Dictionary.com: English Words Reviews

Dictionary.com: English Words Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-21

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Dictionary.com: English Words Reviews

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    Dictionary of the day is awesome!

    Dictionary of the day is an effective and fun way to easily increase your vocabulary or remind you of words that might have slipped your mind over the years or for that moment when you are distracted and do not want to wake up slapping your forehead at 3AM. Also, one of the biggest benefits is that I am usually able to sneak in at least 3-5 other new/remembered words after reading the daily one. This is why I initially got the app. However, after now using this Dictionary app every day over the course of years; I have found it to be helpful, efficient, easy to use and can be fun and diverting. The reasonable price is the cost of an high calorie, high cholesterol, fattening and unhealthy CappaFrappaAnywayYouLikeItCino and once you enjoy that drink it will be gone forever. But this wonderful Dictionary/Thesaurus with all of it’s content will be with you forever. Considering other options that I have personally used; such as MW, et. al., I most highly recommend this app.

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    Where did all these forced ads come from???

    1) The ads are overkill to say the least. This used to be. 5 star app- I never had to deal with all these stupid pop-ups and inescapable video ads. You’re lucky Siri’s integrated thesaurus is so limited or else I would’ve deleted this app a long time ago. 2)Personally this has become a more recently growing issue. I’ll search thesaurus for word, “x”, with 0 results, no synonyms available. However, if I search for something synonymous with “x”, such as “n”, a whole list of synonyms pop up, including “x”!! ugh 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Other times when I’m looking through a given list of synonyms , I’ve clicked on a word for its definition, but there is no definition available bc the dictionary doesn't even recognize this word exists. . Vise versa after looking up a definition , I’ll try to use thesaurus on it , but it comes up no synonyms available. And trust me both problems are equally frustrating. Seriously, how can you know the synonymy of a word on one side of your app, but can’t deliver its friggin definition on the other side. Stupid.

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    Gone completely dowhill

    I downloaded this app on the first iPod I ever received about 10 yeas ago because I was stuck in the countryside during the summers in an area that only carried one cellphone company’s tower (but not in the house I stayed in, spotty at best in the rest of town, and naturally not the one I had anyway). I got a lot of reading done...so many books. This app gave me the ability to look up words as I tried to expand my vocabulary and interests in other genres/forced summer reading for school. It was the offline feature that drew me to the application in the first place, the only limit of having no internet was the inability to here the audio pronunciation. It was perfect! How such a feature would be a paid service now, disadvantaging children and adults who may have limited access to internet services is disgusting. Would be enough for me to rate one star but then on top of that you’ve put so many intrusive ads as to make this app unusable even if you have internet unless you pay for the upgrade. Shameful

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    Used to be great, now it's terrible

    This used to be my favourite tool as a writer. I had all the synonyms I could need right at my fingertips without having to jump down a Google hole to find something. I never even complained about the whole buying-the-offline-version thing. But recently this app has been a MAJOR mess. Thesaurus synonyms used to be alphabetised, now the words are all scrambled up and I have to go searching for a word that I can't think of. I have bad eyesight so this an awful struggle for me, to have to read through every single word instead of just skipping to where I know it will be. I have no idea who thought THAT was a great idea, but whomever it was should be dropped off the side of a tall building because this B.S. isn't even worth being free. Not to mention the billions of ads that pop up. I understand it's free but I'm not paying $3 for an ad-free experience I can just as easily get by using a web browser. TL;DR do NOT get this app - it's disorganised, messy, and annoying.

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    Love it. Use it daily

    I began using this app a couple years ago to help my son expand his vocabulary. Soon after, I was using the thesaurus for myself on a regular basis when drafting anything from professional letters to simple emails to friends! The thesaurus is my favorite. I also use the dictionary occasionally when I'm not sure if I'm using a particular word appropriately in a sentence. I love this app. I also used it to help a friend draft a resume that was very professional. (Yes, she got the job!) I should also mention the speed of this app. I can find a synonym or definition in a matter of seconds. Again, I LOVE this app. Now, if someone could come up with an app to help us learn to use punctuation correctly, I would use that everyday as well.

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    A wonderful tool for elementary students too.

    My daughter uses this app almost everyday as a companion to reading her novels. She oftentimes comes across words she is unfamiliar with. The dictionary app provides a quick way to access words while she still holds onto her book. We also did homework together last night and the thesaurus feature was wonderfully designed so that one can search antonyms and synonyms while effortlessly switching back to the definition of the original words and newly found words. Lastly, this is a "must purchase" app. You'll experience the app best by having no interruptions. This is important especially if you want a child to use it to build vocabulary while reading independently.

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    Overall pretty great, a few annoying ticks, though

    Great website. Great definitions. Ok app. It is not the most user-friendly. I will be looking up various definitions and all of the sudden, a loading icon will pop up and not go away until I leave and refresh the app. The scrolling is also extremely sensitive, which can get annoying at times. The app also has a feature that allows you to press a word in the definition, which takes you to the definition of the word you just pressed. Super useful, except when you press the back button to return to your original search, it takes you back like 4 searches ago instead of the one you just came from. This means you have to go out of your way to re-search what you were looking at in the first place. Other than that, the app is pretty great.

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    Compared to MW, this is more bang for the buck

    I originally used the free version of this and was frustrated with the pop ups and constant crashing (every couple search, it crashes and you have to reopen). So, I paid for Merriam-Webster and I will say I got frustrated with that because definitions are short, no second or third options for pronunciation, some words don’t show up (I guess that version is based on abridged? Many words I found on here, I couldn’t find on MW). So I re-downloaded this and for a few bucks more that MW, you get tons more feature. I find the Learners, Idioms, and Example Sentence really useful. If you use this everyday, just shell out the 6 bucks. It’s the price of a Frappuccino, for Christ’s sake.

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    Is This a Legitimate Dictionary?

    My question, after reading some “articles” from this “dictionary”, is — is this a legitimate dictionary or yet another medium of the Left wing propaganda machine? Should we just label this as “The Progressives’ Dictionary”? I have not taken the time to look up definitions for “socialism”, “capitalism”, or “gender” yet, and I won’t bother, but I would be wary of many definitions that this dictionary offers that have political/social significance (for example, “assault rifle”). I love words, and I like all the extra information about each word that this dictionary offers, but the concern is, can this information be trusted? I would not use this as a primary source for my word definitions, but as curiosity. It is fun to compare real definitions of words with the Progressives’ definitions of the same words.

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    DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Ads block you even after paying.

    Huge problems here and guess what? they don’t care. Here’s what to look for: - Even after paying for the highest upgrade, the app inundates you with obstructing ads that block you for 10 secs at a time that you cannot close. Moreover, you’re a full paying customer at this point and they still desperately force ads for revenue. - the ads’ “X” button to close the ad suddenly disappears after 0.5s before you can close it. They must think people are complete idiots. - you can’t look up words like “craving” — it only takes “crave” in the thesaurus. Basically, the app is pretty dumb too. I’ve had this app for almost a year now and finally switching since they have not responded to a single review, comment, or email touch my team and I has sent the past year. We were giving them a chance but now we plan to start hitting social hard with this review. The conclusion is that desperately monetized apps that disregard user-empathy at all costs end up losing fast. The ones that wait for thousands to complain about something (trying to get a quick buck in before the media rants) lose all respect. The ones that don’t listen stop being listened to by the public in return. Too bad, you had your chance.

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    I have an issue with the scrolling method while reading a definition or a list of words in the Thesaurus. When you scroll down the page, the bar that has the “Definition”, “Thesaurus”, “Learners”, and “Origin” tabs wants to move up to cover things like the searched word, its pronunciation, etc. I like this feature because it tries to give you more space for reading. However, slightly swiping down brings the upper half of the page back down. I like the idea, but if scroll back and forth a little bit then the content on the screen to just move around instead of staying in place. I hope this makes sense what I’m trying to explain.

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    Good tool and a suggestion

    I myself use this app in many different situations, and find it useful and informative . One item that i use nearly everyday is the word of the day. There was a word this last week that appeared and i shared it with my wife and kids. They questioned whether it was used that way. I looked it up and it was not found in either the dictionary or in the thesaurus. My first reaction was that maybe I had used a different App. However, i checked the list of words of the day and it was there. There may be reasons for this but I would suggest that any words of the day be included in the dictionary. The word I was looking up was “dumbledore.” Thanks for the great resource.

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    An odd issue

    I’ve purchased all of the upgrades for the app and have been enjoying its content for years. Over this time I have amassed a fair quantity of “favorited” words, likely numbering the hundreds. Whether this fact has anything to do with the issue I am unsure, however I cannot scroll through my favorites list. The app simply appears to not recognize my input, and will only list the first few words, leaving me with a limited selection of vernacular only starting with “A”. This is quite annoying. Are there any ways in which to fix this issue? I have already attempted to re-download the app. Many thanks.

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    Need to fix the audio pronunciation - upsettingly tied to phone’s audio settings

    Hello, I have noticed the pronunciation feature no longer works. While scrolling through other users’ reviews in Apple’s App Store, I found a developer response to a particular review on March 26th, stating the app had updated to only provide an audio pronunciation when the audio or ringer is off. However, I do not believe that makes sense as the user self selects into tapping the pronunciation feature to hear the audio version whether or not the ringer is off or on, so the audio will not be intrusive as it is expected given the user’s immediate environment. Could you please look into allowing the audio pronunciation to work if tapped, regardless of volume settings. Looking forward to hearing back. Thanks.

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    I hate to do this....

    Alright....I do NOT write reviews. But this time.....I feel like someone needs to read this. This app could be the best dictionary app on the inter-webs. I use it every day, and I just feel like the definitions and overall information I get about the words I look up are fantastic. But no matter how good the content is, my experience with the app is absolutely ruined by the many bugs and general issues I experience while using it. How many times can it possibly crash? Why when I select a word based on auto-fill suggestions does the definition refuse to load? Such potential, such a disappointment in so many ways. Fix a tiny handful of things and this is the best dictionary app there is, by far.

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Is Dictionary.com: English Words Safe?

Yes. Dictionary.com: English Words is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 9,310 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Dictionary.com: English Words Is 33.7/100.

Is Dictionary.com: English Words Legit?

Yes. Dictionary.com: English Words is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 9,310 Dictionary.com: English Words User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Dictionary.com: English Words Is 33.7/100.

Is Dictionary.com: English Words not working?

Dictionary.com: English Words works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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