Exoplanet Reviews

Exoplanet Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-21

Exoplanets are planets orbiting stars beyond our own solar system. This app
allows you to explore all discovered exoplanets, their measured physical
properties, their location in the night sky, and their host stars. An
interactive model shows you the entire observable universe, all the w...

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Exoplanet Reviews

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    What an amazing view!

    I've enjoyed this app for several years and regularly use it to show my friends around the solar system, galaxy, and universe. The number and variety of exoplanets found so far is amazing and I love wandering the database looking for new and interesting systems. Some of my favorite usually include Jupiter size planets that are in comet like orbits. I know they are horrible on the chance of life but they gotta look cool. Screaming in at huge speeds whipping through perigee with crazy chemistry boiling away and the solar winds stripping the lighter stuff off in what must occasionally be an amazing tail! Anyways, check out the app.

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    Needs Textures

    This is a fantastic app. Over all of the years I have had it, I never once deleted it because it is always expanding. The great thing about this app is that it gives you such a great picture of the known universe. In my opinion, the in app purchases are a must, and exponentially increase the capabilities of the app. The one thing I would like to see is textures added to the planets. It disappoints me that every planet is just a ball with a name on it. If you made a dozen or so textures for different types of planets the app would be much more engaging, and the solar systems would look much more alive without being unrealistic. Make some textures and I will give you five stars.

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    This app has been absolutely awe inspiring and profoundly important to me for years now. There’s no field more at the forefront of human ability and human significance than that of exoplanetology. The exoplanets app has detailed information about thousands of extrasolar objects. You can even virtually explore our Milky Way galaxy, while staying up to date on the latest exoplanet discoveries, nearly in real time. Here’s a big thank you to the apps designers and for making it free! I bought the KOI add-on just to show my appreciation because The Exoplanet app has literally changed my life!

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    An amazing program with a drawback

    While exploring the program's Milky Way feature There was an option to explore local galaxies. That feature cost extra money but it was well worth it. It is the first time I've been able to explore in 3-D local structure of our universe and all its splendor. I totally love this program and I have one major complaint, a feature that was added in at some point… When viewing the Milky Way stars on the side angle you can make out the spiral arms but when you view it had on it superimposes a fake photograph of the Milky Way galaxy. There should be a settings option to disable the fake photograph.

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    I’m discovering alternatives for 4/20

    Today is a special day that I wish I could be celebrating. Unfortunately many places around the world don’t celebrate this sacred and amazing holiday so I am currently looking for a suitable off-world alternative where everyday is 4/20. So far I’ve found a planet only a handful of light years away that seems like a good candidate. Hopefully I’ll be in contact with some benefactors to make this a reality. If you wish to join me on the trip to “Planet 420” you just gotta bring some “grass” to terraform the planet with no additional cost to you. This app is amazing

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    Worthy app and very educational, too.

    For what to some may seem an esoteric subject, this app can open their eyes to the possibilities of, literally, other worlds. A very worthwhile use of time, with it you learn not only how many worlds there are in the neighborhood, but also what to expect. The included, and simple-to-use correlation diagramming feature effectively teaches how to look at a typical large dataset, an invaluable teaching aide for life. I find this feature particularly fun: change a parameter, study the resulting chart and quickly get an idea of what kinds of worlds are close by. For example, Earth is actually on the smallish scale of the typical planet out there. Many planets in the habitable zone are two, five, ten or more times larger, creating huge surface areas by comparison. Scaled up, imagine if getting to Europe was a 100,000km (33,000 miles or so) overwater journey! Two thumbs up and five stars, guys!

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    Surface view

    Your app is amazing! I don’t know if this would be possible in the future of your app or not, but it would be interesting and incredible if you had an option for a new perspective. Have it so a person could see a sky view from the surface of a planet. I know it wouldn’t be perfect with atmospheric unknowns, but just to see the stars and new constellations from that perspective and real time rotational speed would be so cool. I would pay more for that as an add on. Thanks for such an interesting app!

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    Wonderful app but update broke features

    I love the Exoplanet app and was pleased to see that it had been updated. Two or three features seem to have gotten broken or disabled in the update process. First, I’m no longer able to click through to see the flat 2D rendering of a planet’s system, not the active 3D find-in-Milkyway feature, which still works great, but the one that shows a static rendering of the selected planet’s sun(s), orbit, the sun’s habitable zone, and any other planets in the system. Second, I’m no longer able to click through to the find-in-sky feature (the one with the Telrad sight). I seem to remember being able to click through to the discovery method window, too. If that’s the case, then this feature also isn’t working. Otherwise, it’s as great as ever and still one of my favorite apps. If those features are fixed, I’ll gladly bump up to five stars. [I’m running iOS 13.5 on an iPhone X.]

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    I was on Itunes U and enrolled in a Planet/ Cosmos course that had this app included for download. It completely took me to the next level. Things that my brain didn't imagine or comprehended were just unlocked by this App. I can't wait to explore it in detail. The data this app contributes is also breathtaking. I never knew we discovered so much in our solar system. To the creators of this app, thank you so much for giving the average person this access and we will continue to support you.

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    The best!

    Exoplanet is revolutionary! It has so many amazing features. You can really see the mechanics of the universe in real time and at any speed you wish.. this is a 3D visual map of existence. This is an example of what makes technology wonderful. A must have for anyone who is into astrology. Worlds upon worlds. Let’s you see every known planet and moon. Let’s you watch the cosmic clock tic away into infinity.. if I sound a little corny it’s because this app has hit me hard.. get it!

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    There’s just one thing🙂

    There’s just one thing and that is that the exoplanets have no texture I’m not saying that it is a bad app just saying that they should really add the exoplanets texture I mean it would be better then a White ball with its name on it but it’s is a very great app I rate it a five star a lot of people mite disagree with me and they say that it’s a bad app because the exoplanets don’t have texture but I 100% disagree I feel like they can fix this and I can’t wait for the future of this app.!!!!!👌🏻😛

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    Versatile and informative exploration app

    This app is amazing! There are plenty of features which allow you to explore the observable universe and put the gigantic size of it in perspective. Scientific information is abundant and can lead to further research for those inclined. Very impressed. Must download, and the add-one are worth it for the money! A word to the developers, keep up the good work. Continually add new discoveries, fine tune and add exploratory features, and integrate more scientific and mathematical models.

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    One of my all time favorite apps

    This app is made by a scientist. It’s precise, clean and ad free. A lot of information regularly updated. Catalog is simple to use, full of information and easy to setup. 3D view is absolutely awesome, you can travel across the galaxy and visit all discovered exoplanets, solar system and even space probes leaving solar system. Perfect to learn and to teach. Add-ons are cheap and wonderful too. Thank you Mr Rein for this app.

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    Really hard not to give a 5

    It's an incredible app. I feel like a jerk not giving it five stars. But I bought the updates and they didn't carry over through my Apple account from my iPad to my iPhone for one, and I'm also dubious about how often and whether or not it updates the database. Every time I read about a new exoplanet or system I look it up on the app and only find it about half the time. That being said, it is hands-down my favorite app of all time.

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    Beware of the $.99 upgrade option

    The app offers the option to zoom out further and see the Galaxy Clusters and CMB for $0.99. However, I’ve made that purchase 3 times now. The transaction went through, I was charged each time but the upgrade was never delivered. Anytime I zoom out, it’s still asking me if I want to upgrade. $.99 is nothing to worry about and I would even pay for the app if it wasn’t free. However, you should fix that issue because otherwise it can be taken as deceptive. I liked this app but that upgrade issue gives me pause.

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Is Exoplanet Safe?

Yes. Exoplanet is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 422 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Exoplanet Is 77.1/100.

Is Exoplanet Legit?

Yes. Exoplanet is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 422 Exoplanet User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Exoplanet Is 77.1/100.

Is Exoplanet not working?

Exoplanet works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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