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Published by on 2022-09-16

On Yik Yak, connect with everyone within 5 miles. All you need to do to get
started on Yik Yak is verify your humanity with a valid U.S. phone
number. Inside the app, your identity is a secret. This makes it fun and easy
to jump into co...

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E-Mail: [email protected]

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Reported Issues: 30 Comments

By GeometryHERO

Who thought this was a good idea?

This app is a gateway for bullying. Yes, theoretically it is a fun way to anonymously connect with people around you, but the creators neglected to think about their target audience. Yik Yak is literally being broadcast to insecure teenagers who feel better about themselves only when they are tearing down another person. This app truly makes everyone lose their humanity because they know they’re safe behind the “anonymous” tag. In only 10 minutes of scrolling through to see why my school is making such a fuss over this app I’ve seen death threats, talks of wishing to commit suicide, hate speech, vulgar slang, school shooting threats, people being sexualized by name, and so so so much more. This is not an app that should be allowed on the app store. If it had people actively moderating messages and posts, it MIGHT take a step in the direction of being remotely human again, but this simply isn’t possible. If you value yourself at all, do yourself a favor and don’t download this app. It is a horrible horrible space and there are so many more healthy groups that you could enjoy instead. Ignorance is bliss, it isn’t worth stumbling upon your name and being absolutely crushed. Stay safe out there.

By JayyTownn

App doesn’t open anymore. Still no DARK MODE

When opening the app, it just shows the blank loading page forever and ever and never loads any yaks. This be problem isn’t new and could usually be solved by force-quitting a couple times and then trying again, but after the recent update that “solution” doesn’t work anymore and now it just loads the blank white screen with no yaks and no yakarma until the app eventually crashes and closes by itself. Also, please allow users to switch to a dark mode for nighttime. I made a Siri Shortcuts app automation to run “classic invert” screen when opening the Yik Yak app, and another automation to turn the inverted screen off when closing Yik Yak. But since there’s no way to disable annoying notifications for the Shortcuts app, it’s better to just have a dark mode built into the Yik Yak app like every other social media app does so users don’t have to rely on inverting the colors on their screen in order to not strain their eyes at night

By Chlorhexidan

App is clunky and most users are disgusting people

I did not use this app back in the day when it was popular. But I picked it up this time to see what all the fuss was about. Anonymous social networking? Sounds interesting. But does it really work? It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a shallow discussion that doesn’t really lead to anything other than general disgust and frustration with the people who live 5 miles around you, this is the place to go. You really get to see just how dysfunctional everybody is from their messages. I deleted it off of my phone today because I just couldn’t take it anymore. Every time I went on the app I left feeling worse than when I went into it. Not a good thing. Would not recommend. Plus there’s no way to share anything other than text. It’s like they cut the legs off of social networking to see if it would function, and I guess it does, but why would you want to use this?

By Dawn M McCulloch
Oct 14 2022

Please for the sake of all our children, parents and school safety get rid of this APP. There is no way someone can sleep soundly at night knowing this horrific app is causing children of all ages to be bullied! I work at a school and we had a horrible threat today and it is gut wrenching knowing all the damage this app can cause. Children are speaking about other children, putting thier names and pictures on this site without them knowing. How is the world can this be aloud. I'm saddened to see such trash available to our children so easily. If you work for this company you obviously DO NOT have children and should be ashamed of yourselves.

By Shahzada
Sep 18 2022

Sir my hello yo account blacklist open 1565804576😭😭

By Shahzada
Sep 18 2022

Sir my hello yo account blacklist open 1565804576😭😭

By Anonymous
Jul 19 2022

I also got seriously cyberbullied on this app. I can't believe such a thing would still exist. Needs to be removed immediately. I am begging you. This app WILL cause serious harm if it has not done so already.

By Am
Jun 22 2022

Me and my MANY other friends are getting bullied and fake rumors are going fast on this app. I strongly believe that anonymous bully on Yik Yak is also an issue in other places throughout the country and world. You have to ban and remove this app NOW!

By ...
Jun 22 2022

This app is out of control. Me and some of my friends are getting seriously and anonymously cyber bullied and it’s not scary. You have to ban it NOW.

By S
Jun 21 2022

This app should be banned because I see cases of people anonymously making fun of other people and using full names on this app.

By Kun-Lin Hsieh
Jun 21 2022

Before I evaluate on the issue, I just want to say BAN AND REMOVE YIK YAK! This app literally allows anonymous people to freely namedrop and cyber bully other people while without any consequences or identifications for them. This app literally enhances the chance to make fun of people and cyber bully people. I am also one of the people to be constantly namedropped, which I am uncomfortable with. So, can you please take this app down, because it literally promotes cyberbullying without any consequences.

By Mary Beth Conville
Apr 06 2022

This app is horrific! Why are people getting away with making disgusting anonymous statements about others and not being held accountable! More should be done to monitor this site and prevent the cyberbullying that is happening! Life is fragile for many people! They don't need to be victimized by those hiding behind the anonymity of this app!

By Kathy
Mar 28 2022

Your App is an absolute disgrace and you should be ashamed of yourselves. In todays world it is a well known fact that mental health issues run rampant among adolescents. This App allows a platform to promote hate, negativity, and cyber bullying. People are really brave sitting behind a keyboard when there is no accountability or consequences. How anyone working for this App thinks that okay is pathetic. Many adolescents and young adults are struggling and for you to add to their struggles is sad. Maybe try doing something that promotes positivity and focuses on a good sense of health and well being. Take this App down!

By Charlisha West
Mar 16 2022

I'm not sure why I was banned and would like to be unbanned if possible.

By .....
Feb 24 2022

This app needs to be banned. Full names and cyber-bullying is happening. Figure it out.

By Shawn McDowell
Feb 23 2022

I am the principal at Camden Central High in, Camden TN. We have a series of posts happening involving our students. While I am unsure of its origin the things being said are easily bullying and harassment offenses. Our school is physically located at 115 Schools Drive in, Camden, TN. Please feel free to call me at (731) 584-7254. Please address this as as possible and let me know of the ways you have done so.

By Jodi Sluss
Feb 22 2022

There is a lot of bullying and attacking a student named Alexa Fischer (Lexi) on Yik Yak at the Ft Hays campus in Kansas. Someone needs to put a stop to it because it’s getting really bad to the point where I am fearful for her life.

By Jennifer A
Feb 19 2022

My daughter and MANY other students are getting bullied and rumors are spreading fast at her high school because of this app! I want to connect with any other parent to see what we need to do to get this shut down again! The school claims there is nothing they can do, but it is happening at the school and during school hours! Listing their full names and bashing them - there is absolutely no need for an anonymous type social media system! Nothing good comes with an app like this! It is causing major mental distress to our children and needs to stop. There needs to be a parent forum against this app and a lawsuit needs to happen quickly! Maybe then you will listen to what we are all saying! Take it down!! First step.... give people a way to delete comments made about them!

By Chrissy
Feb 11 2022

I think it is absolutely ridiculous that anybody can get on this site and post false information with no accountability. If somehow my childs safety is effected by the post made on your app, I will sue you and whoever else the law will allow.

By Rose-Marie Nicol
Feb 09 2022

Some making posts complaining and identifying people in my apartment, amd when we say anything its taken off for hate speech. All we said was that the dog and owner and still new and a puppy and learning commands. Yet their post which identify people won't get taken down

By Quentin Parrish
Jan 08 2022

I got banned for posting about current news and jokes that one or two people didn’t like. How did I get banned for a few people acting like kids. Also is there any way to keep kids off the app? I had a 9 year old comment on sexual post and almost meat up with a girl at college!!

By Kate
Jan 07 2022

Cyber bullying is happing and it’s starting false rumors that are a big deal

By Jill Defoe
Jan 05 2022

How do I have posts taken down that are stating my daughters first and last name? Also - how do you identify the person writing the post? This app should not be allowing this to happen.

By Concerned Mom
Jan 04 2022

This app is being used to harm people! My child is getting bullied on this app by people who are afraid to come from behind their phones. The bullies are using my Childs full name and are ruthless. This needs to stop!! I want to hear back from a representative of this app to discuss this matter, if legal action is needed it will be taken to that level.

By Steven
Dec 29 2021

Everytime I click on verify my humanity, it never texts me anything, and just goes blank. How do fix this?

By Eszter
Dec 09 2021

Anonymous users are posting character assassinating libel about my young son on yik yak.(It all started by someone w a vendetta against him.) it is spreading around fast. This site is a cess pool. this is really dangerous, toxic and damaging. It can cause severe psychological distress. The users have no actual verifiable info of any sort. There needs to be some kind of accountability. Im going to take action. Please have support team reach out to me via email.

By Katue
Dec 02 2021

This app is out of control. I’m getting seriously cyber bullied and it’s not funny. You need to ban it.

By Krista Morris
Nov 29 2021

This is ridiculous. I got banned. All because of joking around. I want my account back. Give it back.

By Sierra McKeown
Sep 14 2021

I am having the same problem as Bryce A Porter. I never get my confirmation code after i enter my phone number no matter what. Even if I try to resend it 37388292 times. I'm not sure what's wrong.

By Bryce A Porter
Aug 22 2021

App will not send confirmation code to my phone number. It would be cool if you could add email to it also not just phone numbers

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