iTech Fusion Reviews

iTech Fusion Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-13

This app is ONLY compatible with the iTech Fusion Smartwatch. All iTech Wearable
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iTech Fusion Reviews

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    Wanna be

    The Watch says it gives you weather updates every hour. That’s not true. For my watch to even tell me the temperature, first I must enter my location again and updated myself. Even if my location is where I live, and I don’t leave my house, it’s still doesn’t update unless I do it for it. The beats per minute feature for your heart rate is a complete joke. My heart beats faster than 54 bpm. The steps that it says I take a day, is not accurate either. I can be sitting down when just woke up and I will say I took 553 steps. About the only thing that works really well on this watch, is it keeps accurate time.

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    Inexpensive watch, with with an app!

    I was looking for a watch that would look decent enough but still would be kinda cheap, but techy. This watch does do everything it says (except messages for me). It’s UI isn’t the best, resolution and screen are not great. I got mine for $35, and at that price I would buy it again. Battery life is great, about 5-7 days, depending on how you use it. The app is about the same. It could be better but for 35 bucks its about what you would expect. I wish: I had more watch faces. More charts and graphs from data collected. The UI was easier to use. Less confusing. Saved all date to the Health app, including sleep. Over all I would give the whole system a 3.5/5. Could be better but for the money pretty darn ok.

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    I like it but the watch is delayed

    This was the is great an cute however my time on the watch keeps falling back. I’ll reset the watch just so it can display an accurate current time but after bout two to three hours the times becomes off track. Also, it not accurate with the steps. I woke up in the morning an the watch said I walked 200 steps. So it’s cute an cool it just needs some tweaking.

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    Not a bad watch

    But I want to see the calories I burn per workout. Not every just run, or bike ride. At least it not show ad kcal like a watch i Receive last week from China or some foreign country. All their watches show up ad kcal( u work out hard for an hour or 2 look at ur watch and it says 40 or 60 kcal. I not like that. I want it to show my exact Calories I have burned doing a workout; And not from just running, biking or tennis. If I can’t see my calories on this watch From just doing normal workouts at home; This watch is not good and will have to return it for refund or u give me what I’m looking for. I put in 4 or 6 names and u keep saying it is taken no matter what u put in. So there is something not right about that. Thx

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    I don’t know...

    Well... I got this a week ago and up until today I’ve had issues. It will say in the app 100% and I’ve been charging it for 4 hours then the watch is still at 0. I was really impressed with the performance of the watch up until today. It was glitching and blacking out and on the stopwatch it kept pausing at 26:40 right after it hit 15:00. Other then that, this week has been pretty good. This all started today after the stopwatch hit 15

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    Good Enough For Telling Time

    Compared to an Apple Watch, it’s not too bad. Clock, alarms, music control and heart rate portions function okay. But the watch disconnects from my phone/ app as soon as I close out of the app. And if you’re looking to buy to keep track of your steps, don’t buy! The steps are not accurate at all... it tracks every slightest movement; almost as if brushing my hair or filing my nails is considered as steps. Just poor quality for the technology side. Should’ve just put the $40 towards an Apple Watch.

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    Okay, but

    This app isn’t bad, very basic. I wish it had more options for the watch face. I wish there was more information on Sleep patterns but other than that, it’s an alright app

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    Shayla/ product is aight.

    It’s an okay product. It isn’t the easiest to set up or charge. The charging mechanism is weird and why honestly Why a USB port wasn’t used idk. I purchased mainly for steps and BPM for when I work out. It doesn't display my notifications as it should, not for a text or even a phone call. This is why I told my husband I want a Apple Watch.

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    Got it to work well

    At first it did not work what so ever but I rest the watch got the app then I let the app find the watch then It found it and it works great no problems yet.

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    Very good starter smart watch

    For my first smart watch its a pleasure to have it. Most of the things you would want in a smart watch are here!

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    Good app

    I like the app and watch, I just wish it had more “watch faces” other than the three available. Logs pretty consistently with activity.

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    Need help programming for iPhone 11

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    DON’T BUY!!

    Why waist people’s time and money. I know the saying is- you get what you paid for, however this is not worth a $1, let alone $40 dollars @ Walmart. Doesn’t connect to Bluetooth, isn’t accurate, and poor quality parts. People please read reviews before buying this watch. I want my money back!!!

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    So upset

    It’s great for telling time and counting steps, that’s it! The charging was crazy and not friendly, it didn’t not give any other notifications, would periodically disconnect and I would have to pair it again and again. I was better off just having my phone.

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    Great but 3 things not great

    It is great but the batty life is bad and it resets the steps every day! And sometimes it says the wrong date. Otherwise good watch.

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Is iTech Fusion Safe?

Yes. iTech Fusion is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 613 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for iTech Fusion Is 23.5/100.

Is iTech Fusion Legit?

Yes. iTech Fusion is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 613 iTech Fusion User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for iTech Fusion Is 23.5/100.

Is iTech Fusion not working?

iTech Fusion works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 34 Comments

By Jay b
Mar 28 2021

Bought the watch today set it up then put on charger it won’t power back on

By Adam B
Mar 25 2021

My temperature keeps going out. Unable to get current temperature. This keeps having & it has also happened to my father who has the same watch & same problem 😳

By Krystal Bogle
Mar 11 2021

Watch is great but recently it will not show weather and now my husbands is doing the same thing. When we try to search our location it just stays on the search bar in the app.

By Mari
Mar 10 2021

I just got this watch a few days ago and everything seems to be working just fine except I cannot get the weather to sync! When I go into the weather area on the app and type in my location it doesn't even search for it it just stays on the search bar screen. Anyone know how to fix this? I've tried disconnecting my watch and reconnecting it, tried searching by the city, the zip and the state. Help please!

By Desiree Coyne
Mar 08 2021

Everything on my watch works except my weather. It worked for a few days now it says weather n/a connect watch. Everything is connected besides that. I have disconnected and uninstalled and still nothing. Please help! Thank you!

By Desiree Coyne
Mar 08 2021

Everything on my watch works except my weather. It worked for a few days now it says weather n/a connect watch. Everything is connected besides that. I have disconnected and uninstalled and still nothing. Please help!

By Adam
Mar 07 2021

My ITech Fusion Watch is not show weather. I reconnected, turned off my WiFi, nothing works!

By Red
Mar 07 2021

Touch screen dead. Won't charge for more than 1/2 day. I don't expect it to be 100 dollar watch quality but it should at least function at the basic lvl.....

By Amber Gray
Mar 01 2021

Got my watch in December, worked great, but now the touch screen will not do anything. I cannot switch between the screens and can only see the main face. Everything is updated to my knowledge.

By Kyle
Feb 23 2021

Hey the screen stoped working

By Billy
Feb 21 2021

This phone is a rip off It's nothing but junk Wasted money The screen will not stay on long
enough to figure out to do shit

By Aiden VanTrump
Feb 17 2021

I've had this watch for almost a year and I hate it I can't get a new one and they won't replace mine the touch screen hasn't worked for 4 months don't ask for help because they won't help you I asked them to fix it in september 2020 and they haven't emailed me yet wast of money don't buy it it's stupid.

By Tim Harris
Feb 17 2021

I just received an iTech Fusion R smartwatch for Valentine's Day and worked fine til today. The screen became unresponsive and won't let me go to texts or any other menus.

By Angela
Feb 10 2021

Not even 24 hours and my screen isnt working! Tried turning off phone. Time will just appear. How do I fix this???

By Lauretta Boulton
Feb 08 2021

App works fine to change watch settings, but I have only had the watch 4 days and now the touch screen is not working, it does not respond to any touch and I have restarted it, updated the software in it, etc.. I cannot find any other forums online or anything for this watch besides this app page

By Kyle Keller
Feb 03 2021

Touch screen stopped working , literally bad the watch for two days very disappointed

By Aiden
Feb 03 2021

My touchscreen stopped working after a week and it works off and on it's very annoying but I get call notifications but no text and no other notifications can still change the watch face on my phone plz help.

By Keith
Feb 02 2021

Touch screen stopped working after 1 week.

By Danielle piatt
Feb 01 2021

Bought this watch yesterday and the touch screen stopped working! Only notifies of a message and tells time. Very disappointing.

By Angel Garcia
Jan 25 2021

When I try to use the scream or scroll down up left and right it doesn’t work I tried to turn it off it wouldn’t let me how can I fix it

Jan 25 2021

I don’t think my charger connects properly. Just bought it doesn’t posts don’t sit properly it seems. Where can I get another charger

By Michaela Capello
Jan 21 2021

I like this watch. I mostly wanted it for sleep tracking but then was curious about sports mode and my HR during HIIT. My resting HR is always accurate. I have a physio machine at home that monitors my ecg and they are on par, however, during high intensity work outs when I know my HR must be between 160-190 it will half it. I have no way to really test this one out exactly but I know what my HR feels like around 185 because my last gym had strap devices for us to use. I have tried different placements and some seem to work better than others but I wouldn't say adjusting placement fixes the problem. Best place for me is on ulnar artery.
The step tracker is way off. My phone will track me at 2x the amount of the watch and my phone isn't always on me.
These issues do cause me to question the validity of the sleep monitoring function. At least I know I like smartwatches now and would like a more reliable one in the future.
The messages works for me sometimes. I think I have to reset the allowed settings in my phone regularly.
I would give this watch a 7/10.

By Kyanah Skannal
Jan 20 2021

I have only had this watch for one day and the touch screen just randomly stopped working.

By Nicolene Worthy
Jan 16 2021

I can't get the steps to count.
Really bad impression of the watch.
Kindly assist.

By Nick
Jan 15 2021

Touch screen not responding. Just shows time.

By Jennifer Johns
Jan 14 2021

I got this watch as a christmas gift and now the touch screen isn't responding, it still shows time but wont let me do anything atall! Please help, this watch meant alot to me it was from someone special!

By Dylan Peters
Jan 12 2021

I have an itech fusion smartwatch
Its decent
But I lost the charger and it seems like you cant buy specifically just the charger

Anyone know what other chargers may work??

By Diann M Gunzburg
Jan 12 2021

I have had this watch a little over two weeks. The power button doesn't work. And the screen has stopped responding to all touch. I have it set so the screen turns on when I turn my wrist but I can't clear my alerts or do anything with my watch. Very disappointed.

By Emily Stunes
Jan 09 2021

My touchscreen has stopped working. Tried updating, restarting, and re connecting Bluetooth and it still isn’t working. I bought the watch maybe a month ago.

By Hayley
Jan 08 2021

My touchscreen is not responding. Just got this two days ago. How do I fix this??

By Corina Wyckoff
Jan 01 2021

My watch screen is not responding to touch. Has been very good since but this is my first issue with the watch a little upsetting I have had it maybe 2 weeks. How can we fix this?

By Lyndsi
Dec 28 2020

Touch screen is not working at all only tells the time

By Lyndsi
Dec 28 2020

My watch is two days old and the touch screen isn't working. Haven't dropped it or got it wet. It just shows the time and I can't open the watch at all.

By Jennifer Dixon
Dec 23 2020

Touchscreen not responding

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