Airbuds Widget Reviews

Airbuds Widget Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-02

About: Airbuds is a widget for best friends to share their listening activity. You
and your friends can see what each other are listening to right on your home

About Airbuds Widget

It makes you feel closer to your friends through the music they’re listening to at any moment.

You can react to songs, play music on the app, and start a conversation.

Airbuds is a widget for best friends to share their listening activity.

You and your friends can see what each other are listening to right on your home screens.

React to songs, play music on the app, and start a convo.


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So fun & cool for friends & relationships!!


Best thing in the world frfr



Good concept but…

I don’t know if it’s bcuz I use apple music but it doesn’t track everything I listen to. If I listen to a song multiple times it only shows as one singular listen. Even if I play the whole track and wait for the next song to start playing before going back, it’ll show as one; same as if I play a couple of songs and go back, it’ll still show as the one listen. And on the flip side, songs that I’m skipping and only play for a second will show up as if I listened to the whole song. So, it’s not very accurate yet. But I definitely dig the concept. I think AirbudsWidget has the potential to be really cool! I just wish it logged my songs correctly. I also just wanna note that my app is completely up to date.

A suggestion I think would be rlly cool is putting all the “currently playing” songs at the top of the feed page, kind of like how stories look on instagram, and then they could drop into the feed after. I feel like that would make it easier to see who's playing what and when. Because right now it gets a bit confusing. The feed doesn’t always show the “currently playing” (I have to go to my friends pages to see it sometimes) and the widget doesn’t show the most recent song. So, for clarity, I think this could make AirbudsWidget easier to use/navigate :)


I genuinely love this app.

This is a very fun app for music lovers. I recommend AirbudsWidget to people who want to expand their music variety. It is ideal that you have your friends who share similar music taste added onto AirbudsWidget. Personally, I was able to find amazing songs thanks to a few of my friends. AirbudsWidget reminds me, a lot of TikTok, but in its own special way. So while you’re scrolling, you get to see a few songs that your friends have listened to within the past few minutes, I believe. You get the chance to listen to a sample of the song to see if it peaks your interest. I’ve only had AirbudsWidget for a solid week and I think I’ll have it around for a while. I hope you get the chance to enjoy AirbudsWidget as much as I do. Happy listening!


so amazing ❤️

i rarely and i mean RARELY write reviews even on games/apps i enjoy and frequent. airbuds is genuinely such a fun summer app, me and my friend were looking for a music app to share our music, we found one previously but it was weirdly done and you had to pay.

this is not only ad free; but has a really gorgeous format, fun features like showing songs u have on repeat, reacting to ur friends songs, messages, etc. you can add it as a widget on both lock + home screen which i think is really cool. i really sound like i’m sponsored 😭 but fr it’s super fun and cool, add a status of how ur feeling and everything as well.

wanna highlight that it’s def AirbudsWidget of the summer 🥲


Good app but little improvements

AirbudsWidget is great but I think it could use some improvements! 1. Being able to publicly comment on what someone is listening to. I think it’s a great way to see who else has AirbudsWidget (giving me opportunities to add more people) and keeps it more active/communication is high 2. Show what podcasts people are listening to! I always find myself looking for a new podcast to listen to at work and I know I’d be interested in what my friends listen to 3. Even showing what playlists people are listening to would be great. Ex. If I see a friend is listening to her gym playlist, I’m more likely to click on that playlist and listen to music from it when im at the gym. I think AirbudsWidget is off to a great start, don’t get me wrong, but there is alot more that could keep users intrigued/active


UI updates/changes

Update 6/14: please stop changing the UI, it was good how it was. Not only have you changed the reactions but now you changed the message icon too to also be in an easy place to accidentally hit when scrolling. AirbudsWidget is really cool and I love it but all these new UI changes keep making it worse :( version 0.61 was the best. I also don’t really like how my feed now doesn’t go in “chronological” order. I now see stuff people listened to a week ago or a few days ago in between songs they’ve played the last few hours. Personally I’m not interested in that, I only want “real-time” (aka song played within the last 24 hours in my feed, not old stuff from a week ago. If I wanna see older stuff I can go to their profile.

I don’t like the new reaction update, I think the old one was better. Feels like it’ll be easy to accidentally hit a reaction now


SO FUN!! (but I have some suggestions)

I love AirbudsWidget! It’s so cool to see what my friends are listening to and I discovered a ton of new songs. However, the widget itself is somewhat glitched. Instead of showing the current song your friend is listening to or the most recent one, it just shows a random one they listened to a few minutes ago. Also, can you add an option on the widget to choose which friend to view? Example: Friend 1 and Friend 2 are both playing a song, but the widget is displaying Friend 1. If I swipe to the right, I can view Friend 2 and swipe again to go back to Friend 1! Hope my review helps! AirbudsWidget is really great.


Love the app, a few suggestions

I love AirbudsWidget so much but I have a few suggestions on things you could implement.

-groupings for favorite songs, so I can sort what I like for my friends to listen to songs similar to others that I enjoy: genre, general feel etc. could be custom

-some sort of rating system with leaderboards based on what you like best? Could rate on multiple different metrics and average your scores to get a rating out of ten for each favorite song

-I would love the feature to hide friends listening history or currently playing. When you have so many friends it’s hard to see what they’re all doing. Could be a toggle-able 4x4 of listeners or just selected hiding (I have a few friends on it who I don’t want to see what they’re listening to but I don’t want to block them, could also make a best friend feature or something so they always pop up first)

These are just a few things I could think of. If you like these and want more ideas you can reach out and I can see if I can help ;)



It’s fun to see what my friends are listening to and also to react because what people listen to says a lot about them and also it’s a great indicator if ur friend may be in a bad place and maybe u should check in on them. Like if there’s way way too much Mitski from one person you know to text them and be like how are you lately? U good? Like idk its just such a cutsey app. I like the picture of AirbudsWidget , though it makes me miss my lost AirPods. But like luv u Sony headphones for dan win tbh.


Great in-app, not great widget (bugs)

I love the concept of AirbudsWidget, and I really enjoy the reactions (would love more of the original ones in the future!!).

My main issue is that I keep the widget on my homescreen to see what my friends are listening to, and recently especially, the “Your Weekly Recap” hasn’t been going away on the widget. I click it to check and clear it, but it comes back within a couple hours. I use the widget to see my friends’ rotating listening casually, not have the same notice come up/not be able to be cleared.

Additionally, when the showing friends music on the widget does work, it rotates between the songs very slowly/isn’t very updated. Overall, I love AirbudsWidget , I just hope these widget things can be looked into!


Cool idea that doesn’t work

I wish I could use this, my friend sent it to me and it seems like a fun idea. But every time I open AirbudsWidget or widget to find out it unsynced my Apple Music account. So it never stays synced and I have to continuously resync it, no idea why or when it is unsyncing but it happens pretty much daily. I can’t report a bug, contact app developers, or request a feature through AirbudsWidget either. All 3 options don’t respond when I tap them and the purple chat bubble is just an image, tapping it actually just taps whatever option is underneath it. I’m not sure if AirbudsWidget is broken or something, but as of right now it’s essentially useless to me outside of seeing the listening history of my friend who sent it to me. They can barely see mine since it un-syncs all the time though.


Interaction Additions !

This is such a cool app, I love being able to see what my friends have been listening to and talking about it when I see them. What would make AirbudsWidget better is a way to react to what your friends listen to through AirbudsWidget . It’s the one thing I feel is missing! I wish, like the Locket app, you were able to react with emojis to different songs they listened to and send messages through AirbudsWidget ! I feel like I got AirbudsWidget to react to my friends music taste and to have them comment on mine, and yet it’s not a feature in the actual app to react. Just an idea that would really pull me to AirbudsWidget more ^^


Great App, Difficult w/ Apple Family Plan

AirbudsWidget is a really cool way to connect with your friends!! I like the design, and think it’s a super cool idea.

My one gripe: if you have multiple people on the same Apple Music account, all of their music will be shown as your music as well. It would be really helpful if AirbudsWidget took into account not just the Apple Music account, but also the device you are listening on. At the moment, I can see what my friends are listening to, which is fantastic, but about half of the songs they’re seeing as mine aren’t actually mine.


Definitely a Favorite! Bugs + Improvements

I love the overall aesthetic and concept of AirbudsWidget.

However, there is one bug greatly hindering the entire purpose. Right now my chat feature is broken and has not updated for the last five days. I am actively receiving and sending reactions, but they only show up on my profile and not going to the chat. Even some of the reactions pop up in my notifications, but when I go to AirbudsWidget they’re gone. I deleted AirbudsWidget because of this, and am hoping it will be fixed after the redownload.

Like another user stated, it would be nice to see Currently Playing at the top — similar to how Instagram stories work. It’ll make it easier to see and react to everyone’s at once.

A less important, but still cool possible addition is an obscurity/basic rating of your music in the weekly recap — similar to Obscurify.


Needs Lower Version Support

It IS a widget meant for iOS 15 and up, but I wish it had lower version compatibility. (Currently on 14)

I heard of AirbudsWidget from friends but I cannot upgrade my phone due to jailbreaking circumstances. I bypassed the iOS 15+ limit while in iOS 14 and obviously it crashes because it needs iOS 15 frameworks .

While I don’t expect this request to be worked on, I would certainly be surprised if it’s ever considered in the future. Cheers


Update the Logo & Song algorithm

Great app, beautiful idea, but the logo is just ugly. It is all over the place.

Algorithm: I noticed when I skip songs they appear as songs I listened to. That is not accurate information and it is undermining the whole purpose of AirbudsWidget . I would recommend you guys only present songs on the feed that have been listened for 20 secs. Thanks!

I look forward to seeing this change!


Please allow androids to use it!!

I LOVEEEE AirbudsWidget. As someone whose love language is sharing music and seeing what other people are listening to this is such a cute app for me to use.

I would just love it if I could have my friends with androids use AirbudsWidget as well! It could be beneficial for AirbudsWidget to allow more users who also love the idea of sharing what they’re listening to no matter the phone they have!



It’s a fun app to have with friends to catch up on what they’re currently listening to. Maybe if it can be more accurate on every song everyone listens to instead of just some but maybe that would be too many songs? I just like scrolling and seeing what songs my friends are listening to while I listen to my own it’s pretty swagalicious.


Good app but one issue

It’s fun to see what my friends listen to and I love how it includes Apple Music. But it logs every song that plays even if it’s skipped within the first second. I skip so many songs to get to certain ones and it just floods my profile with songs that I didn’t really even listen to. Apple Music logs songs into your history after you have listened for (I think) 5 seconds. It would be great if AirbudsWidget could do that too.


LOVE but…

i love AirbudsWidget it’s a great way to comment with ur friends through music it’s great!!! although i have a question, when does my airbuds app update? when will it show the different artist i listen too? when will it show the on repeat songs i listen to on and on over this past week? it’s just showing me the old ones that aren’t true



I LOVE AirbudsWidget
I swear I love AirbudsWidget so much I can’t describe, I always win the reaction contest bc I literally love looking at what my friends are listening to. BUT PLEASE I NEED PEOPLE TO SEE MY PODCASTS!!!! I listen to podcasts a lot and I need people to see these amazing podcasts and I also need recommendations from my friends!!! and also I really want people to see the playlists and stuff i’m listening too please please please


Needs Updates and Improvements

AirbudsWidget is very good overall but there are some minor things i’ve noticed while using it that bother me. Sometimes when you click on the widget an error message pops up and you have to refresh a bit to get it to work. Also, sometimes the songs that are showing on the widget won’t update even though the song they listened to was from a while ago. Also i noticed sometimes when i click on people profile AirbudsWidget starts glitching really bad and keeps opening and closing it until i refresh AirbudsWidget . update the glitches, work on more features, and continue improving and you’ll be great.


Best social media music app to date

The idea behind AirbudsWidget is genius and the execution is great. Obviously with any new app there are some small issues. But I have an idea that would be pretty sweet. Add a 5-10 second buffer period and if you skip a song within that time, it doesn’t show up on the feed. Other than that and the fact that the times aren’t always accurate, AirbudsWidget is glorious.


Good concept… but glitchy! Could be more user friendly.

Love the concept! But it’s glitchy. I’ll listen to some songs and they won’t show up at all. Others I’ll listen to maybe 30 seconds and it shows up??? Would be cool to add a feature to manually share what you’re currently listening to.
I also feel AirbudsWidget just needs an overall better UI and it would be even more popular. The buttons in all four corners gets confusing especially when you think one button does something that it totally doesn’t do. Needs to be a bit more simple. But good concept. It’s new so I’ll give it a break.


I love it, but there's some bugs

This is one of my favorite apps and I love the weekly updates and everything about AirbudsWidget interacting with your friends activity. While I love AirbudsWidget , it's not the most accurate for Apple Music users. If I listen to one song over and over it will count it as 1 listen, and if you skip a song it'll still count it as a listen, which is annoying. Also sometimes I'll listen to 6-7 songs, and when I go to Apple Music I see the order is backwards of what I listened to it. I love AirbudsWidget SO much, but these errors are super annoying.


One single (but frustrating) flaw

AirbudsWidget is amazing and I absolutely love it. I’ve gained a lot of songs and was able to share a lot of songs with friends through its ability to show people which ones I obsess over! It’d a lot of fun to give and get reactions and music expression is my #1 favorite thing, so it’s great to have a friend group show their songs that reflect their expressions!

BUT the most frustrating issue is that if you have Apple Music it will show songs you’ve skipped (whether playing or paused) and often times my weekly recap will show a song I’ve played “10 times” this week but in actuality I skipped it 10 times. Or artist of the week but it’s because I’ve skipped over their songs and it’s quite the opposite.
I want my friends to see my real obsessions and it’s a bit deflating to see that when they react to songs, they’re songs I skipped and the ones I do listen to don’t make into the recap or summary!

It’s the one flaw it has and hasn’t seemed to be fixed since I started. It’s the only reason it’s 4 stars 😔 I really hope it gets fixed soon!


Almost perfect, just needs to fix this one issue I’ve noticed lately

AirbudsWidget is really cool and I love being able to see what other people are listening to. My only gripe at the moment is that some songs are listed as being played more than one time, so it looks like I’m listening to the same song seven times in a row. This isn’t that big of a deal, but considering how these plays end up messing with my weekly recaps and my on repeats, it’d be nice if this bug could be fixed so I could have a more accurate listening history. - 🫡


Quality of life

I feel like its a bit cluttered. I'd like to see a home page that shows active friends and hot songs. Then separate your recent songs from friends.

The "Memories" of your song history is a great feature, I would like to see a way to compare or see a trend of common artists or genres in your playlist using the memories. So that I can see the change in my taste of music throughout the year.
(I'd like to see a stat/graph and not have to click week by week to see how my artists differed.)



AirbudsWidget is great for playing around with your friends and seeing what they listen to. I check it multiple times a day and enjoy when a friend and I are listening to something in common, as well as reacting with emojis to whatever they are listening to. If you are looking for an app with a ton of features and things to do, AirbudsWidget is not for you. AirbudsWidget is great for what it is but it’s not meant to have any games or any kind of entertainment that will last for hours. Two things though: The weekly recaps don’t truthfully reflect a summary of what you were listening to. It’s been a few times where in my top five was a song I listened to once because I was curious about it. Also, AirbudsWidget is delayed of what people are listening to at that time but it isn’t that big of a deal. There are just times when I’m listening to a song but AirbudsWidget doesn’t recognize that I was listening to it until five minutes later when I’m not anymore. Anyways, I recommend AirbudsWidget for having a laugh with your friends and (in a friendly manner,) judging what they’re listening to. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Issues with app but overall love the layout

My app keeps glitching, everytime i open it it says my friend invited me. the widget stays on my friend invited me instead of showing what my friends are playing or questions they asked. I deleted AirbudsWidget twice to try and reboot it but it’s still doing the same thing. I unadded the friend and added them back but everytime I open AirbudsWidget it says they invited me and we’re now friends.

If there is any way you can fix this I’ll give it 5 stars.
I love being able to react and message about the songs my friends are listening too and easily being able to add them to my library.
I also love asking questions because it helps me learn more about my friends. Overall a really cute and fun way to stay connected.



i LOVEEE AirbudsWidget, i think it’s pretty much perfect, but something i think would make it better is if your friends could see the podcasts you listen to as well! i know there’s a lot of songs that aren’t released except for other people uploading them in the form of podcasts, so when i listen to them, i miss out on a lot of minutes, even though i’m still listening to music
just another thing- i can’t seem to connect musi to my airbuds, even though it says they’re connected, nothing i listen to on musi shows up on airbuds, and it’s the same with my friends who use it too. i didn’t know if i was doing something wrong or if that’s just how it is?
but yeah i hope someone can take these into consideration!! thanks for taking the time to read this if you did <3


App is great! Couple suggestions…

Love AirbudsWidget! It’s nearly perfect for interacting with my friend’s music tastes and exploring what each other like. A couple suggestions I think would tremendously improve this experience: questions feel very one sided at the moment. I think it would be so cool if you had the option to answer the question yourself before anyone else even answers. It would also be awesome if you had the ability to react to people’s answers for questions, either with emojis or with comments. I think I speak on behalf of many others that I would really love to see features like this implemented!


remove the friend request pop-up

AirbudsWidget is so slow already and with the way the friend requests pop-up one after another makes it so annoying to accept all the friend request that you get like I don't even want to open AirbudsWidget anymore because it takes so long to accept all the friend requests or to get through the people who accepted me. i don't care that much that they accepted my request to get an entire screen pop-up that is ridiculously slow. it makes me not want to open AirbudsWidget anymore.

other than that i rlly like it its just slow/laggy sometimes. also, sometimes when I hold down a reaction, it stops midway and then keeps going and then stops again and then keeps going but other times it reacts all the way through until I let go and that's really annoying when it stops


great app BUT ! Please fix ghost mode

been enjoying everything about AirbudsWidget and i recommend it but one thing that hasn't worked properly (at least for me) is ghost mode. and theres been glitches with listening history multiple times by replicating songs i listened on ghost mode when i didn't listen to it again off ghost mode. or a song i Know i listened to only once showing up like 10 times lol again i Love AirbudsWidget it works well in every other way its just this one problem has continually bothered me and i just waited until an update came to fix it but it never did. Just letting the developers know i guess 😭


one of my fav apps but there’s a minor issue!

I’ve never written any reviews cause I believe it’s a bit stupid but AirbudsWidget is really good. Honestly I find myself opening it sometimes just for the sake of it but I would like to say that it’s a bit slow at times, and laggy. I had no issues before when I had only 3 friends on AirbudsWidget , but as I started finding more friends, it started becoming rather slow. I’m not sure if the number of friends I have had anything to do with it? I thought it was only me but I’ve seen 4-5 other friends put it in the questions and many of their own friends agree as well, which is why I decided to write this.


ehh.. okay

honestly it’s a really cool app but it definitely needs some improvement. it definitely isn’t
really good for privacy. i downloaded AirbudsWidget and deleted it today because I have some concerns. i definitely don’t like everyone being able to access my listening history, especially because it’s just not.. I don’t know how to put it. some people might like it but i feel like the privacy isn’t good. there should be a feature where you can enable so that the songs are still on your recap, but people can only see the current song you are playing. just so that the history is hidden. (also more than an hour probably until you turn it off),if you add this feature it would be very helpful and I’ll give a 5 star review <3

Is Airbuds Widget Safe?

Yes. Airbuds Widget is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 36,300 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Airbuds Widget Is 61.7/100.

Is Airbuds Widget Legit?

Yes. Airbuds Widget is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 36,300 Airbuds Widget User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Airbuds Widget Is 94.2/100..

Is Airbuds Widget not working?

Airbuds Widget works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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