Unofficial SV Companion Guide Reviews

Unofficial SV Companion Guide Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-06

Works 100% Offline Gift Guide For Every Villager And Every Item Event Guide
For All Villager Events Crop Guide To Get The Most Out Of Your Farm Fishing
Guide For All Fish Everything You Need To Know To Fill Out Your Towns Community
Center and Museum Search Guide By Season Exclusiv...

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Unofficial SV Companion Guide Reviews

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    Okay but lots of errors

    This is a solid app. Comprehensive. Missing villager schedules but I hear they’re on the way. However, there’s a lot of incorrect info as far as villagers and gifts are concerned. The most recent one I ran into: Haley hates Cauliflower, Maru loves Cauliflower, but both are listing as Liking it. There’s others I’ve run into, enough for me to continue using the app version of the wiki, which is pretty clunky and not what I’d prefer using. Additionally the UI could use some work. The pixelated font, while in line with the game’s aesthetic, is not the most visually pleasing way to go. In the crop guide, the font seems unnecessarily large and wastes screen real estate, which means I’ve got to scroll through a lot to find what I want. Same for the bundle checklist page. I also think it’s not really clear what all the features of the app are, because the UI and the tabs are initially unclear. I prefer text tabs to icons any day. And there are features that are confusing. When looking at a particular item or crop on the gift section, when I tap on someone’s name that’s in the Likes section, it tells me that they Like the item, which I already knew. I would expect it to instead take me to that character’s overview page, not to give me info I’m already looking at. All in all, I think it’s alright but needs some work. Especially in getting the correct likes and dislikes.

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    Fantastic App

    This is the best Stardew Valley helper app out there. I have the pro version to support the developer, whom seems very active and responsive to reviews! I have a idea for you that I would love and a lot of other people might love too: a screen where you input what day you are on, season and weekday, wether it is raining or not and perhaps even a slider for what time of day, to have the app list out where each villager is located. That would help me a lot when trying to find where someone is to turn in a quest or to give a gift. Thanks for all the hard work and keep it up!

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    Excellent Resource

    I’m one of those people who likes looking up what villagers would like before trying. I don’t find it fun to guess and write it down like old school games—I just don’t have the time. This resource saves me so much time and energy. I’ve tried writing down stuff to keep track but I never manage to hold on to those little scraps of paper. Only one problem I’ve found so far is Autumn missing fish filter doesn’t seem to be working for me and just shows all fish I’m missing. Beyond that, it’s a great resource.

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    Good but clunky

    Love this app. It’s missing the art right now but I’m hoping to see it back very soon. I would love to see a checklist for the craft everything achievement, the polyculture achievement, and a list of all available ingredients. Would be nice to check and see if you have the ingredient for the food you need to make right in the app. Hey Dev! I have all of these lists done and I’d be happy to send them over for you to plug in. Some liked and loved gifts are incorrect. There is a missing fish. Overall the app is not very intuitive, hoping to see a fix for that soon. All in all it gets the job done and I love the game. I hope the dev does some fixes soon.

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    Love it but needs updated again

    I went through the recipes for cooking and some are missing. I have more empty spots on my game than it says I’m missing on here. I haven’t added my other stuff yet (fish, etc) so I’m hoping those are all good. Otherwise it is a great app. I wish it had the option on the gifts to show where or how to get some of the items when you click them. Otherwise great for keeping track. I also would like for there to be checklists for all of the collections. Edited: just did the fish and there are some missing as well!

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    Really really useful!

    I play on both mobile and on pc so this is a godsend. The desktop guides and trackers are great but require me to minimize the game and take time to mark what i have and look things up. This app makes it so i can stay fullscreen and only have to pause the game! It’s just a shame that chucklefish didn’t suggest going into partnership with the developers and take full advantage of a well developed guide app.

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    Stardew wiki but easier

    Love this app within the first few seconds of using it! It’s so helpful and I love the check list capabilities it has. It makes a few less trips to the community center, so it’s worth it! The only thing I would like to see improvements on would be a schedule so I can stalk my fellow villagers with ease, other than that, this app is a one stop shop and I love it!

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    Great App!

    My husband and I both really enjoy this game. This app is perfect for him. I have the guidebook, as does he, but this makes it easier for him to keep up with everything without flipping through the book. One thing I did notice though-“eel” is missing from the fishing checklist. It’s in the bundles section, but not in the checklist.

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    It’s great

    Ok so the app is the best app I could find but there are little things I hate like how there aren’t villager schedules and there aren’t any events besides heart events. Also there isn’t a choice for achievements on the checklist which would really help. But like I said really good but has a few issues that could be worked out. (P.S. I may just be stupid and can’t find some of these features!)

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    Very useful

    Super useful when im doing all of the bundles for the community center because it gets really annoying to have to actually walk there to see what you need. Plus you can get a description on how to get the required materials also which is a nice bonus. Overall the app is really great especially for the price (FREE!).

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    Love it!

    I use it with my iPad when playing mobile Stardew. However there are a few mistakes: Kent’s birthday is not the 14th, but the 4th. Also I think the squid time frame is wrong. Lastly, a gift or two (I can’t remember which specifically :( ) aren’t listed correctly for loved/like for some of the villagers. Otherwise it’s so very helpful!

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    Very helpful app!

    Update to my original review: downgrading to 4 stars... the checklist for my museum collections didn’t save/persist when I rebooted my iPad :( This is way better than having multiple browser tabs open for the wiki :) What happened to the option to pay for ad removal, though? I like to support developers that do good work, so hopefully that option comes back.

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    Great for sv

    I really like this app it’s really useful. The only thing that bugs me is that in the community center checklists, the fall category seems to be the same as the all category and the winter one has some items in it that you can’t get in winter. But other than that it’s great.

  • By

    Nearly Perfect

    I love this app, and it helps a LOT with keeping the Community Center items that we have left straight. Only complaint is that the screen is very crowded on an iPhone, but otherwise 5 stars. I’m on an iPhone 5s, but I’m thinking about getting the pro version while it’s half off. The ads just sort of push everything upwards.

  • By

    Well done

    Great app if you play stardew valley! I wonder if it would be possible for the user to create a “to do” list similar to the checklist for the bundles. Say I want to save up for a barn or coop (or both) but can’t remember what I need. I could put them in a to do list and all materials needed could be on a checklist

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Is Unofficial SV Companion Guide Safe?

Yes. Unofficial SV Companion Guide is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,630 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Unofficial SV Companion Guide Is 55.5/100.

Is Unofficial SV Companion Guide Legit?

Yes. Unofficial SV Companion Guide is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,630 Unofficial SV Companion Guide User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Unofficial SV Companion Guide Is 55.5/100.

Is Unofficial SV Companion Guide not working?

Unofficial SV Companion Guide works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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