda on the other. No ethical journalist would provide a platform for propaganda and lies without labeling it propaganda and lies. Sadly, the NYT believes reporting both sides and giving equal weight and validity to both sides equals responsible journalism. It does not. The fourth estates sole purpose is to inform with facts and truth - not to print lies. This leads down the road to tyranny. Sadly the New York Times has not yet grasped the historical fact that when tyranny comes one of the first institutions terminated are the press. Pay attention NYT - your “both sides” reporting may be the cause of your demise.

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    Love WAPO

    Love all your reliable confirmed legitimate news coverage. Appreciate the emails updates. Thank you Press! If it wasn’t for you we would be headed for a dictatorship no doubt. Thank God we have the Press, thank the Press! I think at this point in American history we should have a national holiday entitled National Free Press Day! Seriously. Thank you all you reporters for doing what you do Day in and day out, our great nation depends on you MORE THAN EVER! I get most of my news online and not Facebook or Twitter. I will never have a Facebook account because I will never want my political actions based on money served up by parties opposed to true democratic principles. That being said once again I congratulate you for all you are doing for America. Thank you!

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Yes. Washington Post is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 301,070 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Washington Post Is 62.2/100.

Is Washington Post Legit?

Yes. Washington Post is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 301,070 Washington Post User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Washington Post Is 62.2/100.

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Washington Post works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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