Life Bible App Reviews

Life Bible App Reviews

Published by on 2023-11-28

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About Life Bible App

What is Life Bible App? The Tecarta Bible app is a free Bible app that offers over 350 TouchPoint © life topics, thousands of free Bible reading plans and devotionals, and Study Bible and Commentary notes. It allows users to stream popular translations for free, search over 40 translations simultaneously, and listen to an audio Bible. The app also offers daily Bible plans and notifications, and the ability to create free 3, 7, 14, or 30 day devotional plans. Users can customize their Bible study settings, backup and sync their Bible app, and share verses with family and friends via email, text, Twitter, or Facebook.



- Over 350 TouchPoint © life topics

- Thousands of free Bible reading plans and devotionals

- Study Bible and Commentary notes

- Stream popular translations for free

- Search over 40 translations simultaneously

- Audio Bible

- Daily Bible plans and notifications

- Create free 3, 7, 14, or 30 day devotional plans

- Customizable highlight colors

- Verse notes feature

- Quick-paste feature for taking notes

- Split screen for viewing Bibles, Study Bibles, commentaries, or personal notes side by side

- Backup and sync across all mobile and web devices

- Customizable Bible study settings

- Share verses via email, text, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Key Benefits of Life Bible App

• Easy to organize notes

• Ability to place notes alongside verses

• Ability to place notes in folders and subfolders

• Free daily devotional

• Daily scriptures and notifications

• Easy to download and won’t bog down phone with ads

25 Life Bible App Reviews

4.8 out of 5


My Personal Library In My Pocket

Being a novice at 65 in the world that runs mostly on apps I downloaded the Tecarta Bible App recommended by my wife. So my adventure began. I kind got used to getting the word of the day and I began to explore LifeBibleApp . I live in a mountain so I love the outdoors. I go hiking, cycling and kayaking. I used these activities to renew my mind and the goal is to be in solitude with the Lord. In the past I would bring in my backpack a Bible and a journal. So when I ran into a verse that I did not understand I would write it down and wait to I got home to study my commentaries. With the Tecarta Bible App I have my library in my phone. So when I find that spot deep in the woods. I open my phone and the Tecarta Bible App and it is like sitting in my home office studying the Word of God. I have different Bible versions, the best commentaries, dictionaries and all kinds of devotionals. I can minister to many souls that the Lord sends to me by social media anywhere I am. They bombard me with all kinds of questions and I can be in my kayak in the middle of a lake and use all the resources available in the Tecarta Bible App. In fact, I am writing this review sitting on my deck driving my coffee watching the forest wake up. 😉👍🏻


Simple to use, yet profoundly helpful

I have tried many Bible apps, even sophisticated, expensive laptop ones, but Tecarta is by far the easiest one I have used to organize notes. I like to take notes when I read, and Tecarta’s system of folders and notes makes it easy to be as detailed or simple as you want. The ability to place a note right alongside the verse is wonderful. It is also great to have the ability to place notes in folders and folders within folders, i.e. a folder on Jesus Christ with sub folders on His birth and early life, His parables, His death and resurrection, etc. Or having a folder for each book of the Bible with separate notes each chapter. The possibilities are endless. It is also nice to be able to highlight or underline verses or portions of verses, or to bookmark verses for placement within folders. Helpful, too, is the ability to insert selected Bible verses within a note. It is nice to be able to sample Bible versions or books before purchasing them, and their prices are more reasonable than those of many other apps, especially when they are on sale. It is one of the few apps I use every day. I love it.


My favorite AND only Bible app!

I have been using Tecarta as long as I have had a Smartphone. I even purchased other texts, I currently use KJV and CSB with LifeBibleApp. As an phone sales manager I even download LifeBibleApp for clients when they ask for a great Bible application that won’t bog down their phone with ads or take up too much storage. I seriously love LifeBibleApp. I love the daily scriptures and notifications. I love the free daily devotional from various devotionals for private study time. It’s easy to highlight and recall highlighted verses. You will even have a place to make notes on where you are currently studying in scripture. LifeBibleApp has everything you need to further develop your relationship with Christ in today’s ‘on-demand’ culture. I’m sure there are other great features I have yet to discover. I’m not a huge fan of digital reading (my Kindle hasn’t been charged in months), but this really comes in handy when getting into a discussion on scripture with a friend or colleague or who ever you may encounter. Thank you Tecarta for creating such a beautifully simple and easy to use Bible.


Easily the BEST Bible app on the market!

This Bible app goes way beyond the call of duty. Everything from the smooth experience and intuitive controls to the variety of study tools and ability to choose almost any version of the Bible. I have had numerous other Bible apps in the past and not one of them comes close to the Tecarta Bible app. Innovative features like having different search functions such as using a scroll wheel (that uses the iPhone's Haptic Engine as you scroll) to search through the Bible feels organic and satisfying. There are also a really healthy amount of ways you can bookmark, highlight, and save your notes within your Bible that I find very useful. Having the ability to make an account and save your Bibles and notes everywhere you go is a very convenient feature that wraps the entire package up nicely. I also love the fact that LifeBibleApp can notify you every morning of the verse of the day, while the devotional of the day nests right below it. It's a beautiful, intuitive, and useful app that I consider to be the best among Bible apps. 5/5 - Excellent work.


Love this app! Maybe add sharing?

I’ve loved Tecarta for years now and it stays just as wonderful through every Apple update - Thank you lovely coders!

This is my go-to every morning, and one of the very few apps I allow notifications from. I especially really appreciate the beautiful photos every day with the verse of the day - Beauty from nature feeds me right along with the Word.

I also really love the devotional apps and have been staying with Praying Through the Bible for a couple years now (Love languages one is good too, esp on difficult days).

One thing I’d like — when I’m reading the decotional for the day I’d love to be able to share it with someone so they could see what I’m reading today and maybe I think it would help with what they are dealing with too.

I also love all the translations available to me, and the commentaries. I watch for the Tecarta sales and have bought many things at sale time! And I love them.

I do wish the study Bibles were able to link their helps right in the passage instead of having to bounce around some in LifeBibleApp to get to the maps and cross references etc., and maybe an easy way to have the passage and the commentary open at the same time. Also to use as a parallel Bible and have two different translations open would be nice.

I’m on an iPhone 7+ though, so i am blessed with a lot “real estate” on my phone to make that an easier proposition.

Thank you all!



Favorite Bible

LifeBibleApp just keeps getting better and better. Here are some of my favorite features:
1. I can add my own notes in any verses I read. A little icon appear so I can read that note next time I read that passage. It also keeps track of all those notes in one place so no need to search for notes in the Bible.
2. I can copy and paste any verse or note I have written and place them in any document on my iPad. I suffer from arthritis so am now doing my Journal in a word document app. I copy and paste my notes and verses that speak to me right into my Journal.
3. The search function offers a complete concordance. Type in a word and see every verse that uses that word. You are given the choice of the exact word or all tenses of it. Tap on the verse and it takes you right to the chapter where you can copy and paste the verse into another document.
4. There is a function that brings up the last 50 verses you entered to read. A great way to see patterns in the verses God has been using to speak to you, or just to find that verse you were reading last week.
5. Verse of the Day, Tip of the Day and a Devotion appear the first time you open LifeBibleApp each day. I learned about the 2 of the above helps in Tip of the Day.
6. It has an audio component so you can listen to the Bible.
I recommend purchasing a study Bible and translations of your choice through LifeBibleApp . It will give you all the notes and helps associated with that Bible.


My Favorite Bible app!

Tecarta is by far the best Bible app I have ever used. So many Bible apps are clumsy and cluttered with so many options, but Tecarta is simple, clear, and beautiful. It is not distracting at all. It makes it a joy to quickly open and read the Word throughout the day. It does, however, have all the functionality I need such as easy navigation and searching; customizable view, font and colors; and simple but capable notes, bookmarks and highlighting. Add the Strongs numbers with KJV for 99 cents and forget about it! Then you can instantly see the Greek roots and definitions and search the Bible by the root words. And yet it's streamlined and Incorporated so elegantly. I'm sure what we look for in an app is subjective, but most apps seem to be the same while Tecarta manages to include everything I need, yet keeps it so simple and functional. At this point I would pay for it if it was required to get it again. Great job guys!



This an all around app. First it is easy to read because of its ease of use font size adjuster. Then theirs a super easy to use study bible that also has the Strong’s concordance that shows all the Hebrew and Greek definitions. Just press and hold the word in question until it’s highlighted then and the option appears above the word, define or Strong’s. As well you can highlight any and all parts of the scriptures for your own personal study and recall of the scriptures. The copy and paste features are just fabulous. You can copy and paste any thing you see and put them in own personal notes along with your own thoughts and print them to recall the thoughts you would like bring in a teaching session or a sermon if your called of the Lord to preach his wonderful word. The lists goes own. Get LifeBibleApp and discover for your self the endless possibilities. It’s Great!


The Very Best App to Put On Your Device

Tecarta Bible is the cleanest, simplest, most straightforward Bible Study App there is.

Both the simplicity of the UI and the ability to cross reference both scripture and various Study Bible / Commentary notes makes LifeBibleApp an invaluable addition for Personal Study, Group leaders, and Pastors alike.

Make sure to check out the free “trials” of any material you would like to invest into in the future. Also, check out their subscription service, you get everything they have for a very reasonable price. I personally purchase all my content so that I have only what I know I will actually use. Look for their sales, usually a couple times a year, for the most inexpensive way to own multiple Study Bibles and single volume commentaries.


Worth Considering

I’ve been using Tecarta for a couple of years now, after spending a decade with the Mantis bible study app, which I loved but the developers were very slow to update.
The feature that I wish Tecarta would add most is the ability to stack multiple highlight/marking functions. As it is now, I can highlight OR underline, but I can’t highlight AND underline. I also can’t make a selection bold. My previous bible app allowed me to select a verse (or even just a word) & apply a colored highlight plus underline plus make the text bold. This would give me much more flexibility in marking verses or parts of verses.
One more feature I would like is the ability to use the Apple Pencil for note taking rather than being forced to type.
Otherwise, Tecarta is a full featured bible study app that is well designed, stable & supported. Highly recommended.


The Bible in your hand

We are a thoroughly blessed and spoiled generation. We have the inspired, God breathed, Word on our phones in every translation or interpretation, you can think of and it is right there in your pocket.
I highly recommend LifeBibleApp . The versions are inexpensive, the notes you make sync to all your devices, and as someone with a Masters from one of the best linguistic schools in the world, Dallas Theological Seminary, it is so insightful to be able to look at the different translations and interpretations for inspiration.
If you have never read the entire Bible, get one of the daily devotionals and set the reminder for the first part of your day. Walk through God’s word and design for your life.
Be blessed! Jesus died in your place, rose from the grave, and sits at the right hand of the Father, interceding on your behalf!
Praise God!



Im a package delivery driver and having a Bible on road is difficult. I use LifeBibleApp and purchased the ESV study Bible thru it. I love it. I’m able to sit in my truck during a ten minute break and at the click of a button when reading the Bible, I can see the commentary provided by the esv study Bible. I can click and use the cross reference and view map with a click of my finger. I can tap the highlighter and start to build a library of verses. I can add notes and questions to verses. Then I get home and can do all of this on my laptop. Excellent. I’ve always enjoyed flipping the pages thru my Bible. The feel of thin page... but now with LifeBibleApp, I can still read my Bible if I’m at the dmv, the grocery store line, or on a 15 minute break in a truck.


Note alteration

This has been a vast improvement for me. I love to make notes and compare God’s holy word for a better understanding of the very intent of just what his inspired words truly infer.
My only concern is that the note window be extended to full screen as I review my material for better clarity. Please let me know when and if you accomplish this and make sure I know just how to get it. This would be a vast improvement over the version I have. I am seventy and my eyes are not as sharp as they were. I will gladly pay for this if I must for reading this version is a wonderful tool and as I have already stated it would be a vast improvement and help to me and I am sure to everyone that has it.
Elder Morris Wicker Assistant Pastor


This app is AWESOME!

I was able to transfer all my notes, highlights and the McArthur study Bible purchase quickly and easily. I noticed when I looked at my highlights the words were legible, scriptures were in order by color and it was easy to switch between the colors. I was very glad the old app was retired! Very happy for the improvements! It’s so easy to look up scripture, a specific book, chapter or single words. You can set it to auto scroll while reading, and you can adjust the scroll speed. Night reading is cool too, it doesn’t give off as much light. There are so many settings you can choose; daily reminders, verse of the day, font, font size (my fav), backup content. The list goes on!! You WILL NOT be disappointed!


Great Bible app, my new favorite!

I've used and loved Glo-Bible for many years, but several years ago the company was sold and the new company pretty much dismantled and destroyed all of its lovely features so that it is now just a bare bones bible app. I've been looking for something new for a while and LifeBibleApp fits most of that bill. It has great comprehensive notes, that are easily referenced, but not in the way. The only thing I miss now are the wonderful pictures, maps and virtual tours of my old app, but Tecarta has sure made my daily bible reading more enjoyable now. Just finished the book of Daniel this week, which I did a bible study on years ago. Rather than digging out my old study guide, I was able to reference verse by verse of some of the prophesies that I couldn't fully remember, just by touching a word or verse. So glad to find Tecarta!


Great Bible App… Easy to use

I’ve saved Tecarta on my iPad and now I haven’t brought my paper Bible to church in years. I love having all of the different versions at my finger tips, it’s great to study single verses or to go into depth on a study in the word for word translations like ESV or American Standard but then when I’m reading full chapters or books to use a thought for thought translation and get more of the context of what the author was saying. All of those versions are right at your fingertips and you don’t have to bring stacks of Bibles with you wherever you go… it has totally changed the way I study the scripture, and has increased my understanding of scripture. I would recommend it to anyone.


I’m being spammed by the home view

May 13, 2019 Live my bible app. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on in-app content. O how I love the word of God. This Bible app has taken my study level to new heights.

I can’t believe I’m being spammed by the home view of LifeBibleApp every time I open it. I’ve unchecked display homeview once per day. In spite of being unchecked I’m being forced back anyway. This started a few updates ago. It’s being done intentionally to promote the devotional and other in-app content. I only want my bible to behave as a bible. I’m
Missing scriptures during service because of the home view loading time. The church has moved on to reading and I’ve forgotten the passage waiting for the crap content to load. Fix this intentional home view return trap.


Great Bible app with quick functionality

I have a huge investment in Bible apps and computer programs. Logos is the best for laptops and computers, if you have a computer powerful enough.

But Tecarta I have been using on portable devices for over a decade. It is by far the most useful for using in church doing quick Bible verse referencing. I also know Chinese, so the ability to turn my phone sideways and access a different Bible version or language is fantastic. Logos is far too complex to use quickly.

Like all Bible apps, we can always wish for different functionality or content. But Tecarta beats OliveTree and a few others I have bought and used over the past two decades.

Bibles and Study Bibles are separately purchased components. Tecarta allows you to use different translations with different study notes.

Commentaries are also very easy to access.

At least once or twice a year, Tecarta has phenomenal sales when you can get different Bible versions and references for considerably less money than any of its competitors, so get the one you need now and add on later.


The Most user Friendly Bible ever!

This is the best Bible app this side of Heaven. I have ten different Bible apps and this one is the best by a large margin. It first of all provide a great platform for just reading the books. The search is on point and easy to use. The ability to add notes and the notes are linked to the ascribed scriptures. This feature alone would make this Bible worth it’s weight in gold. Instant reference to those notes. I am a student of the written word. This Bible makes my study both fun and rewarding. It never leaves my side and I use it every single day. I am grateful for all the people that took part in developing and maintaining this incredible piece of technology 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️


Great App, best I have used for the Bible

I love LifeBibleApp. I have no less than 7 bible translations in my content, strolls concordance (in my KJV translation) and family devotional. They have some good commentaries and study bibles as well. The only suggestions I can think of is that maybe they somehow get the original Beacons commentary on it and the Bible Knowledge was commentary (just two volumes) that may be a copyright or permission issue, but it would be awesome.

LifeBibleApp makes it easy to find scriptures I remember but cannot remember their location. A very nice resource.

Many Church attendees Use their phones for Bible translations now. This is something I believe is here to stay. This is the beat one I have tried.



After over a year of using the Tecarta Bible app, I’m happy to report that it meets expectations. It makes reading the Bible convenient and easy, so I’ve done it practically every day since getting LifeBibleApp. And reading the Bible every day is guaranteed to be life-changing!

LifeBibleApp keeps up with your notes and highlights, even across multiple updates. It’s convenient to toggle between different translations of the Bible. It’s easy to purchase uplifting daily devotionals and view them. One of my favorite features is the free Verse of the Day. Now instead of waking up to the constant negativity of the news cycle, my phone starts me off with a Bible verse in the morning.

Like I said: life-changing!


Great app but ads are not ok

I have bought multiple Bible versions and commentaries through LifeBibleApp. I love the Bibles and commentaries and LifeBibleApp is easy to navigate. Its my favorite Bible app and I use it daily. My only complaint is the newest version of LifeBibleApp added ads to the home page. I realize the developers need funds to keep making updates. And you can pay to have the ads removed for a year, or buy a Bible or commentary and the ads will go away for awhile. But I’ve already spent probably close to $100 on different Bibles and commentaries. I know that .99 isn’t huge to remove the ads. But it’s the principle of it. I’ve spent a lot of money on LifeBibleApp already. I shouldn’t have to keep spending to remove the annoying ads. It just feels low class to me.


Fulfillment of Biblical prophecy

LifeBibleApp is more important than the I phone b/c it helps replicate God’s words in such a portable electronic media that has became as indispensable as tools for transportation & even more. In all four corners of the Earth with internet connection we now have the Holy Scripture in our hearts, in our books(greatest best seller in the world) & now in electronic digital-prints & yes without controversy great is the mystery of godliness; God manifested in the flesh, justified in the Spirit seen of the Angels preached unto the gentiles believed in the world and received up to Glory in heaven...excerpts from Timothy. God bless the inventor of LifeBibleApp
No mankind will pretend he never heard of our Master Shepherd & Bishop of our souls, STAR of David & our savior Lord Jesus Christ.


Excellent Tool for Studying God’s Word

This is my favorite Bible application. I have used it for several years. The notes allow me to capture important points from sermons and insert scriptures as quickly as they are referenced. I can prepare slideshows for our ladies’ Bible study easily between Tecarta and a presentation app. The search features are quick, thorough, and help me cross reference on topics and locate passages. My husband and I enjoy the adjustable font size. I would like to see future features to allow copying verses from the search drop down menu and it would be nice to be able to highlight, underline, or bold in the notes.


EDUCATIONAL AND INFORMATIVE (The best Bible app ever!)

I'm simply overjoyed. My daily bible reading has gone from dutiful to enjoyable and informative. My favorite features are the ability to open my parallel bibles along side my study bible. The ability to quickly locate comprehensive resources i.e., cross references, maps, charts, profiles and concordance without turning a page or opening another book allows me to retain my thoughts and quickly make connections. Consequently, understanding what scriptures mean and how they apply today guides and helps me to practice what I've learned. The rolling scroll and audible features are bonuses that I appreciate as well.


Almost Perfect For My Needs

The Tecarta team did an excellent job with LifeBibleApp. It has an array of translations, study bibles, commentaries, devotionals, and more. HOWEVER, they need to add MORE SPANISH translations, study bibles and commentaries. They have literally no spanish study bibles nor commentaries. Please Tecarta add the following translations in spanish: TLA (Traduccion en Lenguaje Actual), DHH (Dios Habla Hoy), and the PDT (Palabra de Dios para Todos). Please also consider adding the Strong Concordance in spanish as well as the Matthew Henry’s Concise Commantary. I know a lot of spanish readers would really appreciate all these requests. I know I’m asking a lot, but the bible says ask and it will be given to you.

Thank you very much and my our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ richly bless you.

Christine   10 months ago

Liked this bible at first, after reading I have noticed words changed and missing from scriptures. Why? does this app developer rewrite other books or just the bible. I don't like that.

Charlie Jones   1 year ago

The previous version of Tecarta Bible was much easier to use and I could use it follow multiple Bible readings. Wish old version was still available. I would not recommend buying the current version! Make it simple again and I would recommend for everyone.

Philip   1 year ago

This Bible app has “shifted” into an area where they are preaching in my opinion. Their TouchPoints section contains dozens of topics where explanations and comments are given with far too little or no scriptural support. I believe we MUST look to the Word of God First to understand problems and challenges; or we risk being given a “worldly” view and lead astray. I will not be using this app anymore.

Brandon   1 year ago

I am utterly disgusted what you have done with this app. It has worked perfectly for years. It was simple to search. Copy and paste was easy. It was KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. THE BLOODY THING JUST WORKED!!! WHO EVER CHANGED IT FIRE HIM!!! ITS A BLOODY MESS NOW. WONT BE USING IT ANY MORE!!!! UTTERLY VERY SHITTY WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!!!

Shirley Hawkins   2 years ago

It wd be so great to be able to highlight scripture with the capability to fwd . Wd b great way to get others to read scripture.

Is Life Bible App Safe?

Yes. Life Bible App is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 53,176 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Life Bible App Is 89.9/100.

Is Life Bible App Legit?

Yes. Life Bible App is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 53,176 Life Bible App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Life Bible App Is 100/100..

Is Life Bible App not working?

Life Bible App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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