Icon Changer · Reviews

Icon Changer · Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-11

About: Icon Changer frees you from the boring home screen by installing new theme kits
which will gives your phone a new look. Its editor is loaded with different
color combinations and ultimate icons which will gives you icon combination.

About Icon Changer

Icon Changer frees you from the boring home screen by installing new theme kits which will gives your phone a new look.

Its editor is loaded with different color combinations and ultimate icons which will gives you icon combination.

Subscriptions will start immediately after free trial ends unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the trial period.

• Subscriptions are billed monthly, weekly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan.

period will be forfeited as soon as your purchase is confirmed.


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4.3 out of 5


Definitely the best app for this I’ve seen!

It’s pretty great but I would love to see more apps. The phone app, weather, discord, etc. maybe a transparent form for the background of icons! Otherwise it’s by far the best app I’ve used for this stuff. You can actually use it well without having to buy the premium, which is amazing. Plus the customization is so easy to use!


Nope 🤭

Ok IconChanger doesn’t even have cute wallpapers if when you pay, I have an iPhone 6plus every app I download I have to pay , when you start you can start a payment plan for you to unlock the “VIP” and to be honest IconChanger isn’t even that good like I said the wallpapers aren’t even cute , I don’t find the icons cute or the widgets. I searched “icon changer free” and that was the first thing that came up and I read the reviews and I saw that it was free so I got it and there second I join it asks if I want to start a payment plan so I chose “continue with the limited time “ and the first thing I do is go to the wallpapers and what it I see wallpapers that I don’t even like. So the only app that I use for the preppy/aesthetic wallpapers is IconChanger “aesthetic “ you still have to pay but the free wallpapers are actually cute. So if you have an iPhone 6plus don’t get IconChanger. I’m warning you don’t get it you will regret it.🥴


So disappointed!

I wrote a review from IconChanger site and doubt it will make it here where people can see it. I paid for the pro annual subscription and can even get the icons or anything to install, it takes me Tobago page that says local host is not working probably due to changing address permanently. I tried to email support and wrote a lengthy email under the support tab only to find there wasn't a "send" tab. Now I am trying to figure out how nap cancel subscription and guess what, I can't find a way to easily do that. Dang, please fix your bugs as you say you do. PS, I am not 8 years old as some of the reviewers are and have the money to spend but it needs to be on something that works. I am very dissatisfied.


Love it but have suggestions...

I love Icon Changer!! I have a couple suggestions though. I only gave a low rating so I could catch developers attention. If you could look at my suggestions and add them, I will without a doubt give 5 stars!!
1.) I set my widgets and app icons to the next holiday right after the last one ends. If you could add Easter widgets and icons, Christmas widgets and icons, keep the Valentine’s Day widgets and icons, Saint Patrick’s Day widgets and icons, and all the other holidays that people celebrate, I would really appreciate it.
2.) Being able to add Icons to all the apps on your phone, not just the basic ones. Like it could find the apps you have (Like it does in shortcuts) and be able to add your icon to any one of them.
3.) Being able to search for a widget
4.) Make your own widget where you can choose what you want in it, how the colors will look, if it changes color, etc.
Thank you so much for reading this, Icon Changer is an AWSOME app and I really recommend it, just I would love it if you could make these suggestions come true in the next update.


Could be better

So, basically, in order for IconChanger to do anything it advertises about, you have to pay. I personally don’t see the point of advertising how it’s so free and simple if it really isn’t. Only a few of the things you have to pay for are free, and if you do pay to get all of it, it’s, like, 3 dollars a week, which adds up to a whole dang lot at the end of a year. I can’t afford that. The free stuff also isn’t much except for some weird looking wallpaper. Sure, IconChanger could definitely be worse, but it isn’t all that great right now.


Good but would like more

I would recommend adding more than 20icons. This is because it bothers me how sometimes apps are changed but other aren’t. For example, the one I’m using right now doesn’t have the contacts app match the theme but it is needed on my Home Screen due to multiple things. So it just doesn’t fit.



I love editing my apps I decided for my first time I did it on here and I love it….But there is one tiny thing I don’t like how long it takes for it 2 load it has token me 5 minutes and me as a 10 yea old can for sure not wait I have a time limit on my iPad and it’s wasting my time so But that’s it I love it and continue doing that!


Why do you have to pay

I don’t like that you have to pay for some backgrounds if u don’t have the timer and money to pay for it I know it was like seven dollars or something and you have it you’re really not gonna use it and you have to pay for it still like you’re wasting your money and you’re not even using IconChanger it will be better if you it was free and if you’re not using it for that much you’re not going to waste money to pay. my opinion so I’m not speaking for everyone I’m just speaking for myself


Best one!

I have been going through one after another of apps like these- except this one had the EXACT theme I wanted! And I DEFINITELY recommend it! If you are skeptical just try it out!

(Ok edit, it may have been a glitch but now when I go into my “apps” it takes me into a whole other app I have)



So I’m super confused on how IconChanger works. When I click to add it to my home screen and the little thing pops up the other one which is the original is still on the screen. Like I picked the flowers one and made it photos and settings and on my first page the original photo and settings are still there so it doesn’t make any sense! What’s they point of having the same app twice?!


🌸please fix this🌸

Hi I would like hey this may just be my iPad but every time I get onto IconChanger it signed me right back out and I’m not sure why maybe I haven’t updated anything onto it or maybe I just didn’t do it right but it’s signed me out every time I click it if you’re able to please try and fix this and if it has nothing to do with IconChanger that is fine I will figure it out I’m very sorry for this complaint but I’m hoping this changes♥️


Very disappointed

I was so excited about this because all the other ones don’t work withh my iPhone 6 but I was sadly disappointed. I can’t figure out how to get this to work AT ALL. Whenever you hit install on a icon then it just brings you to a page that says to install click share at the bottom of page then click save to home screen. on what page? And when you hit save all it just saves it to your photos and idk why someone plz help me figure this out.


IT GREAT but a few things!

I LOVE IconChanger! I really like how’s its free! And the transition is smooth and takes like 2 seconds! I think you you could maybe add shades of purples? It’s more of a magenta I would really like to see a pastel purple! Also could you add more app choices like camera or Roblox! Thank you and your app is amazing!


Better than the others

I was pleasantly surprised at how you could create the icons for free. i thought i’d have to pay like all the other ones. i have a suggestion tho, for the wallpapers/themes/widgets/etc. make a column that says “free” so people don’t have to scroll forever to find a free one. otherwise love IconChanger <3


Facetime glitch

Overall, this is a great app, but whenever i try to open facetime through the shortcut it puts an option for “facetime null” and then i can’t facetime my friends. Another not so great thing about this is that there are not many apps. i wish there was a way to add apps within IconChanger


I’m confused

For example if I change the file icon then the real one will still be there and if i try and delete it it won’t let me use the edited icon version. Can you fix that or tell me what to do? But other wise it works really well you don’t have to have a specific app (like shortcuts) and it loads fast and it is easy to use pls help me thx!😊


This app is great!

IconChanger has amazing themes and plenty of different choices to chose from. But if there was one thing that would make IconChanger better, is a search bar. So you can quickly find a theme you would like. Other than that it’s amazing!


Thank u so so much for making this app

I didn't find any problems with IconChanger it saved my screen ! Since I don't have enough money to buy ios 11 or later IconChanger have been a life saver thanks for all the creators :)


Omg finally

I love IconChanger yeah it’s really easy to use I’ve been trying to find a lot of apps like this and none of them work and they cost money this one is the best I I love it and I decorated my iPad and my phone with it and it’s really good I recommend using IconChanger!


I’m sure it’s great but there are problems.

Okay so basically when I first opened IconChanger I was exited but the I press continue and it say I had to pay for premium to use IconChanger but I didn’t wanna so I tried looking for the X bottom but it wasn’t there. But overall I’m sure it’s great but if you don’t wanna pay for that then don’t get this.


No Way To Cancel

First off you have to provide payment info to do anything at all. You get a 72 hour trial for free. Secondly, IconChanger I wanted to change isn’t available after creating the new logo. Lastly, the support link (which is where you go to cancel), has an error message when you click it. I have no way to cancel. This is the only contact listed. I found their FB page and sent a PM but over 50 hours later and alas no response. So it looks like I’m going to be charged and I’m not sure what to do to cancel since the link doesn’t work?!?!? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️


Your telling me that you have to pay this much a WEEK!?!?

I LIKED IconChanger, but only for like A DAY. Shown as free no in app purchases, but as SOON as you get in the it tells you that you need to buy it! I’m only 8 years old, and mommy and daddy (really it was only mommy) do not like having to pay (especially when it’s that much a week). I can’t even save a wallpaper to my photos without it telling me to pay! Definitely not gonna play any more. Deleted.


Awesome! But...

I love IconChanger especially because everything is free. Like most of the reviews say, it would be nicer if you added more options, but also more app icons to the packs. Also, can you do more widget choices?


A few issues

Basically when I got the FaceTime to look aesthetic, it said “null” and the call and cancel options. So I picked cancel because it’s an unknown person and number and my screen just freezes so I can’t use it. Next, basically everything is premium. So I have to use the 3 or 5 free ones and I already have a problem with it as you saw in my previous complaint so now IconChanger is pointless because I can’t really use it and I don’t want to have to pay for it and get the null thing every time. I honestly think the stuff is cute and all but I can’t use it. I appreciate if you took the time to read this thank you.


You have to pay for EVERYTHING

When I downloaded IconChanger there was a ton of cute themes but when I went to download them it said I needed pro. I went to check if they had anything free they had only 4 options. These options where all Halloween themed when it is past Halloween. I would love IconChanger and change my review if they give more options that are free. I hope in the future you will fix this problem.


Good... but not great

When I was looking for a good app to change icons and add widgets easily, I saw icon changer and in the video it looked easy. All it looked like you had to do was hit download and then boom done. ...but no you have to hit download, tap IconChanger you want the icon to change, then it opens up the web, makes you tap something that makes it look like IconChanger that you want, then you have to do that again and again, and AGAIN. So not easy or fun but is pretty aesthetic. But then there is the premium. Seriously there is only like, 4 that you can pick from unless you have premium so IconChanger isn’t good unless you have the patience to do something that’s not even with it and wastes your time. So I don’t recommend IconChanger. Please take my advice and don’t get IconChanger. It wastes your time and it’s useless.

Is Icon Changer Safe?

Yes. Icon Changer · is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,260 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Icon Changer Is 47.0/100.

Is Icon Changer Legit?

Yes. Icon Changer · is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,260 Icon Changer · User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Icon Changer Is 51.5/100..

Is Icon Changer · not working?

Icon Changer · works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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