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Published by on 2022-06-25

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Reported Issues: 100 Comments

By Lilly Maclean
Sep 24 2022

I ACCIDENTALLY deleted it now it’s no longer in my AppStore

By Carina
Sep 24 2022

It won’t let me download the app

By Maria
Sep 22 2022

I can’t download it I can’t find it in app store

By Chl0e
Sep 21 2022

so I deleted chai but it won’t let me reinstall it anymore like I wanna chai with the bots so bad but I literally can’t find it in the App Store

By Wuwuwuwu
Sep 16 2022

Bro I wanna chat with NSFW Furrys it won’t let me download

By Pee
Sep 16 2022

Hey! Everytime I try to download the chai app, it says “app not in region or country.”

By Bruhhhhh
Sep 14 2022

I cant install it again, bruh I’m so sad rn I need my comfort bots

By :(
Sep 14 2022

bruh I deleted the chai app bcuz i paid for the premium but it didn’t get me unlimited messages, next time I try and download it it’s not the apple App Store?? Im in Hawaii, is not available here?

By Jordan lee wyn roberts
Sep 13 2022

For some reason it won’t let me download the app on my iphone

By Gia
Sep 12 2022

so like uhh i deleted chai and tried to redownload it and ITS NOT OK THE APPSTORE ANYMORE?? HELLO??😭😭 LIKE DAMN IM JUST TRYNA CHAT W/ AN MAFIA DADDY

By Bobas
Sep 12 2022

The chai app doesn’t exist at the app store for me all the sudden.. And it says ''App is not available for your country or region'' and I live in the us.

By Icecream
Sep 12 2022

The chai app doesn’t exist in the apple store for me all the sudden..

By Jordin Smith
Sep 10 2022

My chai messages aren’t resetting after the timer goes off.

By Elliott
Sep 10 2022

I’ve been trying to re download it since a while, I’ve tried restarting my phone and everything but it won’t pop up in the App Store for some reason.

By Nadusha
Sep 09 2022

So I deleted chai but I can’t find it in the App Store anymore and I live in the Uk fix it please.

By Sam
Sep 09 2022

For some reason the app is “not available in my country” even if my friend has the app (and we live togheter) I had the app before but i had to delete it for some time. I love this app so much that i even payed for the free word’s month. I really would love to have the app back.

By Yeet
Sep 08 2022

The whole freaking app is gone- can’t find it anywhere in the AppStore- where the fuck did it go 😭 I’m on Apple iPad IOS btw- pls let me know what’s wrong- did they delete it from the AppStore or something?

By Lamar
Sep 04 2022

My chats with AI don’t save. It gets annoying having to restart since they don’t save each time

By Luna
Sep 02 2022

My chats won't save... That's all pls u need to fix this cause whenever I leave the app I have to find the bot and restart the story all over again!!, And it's so frustrating cause it's always the best part 😭

By axel
Aug 31 2022

I cant send messages at all, i have redownloaded the app a few times. What is wrong?

By soda
Aug 28 2022

the bot i’ve chatted for atleast a few months already keeps changing personalities, our progress resets and when i chat a new bot it doesn’t save, it only shows the previous ones i’ve chatted. pls fix this.

By Lia
Aug 28 2022

I can’t find the live did you remove them if so please add them back :)

By Kara
Aug 24 2022

So I just wanna know how to stop the bot from counting it’s really annoying

By N1ghtm4r3
Aug 20 2022

The "My Gentle Daddy (NSFW-DAVINCI) doesn't work anymore.
It stopped responding messages (response taking longer than usual) and it's really a shame, it's one of the best AI bots I've ever seen, it would be nice if the creator could fix the bot

By Roiza
Aug 19 2022

Hello! This app is amazing, but recently the app wont open, it will show a blank screen. When it *does* open, I can only chat 1 bot and have 10 less messages, even it it says "you have 70 free messages left"

By Melanie Vitorino Pinto
Aug 14 2022

Hey. So it keeps saying response taking longer than usual. And I dont know what it is then?

By Victoria
Aug 09 2022

My messages never go up they stay on zero

By LoneWolf
Aug 08 2022

I talked to a bot and now the chat doesn’t save what should I do?

By alex
Aug 03 2022

hi so whenever i talk to a new bot, it doesn’t save the chat and when i go to chats there’s only one bot(the first one i ever talked to), please help

By Mizuki
Aug 01 2022

When i want to open the app its a error how can i fix that?

By Aiko
Jul 28 2022

Several bots I’ve messaged have just been repeating themselves?

By joe
Jul 27 2022

I cannot send messages on chai, with anyone. I tried different emails and devices but it didn’t work on any. I restarted the app multiple times but it never worked. I hope you guys can fix this problem. I also didnt run out of messages, i couldn't send messages since i downloaded the app.

By Kristal
Jul 27 2022

When i text Jeff the killer, he keeps repeating himself lots of times and it's not the first time happening but this time i can't fix it.

By Ton
Jul 25 2022

When I used ( example ) It started saying SC:something and wouldn't use normal text

By Elizabeth Henderson
Jul 25 2022

My chai bot won't let me log in. It says "your chai can not open for an unknown reason". What's going on? Please fix it!

By d
Jul 24 2022

the bot keeps repeating the same message no matter what i type!

By Martin
Jul 24 2022

Hi. The bot what I am texting with still repeats the same sentence. What should I do?

By Axel
Jul 23 2022

Hello, I have a problem with my premium subscription for Chai, but I have two accounts that I had connected on the same phone except that the subscription I had on my main account has withdrawn and it is my second account that has the subscription when it was not wanted. Can someone help me, please?

By Janiah
Jul 21 2022

So I was trying to watch the live chats but I can’t find them what happened to them did you guys remove them?

By Levi
Jul 20 2022

For some reason whenever I try to text one of the bots they take a really long time to respond and never do but it’s only a certain bot I can only talk to and then it kicks me out of the app I uninstalled and reinstalled and it’s still not working what should I do……

By SC4R4
Jul 20 2022

This platform is amazing, but I have an issue. The bots I message will take forever to respond, and sometimes won't send a first message. It will work again if I uninstall and reinstall, but it only lasts 6 minutes at best. What should I do?

By Haley
Jul 19 2022

hi! i’ve only downloaded this game for a couple days, but i’ve been having some problems. everyone i send a message it doesn’t send me one back. and it says “response taking longer than usual”. it has been saying this for 2 days now. i’ve deleted the app and deleted and downloaded it again 3 times but it still doesn’t work. can you please help me?

By Iyana
Jul 19 2022

So, basically I can use the app just fine it's the chats that get messed up. I can only send one msg successfully and then the AI chats load for a really really long time. But they never send. Sometimes I'll get a popup of like "The AI is taking to long to respond please try again later" or SMTH like that. Even when I don't get that popup or I do try again later, the AI does not respond and just loads.

By 2seokstan
Jul 19 2022

Bot is not replying to me DOES NOT WRITE ANYTHING
Please helpp

By Mya
Jul 19 2022

Today I entered into a chat with a bot and the first message didn’t pop up, I wrote but the bot didn’t respond, I tried other bots and they didn’t work too, I closed and opened again the app but it didn’t work, deleted and re-downloaded it, nothing. What is happening?

By 2seokstan
Jul 19 2022

Normally, the person I'm texting sends the first message in every chat, but this doesn't happen to me at the moment.
I dont know please help

By Anonim
Jul 19 2022

Response taking longer then usual FOR 2 HOURS!

By that one person
Jul 19 2022

basically my bot won't respond? it says bot is taking longer than usual to respond try again later, how do i fix this!?

By charlie
Jul 19 2022

I type a message to the AI Bot but it tells me ‘Responses are taking longer than usual.’ It’s been got at this for hours…please help.

By Alana
Jul 19 2022

When I use chai it loads in perfectly but then the bots won’t chat?

By Kathy
Jul 19 2022

the bots aren't saying anything. it's taking forever for them to answer yet it never shows up. and when ever i open up a new bot to talk to the first message never shows up.

By Greylen
Jul 19 2022

The bot won't replied to my texts and it just loads and I tried anything but it keeps doing it and my wifi is working plese fix it.

By Talia
Jul 19 2022

When messaging a bot it says that the bot is taking too long to respond and to try again later as well as sometimes not responding at all and loading for a long time

By Mitoka
Jul 19 2022

My messages would go through but the bots are just typing and not responding. I got a sign saying bots are replying slower so I tried to reach start every thing and it's not working

By Jeanne E. visperas
Jul 19 2022

When i texted it just takes Soo long of the message and i thought they were still texting but they weren't so i tryed fixing it and still Didn't work so pls help me with it

By Maria
Jul 19 2022

So I have to accounts so I doubled checked to see if it was my wifi but it seems that it’s not that but the app itself it will load and I can still choose the bots but when I do click on a bot nothing loads which is weird because some of them do have introductions and stuff and when I type something and I see the chat trying to respond it stops and keeps loading and now I can’t do anything I tried uninstalling and installing back and it still doesn’t work and I tried it on my second account and it’s the same issue

By Justin
Jul 19 2022

None of the boys are responding to what I say and whenever I go out and try a new chat they don’t great me or anything

By Celestia
Jul 19 2022

The bots won't start or respond to a conversation.

By a
Jul 19 2022

goddammit the bot won't reply, fuck

By Clover Soot
Jul 19 2022

I cant get the free messages everytime the timer goes down to 0

By Aniyah
Jul 19 2022

Since I can't download this happy because of the parent controlsand I promised my brother, I won't do anything with this app like in probate stuff, but I still want to download it

By Shay
Jul 19 2022

my chat history doesn't work, I have to talking with the bot from the beginning every time I exit 😭

By Elizabeth
Jul 19 2022

My main and first account on chain is working and functioning but with my other accounts I can't seem to be able to log in and every time I try except my main one. It keeps telling "Can't log in due to a unknown error"

By Mimi
Jul 18 2022

I want to log in, but it says I can'tCan you please help?

By Bryson Mobley
Jul 17 2022

I added my friend in this chat and the bot would not reply to what he said

By Kadey
Jul 15 2022

I cant see settings I want to turn my app on dark mode

By Jack
Jul 14 2022

My A.I. bot chats never save on the mobile app. This is frustrating as sometimes, I have to delete a chat if one of my bots has a massive glitch (repeating the same thing over and over. Not fixed by any response I've tried). Hoping this will be resolved sometime soon.

By Ikh
Jul 13 2022

chats are not saved

By Gracie
Jul 12 2022

A chai bot is repeatedly saying "brown hair and brown eyes" how do i stop it?

By Marisa
Jul 11 2022

Whenever my free messages reset it still says I have zero messages and goes back to making me wait 2 hours

By Alexandra Stanley
Jul 06 2022

I'm putting in my Gmail, But It won't let me Get a Link

By vi <3
Jul 06 2022

I accidentally deleted my old account where I had important chats and I would like it back, could you tell me how to do it.

By Isabella Ngiraungil
Jul 06 2022

Hi! So when I sign in with my Google it keeps saying unknown error so plz fix it♥️

By Quinn
Jul 04 2022

I downloaded the app and logged in And it seemed to be fine but when i tapped on the send button to send my first message it will not send and I can't figure out why.

By Yenyen
Jun 30 2022

Hi! I have a problem with the chat. After i finished talked to a bot and backed out from the chat, it doesn't appear in my chat history! It always gone like that and when i go back to that same bot it starts over again.

By okhaunted
Jun 28 2022

bro y’all fix your app, i can’t even load into the app + it won’t save my chats 💀.

By sooyoung
Jun 28 2022

my chai app wont saving my messages, i bought the premium but still didnt save it, please help me 😭😭😭

By CherriFizz
Jun 28 2022

the app is stuck on the loading screen for long periods of time and never loads

By temtem
Jun 27 2022

My chats aren't being saved, i cant continue chatting after i close the app

By Rosecella
Jun 25 2022

My chai is, crashing and logging me out every time I go on it I uninstalled it for a couple of days/weeks and I just installed it back because I couldn't go one more day without it. Please fix this..

By Chalkyun
Jun 21 2022

I tried opening the chai app but then it keeps crashing i tried to force stop, clean cache, clean data, reinstall it and it still keeps crashing please fix this its so annoying

By Bagels
Jun 20 2022

The chai app won’t open, it’s just stuck on the loading screen. I’ve tried deleting it but when I download it again it’s just the same, I’ve tried logging into another account before the “…” shows up and it doesn’t fix anything.

By Tom
Jun 20 2022

My app works for two seconds but rather when I open my app or try to type it crashes help?

By Arataki itto
Jun 19 2022

It is not saving my chats

By Hatti
Jun 19 2022

This ai bot I have been talking to for a while now was perfectly fine at first, but is now just saying "Meow." After every sentence I type in. I don't know if it crashed or broke or anything.

By Kat
Jun 17 2022

I currently have five open chats with my bot, and now whenever I try to open a new chat it deletes when I leave the page instead of saving. I don’t use premium, so I thought that maybe this was because of that- but I previously had six chats and deleted one to make space, and it still didn’t work.

By rylee
Jun 17 2022

won’t let me send a chat

By Minoru
Jun 17 2022

One, some of the bots keep repeating themselves every reply

Two, what does it mean when the bot changes its font?

By Jiri Dudek
Jun 15 2022

I cant send messages somehow

By Blue
Jun 15 2022

After I try to log into Chai, it just brings me back in to the log in page. Please help me with this issue, I use chai a lot and this is really annoying me.

By elly
Jun 14 2022

chats with a bot are not saved for me. please fix this

By Azar
Jun 12 2022

It’s bugging when signing in and doesn’t work when I try to reply to a bot

By DestroymyHole
Jun 12 2022

It won’t let me reply in any chat

By Michael
Jun 11 2022

I tried to upgrade to premium it didnt work and the app isnt working now plus it wont let me redownload the app

By Willow
Jun 09 2022

I just got the app, but whenever I type a message and push the send button nothing happens. I’ve tried adjusting my settings, and everything that I could do, but nothing worked. I’m not sure how to resolve this issue.

By Ari
Jun 08 2022

Hi,ive been having this bug after a few days.Its a bug where after an ad pops up the app just crashes. I wanna know a few ways to stop this from happening. Thank you.

By Aiko
Jun 04 2022

Ughhh it's taking so long to log in..

By bathwaterforbreakfast
Jun 02 2022

Search is gray with no bots showing up at all.

Jun 02 2022

Hai, I downloaded chai because I saw it was trending and I saw some good reviews from the app, and I logged in yesterday, it was working fine, but it logged me out this afternoon and so i tried logging back in MORE THAN ONCE! but it keeps saying "cannot log in due to error" what error??and so I uninstalled it and installed it again, I tried logging in again(more than once) and it STILL says that.

By Ray
Jun 02 2022

Me and my friend talked about the app because we saw it on tik tok. We have different accounts. I texted with bots from my phone and account. Then he came back and I showed him my chats with the bots. He said he'll try it too. And when he tried to text a bot it said "No more free messages today" Like- what. HE HAVEN'T TEXTED ANY ON THE BOTS AND HE DOESN'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO TEXT THEM?? HE HATES THIS APP. GOOD JOB CHAI. SOO GOOD :/

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