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Published by on 2022-09-22

With Widgy, your home and lock screens becomes YOUR screens. You can make any
kind of widget imaginable that perfectly matches the rest of your aesthetics.

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By Piqa Firzana
Sep 15 2022

not support for explore

By nabi
Sep 15 2022

I've tried a number of times to import through qr but it keeps telling me to use a different source type+ cannot view widgets in the explore tab.

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About this app

You can share your widget as a URL, QR Code, JSON data, a file, or you can publish it to be shown in the Explore section for all the Widgy users to see.  As with Health, all other permissions for Widgy are optional and are there just to show you the data you want to be displayed.  Widgy provides all the different elements that you would ever need to make your widget perfect.  Permission for Widgy to access this data is controlled through the Apple Health app.  This integration is used to display your data if you select one of those widget types.  Other than the Explore section, Reddit (r/Widgy) and Discord communities have produced thousands of Widgy widgets so far.  After a while, you'll have a perfect widget, and all you need to do is to assign it to a widget slot and drop it on your home screen.  The Preview will always show you a live display of exactly how the widget will look on your home screen, so you don't have to constantly go back and forth between the editor and home screen.  Just add an element, pick a data source, throw on some effects, and put it where you want.  When editing a layer, you get a couple of different sections that let you tweak the appearance and data of that layer.  All the information you need can be easily surfaced through a widget that you designed.  Along with that, there are all the data sources you could ever need, everything from system info to weather.  You can privately share widgets with your friends or publicly with all Widgy users, all with a couple of taps.  And with all these data sources, there are several ways to display the data, whether it's a text, a nice chart, or something else.  NOTE: Widgy optionally integrates with Apple Health.  You don't need to be a professional designer, you just need to know what you want.  You can make any kind of widget imaginable that perfectly matches the rest of your aesthetics.  With Widgy, your home and lock screens becomes YOUR screens.  You don't have to clutter your screen with the information you don't want, it's just what you want, how you want it.  The Widgy editor only has two parts.  It's your widget, and you choose how to make it.  Each section has several special things you can do to the layer.  The preview and the layer list.  Some of the icons packs in screenshots designed by bulldog5278.  This isn't an app full of templates, everything is 100% customizable and interchangeable.  Once you figure that out, it's a matter of letting your creativity flow.  Then repeat to add another element.  The only limit is your imagination. 

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