Color Themes: Wallpaper widget Reviews

Color Themes: Wallpaper widget Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-13

About: Be the first to experience the most aesthetic and easy-to-use iOS16 lock and
home screen widgets! Create your own with hundreds of different stunning themes,
handy widgets, HD wallpapers, and personalized icons! Customize your iPhone to
perfection with your aesthetic creativity, and set it up easily! 【Variety
Of Themes】 Keep your iPhone stylish and neat with warm, beautiful, cartoon,
neon, and trendy themes. Get inspir.

About Color Themes

What is Color Themes?

The iOS16 lock and home screen widgets app is designed to provide users with an aesthetic and easy-to-use interface. With hundreds of different themes, widgets, HD wallpapers, and personalized icons, users can customize their iPhone to perfection. The app offers a variety of themes, widgets, HD wallpapers, and personalized icons to choose from, allowing users to express their creativity and set up their iPhone easily.



- Variety of Themes: The app offers warm, beautiful, cartoon, neon, and trendy themes to choose from. Users can customize their home screen with a few taps and get inspired with endless themes.

- Widgets Kit: The app offers new lock and home screen widgets designed for iOS16, including Mood Board, Time, Date, Battery, Calendar, Quotes & Custom Text, Weather, Anniversaries, Reminder, Pedometer, and more. Users can add pictures to their widgets, change backgrounds, fonts, colors, and customize their own unique widgets.

- HD Wallpaper: The app offers dozens of wallpaper styles like solid colors, flowers, Japanese manga, animals, city, nature, scenery, and more. Users can customize their exclusive wallpaper for personal mode on their phone.

- Personalized Icons: The app offers a range of custom icon packs that users can set in seconds with easy-to-understand install. Users can remove their default icons and customize them to further express themselves. The app has cool icons for social and entertainment apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Netflix, and more.

- Subscription: Users can subscribe to get unlimited access to all features and content. The subscription will be charged on a monthly or annual basis, depending on what the user chooses to subscribe to.

- Privacy Policy and Terms of Use: The app has a privacy policy and terms of use that users can access to understand how their data is collected, used, and shared.

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Key Benefits of Color Themes

- The app can create themes and colors for your phone.

- The icon skins work well when setting them up with the Shortcuts App.

- There are free themes available to try before purchasing.

- You can edit the themes before and after applying them.

20 Color Themes Reviews

3.9 out of 5


Love it but....

I love ColorThemes, truly though I don’t think that everything should cost money on here. I think that paying $5.00 a month is just too expensive to just customize your phone. Everyone needs to notice that no everyone has that kind of cash.🥺 it’s just not fair to everybody else bc they don’t have that kind of money just laying around. And why would I even pay $5.00 a month if I can just screen shot most of them and save it then put it on my phone. This would have been a 10/10 app and a 5 star rating if they made at least more good things free. In my opinion I think that it is just too expensive😞. Pls don’t hate on me it is just my opinion. Owners pls notice this and take my advice on this. Thank you so much though. I am so grateful there is at least 1 free wallpaper even though it doesn't look that good. You can’t even get a free battery widget or anything cute. But this is all my opinion. I am aware that a lot of people will probably not like my ideas but I just think they should make more things free or just make it all free in general. Thank you all so much for reading this and I hope you have a good rest of your day/night. Stay safe out there🤟🏽✌🏽😘


I’d recommend it

I don’t review many apps, but there are exceptions. I’ve always looked for an app that could create a theme or colors for my phone, and this one finally does it. It really does work, even the icon skins when setting them up with the Shortcuts App. Try one of the free themes to see for yourself, then purchase and enjoy. Simply choose a theme, and click “get theme”. It will apply what it can automatically, or you can edit before hand, and you can also edit afterwards. The wallpaper image of the theme will be waiting for you in your photos so you can load it. I bought the annual $20 plan, and do not regret it. You can also choose to completely customize instead of using a pre-designed theme. Thanks so much for a decent, enjoyable app. Please keep adding to your theme library to keep it enjoyable!


Not fair.

Honestly, Every single widget is not free. You have to be pro to get every single one and not every single person just has 5$ laying around every month, so if you see this I would like if y’all updated it to where there were way more free things. If you made it to more free things it would likely go up to a 5-4 star rating but now because of how it is it only gets 2 stars, because I am not gonna spend my money on a little app just to decorate my phone when I could just screenshot and copy it to my wallpaper. Please take a look at this owners of ColorThemes. If you add more free things I would give you a better review but unfortunately not right now. But I’m still very grateful for the 1 free widget even though it’s not the best and I can’t even get a clock one for free. ~ Diane Locaseto


That desperate for money?! 😀🤚

Pls don’t even bother installing ColorThemes! I saw the reviews of what people were saying that ColorThemes is mostly cost money (and by mostly cost money I mean like A LOT). There were some themes that I really liked to have on my phone but I can’t get them cause I have to pay a subscription. Yeah…a $5 per month subscription just for some wallpapers and themes for your phone. That’s a huge scam for me. $5 per month is like $60 a year! An app like this should be free in my opinion. I also don’t like the fact that you’re asking people to give a five star review when they’re complaining about stuff that clearly needs to be changed. Maybe make some changes that will benefit you and the people instead of asking people to give a 5 star review. It just makes you look bad tbh 😐



If you can’t afford $5 a month, or you’re that entitled to not want to pay for something when someone works hard on it, you need to reevaluate your life choices. You wouldn’t work for free. Do you think an app developer just takes 5 minutes to throw together an app, even as simple as a widget app? No. Creating apps is a never ending, hard work scenario, and should definitely be paid for their work. It’s either advertisements, or it’s subscription. Either way, not one of you would work for free. Stop complaining


Doesn’t work and terrible customer service

So I downloaded ColorThemes a little over a week ago. I was super excited about it, I even paid for it. However once I actually started using it and replaced some of my apps, it wouldn’t work. I would click the new ones and it just opened up a white page. I thought maybe it was my wifi so I tried without it and with different wifi at different places but nothing!! So I emailed customer service telling them about the problem and that I wanted my money back since it wasn’t working and I have still got no response!!

I highly recommend not even bothering with ColorThemes!! It’s a joke!!

Plus there’s plenty out there that actually work and are for free!!


The app shouldn’t cost money 😡

I love ColorThemes it is truly amazing, the only thing i wish was different was u didn’t have to pay for eveything because thats all the good stuff and some ppl can’t afford to buy WALLPAPERS AND WIDGETS AND STUFF LIKE THAT! It’s insane and it’s just wallpaper and widgets that shouldn’t have to cost money. It should be free because like I said people may not be able to pay for that stuff and I may honestly delete that app is somethings don’t change. I mean to buy WALLPAPER AND WIDGETS! U can rlly make ur own without using ColorThemes. The creators of Colorful Widgets, u should rlly listen to my review because 1. Ppl shouldn’t have to pay for widgets and wallpapers, especially if some ppl can’t afford to buy that kinda stuff 2. Ppl can make there own wallpapers for FREE


I hate when u have to pay! 😕

I am not being rude or anything but I hate when u have to pay for most things in ColorThemes it gets annoying I hope 🤞 u change this today so that people can actually gat cool background without paying for the backgrounds. That is why I have this one star I can not evened cool app colors it makes me so mad 😡 I love that ColorThemes lets u not pay for somethings and however made ColorThemes did a great job but next time u make an app like this people should not have to pay. I hate apps like this but I am very impressed that u made this cool amazing apjust because I am saying I hate that u have to pay does not mean I don’t like ColorThemes that is just my opinion, so I hope u have a great day! 😀


My review

I got ColorThemes in hopes of being able to get a theme without having to pay for anything. I couldn’t find this anywhere, so you can imagine my relief at first when I saw that you didn’t force us to pay for the unlimited. As I was scrolling for a picture, I kept on seeing the fact that they could only be unlocked by getting the premium service. Maybe you should change this, because many of these apps do the same thing. I understand you need money, but maybe use ads instead of “premium” for everything. If you don’t want to use money for something that you got for free on the AppStore, I recommend you do not get ColorThemes.


Do I like it????

I should not even give it a start I don’t like ColorThemes I did the thing s I need to buy things and when I put them on it didn’t let me and the wallpapers where ugly {My opinion} and it take so much time to put it up and when you looking for something it kicks you out I showed it to my best friend and he said it was ugly so he downloaded it to try it and it happen the same thing he couldn’t but things why? I have no clue and when he bought him he couldn’t get it so teah that’s why but mybe it’s just my phone so try it out if it work on you 😊😊😊 thank you for taking your time and reading it bye!! 👋👋👋👋👋👋 hope you like ColorThemes {CaUsE I dIdN’T LiKE It}


Not what I expected

I really like ColorThemes . The major issue w me is I paid for 12 months today (I just downloaded it today) & honestly it’s not worth the deal just because I can not put my wallpaper as whatever picture I choose I have to choose from what they give me. That’s the only reason I was disappointed. It’s already limited and to be limited to like 5 choices on a theme is disappointing.. that change would make it a 5 star to me. & you’re welcome for giving you guys a very bright idea. I won’t do it for free next time. Have a great day!


The only thing available without subscribing is the most basic of the basic.

For any of the themes you see in the overview you have to pay for the subscription, which the developers do not disclose in the description. The single set you can use is the white themed one with the basic clock. Sure the subscription isn’t OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive, but the thing that makes me mad is how they don’t tell you about what is and isn’t available. This looked so promising but disappointed me so much. The amount of duplicate reviews and reviews with 5 stars that still say negative things is suspicious as well.

Don’t download this clickbait app unless you want to pay for a subscription.


This will need some updates 🤨

Hi! I hope your enjoying your day! I will give ColorThemes some pros and cons but mostly cons 😞 but o don’t like how you have to subscribe or pay just to properly use ColorThemes . However, the wallpapers and widgets are super aesthetic and pretty. So in the next update it would be helpful to have most people including me not having to subscribe. I say because I just think it would be better and more helpful. So I will give ColorThemes 2 stars. I’m not gonna give ColorThemes 2 stars because I hate it, I just need some work. That’s all! Hope everyone reading this is having a good day/or night.



I download ColorThemes thinking it was one of the better wallpaper apps but i've come to notice that I was wrong. In ColorThemes you have to PAY for like everything and the ones that are free are the UGLIEST ONES.
Plus there is WAY to much christmas wallpapers and icons. Also I tryed to make a wallpaper and put it on my screen but when you download the wallpaper it's just a blank picture. Plus there aren't enough app icons for all my apps if I use the free ones. I'll say that the only good thing about ColorThemes is the wigeits. And i also know that you guys olny put out the good reviews so you can make money.



Hi it’s me and ColorThemes should not cost money it’s so unfair I don’t see a single thing that’s free on ColorThemes disappointing 😡. I usually never rate apps or comment or nothing like that $5 for just a month expensive I want to save for things I need and desperately want sorry just my opinion but if you are rich maybe you will like this but still always going for the money more than 50% percent of this world is poor or homeless or not rich sometimes games are so unfair they always try going to the money but some people might have the money then or homeless like we can’t do anything to stop you but sometimes you just need to be fair 😕


I love this

Omg I love ColorThemes it’s better that any other app so have far but I hope here’s not a secret way how they can see people through the device and when you do the customize app thing it works unlike others witch mean I can put a cover behind my app called notes where I can put you know . I recommend ColorThemes but I’m not buying the pro I feel like that’s a scam i good with the free :).


This app dose not make any sense

This is going to be pretty short but so after I got my ios14 update I’m trying to edit my Widgets but i can’t so I download ColorThemes and try to get a background and new widgets so I press the free aesthetic one and it says says set up but on set up it says pro. And I’m like bro what how is it gon say free but it’s pro like with one is it pro or free like 🤦🏾‍♀️😑🙄just annoying 👎🏾 I give it a thumbs down ok thumbs down


Love it, but it’s so limited.

I love the wallpaper I have, but I don’t like how the quote stays the same. I’d like to either change the quote to something I choose, or have it change to a new random quote daily. I also wish there was more customization options. For example, I love the fonts and designs but I wish I could change the colors to fit my own specifications for a more personalized feel. Other than that, I love the way my Home Screen looks🥰



Hello I like ColorThemes just that the things that free are not my style and I don’t wanna pay for something that may be a scammer. I will like everything to be free because there will be more views on ColorThemes and I will be able to chose something that is my style or you can make a bit of options not free . Beacuase of this cuase that you have there is like 3 things free is making me delete ColorThemes so I want ColorThemes to improve something so it can get better views. Hope you read my message.


Very Happy!

I absolutely love ColorThemes and highly recommend it! New content being added all the time makes me very happy! I’m excited to see more and more new content added for spring and summer is Up Next! I’d love to see one thing added… The ability to add our own quote would be nice!

Is Color Themes Safe?

Yes. Color Themes: Wallpaper widget is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,651 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Color Themes Is 41.0/100.

Is Color Themes Legit?

Yes. Color Themes: Wallpaper widget is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,651 Color Themes: Wallpaper widget User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Color Themes Is 52.9/100..

Is Color Themes: Wallpaper widget not working?

Color Themes: Wallpaper widget works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

- Monthly subscription: $4.99/month

- Annual subscription: $29.99/year

The subscription gives you unlimited access to all features and content, including the variety of themes, widgets kit, HD wallpaper, and personalized icons. The subscription will be charged on a monthly or annual basis, depending on what you choose to subscribe to. The app also has a privacy policy and terms of use that you can read through the links provided.

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