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Contact Mintal Tracker:Sleep Recorder

Published by on 2022-09-02

Do you know if you snore or talk during sleep? Are you struggling to fall asleep
quickly and wake up feeling energized? If you want to sleep better, Mintal
Tracker is here to help! As your intelligent sleep recorder, Mintal Tracker is

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Reported Issues: 14 Comments

By paige c walker

Ok, could be better

I’m writing this after one night of use but here’s what i have to say so far. The biggest issue I had with this app was that even though I set the alarm to off, it still went off at 7:30 and brought me out of a dead sleep, of which I couldn’t go back to. After giving up on trying to go back to sleep after the rude awakening I checked my stats. It was very prominent about how I “didn’t get enough sleep”, (hmmm WONDER WHY) It also didn’t record any sleep talking or snoring data, however that doesn’t bother me too much because I never really thought I was a very loud sleeper anyways. Overall for being a free to use app it is pretty great. However I advise everyone to read the terms and conditions. It also drains a ton of battery.

By guitarplaya45

Love but having some problems

I love this app. I have been using it to see how I sleep and I'm trying different sleep methods out. However, the night before I started it with the sound. The sound would suddenly stop and I'd check it and it stopped tracking completely. So eventually I just didn't do the sound and just had the tracker. It tracked all through the night. But last night, I started just the tracker. This morning, I wake up and it has stopped tracking at some point and didn't track through the night. I would just love for it to track without stopping. The sound isn't a must but the tracking is. I only have the free version and that worked just fine, until now.

By ORHobbes

Too Expensive, missing 2 features

This probably one of the best sleep apps I’ve found in terms of data analysis, but there are a few reasons I went with a different app… 1) Price. The subscription to Mintal’s reports costs $60/year on sale. (normally over $100!) That’s more than double what many other sleep apps charge. I’d be willing to pay up to $30/year, but $60 just for sleep data reports is way too high. 2) No heart rate data, respiratory rate, or blood oxygen levels. Despite the fact that the app says it accesses the Apple Health data, it does not show up in any of the graphs, reports, etc. That’s something every other app shows you, so you can see how your heart and breathing rates compares to sleep quality throughout each night. 3) Can’t edit sleep factors. Sleep factors are great for tracking triggers for better/worse sleep. But every other sleep apps lets you edit the ones you use most, and remove the ones you don’t. Mintal gives you what they think are factors for everyone and you cannot edit them. That’s frustrating. 4) No Apple Watch integration. Using the microphone on the phone is great, but many other apps integrate that with also using the motion detection from wearing the Apple Watch to bed. Mintal ignores that part, and only uses the audio, no motion data. Outside of these 4 issues, it’s a great app. If they add these features and ever offer a lower subscription (or a lifetime option), then I would consider switching to this app.

By Sean Collins
Nov 22 2022

I canceled my trial and wanted the monthly subscription but have just been charged for the yearly one. Please can you refund me. Thanks

By Charon Camarasa
Nov 20 2022

Hi there, I cancel this account 3 months ago and you renewed it. Please refund the amount to my Apple account.

Nov 18 2022

I got stuck paying the 59.99 even though I tried to cancel it on time. Fine, whatever BUT NOW it won't show me my sleep apnea recording. Says I need to pay 59.99!!! I ALREADY PAID THAT! WHY can't I see all the stuff if I already paid! Yes I canceled for the next renewal but that is not until August of 2023. It's all very irritating.

By Jennifer Sieb
Oct 02 2022

I tried to cancel my subscription, but had a problem. Please get back to me by email to help me with this.
Thank You!

By Sarah Gardner
Sep 27 2022

I used the 7 day trial don’t wish to use this app any longer so I cancelled the subscription but their has been £49 took from my account,

By Brianna laws
Jul 23 2022

I would like a refund because I cancel a day before but they still took my money

By Kiandra Dodson
Jul 22 2022

I would like a refund. Charged for subscription on accident. $60

By Max
Jun 11 2022

I wanted to try the free trial and was charged for a 1 year subscription. Absolutely furious.

By Deanna SmithCastillo
Jun 01 2022

I had canceled this 2 times on my phone before 7 day trial and did not want charged $59.99 I would like a refund really didn’t like app was only able to use it 1 time and was not able to hear the recording

By Sandra Furgeri
Jun 01 2022

I canceled before the 7 day free trial and was charged for the month. I would like a refund.

By Karen Curran
May 08 2022

I would like a refund on my subscription please.

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