Plant Parent: Plant Care Guide Reviews

Plant Parent: Plant Care Guide Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-05

About: Want to become a better plant parent for your green babies? Meet Plant Parent
– the app that offers solid plant care guides. With Plant Parent, you can
become an instant green thumb and keep your plants not just happy, but
thriving! What you'll love about Plant Parent: - Smart Care Reminders Not sure
when to water your indoor and outdoor plants or how to fertilize them properly?
Just add your plants to Plant Parent and get.

About Plant Parent

What is Plant Parent?

Plant Parent is an app designed to help plant owners take better care of their plants. It offers a range of features, including smart care reminders, a light meter, a plant identifier, care plans, plant illness diagnosis, and growing site recommendations. With Plant Parent, users can become better plant parents and keep their plants healthy and thriving.



- Smart Care Reminders: Users can add their plants to the app and receive notifications when it's time to water, fertilize, prune, propagate, repot, and more.

- Light Meter: The in-app tool helps users calculate the light level their plant is getting and make potential repositioning decisions.

- Plant Identifier: Users can take a picture of a plant and the app will identify it for them.

- Care Plans: Users can get custom care plans for their plants on watering, fertilization, lighting, and pruning.

- Plant Illness Diagnosis: Users can take a photo of a sick plant and the app will diagnose the disease and set up an effective treatment plan.

- Growing Site Recommendations: The app can recommend the best location for a houseplant and how much sunlight it needs.

- Plant Parent Premium: Users can upgrade to enjoy more privileges, including unlimited plant disease IDs, unlimited access to rich plant content, one-on-one free consultation with gardening experts, and set care reminders for an unlimited number of plants.

Overall, Plant Parent is a comprehensive app that can help plant owners take better care of their plants and become better plant parents.

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Key Benefits of Plant Parent

- Fixed the date issue, which meant the reminders were correct for the time of year

- Added dining room to the list of rooms

- Allows users to photograph plants that are not doing well

- Gives users the name and photo of a healthy bromeliad of its species

7555 Plant Parent Reviews

4.6 out of 5


Plant not doing well-I am only getting name and no suggestions

I assumed that I could photograph each of my plants that was not doing well, probably from lack of adequate light. The name of your program strongly suggests that you make direct suggestions for helping each plant thrive
That worked for my first plant. For my second berpalr bromeliad which should be bright red, your program gives me a name and photo of a healthy bromeliad of its species but NO suggestions so I will try more light .
I am canceling your misleading and poorly programmed offering. Try again!


They fixed it!

I posted in my prior review that PlantParent was almost great, but the date was wrong, which meant the reminders were wrong for the time of year! Anyway… they fixed it! Thx creator! Now if you could just pretty please add dining room to the list of room lol, I’ll be sooo grateful! Thx again!



Please cancel my subscription - my grandson was playing with my phone n hit the subscribe button. I’m 70 n don’t need anymore expenses.


Cat palm

So far so good


Misleading Listing

No stars. PlantParent reads that it has in app purchases, but when you open PlantParent it tries to force you to start a free trial period that charges you a yearly fee if you pass the free period without terminating in iTunes. ITunes? I did not hit the CONTINUE button. Let’s see if they try to bill me. I am deleting PlantParent .


Can’t cancel or get in touch with company

Dear app developers, I would like to cancel my subscription but I cannot access my subscription info within your app. There is no way to contact you. Please answer this review with how to cancel.



I don’t know how to get help using this. I take pictures, think I have added it, only to find out I haven’t and don’t know how to get help. Sorry


Can’t remove, permanently installed

When it wasn’t what it was advertised, I can’t remove it.



In-app purchases?

Misleading at best. 7 day free trial, then $30 per year! Wasted my time installing & immediately deleting.


Cancel please … no where to do this!!!!

Cancel please


Very disappointed

How do I cancel? I was tricked into thinking it was free and then found out if I don’t cancel in 7 days It will cost me 29.99! But doesn’t tell you how to cancel. Please tell me how to cancel.


A share option

I love love love PlantParent, the free version is amazing and doesn’t throw the paid version in your face 24/7, it also doesn’t put a cap on diagnosis’s number of plants etc. unlike a lot of other apps, it genuinely seems like the developers wanted to help people and their plants and don’t just want money. However I think a cool thing to add would be a share feature for the plant lessons let’s take “Houseplants 101: how to turn your brown thumb to a green thumb” I’d love to share that with my mom but there’s no way to do that. Overall, great app even with no money involved!


Useful but could use some updates

I’ve recently been trying my hand at gardening after many failed attempts. I like the plant identifier and the way you can add your plants to different sites. I also love the journal because i can take photos and compare them to see the progress or decline. The reminders are great but I tend to forget to water on the exact day of the reminder. So this brings me to a suggestion.

Suggestions: an option to mark the plant “watered or done”, so it knows when to remind me based on the actual day I marked it watered. Currently it just tells me to water every specified number of days but if I miss that mark by 2 days then the next reminder will be -2 days from when I actually watered it.

Another suggestion I have is a “rain” option or a “site watered” where I could mark just my backyard “site” “watered” so my next reminder will be set based on that rain or watered day.

I hope I was able to explain that clearly. I look forward to having progress in my gardening using your app.


Almost there

I got PlantParent to diagnose issues with my houseplants. It was very to take pictures and get a diagnosis. Mostly under watering but also in some cases more light needed. I’m grateful for the reminders feature as I had been watering all plants on a weekly or biweekly schedule but now feel. More confident that the schedule is based on the plant and season. By biggest complaints are with reminders. There isn’t a way to check them off as done. Seems like simple functionality. Also if I fertilize a day late I can indicate which plants I fertilized and update the schedule. It’s a all or nothing override to the schedules for watering and fertilizing. Some work here and this would be a five star app.


good app but one thing!

PlantParent works great its helped so much especially with my monstera you have a 7 free day trail then you pay for a year but PlantParent works great itll scan you plant and say it looks health if its cared well for but if it dose not look good on one of the leafs or something of the plant ZOOM into it ok for developers -• PlantParent is awesome thank you so much but could you turn down the price am looking for a-plant app thats completely free and works this one works but the year payment? mabye if you could lower the price down?? thank you!



I love PlantParent. But don’t like the reminders. But that’s just me.

Could you add photo Id of insects and how to deter or give them some plants to eat but not all. Tell why they are eating the plant. Give more knowledge about nature’s ability to know things about an ecosystem. Use scientific articles like viruses caused by aphids transmitting does that happen with water and air contaminants messing up organic and inorganic chemistry, then messing up soil releasing new or old diseases to aphids and them transmitting or eating more to escape?

How can gardeners balance the health of their water and air? What plants do their birds like to teach birds to forage again more?


I’m in love with this app

PlantParent is amazing. I finally know all my plants by name (simply took a quick pic and voila - all I need to know about that plant appears, including whether it is sick or now. The care plans on how to make each plant healthier and the reminders for watering and fertilizing are spot on. The only reason I gave it 4 star is because many of the plants are being watered automatically. I can’t select which plants I wish to set water reminders for and which one not. Other than that PlantParent is perfection !


Love this app!

I investigated several other apps before purchasing this one. The others were a) Outrageously price and/or sorely lacking in features. OMG PlantParent keeps me on my toes! I never realized what all I should be doing for my plants! I have only been using less than a month and the difference in my plants is amazing! Some of my plants are quite old and look so much better. If they could, I am sure they would thank me or maybe even hug me?!


Help me ALOT

This Ap has helped me ALOT ! I Can also speak to an expert which always helps. However I wish there would be individualized attention per plant. Not all my plants need watering daily and some need more light as suggested but I can’t move them so I would like an option if possible. Other than that I would recommend that everyone use it and pay the yearly membership it has helped me as a new plant parent. I have 56 plants. ❤️


One of the better plant care apps

I like that a lot of things can be done without needing the subscription, but the subscription still adds a lot of value for the price. Some apps have too much of a paywall and not enough benefits for a high price.

However, it’s not perfect. I’m missing a more comprehensive plant dictionary (they’re missing a lot of plants so I can’t add some of mine to PlantParent ) and a “snooze” button for the reminders (sometimes my plants don’t need water or fertilizing yet but I still have to mark complete).



I love how accurate it is and how convenient and easy it is to be operated and also love how it folds up information from how to germinate to take care and diagnose what’s wrong with your plant and also how we recommend white fertilizer to give it in different stage I would recommend it to everyone and I have already doing that slowly putting everyone onto it. It’s a wonderful app. Keep up the good work and please keep it free for us and I was.


Love this app!

I love everything about PlantParent, it turned me into a green thumb 😁 only thing i would add on there is a way to postpone watering. Some of my plants don’t dry out in the set amount of time between some waterings. I like to keep a set schedule, however, if some of them still have moist soil I would push watering a day or two away from usual schedule. So would be cool to have a “postpone” button to push it a few days after normal watering day and move it to following day until watered.


Cool app

I really like PlantParent a lot. I like that there are care plans for sick plants, how-to guides for each new plant that you scan in. I’m giving it three stars, however, because I cannot find all of my plants in the database and I am unable to edit the watering check off list. Sounds convoluted, I know, but sometimes I don’t water all of them, but there’s no way to indicate that on the watering schedule. You either check that they’ve all been watered or none at all…hard to keep the schedule accurate. Otherwise, wonderful app.



I really like PlantParent. Had a subscription to others but wanted something better to care for my indoor plants, patio plants and greenhouse plants. I like how I got to add all my house plants and you even had a menu of rooms. I liked that PlantParent let me set up my plants and get used to PlantParent . I was not rushed into subscribing right away. When you did ask me to subscribe it was under $30 a year, others were $35 $40. *****.


Plant Parent app

I really like PlantParent . It tells you when to water & fertilize the plants. Also if your plant looks sick PlantParent will help you find the reason it’s looking sickly. Some time you get busy & forget how long it’s been since you fertilized the plants, PlantParent will tell you what you need to do next for healthy plants. My plants are looking better because of the reminders PlantParent sends you.



I just put it on my phone. I’m on the seven day trial and so far it has been wonderful. I’m identifying and finding out what’s wrong with some of my plants which is great so I can fix them instead of letting them die from whatever disease or thing is on them highly recommend it so far. Ask me again in a month and we’ll see.


Good app BUT

I went ahead and paid for the subscription because i thought i could get expert help with a few problem plants i have. I uploaded the pictures and left the information in the comments but it’s been a few weeks and no one has gotten back to me. I’ve done it 2X and no response. So be weary if you think you’ll get a response back, seems like that part of PlantParent doesn’t work.


No useful info

It is not user friendly. The option to add a plant doesn’t work instinctively. After many attempts, I finally found a way to do it but, by that time, I forgot how I got there. I am sorry to say, I found it frustrating.
Diagnosis was the same for every plant I added. “Yellowing leaves is a natural life cycle of an aging plant”. Another app I tried , Blossom, diagnosed the plants with either root rot, over watering or lack of nutrients. Which nutrients was never disclosed.
The plants were impatients & elephant ears.
I canceled my free week subscription in less than 24 hours.


Nice App! But costly to people who disabled or earn a fixed income!

Would love to see a way for people who earn little money for what ever the reason: disabled, elderly/ fixed income, students, ….. to be able to afford PlantParent. Everyone plants or has plants but not everyone has access to information available to the upper class.


Dormant types

I use this program, Plant Parent, daily. I find it somewhat inconsistent with naming some plants but that is not my main problem with the program. It would be very helpful to be able to sort the plants I own into summer dormant, and winter dormant and those that don’t go dormant. A tab like the one for placement would be great.
Thank you


Really horrible advice

I used PlantParent to help me get my plants healthier. It told me that they weren’t getting enough sun. So I moved them to the patio. It said 4-6 hours of full sun. After less than an hour I checked on my plants. One was fully drooped over. I immediately took it inside. It was burned on many leaves. Now, days later, I get a diagnosis that says it is under-watered and needs to be watered more frequently! That’s insane. It wouldn’t look like this if I had just kept doing what I was doing on my own. This is the worst app ever. I wish I could get a refund. Total waste of my money.


Push notifications

I downloaded these app about a week ago and love it so far, I just wished it would send push notifications, sync with my calendar, and allow me to change location from indoor to outdoor. And a progress report on how sick plants are doing. Other than that, these app has been right on on identifying my plants. Didn’t realize how many house plants I actually had until I got these app.


Almost perfect!

I have greatly enjoyed PlantParent as I learn more about plants (and grow my collection). The biggest thing missing from PlantParent is the ability to mark individual plants as watered on any given day. There is an option to mark plants watered when scheduled or to mark all as watered. There should be a way to adjust this. Sometimes I miss a day or feel the need to water a day or two early, and I would like my watering schedule to be accurate.

The price seems to be a little steep for a lack of personalization, but I do think it’s a valuable resource. I really enjoy learning more about my plants and the auto-diagnose tool.


Dracaena Margenata Magenta

One of my favorite plants, but I have trouble making them grow. They just stay the same size all the time. Even the main stem remains on the thin side. Do I need to change the pit size or feed it more often or feed it some special food? I have tried plant stakes, liquid food and food that comes in little beads for top feeding. One thing I love about this plant is that at Christmas I set my Nativity under it and it looks as though the characters are in a natural environment. So I sometimes have to buy new plants that look full enough. That happens every few years, but it can’t go on forever. I have only so much space and would like to try other plants as well. Thank you.


Deceiving expert feature

I don’t usually write app review but this is too bad and outrageous.

While there are so many apps out there that can provide things like auto diagnosis, plant identifier etc, what PlantParent interests me is its “Ask our experts and get quick personalized solutions” feature.

When I clicked on this “ask our experts” feature, it prompted a “paid for it” page where it says “pay $29 and get help from experts - it’s $0.07 per day”.

I loved this and I paid for it.

I asked the expert and the person gave me back 2 emails, which is good.

However, what I didn’t know, and PlantParent doesn’t want to tell you, is that you only get 2 inquiries PER YEAR. So instead of $0.07 per day, it’s $15 PER EMAIL RESPONSE!! So even if the response was totally useless and you wanna ask a follow up question, NO YOU CANNOT!

What’s even worse and also a really bad strategy, is that it doesn’t give you the option to buy more inquiries. I mean, it’s bad enough to trick you users into paying for something kinda fake, it’s helpless to do nothing about it, no follow up plan, no monetization, no up sell. Just getting your users stuck there is the worst experience.

Too bad, too bad.



Love the daily reminders of which plants are due for watering. Tons of other great features such as the sites of your plants, fertilizing schedule, and even a rotation reminder. Love that I can snap a picture of any plant and get a full background on the plant. The only thing I wish PlantParent had was the ability to save/store the plants that you have taken pictures of. I would like to be able to refer back to recall the name of the plant, etc. Overall, love PlantParent . I use it daily.


Helpful App

PlantParent is extremely helpful and affordable especially for a novice plant person like myself who is either guilty of over watering or under watering my plants. I’ve seen some plants I thought were dead and forgotten, fully recover solely following the schedule set forth by the Plant Parent app. The notifications and diagnose for my plants are extremely helpful.


Not all homes are the same

Great app but knowing the layout of a home should be taken into consideration. It says kitchens are recommended places for plants. I have no windows in my kitchen, it’s very dark. And bedrooms are not recommended because there is not enough light even tho it has an east facing window with plenary of light. Way more than my kitchen. It is an apartment and I only have east facing windows with no trees or foliage blocking light from coming inside. My plants tribe in my bedroom and will die in my kitchen.


Incredible App

I have been gardening for years and needed an app to help me with identifying plants that came up out of nowhere, and also figuring out some of the plant diseases and issues. PlantParent does all of that and more as a matter of fact, it also provides a schedule for watery and fertilizing the different plants in the garden and in the house. I am Dion pleased with the city. Extremely happy that I came across PlantParent and I will suggested friends, family and associates and anyone else who is into gardening or has plants in their household


I use the app as much as I use my email or any other app

I love it, I am a beginner and I am in the stage where I am still learning the names of most plants. With that being true, I love being able to take a picture and find out what it is as well as finding out if it is also healthy. I don’t think that this knowledge is information that most people have. Also, I am sharing this as a “gift” with my 6 year old son and it makes it so much fun!


Love this app!

Really like the plant parent app! I’ve been “growing” in my ability to bring the best out of plants (pun intended!) and PlantParent really helps me stay on top of things! I have a lot of plants now (some originals, some babies of existing plants) and it is helpful to be reminded when a specific one needs attention!

I also love the auto diagnose feature. The homemade solution recommended for fungus worked great on my ivy! Thank you!


Superior Easy to Use Plant Finder 🌹

This site is absolutely amazing 🤩! It answers every question you could possibly have! It finds any 🪴 and gives you ALL the information you need to care for it and the environment it needs to be in to thrive! It is awesome! 😎🤩 It leaves no stone unturned! 🤪lol. It is the best site ever and I absolutely, 💯, recommend it! It is worth every penny! I’m in the free trial period right now, which is 7 days, and it actually asks you if you would like to be reminded before the 7 days are up! So wonderful! Who doesn’t want to be reminded? Love 💗 it! Kristen W.


Great App. Great diagnostics…

I really like PlantParent . It has great information and help save an Easter Lily I have had for years. I like the reminders and didn’t realize in many of my plants the watering cycle was way different than I thought. My plants are thriving now (for the most part - I am still human)

I would like to see a function in there that you missed a day and watered a day or two late (or fertilized)m a day or two late) and have it recalculate when you should water the plant. Also have the ability to go back a couple days and say you did water..


Fabulous site for beginners!

We have a nice size deck so I decided to try my hand at gardening this spring. I found Plant Parent and after reading the reviews and looking at all PlantParent has to offer, I have the premium version. This has been the first time I’ve done much container gardening. I’m proud to say my plants are not only alive after a hot summer but the are actually thriving. I credit Plant Parent for my success.
I have neighbors who come to me for gardening questions. I recommend PlantParent to anyone who needs help and info! Thanks for a great app.
One last note, this is a bargain for all PlantParent offers!


Love App, Handy, & Helpful

I love PlantParent & 100% helps me keep all my plants alive & happy.
I love & am so happy that you can now click “complete” on the days you have tasks. But I do wish I could still click “complete” on the days before my official reminder day. I don’t always have time to water on the exact day I’m suppose to. So it’d be helpful be able to check complete on yesterdays task as well.

Either way, I am a happy camper & truly enjoy this helpful app.


Please fix the schedule feature

The schedule had an option to mark tasks that were missed in the past completed. Now it doesn’t. And this is very inconvenient. I often complete tasks on the next day or two and there is no way to mark them “done”. As a result I get confused because I don’t remember which task is completed and which is not. I suggest that you add missed tasks to the next day and mark them as late and add how urgent they are.
I liked PlantParent because of its other features but the main reason I bought it was the reminders schedule. But as it is now your schedule is unfortunately useless.
Another suggestion is to add “how to” section. Sometimes I can’t do things like setting up something like a location or pot size or find the light meter in PlantParent . And it is so annoying to know that I saw the feature I want to use and can’t find it.
In general, it would be good to have a way to communicate with your support team that is not in the form of a review.
I hope to see the changes for better soon.


Overpriced & needs more to keep me engaged

I like using PlantParent because of the diagnostic feature and I like that it helps me identify certain plants. Those are the 2 pros and the reason I keep it downloaded on my phone. I’m glad they don’t charge for those services bc if they did I would not use it. Free diagnostic and identification is #1 thing I think should be free and glad that it is

But outside of those two features.. there is not much more on PlantParent to keep me engaged. I enjoy reading articles about gardening, botany, and mind bending information that really wows my mind. Like what is in store for plant parents in the near future—bioluminescent plants are an exciting topic

Also, I’d like to learn how and have a guide tool to aid me on my journey in growing all types plants. It would be great if a they had a guide of medicinal plants and herbs. I think anything that is interesting on how we can use our plants, create new ones (hybrids), what’s in store for the future, how to make DIY skin and hair care from plants.
Even how to grow weed (if that’s allowed that would be so cool)

Incorporating fun and learning exciting things would keep me interested and raise my rating for PlantParent


Very impressive!

My plants were struggling to survive even though I have always had a green thumb , but they just need the right touch ! With PlantParent sending me notifications every day at the correct time to water/fertilize - WOW !! My golden pothos has quadrupled in size!!! All of my plants are so much healthier now ! PlantParent even identifies plants in my backyard- so I know which ones can stay and which ones have to go ( poison ivy/oak) .
PlantParent is worth the subscription price !


Love it! But could use some updates

I use PlantParent daily and love it, but now that I’m starting to get more rare plants PlantParent is falling short. I now have several plants that are not in the application’s database. It’s not as big of deal for the garden plants, for example peppers for the most part all need the same care. That can’t be said for Philodendrons, which have around 489 species, and Monsteras which only have 59 species but all require slightly different care. I really hope an update is coming soon or the ability to modify our own care sheets that we can submit to the developers. Another suggestion I have is for the advanced settings, and put in what medium type our plants are in. A plant in LECA/PON is not going to need the same watering schedule as a plant in soil mixes.


No as promised

I find some of the info gleaned from the pictures you take to identify a plant is incorrect. Also, I requested to a personal chat with someone once through the “Are you having a plant emergency?” option and no one ever got back to me. That was over 6 months ago and now when I try to use the he option I get a response of “Your ticket quota has been exhausted .” Really? After one use? With a paid subscription?
Also, the notifications for watering, rotating and fertilizing your plant does not allow editing of your plants scheduled tasks. I mean you can edit it but it reverts right back to what it was prior to your edits.
There is way too much manual work that goes into PlantParent. Do yourself a favor and reverse search your photos of your plants using Google Lens. It’s free and it works.
I gave PlantParent 2 stars because I like the journal portion of it.


Love this app!

I love PlantParent! I’m finally able to keep plants alive haha. It’s scanning tools are very accurate as well. Only thing I would change is if you haven’t hit complete or miss a day that PlantParent recognizes that. Like you don’t water it until 2 days later and then you hit complete and PlantParent recognizes that and changes the schedule based off that (seen this in other apps) but overall this is my favorite plant app!


Great app but..

I literally love PlantParent, it makes it so easy to know when to water and fertilize your plants. I love getting a new plant and being able to add it to my collection. The only thing that gets annoying sometimes is the constant reminder to pay for the extended features on PlantParent. Which I’m sure are amazing, but I don’t need a reminder every time I open PlantParent . Other than that I love using PlantParent because it’s super simple to navigate and keep track of your plants!


Needs more features and better AI

Wish there were more features like exporting a list of all your plants and their care info (light/soil/water, etc). Their plant identifier is ok but vague. It will identify the species but not the exact variety. For instance it can’t distinguish between a neon pothos and an N’Joy so you just get Golden Pothos for literally any type of pothos you scan, and it’s like this for many of the plants. I wish there was a better gallery instead of the typical 1 photo for the plant, especially when you’re scanning a cutting and want to know what it will look like matured. I wish it would allow input for adding plants like cutting: Y/N, propagation water or soil, date added to library, track growth progress by asking for a photo of your plant the same way it reminds you to water and fertilize. And I’d also like if there was better assistance with soil recommendations and propagation instructions specific to the plant. A lot of the care info is about as generic as the little tag that comes with the plant. I dont know if other plant apps are better but I plan to research features of the competing plant apps and make a decision from there. Unless of course, developers take my review into consideration and try implementing some of the suggestions I’ve made. Now that- would give PlantParent an absolute value if they end up having highly responsive skilled developers that are assertive and willing to make improvements!

Erik O. Sjödin   4 months ago

I hereby unsubscribe the Plant Parent app. Kindedt regards/ Erik

Lora Lea   6 months ago

I have fact checked many of the suggestions for plants in distressed and more than half came up as incorrect procedures. Be vigilant before you follow the instructions , If you love the plant In distress. plants cannot drink milk and sugar water is not a solution

Dena Flynn   7 months ago

Cancel my subscription immediately! Dena Flynn 512-585-8101

Ruwani Callwood   8 months ago

This app is useless. You take a photo of your plant. It scans and identifies it correctly but it always tells you your plant is healthy even when it is half-dead. I have had no advice on taking care of sick plants because it identifies it as healthy. Absolutely useless.

Is Plant Parent Safe?

Yes. Plant Parent: Plant Care Guide is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 29,300 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Plant Parent Is 62.0/100.

Is Plant Parent Legit?

Yes. Plant Parent: Plant Care Guide is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 29,300 Plant Parent: Plant Care Guide User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Plant Parent Is 76.7/100..

Is Plant Parent: Plant Care Guide not working?

Plant Parent: Plant Care Guide works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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