SAP Concur Reviews

SAP Concur Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-07

Business often takes you out of the office and onto the road - so shouldn't your
travel and expense solution be able to go with you? With the SAP Concur app, it
can. Access the power of SAP Concur on your mobile device and book business
travel in the cab, finish expense reports in the ai...

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SAP Concur Reviews

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    4.9 but that’s not an option

    This app has made my life extremely efficient with the amount of business travel I complete. Receipts have become less annoying and I can upload them immediately before even starting a report. My only complaint is that some fields don’t fully expand in the app so unless you are familiar with the web based version, you won’t know what every field says in its entirety. Other than that, a must have! It also makes approving my employee’s expenses a breeze. They don’t have to wait for me to open my email on Monday to see that I have a pending report to approve. Even if I wake up on a Sunday morning, I don’t mind opening it because it doesn’t seem like work. Easy breezy. And they get reimbursed faster!

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    Great and convenient, but very clunky

    Overall the app is useful and great for on the fly expenses, but it’s too clunky to use for more than one or two entries at a time. There’s no way to quickly jump between screens (for example, to add more than one expense to a report, you have to move the expense, then click about 4 times to get back to the list of expenses that you can move. Try doing that for 8 or 15 expenses and you’ll really resent it. The same holds true for lots of other functions. If you want to add a receipt image from your photos, you can’t zoom to see the image. I have dozens of receipt pics stored on my phone, and in thumbnail size there’s no way to tell them apart. If you choose to attach a receipt, the name of the vendor and the amount disappear from the screen while you pick, so again it’s very hard to match up what you are looking for and I find myself exiting the attach screen (2 clicks) to re-view the data, then go back the receipt image. It’s just really not made for more than a simple add on the go. Definitely not a replacement for the online concur site.

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    Such much improvement...

    My company used to require paper receipts be retained, taped to 8-1/2”x11” paper, and submitted along with a printed copy of the expense report, via snail mail. With this App, I open it and snap a photo of each receipt as I get them, and they are stored in the receipt store until the charge appears as an expense. No need to retain the paper and hassled with the tape, anymore. The charges are moved to a report, the receipt is attached, a few other details are filled in, and wha-la - the report can be submitted. The one area I’ve noticed for improvement is the use of Uber. Depending on whether a driver is tipped before or after a trip is marked complete by the driver, one or two expense charges will show up. Uber does send two receipts in this case - but the proper one for each charge is a bit difficult to properly identify on the Mobile App; this is much better done on a desktop interface. Overall though, my company moving to this system has been great for productivity and efficient use of time.

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    New release fail

    This was updated 3 weeks ago and I have nothing but trouble with the app. It crashes when I try and open camera, photo album, or 30% of time it freezes when I’m trying to select the category. Almost every receipt has to be uploaded multiple times, this is requiring me to do expenses from the desktop which severely impacts my productivity. I will suggest we (work) move to an alternate software if it does not improve soon. Very very challenging. Here was my past review on old version: I am so grateful for the app that I am afraid to say anything negative. It is so handy to be able to enter receipts on the go and so much about it is great! Only issue I had was that I took images of receipts when offline and lost all entered receipts as they never uploaded once my flight landed and I was back online. So I no longer take pics from within the app but take them from camera so I always have images in my photos as a backup. I also only enter expenses when I am online. Great app, though!

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    Love app

    Have to use concur for both expenses and booking travel for my company. Love the expenses reporting piece. I take pictures of receipts with app and add to report while traveling, and pitch the paper receipts. Much simpler. A few functionalities don’t work on app 100%, I just log into web version to address, works on iPad and iPhone with no issues. (Allocating and itemizing Hotel stays). I book air and car rentals, not using app but web based. App has limits, can’t pick up and drop off car at different locations. I get frustrated with the amount of air results, you have to play with filters. No, I do not want the 5 am flights, ever! Has made my expense reporting less agonizing and cut down considerably on time spent on it.

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    Great app for the most part

    I really like this app it’s convenient for uploading my receipts and expenses however with that being said, after the last update this app is not letting me attach my receipts to my expenses. Frustrating since I’ll now have to take extra time to do that on my computer now until they resolve this. Also I wished they’d improve picture taking availability when you take a picture of the receipt you have to make sure it’s in perfect alignment. I have a scanner app that takes amazing pictures and you can move the outline to fit your document. Hopefully they will update that in the future. Other than that, I really like this app. Maybe eventually I’ll love the app?

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    Upload of receipt photos needs many improvements

    My usual workflow is to take a photo of each receipt on each travel day but to create expense reports once per month. Concur doesn’t currently have features to support this workflow very well. Some or all of these enhancements would help: (1) bulk selection of photos in iPhone photos app to add to storage area of an *expense report* - ie not the general receipts area. This would allow me to scan all my photos from a given time period, select all that are receipts, store them with an expense report. So as I work on adding expenses to my expense report the default location for expense photos is this storage area (2) ability to set start time / end time for a given report - when I want to add photo receipts from the photo library - then default to those photos taken within that date range with option to see photos outside that range (3) if I fill in the actual date for an expense report then default photo library location to photos taken on that day + next 2 .. (4) ability to select a set of photos in the photo library and then have concur receipt library appear in the list of destinations where I can send photos to I hope these ideas are helpful!!

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    Used to be a 5 Star...

    What happened with the photo upload! Just updated app, love this app, and love the new feature to look at files where photos are stored. However, the photos show oldest first, not most recent. Kind of a pain to scroll through all the photos to get to most recent. I am a lower user of this app and primarily use mobile to input expenses. Hoping the programmers put it as most recent first. I like to take all receipt photos while on a business trip and then upload via the app after the week. It used to show most recent photo first, now its oldest first. Slowing my productivity, but still give this app a solid 4 stars!

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    App doesn't offer full features of desktop

    UPDATE Can't save expense entries after latest update from app. Please fix! Otherwise the app is useless as it is. App works well. I'd give it five stars if you could book an off airport site rental car. App only lets you book rental cars from an airport location. Why the limit? Add the ability to book off airport rental cars and I'll give it a five star. Otherwise the app offers some of the features of the web version but not all. Not good for today's business needs. Poor planning on the developers end. Selecting a city for the expense is difficult. Need to reevaluate the metrics for this. Type too many letters and your city of choice disappears. I don't travel internationally but I still have to see all those cities. How about a default mode to include cities by country.

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    Great, but don't like recipe error

    Using this app is way better than emailing attachments then uploading in concur. The only issues I have are: 1. I attach a receipt by taking a photo of it, but when I move it to the expense report I get an error indicating no receipt. I then, and I know it only takes 8 seconds to do, I change it to Receipt. 2. In the event you forget to hold on to a $9.63 Panera Bread receipt. It says to indicate comments why no receipt. I put comments in saying "didn't hold on to that minor receipt" or something like that. The indicator is still red which prevents me from submitting which forces me to simply put any sort of image for receipt for it to go through. Probably not the best workaround. All around, really great!

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    Great but...

    I love this App. Except for one issue... and it’s a big one. I can’t book flights on the app. because what’s offered through concur on my phone compared to Concur of the computer is different... Sometimes by hundreds of dollars!! That adds up quick in terms of travel budget. It’s frustrating that I have to log onto a laptop whenever I need to book travel in order to save money.. it’s the same company right?? I would give this 5 out of 5 if I could truly use the app for everything right off the phone, it’s just so much faster.

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    Wish my company didn’t utilize

    With the latest App Store update, most recent iPhone, and full WiFi connection; this expense reporting application for mobile phones has major issues. Want to add an expense to an existing report? You’ll get an error message and have to hit the ‘back’ button. After waiting for a loading screen, you hit submit a second time, get a loading screen again before it will be added. Once added, add the details for the expense(category, type, attendees, itemize, etc.) and they don’t save, followed by another loading screen. These are just a few of the problems. I always make sure to have the latest update of the app and unfortunately my organization continues to use this time wasting expense reporting system when there are other options available. Let the agony continue - it’s been going on for years with Concur.

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    Flat out confusing .

    I have been using this app for years it’s still send me through four different pages that don’t add up. I now understand the ridiculous step-by-step process. I’m trying to train other employees on how to use this and I feel like I’m beating my head up the wall. I’m trying to get them back six dollars for some drill bits and it takes four pages and at least one “red triangle “ that has to be corrected and saved before you can submit it. After signing in I have to enter an expense which is going to have an error, take a pic of my receipt ( not straight forward) then I have to properly transfer it into a report which cannot be deleted if that mistake is made, then I have to fill out the report which does not have enough fields to satisfy the requirements of the report. From there I have to tap on the little red triangle go down figure out an ad in whatever information was missing hit save and then I can submit a report to get back my money. I don’t understand if this app is designed for a large expense account? I find for simple day-to-day cheap items... it’s ridiculously over complicated.

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    Need better selection when looking at Albums for Receipts

    The apps get better and better. There is still something that really bothers me. When it comes to choosing receipts from the camera roll or an album, I don't always know if I am selecting the right receipt. Let me explain. When you go to choose a receipt and click it, you are given option of Choose(Done) or cancel. There is no option to GO BACK. You have to start from scratch and hope you are picking the right one. This gets frustrating since it sometimes takes time to go through the photo album and find the pic. To restart over is sometimes a feel of defeat. PLZ add a Go Back feature or replace Cancel with Back button! Thank you!

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    The user interface is very clunky and time consuming

    Like many people, I add all my meals/transportation for late nights in a single sitting when I can carve it out. A few easy fixes: 1. Receipt previews should show the entire receipt or have a zoom feature. When you have to manually enter the information from that receipt, it’s a huge pain to have to keep clicking the receipt, memorize date/cost/name then try to enter those fields below. 2. Give an option to select multiple individual expenses and apply specific field text to the client/type/comment fields. For example, I will have upwards of 20-30 late night meal allowances and taxi rides to enter. I would very much like to apply Taxi to all the taxis, add late night ride home to the comments, and the same client to all of them.

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Is SAP Concur Safe?

No. SAP Concur does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 830,590 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for SAP Concur Is 20.0/100.

Is SAP Concur Legit?

No. SAP Concur does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 830,590 SAP Concur User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for SAP Concur Is 20.0/100.

Is SAP Concur not working?

SAP Concur works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a SAP Concur customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using SAP Concur.

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