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Published by on 2022-09-08

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Reported Issues: 24 Comments

By Whitni
Nov 16 2022

Trying to open saving account amd every time the app crashes and tries to reload, only to keep doing the same thing. It says I have a bug

By Marissa
Sep 29 2022

PayPal freezes every time I try to transfer funds to my bank. The screen itself freezes and I can’t get my money until days later!

By Larry Williams
Sep 12 2022

PayPal crashes whenever I try to open the app on my phone.

By Scott Boring
Sep 05 2022

Every time I try to cash my check it kicks me back to the home screen.

By Paula Locke
Sep 05 2022

Paypal crashes every time I try to take a picture of my payroll check
So now I haven't been able to cash my check been trying for 4 days

By Adam olson
Sep 02 2022

Can't cash my paycheck app just crashes trying to take a photo of my check I've been chasing my checks on PayPal for a year and now I cannot and it is frustrating

By Zaq
Aug 29 2022

App crashes every time I try to cash a check. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared cache, ran CCleaner, rebooted my phone, nothing.

By Brittany P.
Aug 25 2022

I went to cash my pay check like I do every week and when I logged in it said my app had a bug and to clear the cache. So I did that. Then every time I tap to take a picture of my pay check to cash it, now it crashes and kicks me back out to the home screen. I've cleared the cache, force stopped, Uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I turned my phone on and off. When I logged in on my husband's phone and did it, it worked fine. So I know it's something with my phone. I don't know what to do or who to contact. HELP. PLEASE.

By Dominique Ziers
Aug 12 2022

App Update made it so if I'm able to login in Safari, it's in Chinese. The app won't even let me log in and the "trouble logging in" url is not working either

By Petr
Jul 23 2022

When I start writing the amount of money it freezes and white screen appeares.

Thank you.

By Tia
Jul 17 2022

Every time I click the menu button the website from my phone and iPad it freezes. Can’t scroll up or down the menu and. And can’t click any click.

By Sierra Nasha Mullins
Jun 28 2022

Says my password is wrong and now it just says can't complete my request at this time

By Alistair Burns
Jun 13 2022

My withdrawal to bank says minimum $360 instead of THB 360. How do I fix this?

By Brian K.
Jun 01 2022

PayPal has been unable to process any crypto transaction or use my account other than my debit card, for 2 days now. Just says unknown error try again later, I'd like to see my crypto transactions.

By John mcelhinney
Jun 01 2022

My app crashes when I try to open it

By Karl Ickes
May 27 2022

Pay Pal app on my Samsung phone will open initially but then crashes almost immediately every time. I can initially see my activity - then click on any invoice and it crashes .....

By James
May 18 2022

My app keeps crashing when I try to take a photo of my check

Using iPhone

By Treasure Ingels
May 17 2022

PayPal app shuts down every time I try to take photo of check

By Melinda Hipp
Apr 30 2022

PayPal keeps crashing on iPhone. I cannot send at all to certain people or certain amounts.

Apr 26 2022

PayPal app continuously crashes on Samsung phone despite all software updates to the app, to the device, uninstalling/reinstalling the app, rebooting the phone, clearing the cache. The ONLY thing that works is logging in via desktop. The app crashes every single time after inputting the security code. This has been going on for over a week.

By David Lucardie
Apr 23 2022

When opening directly from the app menu, the Android app minimises as soon as the security code from the authenticator is entered. It cannot be opened again, it just goes back to the home screen. Restarting the phone has not helped.

By Diane Bunting
Apr 18 2022

PayPal app not working

By Donal Murphy
Mar 31 2022

I can't put funds into the Paypal app.

By Lisa Landry
Mar 06 2022

Terrible trouble with login

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