Superbook Kids Bible Reviews

Superbook Kids Bible Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-30

This FREE Kid's Bible app brings the Bible to life for the entire family with a
full Bible, videos, images and engaging interactive games. Featuring thirty nine
(39) full-length, FREE EPISODES from the Emmy nominated Superbook series
including David and Goliath, The Ten Commandments, Dan...

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Superbook Kids Bible Reviews

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    Amazing app for children

    So, I, a 17 year old girl absolutely love this app and have been able to share in that love with my 6 year old sister. It has fun games to play to help you memorize the verse of the day; which those verses always seem so impactful to me. Likewise, they have a full season of free full-length episodes that are based on different stories of the Bible, such as David and Goliath or Daniel in the lions’ den. I definitely like the videos. Sometimes when I just don’t feel like I have enough to give to a Bible study, I watch these episodes, which are animated very well. This app even has the full Bible with different translations. It has features that allow you to look into different characters of the Bible, such as Moses, Jesus, etc. If they have a feature on the app that relates to any verse in the Bible, there will be an icon under the verse and it will take you to that feature. So, I listed a lot and have yet to try all of the features of the app, but let me remind you again, I’m 17 and I love it!! I’m sure any kid would love it and a good sit down to read the Bible, watch episodes or play any of the fun games on the app!

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    I was skeptical at first but quickly found that this is truly a ministry because the app is not only free but the Bible story videos within the app are FREE to watch also and they are true to the Word. Now THAT is what I call putting you money where your mouth is when it comes to trying to reach others for Christ. PLUS it comes with a well illustrated plan of salvation that is interesting to watch and easy for kids to follow. I love that scripture is cleverly integrated into the story and kids learn what the Bible really says without ever realizing it-effortless scripture memorization for young minds. Another wonderful feature is that if you go into settings you can choose which version of the Bible you want available to your child(ren), you aren’t limited to the version that the developer used. We prefer KJV and we’re delighted to find it available. The app also includes many games and tools to support the Bible education children are learning through the videos. The quality of the art and the voice overs for the cartoons are exceptionally well done and as an adult I even enjoy watching them.

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    Best animated Bible stories ever

    My kids love these Bible stories. They are so accurate to the Biblical accounts. Basically the episodes contain Bible verses straight out from the Bible verbatim so that the more we watch, they help us memorize those Bible verses. Many kids’ Bible stories show bathtub Arks, but not this version. I have watched Storykeepers, and Saddleback Kids Bible Stories and others, but Superbook is most theologically accurate. I love the beginning song and the Salvation Poem at the end of each episode. They are so powerful. To see Hebrew used in the Old Testament and Greek used in the New Testament is absolutely amazing. I would give a million star as a rating if I could. They are also in many languages. The sad part is that the episodes are a bit expensive with each one costing from 15-25 dollars.

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    Spiritual App-etizer!

    I’m not a kid, chronologically- but definitely still one at heart! I downloaded this app for my grandbuddies, but find that the morning scripture memory games, draw me into the Word first thing in the morning- whetting my hunger, much like a spiritual “App-etizer.“ It makes it much easier to go on right away & open my Bible, or flip over to my You-Version Bible App, (and NOT get distracted with games, vids, or emails!) then go on to have my more disciplined, regular morning devo’s like a real live, “Disciplined Adult”! 😉 Thanks for the healthy “Bible Snacks”... because when it comes to the Word of God- I have found that “hunger begets hunger”... and it’s good to be “eating” more nutritiously AND growing “hungrier” still! Plus- it’s fun to share these Bible themed games, verses, etc with my grandbuddies and help their hunger grow as well.

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    I am a grown child.

    I gave up doing thing my way and gave god everything. It’s harder for adult who knew about him and grew up going after him . Not knowing what had to be done to win his love. No child should be with out him. But back in my day there was nothing like this. This app should be a Mandatory thing for every child’s phone in America. Every school it doesn’t matter if the kid is more than 18 years old or about to graduate they should have this on their phone sometimes adults don’t know how to teach children because they don’t know them self. But Superbook is the first ever children virtual church for kids of all ages. May the lord our god continue blessing the hands that do his amazing work. Aman

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    Amazing , even for adults! :D

    As a 26 year old new believer in the Lord, I wanted to learn as much as I could about the Bible and His Word. So I figured I would start with the basics and on a basic level. I installed this app hoping it’ll give me insight on the Bible and it’s honestly given me waaayyy more! There are a few things I especially like about the app. The free videos (good thing I like animation!), the mini games that help you memorize scripture, and the fact that I’ve never had a problem with the app itself. There’s been no glitches, restarts, nor has any video ever taken long to load or buffered through a playing video. So if I’m taking this much from it, what can YOU take from it? 😁

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    Excellent Bible app for everyone!!!

    Easy to understand kids Bible with so much great content in one app for free (no ads, no purchases)! Has a full Bible with multiple versions, an audio version, videos, photos, Bible trivia games, word search games, verse scramble game, questions and answers, background info on all the Bible characters, an encouraging verse of day with fun games to help remember it, and an excellent presentation to help understand how to know God (great to show friends, kids, Sunday School). All related app content is also inside the Bible next to each verse and you can make your own highlights, favorites and notes. Best of all, the app includes full Superbook animation episodes! Definitely check it out!!!

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    Absolutely amazing

    I love this app! I recently have been discouraged that all the Bible and Christian programming and games for children were so outdated and “cheesy”. I couldn’t find something that captures my sons attention (he’s 4) and keep him interested in God. I happened to catch a commercial advertising this app (coincidence? No!) and took a chance and downloaded it. I checked it out and found myself not wanting to put it down. I showed my son and it became an instant favorite. Because of this app, my son just asked me this morning (without me prompting the conversation) that he wanted to know more about Jesus....Thank you from the bottom of my heart!...I’m a proud and extremely blessed father.

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    Really good

    This app is really good. You read the Bible and your able to engage with it. You can read then play a game that has to do with what you read or you can watch a video to give you and image of what it’s like so you can have a better understanding. you can take notes and highlight. There is also something on the app that says Q&A( question and answer) and there are questions that you might have listed about the topic and it will answer it for you!! Also they will have character descriptions so if you don’t know who someone is it will tell you. Overall I recommend for all people who can read👍🏽

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    My videos won’t load!

    Hi! Let’s just say that I am 12 and I love this app and this has changed my view of the lord and we should all rejoice in this app because this has changed my whole life and how I act in my everyday life. So if your reading this just download the app and you will for sure get a 100% satisfaction rate on this app. I’ve read at lest half of the reviews on this app and all I see are 5 stars here 5 stars there and when I saw that I was like “ Aww there is something to this app that I need to experience that everyone else is feeling from this app. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks and I want to say BLESS YOU AND MERRY CHRISTMAS Y’LL

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    Not as great as I wanted it to be

    I loved this app......until I found out that you have to be a member to get to watch season 2. A friend recommended this to me when I told her I loved Superbook, and I also have the TriviaGame too. The TriviaGame is great(no flaws). I used to watch Superbook on PureFlix, but you need an account for that too, and I didn’t want to have 2 accounts that I had to keep track of. I am glad that Season 1 is available to the public, but for now I am going to watch season 2 on PureFlix. I know this is a problem that might not be fixed, but that’s ok. Other members enjoy it, and I am glad they enjoy it. Maybe it just isn’t for me. I am glad that there are games and word searches though.

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    Great App for All Ages

    This has been a really great experience for not only my kids, but for me too. This app and the different games and things that are in it is a benefit to Christians in all stages of their walk with Jesus. It helps with learning/memorizing good verses. It also has a downloaded Bible in it, so even at times when I don’t have any cell service, I can still read my Bible without a problem. The internet and even some supposed “safe” apps can be a bit rough for kids, but this is one I didn’t have a problem giving my kids when they were really little. It’s both safe and useful for all ages.

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    Best app ever!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!

    Hi my name is Axel and this mama app is just the best help me grow in the Lord so much and our Jan this is the best app ever so I’m going to keep on using it ever because is the best app ever and I am eight I am a kid and oh well this you’re gonna love it just to tell you, is there a minute you have to be a member for some some stuff though so if you want to watch stuff on it like are you have to be a member for it and for some other stuff you have to be a member but it really helps kids like me grow in the Lord and just remember him and yeah it’s great✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💔❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝

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    Learning The Holy Bible

    What a great way to learn fundamental concepts of godly living from the Holy Bible! The video stories are gentle yet inspiring. I love to play the Daily Quest every day-different games may be played to learn holy scriptures regarding faith, patience, strength, love and peace in God’s Word, and, also, how the Old Testament scriptures point to Jesus as being the Savior and Messiah. In addition, there are several versions of the Holy Bible to choose from, so one is able to compare and contemplate scripture from the King James with contemporary versions. I love Superbook; I use it every day of my life. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn about God, His will and love for all mankind.

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    So thankful for this

    Nothing should replace reading the Bible to our kids, but when it’s time for the kids to: play video games, color, etc., and you want some biblical educated based entertainment for them, then the Emmy Nominated “Superbook” series is amazing just for that! The show itself has amazing graphics and I absolutely love the way the show presents the Bible stories for the kids, they don’t seem to ”water down” anything. Some of the shows had me in tears, reminding me not to give in to troublesome circumstances. The presentation of the stories felt that real and personal. It will definitely keep their interest!

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Yes. Superbook Kids Bible is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 8,294 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Superbook Kids Bible Is 78.5/100.

Is Superbook Kids Bible Legit?

Yes. Superbook Kids Bible is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 8,294 Superbook Kids Bible User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Superbook Kids Bible Is 78.5/100.

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Superbook Kids Bible works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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