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Published by on 2022-09-02

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Reported Issues: 84 Comments

By Bud Salome
Nov 07 2022

wont give me distances from the fairway. only gives distance for entire hole from T box.

By Joanne J Mellides
Oct 25 2022

I have downloaded the new app - old app is gone. I've gone through the steps numerous times. Successfully see the Wingman in my connected blue tooth devices but when I go back to the app and under pairing instructions it won't let me continue. Confused at this point.

Oct 12 2022

Opens and loads fine at home but like everyone else I get the 'Internal system error' at every course.

By Jackie Knopp
Oct 05 2022

Internal system error

By Johnnie Ray Hagan
Oct 03 2022

If you guys haven't figured this out yet, you need to delete the old app and download the Bushnell Golf App. The Bushnell Golf Legacy app no longer works.

By Lance Matthews
Oct 02 2022

App keeps showing system internal error will not open

Sep 29 2022

App not working

By Daniel Dudas
Sep 29 2022

Internal error keeps coming up when I log in

By Carl Harris
Sep 28 2022

Utterly ridiculous Bushnell would make us all go through this. JUST STUPID! Send an email to everyone saying the app is done and users need to update to the new app. Even worse the new app won’t synch up after finding out that was the issue. Extremely frustrated!!

By Tom Jones
Sep 26 2022

Keep getting the same as everyone else. Internal server error. Nice when you are on the course and it does not work. Let me know how to fix this issue!!

By James W Carter
Sep 24 2022

Internal system error when I click forgot password. I have rebooted phone, I have delete app & reinstalled, and continue to get the same thing

By Zack
Sep 21 2022

Internal System Error
Cant login to app

By Cam Wagener
Sep 20 2022

Internal system error, needed it on the course. Need resolution ASAP, so many people having the same problem.

By Nick
Sep 19 2022

Getting email validation error when trying to login to the Bushnell App.

By T Schmautz
Sep 19 2022

Internal Systems Error.... can not login

By Lucy Muszkie
Sep 17 2022

Internal system error! Please help

By Robin Baumgartner
Sep 17 2022

I can't open my app on my phone, gives me an error while trying to log on. When I selected forgot password, got an error on my email

By George Gunther
Sep 17 2022

Failed to login , internal error message

By Karenph
Sep 17 2022

Attempting to sign up but get error message internal system error

By Brian L Brown
Sep 16 2022

Whoever noted that you have to delete the app and download a new one is spot-on. I then had to re-register but after doing that was able to login. Why the #%#&*(^ couldn't Bushnell tell us all that, I don't know. I even have an open support case and they didn't tell me that.

By Leeanne Raskett
Sep 15 2022

System is saying internal system error. How can I fix this

By Mike Dippolito
Sep 15 2022

Keep getting Internal System error when logging in

By Corrie Meredith
Sep 15 2022

Unable to sign in or reset pswd, internal error with unusual email address

By Kevin Grubbs
Sep 15 2022

Won't let me log in to start .. said error internal system error

By C p
Sep 14 2022

Finally got my app to work so the old app (orange color) is no longer supported, you have to download the new Bushnell app (white color) from your respective App Store.

By Jay
Sep 13 2022

Eternal system error
Does not let me log in don't know what to do

By Steve
Sep 13 2022

Internal system error last 8 days or so

By Dena Freund
Sep 13 2022

Internal error is the message I keep getting. Cannot even reset my password. Please help!

By Scott Groulx
Sep 13 2022

Same as everyone else, internal system error

By Mike Modica
Sep 13 2022

My wingman does not connect and keeps showing internal error.

By Mike
Sep 12 2022

Internal error..what's the fix?

By Scott L Johanson
Sep 12 2022

I can't get my wingman to work it says internal system error.

By Tom Daniels
Sep 12 2022

wingman, internal system error when logging on

By allison breidenbach
Sep 10 2022

can't get my wingman to work it says internal system error.

By Linda D
Sep 10 2022

I have been receiving the internal system error message for the past week.
Says to contact [email protected]
Any idea when this will be corrected?

By dustin sikora
Sep 10 2022

Internal system error. I cannot login. I cannot even get a new password sent or anything. Uninstalled app. Installed again. Still the same problem

By Sue
Sep 09 2022

App has stopped working. Getting internal system error. When will it be fixed?

By Derek McCord
Sep 09 2022

When log in I keep getting a Internal System Error. How do I resolve this issue?

By Matt Zeoli
Sep 09 2022

App suddenly stopped working. Everything I've tried from device reset to reinstalling the software to using different email addresses all come back with... Error: internanal system error

By Matthew Pease
Sep 09 2022

Same issue as most, internal system error.

By Gail a Burton
Sep 08 2022

Same problem as stated above: internal error

By Andrew Zulli
Sep 07 2022

Try to log in and it says internal system error

By Bill Marcum
Sep 07 2022

How do I fix the internal system error on my wingman ?

By Bill Marcum
Sep 07 2022

I trying getting an internal system error when to log in to my wingman.
What should i do ?

By Ken Taylor
Sep 07 2022

Trying to log in and get a internal error message

Sep 06 2022


By Michael Mann
Sep 06 2022

My Bushnell Wingman will not let me log in. Keeps giving me an Error (Internal system error) and to CLOSE.

By Juan Marquez
Sep 04 2022

Internal system error

By Dawn
Sep 03 2022

They stopped the old app. Download the Bushnell Golf Mobile App, the one with the white background. It’ll fix the issue.

By Bob Supinger
Sep 03 2022

Internal System Error. Tried re-installing app, no luck.

By David L Carnegie
Sep 03 2022

I get an error message on the phone app..internal system error

By Abram Olson
Sep 03 2022

If you’re having issues with the wingman, delete the orange app and download the new Bushnell golf app(with white background) and re download and re-pair the devices and follow on screen instructions like it’s a new product! Happy weekend!

By Louie
Sep 03 2022

Internal system error everytime i try to login to the app

By Dave Parsons
Sep 03 2022

internal error and won’t allow me to login
waiting for a fix.. do we know what the problem is?

By Gary
Sep 02 2022

Internal error. LETS FIX THIS!

By Nick Turk
Sep 02 2022

About the 3rd day or so of "internal system error" message when attempting to log into the app.. at least the Wingman is still bumpin tunes ☺

By Don Pittman
Sep 02 2022

App not working. I get an internal error message.

By James Emmons
Sep 02 2022

My Bushnell app keeps saying internal system error. It won’t let me login with the password I know is correct.

By Garth
Sep 02 2022

Can’t login into the app says internal error

By Bryan
Sep 02 2022

Same issue as other - internal error and won’t allow me to login

By chad walden
Sep 02 2022

day 3 of interal error message with no response from the Bushnell team. Please help resolve this issue!

By J Will
Sep 02 2022

can't log on to app...internal error--contact customer support on some email address that is not legible. Deleted and reloaded 3 times--same message.

By Scott Wade
Sep 02 2022

App will not work. Has had issues shutting off

By Jay
Sep 02 2022

Same as others, app not working and says contact support with an email address that is not legible. It’s been days, they should have fixed this by now!!!!

By Ronald Jones
Sep 02 2022

Internal system error

By Dan Ohrum
Sep 02 2022

Getting internal error. How can I fix this?

By Jacobus albertus jordaan
Sep 02 2022

Internal error message and i cannot login

By David McClain
Sep 02 2022

My app crashed. Getting and internal error message telling me to contact [email protected](some weird unreadable) address. Is there a fix for this?

By Paul Rovge
Sep 02 2022

Internal error message when I try to open the app. On phone. My son the software engineer says it’s a server problem on Bushnell’s end. I better start working by Saturday when I playing again.

By Greg
Sep 01 2022

Won’t let me log in to my wingman. Says there is a internal problem

By sheldon sirett
Sep 01 2022

cant login or make a new profile, won't accept an email address. have tried reloading app, deleting it and nothing changes

By Dennis A Sonnenberg
Sep 01 2022

My Bushnell Legacy app always says ERROR INTERNAL SYSTEM ERROR. What is going on?

By Michael Gallagher
Sep 01 2022

Every time I try to log on it says internal email validation error

By Steven M Behl
Sep 01 2022

Error message is "internal system error". contact customer support

By Marty
Sep 01 2022

Wingman-Getting message internal error, contact support at some unreadable address

By Dustin Lehmann
Sep 01 2022

Internal Error? How do I fix this

By Chris M Hladik
Sep 01 2022

Exact same issues as of today. I use my wingman several times a week for the past year now this.... I cannot connect to my wingman. Message is internal system error. Contact customer support ([email protected](unknown symbol).com. Weird address symbol.

By Clark
Sep 01 2022

App will not let me log in.
Tried for glt my password still got the same Internal Error Message.

By Richard Jameson
Aug 31 2022

I cannot connect to my wingman. Message is internal system error. Contact customer support ([email protected](unknown symbol).com. Weird address symbol.

By Max
Aug 31 2022

App was giving me an internal error message today and wouldn’t run. Messed up my round as didn’t have my distances.

By Lorne
Aug 31 2022

Internal error won't load

By Joe Cota
Aug 31 2022

App not working. I get an internal error message.

By Jon Vasquez
Aug 31 2022

Been stuck in loading the screens all day

By Chris Hall
Jun 30 2022

I have the Wingman and have been using the app for a few years but I bought a new Wingman and tried to log in and it rejected my known password. I tried setting up logins on 2 different email services. It appeared to accept them but when I went back to login it did not accept my passwords. I tried "Forgot password" and it said it sent a temporary password but it did not. I am at a loss.

The other 2 emails I used were [email protected] and [email protected]

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