LockWidget - LockScreen Themes Reviews

LockWidget - LockScreen Themes Reviews

Published by on 2024-01-03

About: Fancy a new set of ios 16 widgets on your iPhone Lock Screen ? LockWidget
provides a vast collection of lock screen widgets: weather, lock launcher,
contact launcher, quotes, health, photos, clock, time, calendar, moon phase,
countdown, year process and more. You can custom redirect URL, edit fonts,
change theme styles and even background opacity to fine-tune them in line with
your preference.

About LockWidget

What is LockWidget? LockWidget is an iOS app that provides a collection of lock screen widgets, including weather, launcher, quotes, health, photos, clock, time, calendar, moon phase, countdown, and more. The app also offers HD lock screen wallpapers, home screen widgets, themes, app icon changer, and useful tools for iOS16.



- Vast collection of lock screen widgets

- Customizable redirect URL, fonts, theme styles, and background opacity

- Weather, live widgets, photos, app launcher, quotes, countdown, calendar, to-do-list, health widgets, and world clock on lock screen

- HD lock screen wallpapers for iPhone and iPad devices

- Well-designed home screen widgets, themes, app icon changer, and useful tools for iOS16

- Optional integration with Apple Health to display step and activity data

- Subscription options: $2.99/week or $9.99/year

- Automatic renewal 24 hours before the end of the subscription period

- Option to manually turn off auto-renewal in iTunes/Apple ID Settings Manager

- Terms of use and privacy policy available on the app's website.

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Key Benefits of LockWidget

- The app is great for customizing your device, especially if you have iOS 16.

- The wallpapers provided by the app are really awesome and are a major reason why users keep coming back to the app.

- The app is easy to use and navigate.

1700 LockWidget Reviews

4.5 out of 5


Great App, But Still Plenty To Add

App is great, especially if you have iOS 16, but there is room for much more widgets and wallpapers, which are going to come for sure. Overall, really good app for customizing you device.


Cute but confused

I can’t change the weather at all. The widget shows up on my Lock Screen however it stays in Celsius although I’ve switched to Fahrenheit. I also can’t seem to change the location AT ALL to my current location instead of the pre set location. Hoping for more nature wallpaper choices as well.


like it

it’s good but is anyone else having an issue having ANY widget app show up to use on your lock screen?


Tutorial is useless.

I already know how to add widgets to iOS 16 Lock Screen and I know how to find LockWidget when doing so, but when I add a widget from LockWidget it only gives me one option something I don’t even have on my phone like TikTok. When configuring the quotes part to add at the very top it says add first then click and that’s what ends up there, rather than the quotes configured earlier. Stupid.



Thank you so much these wallpapers are really awesome I use LockWidget so much because of these wallpapers. I told my sister to use LockWidget, and she said thank you


Absolutely love it

I really love LockWidget. Lots of choice for Lock Screen widgets. Just one question, how can I change the weather degrees from Celsius to Fahrenheit? Thanks



LockWidget already looks great


Almost 4 stars

I love that you can select almost every app for a widget shortcut. To bad selecting the original icon to display doesn’t work.


Not Correct Battery Percentage on Lock Screen

Hey Developers- love LockWidget but the battery percentage doesn’t match the actual battery percentage of my phone. I just updated LockWidget today and I’m on iOS 16. Thanks!


Steps widget not working

Cool idea to show steps as a widget, but the widget is not stable and constantly showing 0 unless I open LockWidget again to refresh. The widget will return to 0 again in just a few mins.



I like it, but I don’t like that I can’t switch the widgets’ placements. I want to set the quote in the middle of the two smaller icons.


Small ICONS such as GIF cannot be added

At the beginning of the download, you can add small ICONS. Later uninstalled, there is no button to add small ICONS.


Did not work

I created the widget, went to add it on lock screen but LockWidget does not show up in my widget options after saving the widget. Deleted


Battery draining

Love LockWidget but ever since I downloaded, my battery has been going like crazy. Considering delting.



You can add stuff


Cool but Buggy

Something simple and native from LockWidget is buggy. The Halloween lockscreen widget is not working properly…



Weather widgets not working


lots of bugs

really liked LockWidget because it had what i was looking for for home screen widgets but once i set my location and set to fahrenheit it does not change to it on the home screen. hopefully they can fix some of this and i might use it!


Good app for widgets

Good app for widgets


Annoying loud pop up ads that I can’t stop

Annoying loud pop up ads that I can’t stop


Was Hopeful

A few friends use it, and it seemed like a cute way for my girlfriend and I to go along with our matching lock screens. Hers worked fine! Mine didn’t. The FQA said to uninstall it and reinstall it, which I tried, but it wants me to pay the subscription just to redownload it, not allowing me to use the free version.

Seems ridiculous to me to have a built in subscription service, but still charge the user to download it from ICloud.

Hopefully this is just a back end bug, and not some cleaver way for the developer to trap people to paying for something they didn’t want to pay for.


Not trying to spend money to make a free app function properly

I downloaded LockWidget with one intention. I have an app that doesn’t have a widget available from the Lock Screen, and I wanted it to have one. I make it, and it doesn’t work half the time. Sometimes, I’d get directed to the lock widget app, then redirected. Most of the time, I’d get directed to the lock widget app and not get redirected. I know I didn’t spend money and that might change the outcome, I don’t know. But if so, I’m not spending my money for something to work right, and they don’t need my money with how many ads they riddled LockWidget with.



I didn't have many expectations getting into LockWidget because there aren't many reviews or downloads- HOWEVER, after playing around with it a bit and figuring out how to add/customize the widgets I can honestly say I am pretty impressed! The widgets are so cute on my lock screen! I think I will be keeping this one :) thank you Dev!!!


New update glitch

Unable to back out to previous screen after selecting something after new update. Other than that LockWidget is amazing and look forward to seeing what gets added in the future.


Good App But need some work

I tried a lot of different apps that can edit widgets and Lock Screen and I didn’t have any of them liked because of the ads or something but LockWidget is pretty cool not to many ads and everything is free (need some improvements on the wallpapers) but still very good to use , try it 😉


One word: AMAZING!!!

LockWidget is amazing. You can get every single background for free and sometimes it’s only an ad. It is amazing that LockWidget does not charge money and force you to pay money to use it even though it does suggest it is a very good app I recommend this to every person.


Best ever

Best ever
Ever since I got it I was just wondering if you could come pick up the mail today for me please thanks for the help thanks for the update thanks for the help thanks for coming over today thanks for the


How to set home screen widgets?

LockWidget overall is amazing, basically everything is free! But when I download a widget for my home screen I put down the “lock widgets” widget to then change it, but once I change it, it doesn’t show up? I wish you had a help section for home screen widgets.


Its great

I love it the only problem is that if you don’t have a subscription you have to watch ads for everything. It takes a very long time. One reason why I love it though is because it always makes it easy to download new wallpapers and icons.


Great but has some issues

Love LockWidget & the fact that I can create my own quotes to put in my Lock Screen, but it has the option to change quotes every so often (10min, 1hr, 2hr, etc.) but I want it to shuffle between my chosen quotes, not random quotes they choose….is there a way I can do that? Because I haven’t been able to figure that out.


Lots of chooses

Been using for a short time and everything I tried has worked as described. Lots of chooses and categories to choose from.


Amazing even with ads!

You have to watch adds to “activate” widgets, but they are much much nicer to have than the stock iOS ones!


Had Higher Expectations

I saw on TikTok that there were cool widgets i could set for my phone. Got LockWidget to try it out, but was confused when the widgets weren’t changing on my lock screen. I can’t get it to edit the rectangular widget or save it onto my lock screen. Widgets still look cool though


Good overall

Could use a bit better information on how widgets work exactly. And maybe could be a little cheaper for the pro version.


Some app launcher not working

iMessage app launcher isn’t working. It shows as set widget in LockWidget but when you go to the customize the lockscreen it doesn’t appear. Also your app back button isn’t working. Have to close and reopen LockWidget all the time


Love it

I love LockWidget it helps me make all me lock screens better for different events or
very helpful with steps and time tracking



Amazing app I love it and it has like these gif things that move and you can put it on your lock screen ❤️❤️😍


I am getting random people on my notes for lockscreen

I downloaded this for me and my boyfriend to send little notes on our lockscreens. But one day i woke up to find out that random people notes are showing up, and not my boyfriends. I deleted and reinstalled LockWidget thinking it would work. But it is still happening, this is annoying and i may even delete LockWidget all in all. Everything else is great about LockWidget as it is what it advertised.


5 stars

I love LockWidget it made my phone look so good but one part I don’t like is the ads but that’s really all I suggest getting LockWidget



I think LockWidget is great but everything should be available to everyone and there shouldn’t be ads or memberships


Everything I’ve wanted in an app!

Amazing app! The most lock screen widgets I’ve ever seen! LockWidget is exactly what I’ve been searching for!


Cute but need more options

I really like the GIFs and stickers but would love the see more as I like to change my screen all the time!



I love it, it’s honestly a great app, although I do wish it had like a sports option for people like me who do volleyball or others basketball, like a separate section from that but overall a great app


Hello kitty

I found so many hello Kitty stuff. This is the best ever I ever witness keep going with your hard work. This is amazing at more than anything else but I want some hello Kitty stuff for my Home Screen


Cool app but

It’s seems like a good deal having all those options for widgets on your Lock Screen but the gifs never work, they’ll always be paused until you click on the widget itself. Then it redirects you back to LockWidget and the gif widget will resume but it’ll only last a few minutes. Given it’s not a free app you’d at least expect the gifs to work.


Best widget app ever!

I love how LockWidget makes you customize some of the widgets you want it to. Other than the way you have to pay to get make widgets, you can also watch the ads. I genuinely love LockWidget and i recommend it for your home screen and lock screen. It counts down for Christmas and you can make your own special events. I absolutely love LockWidget and you are able to add friends and send notes!! i thank LockWidget for everything and i use it every day for my homescreen, lol. I love LockWidget and keep it up!!!


..okay ig...

so a lil background info, i was looking for an app that would let me add a widget countdown thingy on my lockscreen right above where it says the time, next to the date, so i downloaded this one. reviews seems good, it looked normal, so i got it. it was exactly what it looked like, except for one thing; every single time i tried to put a widget on my phone it said "reward ad not ready. would you like to see our premium offer?" but heres the catch, my internet would be working fine and ads worked on every other app. it was quite frustrating. after days of trying to get it to work i ended up deleting it, it had no purpose anymore. maybe it was just my phone, i dont know, but i dont recommend LockWidget unless you're looking for a homescreen, which you can just look up.


It could be better

Every since I've got widget its been fairly fun but here comes the problem all of the themes that everyone actually wants ether watch a ad for them or you have to have vip I think this could be resolved by making som if the cooler ones free that's all from me hope you fix it soon!


The first thing that came up in my head was the word on my phone

The first thing that came up in my head was the


Animated Widgets Don’t Work Often

Cool widgets i wish they worked better. They barley move. Sometimes they are but most times they are frozen. I have other animated widgets from other apps that don’t have this problem and are always moving. Like right now i just checked and every widget from LockWidget is frozen while others from different apps are working fine. If they can fix that i’d say 5 stars.


Too much is locked

A lot of the features are locked behind a paywall so you can’t really use much without paying. Especially the Stitch character. Stitch is my favorite character but all except one or two icons are locked behind a paywall and the ones that aren’t I don’t like.

But my main issue is that when you sent a photo from your gallery to the Lock Screen it changes to whatever color you have set for your fonts. This makes it way too difficult to see the actual photo.

Is LockWidget Safe?

Yes. LockWidget - LockScreen Themes is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 17,651 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for LockWidget Is 54.6/100.

Is LockWidget Legit?

Yes. LockWidget - LockScreen Themes is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 17,651 LockWidget - LockScreen Themes User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for LockWidget Is 67.6/100..

Is LockWidget - LockScreen Themes not working?

LockWidget - LockScreen Themes works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by Justuseapp.com users..

- $2.99/week

- $9.99/year

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