ThemeBox -Widgets,Themes,Icons Reviews

ThemeBox -Widgets,Themes,Icons Reviews

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About: Custom your iPhone with a fantastic selection of fun and original themes. #
Themes Cool & fancy themes for iPhone home screen: widgets, icons, and
wallpapers! # Lock Screen Widgets Turn your phone into a work of art with
different lock screen styles, wallpapers, and symbols.

About ThemeBox

Turn your phone into a work of art with different lock screen styles, wallpapers, and symbols.

Exclusive and huge collection of wallpapers to match your mood.

Custom your iPhone with a fantastic selection of fun and original themes.


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3.7 out of 5



The developers should be ashamed of themselves for lying about price of themes and stealing your information.

1. The themes are not free. I selected a theme and it told me the price was 80 gems which i could get by watching ads. Not bad right? Wrong! Each time you watch enough ads, the cost of theme increases, UNLESS you watch 5 ads uninterrupted. The cost will still increase but you would have watched more than enough ads to buy theme.

2. They themes are not installed within ThemeBox . It requires you to download a configuration profile. If you don’t know what this is, just know it gives the developer authorized access to everything in your phone. Your settings, Apple login info, messages, all your data! It even gives it permission to change your settings without notifying you!

3. ThemeBox REPORTS IT DOESN'T USE ThemeBox TO TRACK DATA. But it would have to if they are using ads.

I hope Apple removes ThemeBox before someone is victim to some scam!



I don’t know how u get more stars in ThemeBox because I’m trying to put one but it’s 300 stars when u start off with 50


Looks nice

Downloaded ThemeBox hoping for a theme. If you are a fork, or like lots of pink backgrounds/super trendy stuff you might like this. I’m just looking for something that changes icons, not everything about my phone. ThemeBox doesn’t appear to let you do that. Game it three stars becuase it seems easy to use but certainly not my cup of tea.


I Love This App!

I absolutely love all the themes & All the options for Wallpapers,Widgets,Icons with each Theme! I just wish there were more options to earn gems so I can get themes much quicker



So, ThemeBox and I have some issues. For one thing, the apps won’t let me open ANY ads. ZERO. For another, I decided to change to sharing to friends and it eventually just stopped giving me the gems! All in all, a little disappointed.


Haw I feel

It’s good but you need gems and it doesn’t let me watch the adds to get gems but it’s very cool if you love purple or love stitch or both you can combine them together!!! It’s amazing you should try it down load it NOW!!!!!


Question time

I have a question why does the share friends gems not adding 20 gems !?!!!?!???!!??!???!!??!


The worst

It did not work at all it is the worst thing I’ve ever purchased on my phone it won’t allow me to get certain things and when I try and like get more gems the ad won’t work. So I recommend not getting this at all zero out of 10


Might take a while to load

This is a go app it just needs more themes. It takes a really long time for it to load, I sat waiting for 3 hours.


I like stitch

Best one you don’t have to pay


Good But Bad

I like ThemeBox its just that the videos for ads to get gems does not work but great app


So frustrating

So I wanted to get a them that costed gems and that would not let me watch the video to get gems I even turned my internet off.



I can’t watch the video so I can’t got diamonds


From oliver

I like it but I don’t like the ads


𝕀𝕥 𝕚𝕤 𝕘𝕠𝕠𝕠𝕕

it is amazing is cool and it’s totally free. It is free. All you have to do is watch a lot of ads.


Thank you for the app

Thank you


Good app

Good app, but video aspect isn’t working to get more gems for themes.


I like it but …

Love ThemeBox but it’s hard to get coins


I like it

It’s good I like the pictures


Had to use gems?

It makes you buy everything with ads and the ads repeat over and over agin. I hate it.


This is terrible!

I got ThemeBox thinking: Oh I can download free themes! But NO ThemeBox literally lied, like when I wanted to get this aesthetic theme that cost 100 gems, I was like: Oh I don't have enough gems I'll get some by sharing ThemeBox with my family and people I know and watching the ads. But when I tried to watch the ads, it DIDN'T WORK! It kept on saying: ThemeBox failed to open the ad. I waited for some time and pressed it again. BUT it didn't work again! So the only way I could get some gems was by sharing ThemeBox with my family. But after sharing alot, sometimes it would not give me the gems. But finally after awhile, i managed to get 100 gems. After that, I started choosing the icons I wanted to display on some of the apps. But straight after, I went to get the icon, it literally said that it now APPARENTLY costs 300 gems. I was really confused and angry at the same time as I took some of my time to get the gems and I was confused why it changed the cost to 300 gems. After that I decided to check the reviews on ThemeBox and they were really TERRIBLE! I was mad about not checking the reviews of ThemeBox and I was also mad that ThemeBox was a scam! I do not recommend you to download this because it's a BIG waste of your time 😡.


I think this should be fixed if it hasn’t already

I got ThemeBox and it was working really well and I was getting any theme I wanted without a problem. But sometimes when I run out of gems, it says something like “ad not available” and I can’t get the gems for the widget or background I want. I don’t know if it’s just me but I think that’s something that should get fix if it hasn’t just yet. Other than that ThemeBox is amazing!! I love the different icons, themes, and widgets😊


This is a scam

So I thought the game was not a scam and then it said oh this stitch wallpaper and widgets is 100 gems and then you have to watch ads but the ads don’t even work. It’s a waste when it said that the ad took too long. I checked my Internet connection and it was fine and you can only share it about 30 times until you share. It doesn’t even give you more gems. This is a big big scam.
. It’s all a big scam just set your wallpaper yourself. You don’t need the silly apps


I love it

I love it except I would love it more if there were different ways to get diamonds


Like it but

Love it but I don’t like how hard it is to get gems


My review

The ads wouldn’t load when I was trying to get more gems and the prices are so high there was not much options to pick from



It’s so cute, but what are we made of gold?! It doesn’t have much anime stuff but it’s not just about that I think it is unreasonable to start with 50gems if nothing is worth 50gems but it is really cute and if you’re up for watching a lot of friends or sharing ThemeBox a lot then I’d say this is totally for you no real cash just real time!✔️


Good app

Good app needs some updating but overall a great app 👍anyway the adds don’t work all that great but if you send links it works.


This is bad

All the backgrounds were pretty but, every time I try to buy a bg it said watch ads for gems but those ads never worked when I pressed them so now I’m stuck with a app that has no logic whatsoever and laggy glitches,


Sorry note

I can’t get anything can you pls get me more things to get stitch or can you get stitch for me


Good but i cant get gems

Its actually really good but when i share i dont get gems and when i click for an ad i dont get one how else can i get gems?


Rip off

It doesn’t let you get the themes without using 300 gems. It only gives you 50. It gives you the options to get 80 gems to watch an ad but doesn’t load the add or share for 20 but I didn’t get all my gems for all my shares.



It’s a really good app, it’s free. It provides you with gems to get the widgets but the video to get more gems doesn’t work………


Beautiful wallpaper

There are a lot of wallpaper which must be taken a place of your heart



So cool my one and only complaint is when I tried to get gems it said no videos, and when I sent it to somebody and they check it out I didn’t get any gems but otherwise 4 star



look i only gave this 5 stars so you all can see this. It wont let me get any gems! i tried doing an add ipand it says it failed and thta happened to all my friends so i know its not my device. i tried sharing opit only let me share 2 times and everyone is 300 gems DO NOT GET THIS


Ads don’t load

Been trying to watch a video to earn gems to get the theme wallpaper and the widgets but none of the ads work no matter how many times they close ThemeBox really disappointing cute sailor moon theme, but can’t even get it because can’t even get enough gems to download it, and I referred several friends and only got points for two friends that were referred



I love ThemeBox but you have to get a change widgets for 300 gems and changing anything else is like 200 or 100 gems and they only give you 50 gems which is not enough.


App adds won’t work

Adds don’t work I tried to but it said failed.

Is ThemeBox Safe?

Yes. ThemeBox -Widgets,Themes,Icons is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 487 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ThemeBox Is 47.1/100.

Is ThemeBox Legit?

Yes. ThemeBox -Widgets,Themes,Icons is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 487 ThemeBox -Widgets,Themes,Icons User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ThemeBox Is 87.1/100..

Is ThemeBox -Widgets,Themes,Icons not working?

ThemeBox -Widgets,Themes,Icons works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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