ThemePack - App Icons, Widgets Reviews

ThemePack - App Icons, Widgets Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-01

About: ThemePack is a free app with aesthetic widgets, awesome wallpapers & stylish app
icons, which helps you customize your home screen like never before. Endless
personalized options gives you a new way to express yourself, and make your
iPhone outstanding! Super easy to setup! Bored of the standard phone style?
With ThemePack, you can easily find your favorite widgets, amazing icon packs
and high quality wallpapers, which are m.

About ThemePack

Bored of the standard phone style? With ThemePack, you can easily find your favorite widgets, amazing icon packs and high quality wallpapers, which are maked by professional designers to change your home screen.

ThemePack is a free app with aesthetic widgets, awesome wallpapers & stylish app icons, which helps you customize your home screen like never before.

Liven up your screen with exclusive wallpapers and backgrounds! There are many genres of wallpapers, such as aesthetic,animals, glitter, nature, anime wallpaper and so on.

• Subscriptions are billed weekly, monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan.

• Icon Dealer work on all iOS devices with the only requirement being that it is running iOS 14+.

• When canceling a subscription, your subscription will stay active until the end of the period.

Auto-renewal will be disabled, but the current subscription will not be refunded.

• You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features within ThemePack.

Every wallpaper is checked carefully and make sure a perfect display.

• Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account as soon as you confirm your purchase.


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1180 ThemePack Reviews

4.6 out of 5


The premium pack

I’m giving it three bc it was good at first and then when I wanted it to put a theme on my icons it would only let me put 3 and if I wanted to do more then I had to pay the premium pack and I was not doing that so my screen looks un even now bc of that and it’s not like I’m trying to hate or anything I just don’t like to pay for the premium pack bc I just don’t like to pay for things that don’t pay my bills or anything but yea other then that the game was great and now bc of ThemePack my wallpaper looks beautiful


Dont like but like

Good but i cant get anything with out the premium i was so wanting the little bear and stitch but i got karomi


Why I don’t like this

It takes up storage and you have to have apps for their wich you need to delete more stuff to download it and you have to sigh in to what’s app wich takes time and a lot of righting ro that’s why I don’t like this


Great game

I love this game but I don’t like that only the wallpapers are free and the rest are premium but over all great game



I like it it’s so much fun I have nothing to say


I love this app

I like it because


Stinky doo doo

Very bad, it makes you watch a 30 sec add every 5 min and all the widgets are literally premium unless you only want 3 and you need gems for everything ThemePack is so bad!!!


About the app

You don't get enough gems


Best app I ever had love this app thank goodness



Best app to have a great art

5 star


I love this

The add is just perfect


It’s decent but a lot of ads to do just to get gems.




Where are the harry Potter themes???


Worst app ever

You have to have the PREMIUM PACK to get anything! And it shows you an add every 5 minutes. Horrible game don’t buy


Pretty loveL

I love ThemePack 10/10


Hi I love you

This is a big game


Super good

Love it





Dislike or Love?

I like ThemePack but why so many adds for gems? Could you update that and do like a free 50 gems if you like show someone ThemePack ? In like anything you use because I’m getting tired of how I can only do it once a day!?! It’s getting on my nerves….I still use ThemePack just for wallpaper now since I don’t wanna do more work then I have to with school and etc…please update ThemePack for 50 not 25 gems and is there a way to take away the adds? If so please take me right away, do I can update my review!


You have a LOT to fix

ℐ 𝒶𝓂 𝓅𝒶𝓇𝒶𝓃ℴ𝒾𝒹 𝒷𝓎 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓈 𝒶𝓅𝓅 ℐ 𝓈ℯℯ 𝓉𝒽ℯ 𝒸ℴ𝓂𝓂𝒾𝓉𝓂ℯ𝓃𝓉 𝓎ℴ𝓊 𝓅𝓊𝓉 𝒾𝓃𝓉ℴ 𝒾𝓈 𝒷𝓊𝓉 ℐ 𝒿𝓊𝓈𝓉 𝒸𝒶𝓃'𝓉 𝓌𝒾𝓉𝒽 𝒾𝓉 𝓈ℴℴ𝓃 𝓂𝒶𝓃𝓎 𝒶𝒹𝓈 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝓎ℴ𝓊 𝒽𝒶𝓋ℯ 𝓉ℴ 𝓌𝒶𝓉𝒸𝒽 𝓁𝒾𝓀ℯ 10 𝒶𝒹𝓈 𝓉ℴ 𝒹ℴ 𝒶𝓃𝓎𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓃g.


It’s amazing but…..

So I downloaded this theme pack thinking I wouldn’t have to watch any ads to unlock the icons widgets and wallpapers. The themes are so cute but there’s one problem. I hate that the fact that you have to watch so many ads to unlock the icons and it also said you have to get 300 diamonds and I’ve already watched five videos to get those diamonds and it says you can either get VIP to but I don’t like that it’s a little bit too expensive because $15 a month seems way too over price just for one theme pack. I love the themes and especially the Stranger Things and stitch one but it’s just like I don’t like that you have to watch 100 videos just to get like three icons or widgets or wallpapers, so please can you fix this because like other apps don’t include that and you can get normal seems without having thing to watch a add and I know that these icons widgets and wallpapers don’t have to include these ads in VIP for $50 a month that’s just way too over price. I hope you read this because everybody seems like they want to have it fixed and it’s a real problem because who wants to sit there and watch 1 billion ads just to get one single theme. So that’s why I think it’s amazing but just the ads mess it up really bad so please fix that and thank you for reading this.


This is my fav app!💗🫣

Guys you won’t believe this but this is free but the one thing is when you first look for the X and you will see it at the very top and then as soon as you can look at you get to get stuff for free, but first you have to watch ads for coins to be able to make this your new wallpaper also if you want to also do this but you don’t want to download ThemePack you can go to update your iPhone and it will say 16.4 IOS update and you can download it and you get a free iOS update and guaranteed you get the same exact thing but you have to use those that you want you only be able to use your Photos for this though unless you go to Google and search up Google photos and you put them in your photos and then you put it onto your lock screen and your pair



I like ThemePack a lot but which confusing to me is like an order to get the pink gem diamonds you have to watch like a bunch of ads to get 75 per ad and you get I believe 25 gems for daily reward but it took me some time to learn how to download it, but the wallpaper backgrounds saved. You need access for your camera roll like a savior camera and then, what I’m not getting is why I have to watch so many ads and why it’s so confusing to download but ThemePack is very good and I give you random ads like that I like not in the topic of customizing your iPhone or just phone in general I also think that what could’ve been done better is the themes on like honestly everything I had to go to like the very very bottom because they didn’t have a lot of options and I cannot find a search bar so you can adjust can’t search for a color or theme have to go through all the themes rallies most of the theme to get what you want and that’s my review on ThemePack . I do recommend downloading for a while until I find a better one or something that’s more my style


I love this app

ThemePack gives me joy to my phone screen and then makes me not have a boring phone screen to wake up every day to look at. I am tired of seeing boring phone screens on my phone every day, so thank you. Whoever made this game and I am very grateful for you. Also about this game is zero have to pay money except for one thing and if you don’t have to do that then you really don’t because if you want a full screen, you can just go on the first thing that your pop-up to go on download app then when you press that it will put a picture in front of you, then you take a picture of it put it in the ankle that you want and then bam you have a good phone screen so if you have any trouble looking for his phone screen, download this game and have fun


Confusing and weird

So, when I was getting ready to get ThemePack, I looked at the reviews, obviously. I saw that it was mostly good reviews. So, I went ahead and got it. Immediately, once I got into it, I noticed that when you try to download a wallpaper or something, you either had to buy the VIP thing, or buy it for 300 gems. When I clicked on the 300 gems, I noticed that I had none. So then, I watched a bunch of ads and got enough gems to get the wallpaper. Once I got the wallpaper, it immediately went to rating ThemePack . So I was like, “Well, that’s weird. None of the games or apps I have gotten did that.” but, I didn’t really care so now I’m writing this review saying how weird and confusing ThemePack is just like the title says. I hope if anyone reads this review, they consider getting ThemePack , because it’s not that bad when you think about it! Anyway, bye!


The best wallpaper and others

They have so many good wallpapers and others like lets you have a game and you get to change that game to kind of like the wallpaper is so cool you guys definitely need to trade out please listen to me guys it’s the best and how you get coins and get wallpaper is you just tap the wallpaper and it says it’s 200 coins but you only need to watch one ad and you get coins and it’s so cool. Instead of 200 coins it’s actually 175 coins coins. You guys need need to trade out like please like you guys need to listen to me I’ll be really mad if you don’t believe me or maybe even sad because this game is like it’s not really a game, but like this is the best, so please do it like I’m begging you and also send some of these to your friends and anybody and maybe they’ll try it out


Yeah that’s

I am a big fan of stick
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ok so I was bored and I saw an add about ThemePack and I was like, “ALRIGHTTTT!” Cause ya know, I’m just dumb and download everything i see. Well anyways back to the story, I got ThemePack, thought it was amazing, then I realized, YOU EITHER HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM OR WATCH ADDS FOR THEM!!! I really wish that the owner of ThemePack could change this and put certain widgets and bg’s and stuff like this for free and the rest for gems. Other than that, I got the live skull bg. I LOVE IT AND IT ACTUALLY IS LIVE. The other app that I got just made it a picture, but ThemePack, ThemePack no. ITS ACTUALLY LIVE. HIGHLY RECOMMEND ThemePack! Hehehe, peace out and uhh Merry Christmas, happy Easter, honika, Halloween, Kwanzaa, im sorry if I spelt honika wrong, it’s just that I am blurry sighted because it is 1 am. But anyways, bye bye. Have a great life. Recommend ThemePack.


Be careful with the water that you pour into each of your bottles

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Theme Platt

I love it because it has Stitch in it or has everything that you like it even has Harry Potter and if it’s not just me I love ThemePack I wish I was the owner of it and I wouldn’t make a plaza and I wish that I don’t know what I look more things like this they should do more of these because these make people happy and it really made me happy because I’m like oh my gosh I really really really really really really really because he looks really good and I just wanna say thank you for making ThemePack and everybody my love I don’t know cause I’m not done but thank you for making this up. I love your convention That’s all I gotta say, and I want to say my name and my last name is Merci Radney


This is how I feel

So I love all of the good things about ThemePack but one thing I don’t like is how much add I have to watch to get certain things and also we have to pay $15 every month. I think that’s what it said and it’s just like I really don’t wanna do that you know so like I just want this review to getting noticed by somebody that created this game and let them know that they need to change a few things about ThemePack but overall ThemePack is really really fun and there’s a lot of cute things that I would love that. I love on ThemePack and yeah I recommend you getting it but there might be a few things that you might not like that I don’t like so we’re just gonna have to wait and see if somebody will change that bye but overall I love ThemePack


10%10 really works

Fun get new and amazing backgrounds and app covers hope you love it I think it’s really cool my theme is the cute frog with a mushroom 🍄 on its head you should get ThemePack it does include vip but if you don’t want it just click the X that is next at the top it’s cool for making people jellies they are gonna be like where how and I would just be laughing and then you can get jems from watching ads but I really recommend vip you can get the background for free if you do that so yeah and also when you are sharing your screen on FaceTime with your friends or your family I bet the will like it just trust me you need ThemePack


Fine, but tedius

ThemePack will give you the bare minimum of what you want without a subscription - the wallpaper, some app icons, and some widgets, but they do require gems. You can get these gems by watching an ad for your daily reward, by watching an ad for more gems, and some other means, but a majority of the free access you have is spent watching ads. I was put in an ad-loop (where it simply played ads over and over against without an exit button) when I was attempting to get more gems, to purchase the wallpaper/icons/widgets, that lasted about 15 minutes before I simply closed ThemePack . I ended up getting the gems I needed, for the most part, but you should be ready for a lot of time wasting if you’re going to use ThemePack. (PS. I have not actually edited my phone yet.)


Please help me out.

Hey developer uhm… so uhh…. I like it it’s a good app and all but I just have one tiny problem. So I have a iPhone 11 Pro Max and I’m trying to install the icons but the instructions just won’t work I followed them correctly and I tried everything down to going to settings but it just won’t work now I don’t want anyone to read this and think it’s a bad app but it’s just not working out for me please respond and tell me what to do because I have bad anger issues to the point were I even cry and I cried over this I know it’s dumb you can make fun of me but I just want you to understand.

Please respond soon. Please.


I’m impressed but,there’s one problem

Yeah so the Game is good but there’s one problem it’s the problem is that there’s way too many ads so maybe you guys could fix it the people of the game but for other people that are gonna download the game I consider like if you like ads you you can download it because it has a lot of ads for people who don’t like ads maybe they’re not a lot or ads but there’s like a little bit but You have to watch ads to be able to get the gems and get the whole entire thing for like the wallpaper stuff and all the things cost 100 gems, so yeah the game is good I’m very impressed. I thought it was gonna be like a very bad game I don’t know if I consider it a game but I’m just gonna color game, so yeah, that’s my review.


It’s OK

Honestly this game could be better there are way too much ads in you have to have gems just to get like a wallpaper kills me so much it’s so boring like it’s a great app don’t get me wrong like there’s lotta things you can do it with all the widgets and wallpapers but I’m just so frustrated that you have to literally use gems and it’s so tempting to just punch your phone because you don’t have enough gems to get something you really want so it could be better please change that developers I know this is very long but all right it’s OK I’ll give it that it could seriously be better they could seriously do better OK I love all the widgets and wallpapers and all of that they’re really good but the fact that you have to get gems and all that I’m just UGH


This app has its benefits

So I download ThemePack and I kind a liked it first but now i’m getting ads from anywhere and everywhere for every little thing I’m not complaining because I know that free apps need to make money for people and I understand that. But shoving every other ad in my face is not a good marketing plan I can offer a few suggestions like making ThemePack more you know accessibility friendly like me I have a problem with my eyes and I have to wear glasses because of it if I don’t I can’t really see that well if not at all but all in all I would say it’s an all right app.


Why do I need to pay...

I was like- omg such a cute little app, let me download it! I GET GREETED BY AN OFFER TO BUY SOMETHING. I'm just like uhhh wth. So I continue the basic step, finding on I like. So I see this cute little froggy one, and I'm like (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧✧ʸᴱˢ! So I click on it. Yeah I, continue to go through ThemePack , as it's meant to be, then it's like "pay for premium!" I'm just thinking, PREMIUM SHOULD BE SOMETHING TO ACCESS EXTRAS. NOT TO GET EVERYTHING- First off I'm angry, then it says- or pay with gems! So I thought oh I probably gotta just play a minigame or something to get gems! So I click on the gem option, an my only options are to share, watch an add, or like buy them, I don't remember. I just anger inside. I HAD TO WATCH 1 MINUTE WORTH OF ADDS FOR JUST THE WALLPAPER- my point of this is- MAKE ThemePack EASIER TO USE WITHOUT BUYING THINGS FOR PETE'S SAKE! I just wanted a cute froggy themed phone :c...


good but a few problems

So ThemePack has amazingly good things for your device, but on my device it was hard to set everything up and i still dont have all of the icons i needed for one thing! i also think they need more thing for your device, because when children get ThemePack, they want to change it to something cute, and change it everyday, and you have to satifaie children. Please add some more animals and make some stuff free. all of the adds i got, for ThemePack is nothing like it is when you acuall use ThemePack . FIX THESE NOW!!!! Know this was very upsetting to me, my husband, and my 5 children. 2 boys and 3 girls. ONCE AGAIN DO THESE THINGS AND have a nice day!


You should make almost everything for gems and get rid of the Themepack premium

Okay so overall I like ThemePack , but you guys have the premium. Which makes me mad because, I can’t get it at all and I want to put widgets and whatever for this one wallpaper that I like and it says unlock everything and so then it takes me to that screen where it says theme pack premium. Just make everything like a certain amount of gems, have people watch more ads. I would rather watch ads than pay and if ads don’t give enough just make a little gem shop area and then they can play like $1.00-$4.00

Anyways, rather than that I think it is pretty good.


Is my phone messed up?

So I love ThemePack bc u can get wigits icons new wallpaper and all of that stuff,but it’s this,it’s the adds and the downloading file,so let’s start with the ads,so if I want to get something it’s always like u need vip or adds,like u have to atleast watch 5 adds or more to get gems and buy the wigits,wich is very annoying cuz sometimes when I do it it never even works at all,ands it’s very annoying,and now the downloading files,whenever I watch like thousands of adds I press dowload then I do the downloading files and stuff,but when I do it it doesn’t work,so I always have to do it again and again and basically u have to do it over and over for every single icon,wich is very annoying and long,so idk if my phones messed or it’s just me or other people has to do it,just please fix this and DONT ignore this,I hate it when they ignore and never fix it,but yes,I do recommend ThemePack as it still gives u the wigits and icons instead of the other apps that give u the mort cutest wigits and icons and wallpaper but it’s always vip and sometimes Need vip just to do the wigits and icons,so yeah that’s all,byeee


Not even CLOSE to satisfaction. READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING

I’m just using 5 stars to get peoples attention, this is serious. It wants to change your apps? That so weird. It asks for your password which means it’s trying to hack you. Sure, the wallpaper and widgets are neat, but this is a huge SCAM. If you want to keep your account safe (or private) Please do not give them your password. It’s even worse if you have personal information inside your account. Don’t use ThemePack if you have your address, medical information, your name, Just don’t do it! And some people just say that it’s just the ads that are annoying (they kinda are) But I am just doing this to keep you safe.
This is not right.
(For developers)

If you are the developer reading this, please make it so that you don’t have to give you any personal information. This is just plain wrong for all the little kids downloading this. I know that you are stealing money from bank accounts, and that this is a scam. Please change that.


It’s ok

So I just got ThemePack and I clicked on the tab I wanted which was a cinnamon roll paper and then I did it and it supposed to show it has all of them but it didn’t but it’s a good app I guess it’s kind of nice not really so like technically you choose your you choose like all the stuff that you like and then it’ll be like OK we’re gonna find a stump some stuff that will go in to the thing so you can look at it and once it loads that takes forever it’ll show you options and then you can choose your thing, but first you have to get gems like excuse me it’s supposed to be a free paper thing I don’t know but still there shouldn’t be these germs that you have to watch videos for and it makes you press OK which makes you click a video after video after video after video and that is just boring that’s just boring but overall it’s a pretty good app not the best but good average


Awesome! Will continue to use it!

I love ThemePack so much! You don’t have to pay for anything unless you want premium and premium will give you more options. I don’t pay for premium because I’m broke.. But you can use diamonds for it. Now I’m ngl the things are kinda expensive but it’s worth it. for the diamonds you can watch adds! Now for your daily git you get 25 diamonds and for one ad you get 75 and for sharing with your friends 25. So it’s a pretty good app I recommend it. It’s for all people whether your a kid a adult any age tbh! So I would recommend ThemePack. And it’s for both genders too! But I love ThemePack so much my screen or Home Screen isn’t boring anymore! But ThemePack involves wallpapers, widgets, and icons! So get it and it will be worth it!


Search an awesome app

What is it I downloaded it and then deleted it a couple times because I thought that you had to pay. No surprise you don't it's not a good app I love it because all you have to do is download it boom you got such good mike wallpaper. The only thing I don't like is that you have to watch a lot of that but that's not to get your wallpaper it's to get gems to buy your wallpaper after I downloaded it and then deleted it and I was sad because I thought I had to pay to get it back but I did it and I was very happy I was like so delighted. Wait pause got the coolest app thing it like does like such cool things is the same is that app that just looks so cool it looks like there's a bunch of different ways like I have a blue emoji butterfly on my wallpaper and then my TikTok my Instagram all my stuff is great it's like it looks so cute it looks aesthetic well that's all I have to say I just wanted to read this five stars because that's just it such a good I love it and I think you will too.



I look at some cool packs so I try to get the background of the pack it said get vip or pay 300 gems ok I was find with that then the icons you can only select three I just want a decent amount like at least five and even when your about to get the icons guess what this isn’t any surprise you have to either get vip or pay 300 gems that does not make sense if any app says in app purchase unless you wanna get adds and pop up vip sign ups don’t get them especially apps like these cause they don’t really care about what you like they really just care about the money they get when people pay for this so pls delete ThemePack it is horrible


Amazing! Better than other theme apps!

I give theme pack 5 stars because it has sooo many adorable wallpapers, icons, and widgets for each style! For example, anime, kawaii,aesthetic, and even more styles suitable for everyone and all genders! But what really makes this app stand out is that there is a subscription to unlock everything you want, you can also get the subscription for free, but if you don’t want to buy it you can pay diamonds. Diamonds are the pink diamond-shaped currency that you can get from watching adds, that gives you 75, sharing the game with friends, that gives you 25 and you can do it 2 times, daily reward, that gives you 30! so basically, the diamonds are free and you use them to get things you want on this app without a subscription! I really like everything on theme pack, but I really like how they give you an option to get things for free without an subscription!
I really want this app to add video games In the icon section, such as roblox, Minecraft, Avikin life, etc
Thanks for reading!



I like ThemePack, it has a lot of pros, but also a lot of cons, there are a few issues. I'm not going to delete it but there are some things that could be changed. I changed the icons on my phone but then noticed that it was messing a little bit with the organization of my homescreen. I had folder thingies but then I started getting app duplicates on my homescreen that weren't in the folders anymore, I am still trying to figure it out. Also, ThemePack icons that you customise show up in your phone amd when you search an app there are two of the same app; one of ThemePack which has the original icon and another one with the icon from the pack that you got. And whenever you click on ThemePack with the edited icon, it takes you to the other duplicate app with the original icon and then you have two of the same app with different icons open and it takes up space. I would love it if that was changed. Thanks for reading


Where is the K-pop

I love this game so much but it’s not really a game. I just really like the widgets and everything. I’m gonna tell you my dying sides and all the game my downside is there’s not really much K-pop which I really love K-pop, especially BTS. They are a great band, but I was trying to search for them and I also would love if you add like a search button so like you could search what you what you really wanted on your iPad. I think that would really be cool or if you don’t wanna do all of that maybe you could just add like a K-pop section would be really nice. What else was I gonna say I was gonna say that can you like make there like be no premium or anything and I really like for them to be free like the widgets cause I had to watch like 1 billion ad just to get like 200 gems like why I don’t like I don’t wanna do that all the time and I want seasonal ones too. Please read and also please thank you.


I love this app icons widgets wallpapers but..

I do love ThemePack these icons wallpapers and widgets are so aesthetic adorable and awesome ThemePack is safe for some devices im sure. But the thing I don’t like is that to get these wallpapers widgets and icons you have to earn these gems to install these widgets wallpapers and icons the thing is to earn these gems is to watch these 30 secs ads or 1 min ads to earn these gems and ONE widget is like 200 hundred gems and the part is when you watch one ad you only earn 75 gems so I watched like 4 ads to get ONE widget so for this feedback I would like to lower the amount of gems you need for widgets icons and wallpapers and plus it takes me almost 1 hour to get this adorable Home Screen and lock screen like it did on the adorable Home Screen on the picture overall ThemePack is awesome!


It’s okay

I just got it and it is pretty good but you have to watch videos to get gems and shearing wall papers cost different amount of gems. It is pretty confusing at first but then you get the hang of it and it is fun. You can have little pets as one of your widgets and they tell you jokes every time you tap on them,( that is probably one of my favorite parts). Sometimes there will be a little pop up add that asks you to pay 15 dollars so that you can upgrade to premium. All you have to do is click the little X in the top left corner( it is hard to see but it is there). I love the factor about ThemePack that allows you to make your apps look different and it allows you to get a different Home Screen. The thing I don’t like is the fact you have to watch 30 second adds every time you want to get a new wallpaper. Overall I would recommend it but I just heads up that you will have to watch more than one add. Last thing is that this is definitely hard to manage because it has a lot of adds and it try’s to get you to download other apps. I don’t want this to stop you from getting this, I just want you to know that it has a lot of adds and is confusing at first. Thanks for reading this.


Why I think this is good and a little bit bad

This is an amazing app that I really hope you download it but guys I hate hate hate that you have to watch so many ads to get so many gems and you have to unlock all your little icons. I just don’t like that but everything else is perfect. And I really hope you try it and all the widgets and icons and wallpapers are beautiful and even boys can do it too. You guys just please download this game and see how you like it but I hate that when you have to have the seven day trial or whatever there’s that tiny little X you can barely see it in the corner you guys I’m giving you this information so you don’t accidentally hey $14 a month or by whatever a year I don’t remember exactly but yeah and it has videos to show you how to put icons widgets, and wallpapers in so that’s also a good thing for you guys. Bye-bye!


It’s looks cute but you can’t do anything for free

I like ThemePack, the wallpapers are cool, the icons for the home screen are cute and the widgets are nice but you can’t really use anything. They make it so that you have to pay for a subscription and they make it “optional” so you think you have a choice but you DONT. Only some wallpapers and icons say you need the subscription to get them but in reality you need a subscription for all of them! You need like 300 gems to use them and you get gems by pressing a “free daily log-in” button but it forces you to watch an add to get it without even warning you that you’ll need to watch it. And if you do watch it it only gives you like 20 gems. And it makes it so that there’s a second button to make you watch ANOTHER ad to get 75 more gems. And ThemePack knows that nobody will have enough gems for a wallpaper so it makes an option for the subscription. And it’s WORSE for the icons, you need to watch an ad for EVERY SINGLE ICON to add them to your Home Screen. I would not recommend ThemePack unless you want to practically throw away your money for a subscription with an only 3-day free trial.


Pretty customization

Its cute, however glitchy. I will present the pros and cons down below.


1. It has really cute phone customization options! My phone looks 10 times better.

2. There are tons of options you can choose from and most of them dont require premium.

3. The pet option is adorable and I really enjoy it!


1. When you click on any of the customized app icons, it brings up this app for a split second. Not too bad but still annoying.

2. The notifications are crazy!! Please stop sending me messages every 5 seconds about customizing my phone. I had to turn it off in settings. Again, not big deal, but still.

3. The pet widget, personally, does not work. It just shows up as a grey widget.. not very eye-pleasing. I would love to have my pet on my screen- if it would work!! This function was one of the main reasons I chose ThemePack out of so many others and yet the widget does not work. VERY dissatisfied.

4. If you dont pay for premium, you have to watch ads to get gems to buy wallpaper (which by the way you can just take a screenshot instead of spending gems), widgets, and icons. I dont really mind but just so you guys know.

In conclusion, this is a great app however it does have its cons. If you are a developer of this game and reading this, please consider fixing the cons above. I am aware not all can be fixed as that is just how the phone works and I appreciate giving us the chance to customize our phones!


Best app ever

ThemePack is just so fun and I think everybody should get it because first of all I got it because my phone was looking kind of boring and I’m only 10 so I bought ThemePack but it doesn’t actually cost money on there and you don’t have to get them like I don’t really make it cost money so I didn’t get them but I still got an amazing wallpaper and I got this widget that your pet contro ThemePack is just so fun and I think everybody should get it because first of all I got it because my phone was looking kind of boring and I’m only 10 so I bought ThemePack but it doesn’t actually cost money on there and you don’t have to get them like I don’t really make it cost money so I didn’t get them but I still got an amazing wallpaper and I got this widget that your pet can can grow and it’s just really cool I love it

Is ThemePack Safe?

No. ThemePack - App Icons, Widgets does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 161,332 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ThemePack Is 13.3/100.

Is ThemePack Legit?

No. ThemePack - App Icons, Widgets does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 161,332 ThemePack - App Icons, Widgets User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ThemePack Is 28.4/100..

Is ThemePack - App Icons, Widgets not working?

ThemePack - App Icons, Widgets works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Plans

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Duration Amount (USD)
Billed Once $11.99
Monthly Subscription $13.49

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