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Contact Merge Villa

Published by on 2022-09-22

Alice needs your help! A tsunami destroyed everything, and now she must renovate
her grandparents mansion and bring comfort back to the family home. With your
help, the building can be restored better than it was before! Open the gates and

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Developer: Lion Studios

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Merge Villa Website

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Developer: CSCMobi Studios

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit CSCMobi Studios Website

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Common Merge Villa Issues

  • By Reviewer Nickname 13

    Way too cluttered after a while with too many ads

    I’m going to delete this game though I like it because it’s so frustratingly cluttered. You work hard to get the items you need to produce requirements, then they take up much of the board, and unless you spend a ton of real money, you can’t get more storage without months of grinding and saving coins to buy them. The most frustrating thing of all is almost every other tap makes a “bubble” that has an advertisement to watch (ads that are often sexist, offensive, not appropriate for children and unwanted for adults!) that won’t disappear for at least 30 seconds, hogging up all the limited space on the board. If these bubble ads aren’t quickly eliminated, I am deleting the game and not recommending this game to anyone.

  • By Mermaidx56

    Stop forcing Piggy Bank

    Its a fun merge game, easy to understand and the items show you how to create them. The energy restores one unit every two minutes but every couple of hours you get an opportunity to watch some ads and then get 50 more energy. The part i dont like and find very frustrating is the Piggy Bank bonus game. As you merge piggies appear on the board, then you merge them to a level 3 and then tap to collect, after a couple hundred you can then “buy” the bank of gems. It used to be you could control when the piggies popped out so if you chose to you can participate or you could chose to ignore. NOW you must participate because they pop up on your board spontaneously as you make matches and can only go away once merged to level 3. My board has limited room as it is and now i have less space because of these Piggies. So now i will not play Merge Villa until this bonus game ends. Developers - dont force this game on the players!

  • By dreamvida

    Fun, but buggy & was cheated on a purchase

    It is a very fun game, but it closes itself out multiple times before I can use up the 100 power points. And I actually paid $1.99 for an extra 200 power points and a chest...never received the chest. I won’t be making anymore in app purchases ever again. Further complaint, I tried to reach out for support in the app, but it takes you to their Facebook page. People and companies should be boycotting Facebook, not using it as their only means of contact. That’s why I’m writing this review, seems to be the only way for me to report my poor customer service experience. It is a fun game though, without the constant shutting down and being cheated out on what I paid for, then my review would be quite different. So download it only if you have tons of patience. And if you do download it, beware of making in app purchases.

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Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Naira Voskanyan
Apr 26 2022

Very unpleasant adds .(1:Sex orientation like undressing woman, clapping her ass ,puting pins on man's nipples,
2: Violence- like killing, shooting ppl,
3: bad relationship image - pregnant wife,wife with children thrown out into the street because man prefer sexy mistress,what a bad image of man.And in any add woman is represented like object to intercourse,and man like brain less, filling less creation with a penis.
4:nasty adds about worms in the body ,pus and so on . unfortunately you can't stop watching adds They pop on even if you don't choose them to watch (it is not optional) and add takes from 20 to 30 sec .Wich is too long. And to often .Every couple of minutes.)
Too big price when you want to buy items and to small when u selling them .
Ider you don't have enough movement (energy) or limited with quantity of items to open you have to speed up with diamonds .So it is forcing to stop to play and open game next day ,until you give up and forget to play , or downloading something else .And believe me advertisement of free to download games very much similar to each other are everywhere.So if you want to continue in market and make money through advertisement or player you have to improve.
Trip to Japan and Paris was bad idea from the beginning. Too boring and irrelevant . Make 1advertisement at time not 2 for long 12-15 sec each . It is frustrating . Keep optionally speed up time of opening source of items by watching add. 20 and 10 movement is too limited ,when game is asking for difficult to get items. Where is logic? We have to wait movement collection until evening to collect 100 and it lasts for 20 min . So we can play properly with no frustration 1 time a day for 20 min . Where is your benefit from that ? If you count that ppl will buy diamonds and energy for real money ,make this game fun. By offering extra or fancy variation of furniture. No needs of million cats and cat dog beds in every room. Offer more clothes, food , different furniture . Simple for free and regular gamers and extra attractive for real money . I don't think that i have to teach you how to make money out of game in the same time to don't be annoying

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