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Published by on 2022-09-16

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Reviews (27)


Absolute SCAM

I must say - someone came up with a great way to scam unsuspecting people. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since it was Facebook that brought me here. Innocently enough, it started with a Facebook post on my feed. I began reading what felt could be an interesting short story. Before I knew it, I was at Chapter 4 with no way to continue unless I downloaded this app. Seemed harmless enough so I did - and got to about Chapter 7 where it insisted I pay for coins to continue reading. Well at that point I was invested so I paid $5.99 for several hundred coins. NOWHERE did it state how many coins might be needed to complete the story nor did it provide any information on how many coins would be charged for every new chapter. Well, I blew through the hundreds of coins in about 40 minutes and about seven chapters with the story still nowhere near the end. At that point I decided to cut my losses and walk away. No way was I going to pay another $6 for more coins without disclosure of how many would be needed to finish the story! This was a complete scam. Amateur writers with no editors should not cost more than bestseller novels from a trusted book store. The story contained so many typographical errors - it was difficult to read. Learn the proper use of contractions and commas for goodness sake! Basic sentence structure, please. Avoid this scam at all costs - unless you have no better way to spend your time and money. Definite RIP-OFF!


Colossal waste of money for incredibly poor and disrespectful to readers writing

I got hooked to one of the books on Facebook, so I downloaded the app and kept reading. It was never mentioned anywhere that you will need to buy coins to continue reading. I would be ok maybe paying $10, but it seems like it is going to be a never ending story with hundreds of dollars lost. In previous reviews someone mentioned that if you were to buy an entire Harry Potter series or Game of Thrones, you’d pay similar amount of money. I bought and read both, and I consider that a great way of spending money. This, however, is a complete opposite. It seems like it is written by a child, completely careless of the outcome. Zero editing or proofreading. A premature baby born after 10 months of pregnancy, mixed up names, F country, “arriving to a certain location”, “reasonable reason”, a 5-year old hacking a computer and developing a tracker and self-defense device- these are some of the memorable screw ups. The author feels like they need to explain everything and remind everything over and over again, to the point when I, as a reader, feel like a 5-year old. I have to give it to the developers and authors - it is a completely new way of scamming people not only for money, but for the intellectual abilities- who knows how many IQ points one can lose over reading this combination of soap operas plots and minimal writing skills after very heavy hangover. Scammers!


Expensive but Enjoyable Page Turners

If you are looking for a digital book that you could buy at the library then this is not for you. Many or most of the stories on here are Massive ongoing stories that would be more comparable to multiple seasons of an ongoing tv series that might leave you hanging for awhile as they get more pages translated. Yes it is very expensive with some stories having over 2,000 chapters. However, how much money would it have cost you to originally read all books of the Harry Potter series when it first came out or to read all The Game of Thrones books. It is not cheap to read but if you add up the amount of entertainment hours you get, reading something unavailable in stores, it doesn’t seem as painful. I have just accepted it and enjoy them. My only complaint is that the translations are a little slow once you read to the end of what they have completed. Almost like waiting for the next season of your favorite TV Series.


Caught in a web

So I was on Facebook and this story pops up. Marriage by Mistake. I started reading and was like oooh exciting. So I downloaded the app and started to read the story. I got to a point where you had to purchase coins for the story. I’m like sure I will buy the book for $5. So thinking I bought the book I started reading. Enjoying the way the book was going and boom I would have had to pay more. I was like what. So read the comments and seen that the book was on going. I don’t believe that it was worth more than that so I did not by more. I waited for free coins. Once I received them I read. Eventually the story got to a point where I knew it was going to turn but it never did. I made it to chapter 116 before I deleted the app. The writer has talent but I’m not sure if they actually know how to make a book that continues in a good way. I believe that the writers have to write a certain amount each day. There is a way to continue a book without continuing the same story and the writer lacks in that department. It’s kind of disappointing. If you are reading this I suggest not to get caught in a web. You will not be happy when you spend 100 plus and the story is pretty much the same. I don’t know what the ending is but I can tell you getting to chapter 116 wasn’t worth more than the $5 I spent. Good luck



Saw the ad on Facebook for the book about Charlie Wade and thought it was just some short story that someone posted so I started reading it and after a while it said in order to finish the story I had to download the app so of course I downloaded the app without thinking or reading any reviews and continue reading I get about 30 chapters in and suddenly a chapter is locked so I buy the cheapest points possible the $5.99 for 600 thinking that’ll get me through the rest of the book because it was only going to charge me nine points to continue reading little did I know it was nine points per chapter after that I ended up getting to about chapter 60 still hooked in the story even though it was poorly written I was invested by this point again not enough tokens to continue reading so stupidly I bought another 600 I am now $12 into this book and haven’t even gotten halfway through the story. I decided today to check out the app and see if I could find out how many chapters are in this book since I’m running low on points again. This is an 800+ chapter book meaning it would be cheaper to just go to a bookstore and buy a hardback Limited addition version of a book then it would be to read one here. This app is a scam and charges way too much money for mediocre books


What a joke.

I wanted to read one novel. Started reading on Facebook, and decided to continue reading on the app. I don’t mind paying ten bucks for a good book, but the book I was reading had more than 200 chapters. I was on chapter 40 something, and that was ten bucks. No way am I paying fifty or more dollars for a book. Especially since these books are not all that good. I enjoyed the story, but the grammar, spelling, and punctuation were atrocious. I can overlook that as these authors are new, and this is an app for amateur writers, but their books are not yet worth the kind of money I’d need to shell out to read them. The app need to either give way more free coins per day, make the chapters cost less coins to unlock, or make the coins much much cheaper, or else this is just a complete rip off. I’ve read the response from the developer to some other commenters about this being a scam, and I just want to say that the developers keep saying they want to give us affordable books and that we are supporting the authors so they can write good books. First of all, the books are not affordable, nor are they good enough to justify the cost, and secondly, I don’t mind supporting a good author, but these books aren’t even well written! (The storyline was great, though!)


To expensive

I’ve gotten sucked into a story and have paid $20 dollars already and am only on chapter 75. Mind you each chapter is about 10-12 iPhone screen sized pages. Do not start reading Facebook stories. This is where it all starts. The complete lack of editing is extremely distracting. And if I’m paying what is looking like $40 to read one book that if in print would be around 200 pages, I expect so much more for the money invested. The authors are great story tellers but this app is too much. Don’t censor the cuss words for Pete’s sake. It’s like it’s on an automatic filter and puts asterisk where there was no foul language. My desperate hope is that the authors are getting most of this money and not the developers. I’ll be deleting this app as soon as I’m done. I’m halfway through Alpha Asher and I’ve already spent $20. Each chapter is 40-50 coins so no each day is not enough “earned coins” to get any value. This app is by far the most expensive with ridiculous costs. No where do they give any idea about how much it would cost to finish the book which is the scam part in my mind. If the pricing was upfront then you could make your mind up if the book is worth it.


Great idea ruined by greed.

So I started reading a story they had on GoodNovel and at some point I knew I’d have to pay something for the rest of the story. Chapter after chapter I read until chapter 20 (which each chapter was only about 3-4 small pages on my phone, likely at most 2 pages of a typical paperback) when at the end it asks me to spend 10 coins which is an in app purchase where you can buy 600 for $5.99, 1000 for $9.99, and so on increments of chips. I decided to look and see how many chapters there were and I find that there are over 2500 chapters to this story…. Doing a little math at 10 coins per chapter it would take over 25,000 coins which was over $200 just for this story that while yes it has a ton of chapters I’d say at least 3 or 4 chapters maybe 5 would need to be added together for to be a normal chapter of a book. These kind of micro transactions is just pure greed preying upon those who don’t pay attention to these things until they’d spent money and more money and more thinking they were almost complete with the story. Was the story pretty good? Yes it really was but is it worth $200 for me to read til the end, absolutely not. Buyer beware everyone, don’t fall for this scam like app.



Honestly when I saw the ads and book snippets for this app i was intrigued by it and was willing to download the app. At first, it seemed pretty decent, similar to many other apps that replaced wattpads nsfw/some sfw reading selection. But the longer I’ve had and been on the app, the more I notice how unfinished it seems and how absolutely ridiculous the coin to reading system is. So far, every book I’ve started only gives you a handful of free chapters before you have to spend coins or bonus points on the next chapter, which in general isn’t too bad, but the big flaw with that is how frequently it happens, there are no books that are completely free or at least 90% free. None of the books I’ve encountered have a wait for free chapter option, and when I do want to buy the next chapter with coins/bonus points, the price per chapter ranges so vastly that I don’t even want to read anymore. The books are pretty interesting, and aside from the bad grammar and punctuation in a lot of them, the overall stories are pretty good. I would just like to see some more growth and adjustments to this app before I decide to scrap it altogether.


Don’t Bother

Don’t bother with this app if you enjoy to read and enjoy reading a whole book if you choose to do so. I understand these books are either in the process of being written or someone’s first story but there is a thing called editing. I can get passed all the grammar mistakes but what I can’t get passed is reading a chapter or two, maybe three if you’re lucky and then being told you have to pay coins to read, or come back in so many hours or days. Sure you can buy coins just like you can buy e-books on Kindle or Nook so why bother here if you can only read so much if the book is still in the writing process and the coins only give you so much time or limited number chapters!!! As for earning coins, yeah that’s a joke! I read for over and hour different stories as far as I could go before having to wait or pay with coins and got nothing in coins for my time reading!!! I wish all the authors the best but truly this app isn’t worth it if you are an avid reader and writer like myself. Make some changes and just maybe you will have something. Check out other apps like this one they’re better than this one.


It froze

I’m reading the novel fated to the alpha and I’m super into it and just as it was getting better it froze. It wouldn’t let me go to the next chapter or the previous page, it wouldn’t let me even leave the book I had to exit the app and close it only for it to say loading when I try to click on the Novel to read it again. I ended up deleting the app and re-downloaded it. I click on the Novel, it made me start over. I go to the chapter I was previously having troubles with (chapter 75) hoping it would be fixed but it did the same thing. I clicked on another novel and it went through easily. I tried to sit and wait for it to load but as 5 minutes turned to 10 I realized it most likely won’t load. I do not want to start another novel until I finish this first one because I’m super into this one and it was the main reason I downloaded this app to begin with. I’m not sure if it’s something with me or the app or maybe just the novel itself but I would really like this fixed so I can continue reading the novel please and thank you


Hit and miss

There are a few well written books on this platform, but the editing is atrocious. Even if multiple people point out mistakes no one fixes them. It makes it very distracting trying to read with all of the typos. If you can find the good ones that are interesting reads, then it’s worth it. But you will get no help from the book descriptions or reviews to try to discover the good books. It’s very hard to tell which books are good. Many of the books are terrible, make no sense, and change character names because the authors can’t remember what they wrote. And many of the authors seem like English is not their first language. You can easily tell when it’s someone writing about a country they are not familiar with. Really wish they would find some good editors, at least for the really popular books. And I wish they would write proper descriptions of the books and have more detailed genres. But you will also spend a lot of money trying to finish one book. I have no idea how they determine the price of each chapter, but for cost to value you are better off sticking to big publishers.


Hit and miss and too expensive

I’ve used a few apps like good novel and I tend to bounce between them. Good novel is by far the most expensive! I’ve spent $30 so far and have yet to finish my current book. I’m pretty irritated with how much it costs to read a book that isn’t professionally edited with many mistakes and errors, it isn’t finished, and some times it gets worse as the books go on. Some of the books on here are poorly written. However, I’ve found a couple that I’ve enjoyed. So far I like alpha Asher and p.s. you’re my mate. I do not love that it’s costing me almost 3 times as much money as any of the other apps out there. And honestly, as soon as I’m done reading my current book, I probably won’t come back for another one. If you do the daily check ins to simply unlock content and not spend money, it’ll take you a day and a half up to 3 days of check ins to unlock some of the more expensive chapters. So the daily bonuses are pretty pointless sadly. I’m mostly disappointed in how the app is run, the quality control, and the amount they charge for their poor standard of works. Very sad.


GoodNovel reading App

As previous reviewers have said I found this app thru FB and got really into the story and decided to download GoodNovel. It’s a great app and a way for Authors to get their books/stories out there and I totally support that…however it is on the more expensive side. Most apps have in-app purchases to do certain things so that’s kind of what I expected here only I’ve spent probably close to $100 on this app because I do love the stories I just wish the coins you buy for your money weren’t so expensive because they go quick, instead of $5 for the lowest amount I feel $2 and up would be a good start. There is also the issue with the typos- most stories on here have them, almost as if they are not proofread which can get kind of annoying and at certain same points make it hard to understand. GoodNovel is not everyones cup of tea but if you have the money you can find some really great reads on here. I recommend Alpha Asher & Alpha Loren.


Good books!

I really like the books so far. I’m currently reading 3 at a time to help me rotate and gain the points. So far I haven’t paid anything yet. If you are a very impatient person then you will definitely hate this app but so far I’m ok. The chapters aren’t massive but they aren’t super short either and sometimes more then one chapter gets unlocked at a time which is nice. I’ve used other point based free apps and so far I like this one better. You can earn points by watching ads, logging in, reading 15min and 30min, adding books to your library and by adding friends. Basically I can earn at least 40 easily a day and there are times when the chapters just unlock plus they have surprise chances to earn the daily points again. I’m not sure if I could use this as my main reading app because I read so much the waiting would kill me but I definitely love it for the additional books I have read.


I’ve spent too much time on this app

This app is wonderful, if you are looking for fully published works that have no mistakes whatsoever, don’t bother. If you interested in writing or reading works that are still in the making, this is the app for you. It is a bit costly. Some works are not complete. You purchase coins, which are used to unlock chapters within the book, a certain number of chapters are free. Authors do make money with this app, not by chapters, but by their overall word count for the month and it isn’t as much as a book deal. I am proud to say I have spent days on this app, reading, critiquing, and commenting. Authors want YOUR FEEDBACK. If you find a mistake, you can comment on the paragraph, a different set of eyes is sometimes the only way, and there isn’t a publisher for this. Help out your struggling poets and writers, everyone needs an escape from the world. These are the writers of the future! KEEPING BOOKS ALIVE AND WELL.


GoodNovel.. boooo

Maaan! I just deleted this app! I’ve had it 3 days! And all 3 days I used it.. ALOT! I love to read! And these were good stories! But it runs off a “earn coin” or “purchase coins”.. which is great! If it worked like it was suppose too! Every story I read, would just start getting good then you had to pay for the next chapter.. JUST 1.. maybe 8 pages?! From anywhere to 11-75 coins! You could earn coins kind of.. 3 for watching ads. But they only allow so many you can watch. Then 5, for reading for 15 minutes on the platform. Which I did. Several times.. for 3 days! And I received the 5 coins once daily. Oh you get 20 everyday, for showing up. But if you preorder the next chapter. It takes you coins.. and you have no clue where the book is you subscribed too.. I can read a whole book or 2 in 3 days! I haven’t finished any on this app.. which is why I didn’t bother to pay for anything on it. It’s a scam.. it’s great for starting writers! But not for thirsty readers.. I wish the app wouldn’t have tried to screw the writers so much! I would gladly go to my local library and check these books out.. mistakes and all!!


Ehhh not bad but not worth the money

It is understandable to pay $15-30 for a brand new published book! But to have to spend more that and more to be able to read an unpublished/ in edited book is unfair. Yes you can wait two hours or try to get the free coins from reading time... etc, but the coin requirement for each “episode” increases basically making it impossible for you to earn enough without spending money. You would think writers would want their works to be read and enjoyed, but this is basically forcing you to choose spend lots of money or do not finish the book that you started. The first book I began to read has 99 “episodes” I spent $20 to read the first 50, waited every two hours to read the next 15 and now it says I can only unlock the last part with coins so- which means I will have to spend more money. Mind you these “episodes” range from 10-20 phone pages. Truly unfortunate that I will end up not finishing the book and I have started several others to get the coin reward, which I won’t be finishing either.



I started off reading “The Amazing Son-In-Law” first. I will admit it is a compelling story. But the liberties taken with the story are as shameless as the characters in the story. The editing is horrible as is the continual synopsis of what was just read at every turn. At times I wondered just how many people were writing this story. Surely a single author didn’t forget that he had relayed his story, only worded differently, a mere three paragraphs before! I would hate to think that in addition to making each chapter 5-10 pages long, that this was done as a way to increase the text in order to force your good readers to pay even MORE for these stories than is already warranted or necessary! Why for the price I have already paid for this story I could have bought 3 books from a bookstore! Or, failing that, on this very app! It truly is sad and honestly makes me think twice about digital reading material. Maybe print will make a comeback and make apps like this obsolete. There are better ways to EARN the money spent on this app than by swindling it away from your users.


Good books has some bugs

First off this app has a lot of good books!! Problem is there is A Lot of bugs!!! I check in every day and was going good for a while but now it skips days doesn’t give me all of my points doesn’t check me in and when I read it doesn’t count Any of my minutes! The chapters are never the same as seen it over charge me a lot which I don’t like because I also pay to read. Which brings me to my next statement which is you have to pay a lot to read, and once again the more points you have the more it charges you per chapter. I have been waiting on an update to fix this and last times I’ve updated it tells me I’m going to get points (100 or so) but never get them! So 3 stars for good books and that’s it! I don’t usually leave reviews (ever) and I would have deleted the app a long time ago if I wasn’t hooked on the books. I will update my review if this ever gets resolved while I am on it but if it keeps up I will delete the app.


Interesting stories

Translation and improved proofreading would make stories easier to read


So addicting!

The stories are awesome, but a bit pricey.. being a bookworm, i don't mind. I hope they make it less pricey though or maybe look into monthly subscriptions instead


Rip off

I’m extremely disappointed. I actually purchased coins and they disappeared by the next time I needed to spend them. So either it’s spending them without telling you or they just disappeared. Either way, it’s a poor way to cheat people of their money. I’m one who dies spend money on my app entertainment but won’t waste my money on this one again obvioyslt


Seriously ?

As I am using it for only two days I only received 15 coins and cannot even unlock any chapters after using those coins to unlock one chapter. 😒 given there were a few free chapters but after that now what? I can’t even earn any coins and th only real options is to purchase like wth!


Hard to search for fantasy stuff

It’s hard to find the good stuff I like to read here. The other problem is that that it’s hard to get enough coins to actually read anything without having to actually buy them



The novel is decent, and the translation isn’t too bad. It is incredibly expensive, though. And, mainly, the novel just stops. The story is unfinished. Never would have started if I had known that.



I love it

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Is GoodNovel Books Web Novels Safe?

Yes. GoodNovel & Books Web Novels is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 20,418 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for GoodNovel & Books Web Novels Is 40.0/100.

Is GoodNovel Books Web Novels Legit?

Yes. GoodNovel & Books Web Novels is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 20,418 GoodNovel & Books Web Novels User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for GoodNovel & Books Web Novels Is 40.0/100.

Is GoodNovel & Books Web Novels not working?

GoodNovel & Books Web Novels works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 100 Comments

By Sandra
Sep 14 2022

I got hooked on story but you really need to do the free ways to earn coins rather than purchasing coins.

By Charlotte Cunningham
Sep 10 2022

I have left romance stories in the dust you are robbing your readers. The page is locked and I still have more to read I paid for. I don’t want your scams bonus. This one is called when his eyes opened. So many errors in many words and the information is inconsistent in the story line. As readers we don’t forget the events in a story. I think your garbage.

By Tabes
Sep 09 2022

Very expensive. I don’t mind paying for a good book, but the further I got into the book, the worse the grammar and spelling got. Then pages would repeat themselves. So I was paying to re-read several pages. 🤬. Anything that had “and” and the word itself was always spelled with symbols and other letters (ex: W&87¥a” = Wanda”).

By Tony
Sep 02 2022

I would have gladly purchased the book I started reading but I refuse to pay per chapter very disappointing in this

By Peter
Aug 22 2022

Same as other readers. Followed a Facebook ad, was enjoying the Charlie wade story until I got to locked chapters. Purchased the 600 coin package and to my dismay I ran out of coins by chapter 75. There’s hundreds of chapters in this book (some literally are 3-4 pages). That means to finish a book you’ll need to pay up $30-50 by the time it’s all said and done. By any other name, you’d call this a scam. Also, the plot is interesting but the writing is atrocious.

By Pam
Aug 17 2022

THIS IS A MONEY GRAB!!!! Started this book from facebook and was intrigued, so I started on the app. I like the story and got a ways before it asked me to pay for more reading. So I spent $9.99 and it let me read one or two chapters. At that point, I forgot to uncheck the auto chapter renew before I hit the unlock button. It charged me another $9.99 for ONE chapter. Each chapter is 5-7 I phone pages and takes maybe a minute to read. At no time after you buy coins does it tell you how much you have they start tempting you with 1/2 price coins/bonuses. I finally decided to spend $39.99 to see if I could just finish the book. $150 later and I still have over 100 chapters to go. Hate that I am addicted to this story! BEWARE!!

By Dawn Narvaez
Aug 15 2022

Absolutely a rip off you'll waste at least $50 trying read not even half of it. Spend $10 on kindle get unlimited reading

By Tracy
Aug 10 2022

When his eyes opened absolutely great book HOWEVER I have spent almost $200 which is complete BS to have to pay that much for a book that does a lot of repeating of chapters and a lot of mistakes and misspelling and once I reach the last chapter which was more than 1700 chapters I realized the book didn’t actually end its as if writer hadn’t completed the book very upset!!!! I would have gladly paid 40 or 50 dollars for this book but not 200 and then no ending complete SCAM!!!!

By MistiDawn Martin
Aug 10 2022

I'm not able to use the audio version of my book

Aug 07 2022

This App is a total scam. First few chapters were free and then they were blocked so I signed up for 1000 points. Up to chapter 80 And only 9 points left - so looked up to see how many more there are more than chapters and there are more than 400 chapters. No way I'm continuing with this.. don't know if the author even gets the money.

By Helen
Jul 30 2022

I could have read 24 novels by now. The story I’m reading the charismatic Charlie Wade started off exciting, interesting touching the emotions. I paid to read it sometimes speed reading through the chapters because they were repetitive, redundant (same story different characters). I read until there was no more story to read. There was no ending and now each day there’s a paragraph or three that are called chapters. I feel like I’ve been robbed well I was being robbed now I’m being F*^%€d. The readers who have made it to where I am in this book are complaining that the author or whoever should be listening are not listening to our comments. Consumer beware.

By Helen
Jul 30 2022

I could have read 24 novels by now. The story I’m reading the charismatic Charlie Wade started off exciting, interesting touching the emotions. I paid to read it sometimes speed reading through the chapters because they were repetitive, redundant (same story different characters). I read until there was no more story to read. There was no ending and now each day there’s a paragraph or three that are called chapters. I feel like I’ve been robbed well I was being robbed now I’m being F*^%€d. The readers who have made it to where I am in this book are complaining that the author or whoever should be listening are not listening to our comments. Consumer beware.

By Christine Morgan
Jul 29 2022


COMPLETE and ABSOLUTE SCAM, A COLOSSAL RIPOFF!! I was drawn in by the first few free chapters this app offered but after that it will cost you 9.99 if you want to continue further (at least without being locked every few chapters!) Then come to find out that these books have over 1500 chapters...YOU GUYS ARE A MAJOR RIPOFF!! You've made it so that I don't even care to finish the book ( also the book is Neverending, it's constantly repetitive story lines(just with a slight change of antagonist doing the same joke of a revenge theme) is mind numbing, exhausting, and extremely frustrating!!! IT NEVER ENDS!! I'VE NEVER BEEN SO DISAPPOINTED IN AN APP BEFORE!!


Jul 24 2022

Read the ultimate husband started from Facebook like a lot of people here. Did the free coins a lot and put 15$ Or 20$ into the app. Only around chapter 300 of 1500. The storyline is very captivating but I don’t know that it’s worth starting a book that’s going to cost 100$ and has almost no editing. Names are constantly wrong and numbers change often as well, sometimes from paragraph or page.

By Jo
Jul 18 2022

Like everyone who have commented blimmy i think i paid around $100 NZ so far and they still need more $$$ wtf. The problem is i got hooked at the beginning, nevermind ill just have to come up with my own conclusion these people know how to play us.

By Jo
Jul 18 2022

Like everyone who have commented blimmy i think i paid around $100 NZ so far and they still need more $$$ wtf. The problem is i got hooked at the beginning, nevermind ill just have to come up with my own conclusion these people know how to play us.

By K Brown
Jul 17 2022

SCAM Absolutely disgusted at this money grabbing website by luring people in with a prologue on a book then as you get into it you get asked to pay £8 99 to enable you to continue reading the book you are now interested in then they do the same again requesting you to pay to continue reading the relevant book. Will definatrly be letting friends and family know not to be taken in by this online site.

By Marianne Goetze
Jul 06 2022

Scam I don’t read often but saw something on FB started reading it. The book was good but Definitely not worth more than 10 bucks. I’m on chapter 128 already spent 10 and now to continue I need to spend more. This book had over 1200 chapters by the time I’m done ready it will costs me over 30 with the typos, errors on whose who it’s not worth this. Will def not continue my book. Sad I think it was good

By Irritated
Jul 05 2022

Was looking to find hire many credits to read a book and came across this… people have posted exactly what I was feeling. There should be information on how many credits it costs to read one book.

By Sue O
Jul 05 2022

I bought coins twice . Spent over 30.00 and still only a quarter of the way thru..I Left on chapter 300 and
the books last update was for chapter 1100. What a joke....I refuse to pay more.

By Sue O
Jul 05 2022

I bought tokens twice . Spent over 30.00 and still only a quarter of the way thru..I Left on chapter 300 and
the books last update was for chapter 1100. What a joke....I refuse to pay more.

By Becky
Jun 29 2022

I did the same thing the other people posted about. Got interested then got to where I had to pay. Paid about $5 I think it was and it was quickly used up. No idea how many chapters or how much it would cost to finish the book. I was on chapter 124 when I stopped which I hated to do because I was enjoying the book. Why can't they just tell you the price in full and let you just pay for it? I'm guessing it's because it would be so expensive that no one would buy it!

By Kelly
Jun 29 2022

Even though I got caught up in this scam and spent more money than I’d like, maybe in the future you should give the option of purchasing the book vs chapters of 2000 plus…

By C a s
Jun 27 2022

Too bad the partial book I read was published under these scamers .the author had a great plot line and the editing was pretty good .I was on chapter 109. And again they had their hands out for money nomatter they call it coin. Deleting app Amazon is way cheaper. I should have a legal battle with fhe Corp

By Connie Jent
Jun 24 2022

Well like every review I’ve read, it did the same thing. I didn’t see any where when I first started with this app where it said you paid for each chapter that you read.
I was into the story I kept paying.
This is awful, I’m going to see what the BBB has to say about this app.
I think it should be shut down.

By Dianne Del Greco
Jun 24 2022

I normally read reviews before getting an app but got caught up in the novel from Facebook, as the previous post reviews have already said. I, too, was OK with paying five dollars for it but I’m not even a third of the way through it and am needing to pay more. I normally do not like not finishing a book when I start, However, this is one time I will not finish. GoodNovel with All these negative reviews you should reconsider how you’re charging people. You may have more return business instead of the scam you’re operating under..

Jun 23 2022

Do not get sucked into a book I am over $40 in and the book still is not finished. It is way to make money and not a reasonable way at all!

By Erika House
Jun 13 2022

Don’t do it. I also started reading the story that popped up on Facebook so I downloaded the app and it was interesting. I was Reading The Chronicles of Charlie Wade very interesting but I’m on chapter 3558 now and I have spent $390.65 and they keep adding chapters. Who spends that much for a novel absolutely ridiculous. Pay attention to app purchases. Had I not gotten involved with this novel and read the reviews first I definitely would not do it again. The story is good just to much $$.

By Havilland Dyck
Jun 03 2022

This is ridiculous. I spent 9.99 for 1000 coins and ran out in a few hours. I was fully committed to the story and spent 19.99 for 2000 and still didn't have enough to finish. I tried to get free coins but the chapters need more and more coins every chapter. The chapters aren't even long and the writer is still writing a chapter a day. I would have never started it if I knew it was incomplete and going to be so costly. There are alot of weird errors in the book. Sometimes a word is replaces with random letters and symbols so you have to fill I'm the blank. It is so irritating. I am beyond mad because I really want to know know will happen.

By Nat
May 30 2022

Really annoying, stories not complete, wait time for chapters a joke and you need to continually pay to get to next chapters, books are cheaper on kindle or bookstores. Thought it might be good for some escapism but it’s just annoying

By Kelvin
May 29 2022

This is a scam. I got sucked in with a couple of free chapters, got to a locked chapter, paid USD9+ to continue reading and I just got locked out again after reading a few more chapters.

By Jerry Griggs
May 23 2022

Complete scam. Of course meta would be part of scam. You’ll spend hundreds of dollars and still not get the finished book total bullshit. China screwing the world again

By Cheryl Quick
May 22 2022

Scam!!! Started reading from FB. Little did I know it was going to cost me over $100. The story was captivating. At chapter 4277 when it appears as though it is finally concluding it suddenly ends and tells you it’s in process of serializing! I invested a lot of time and money without learning how the story ends. Good Book app will be deleted!!’

By C
May 21 2022

This is a rip off and a kind game I have paid so much money just to finish reading this and it goes on and on and on. I'm done I'm out

By [email protected]
May 20 2022

Can ImI just finish one book! Without paying out of my ass
The novels are good but zi like to finish a book. But you are not readers or spell/grammar check

By Courtney
May 16 2022

This is a RIPOFF.. I COULD HAVE BOUGHT 10 books by now!!! NEVER SAID I HAD TO PAY AND THAT WAS OK AT FIRST UNTIL U REALIZE YOU PAY BY CHAPTER !! I’ve spent too much trying to read one book!!! And now I see after 400 chapters there is 4000+ and still adding!! Well note to the authors..PUBLISH THE BOOK AND SALE IT YOURSELF!! YOU WILL GET MORE PPL TO READ THE BOOKS!! THE BOOK IM READING COULD HAVE BEEN TEN BOOKS!!!

By Marilyn
May 13 2022

What a ripoff!!! At least the stories aren’t that good to reel you in too far. Going back to actual books for half the money. With correct grammar and punctuation.

By Cari
May 10 2022

Found this ad on Instagram, I started to read the book provided, it was free to this point and was good enough to keep going. Then the chapter stopped and I had to buy coins, I so far have paid $26 and am still not close to the finish. I cut my loses. They cover the same feelings, use the same sentences again and again so the book is DRAWN OUT. This is an absolute SCAM. Don’t fall for it, it’s not worth it. Shame on these people for making me paid $25 to not even letting me finish the book.

By Debrah L White
May 03 2022

Way too expensive!!! I could have bought several best sellers for this price! Yes, I got hooked on one of the books that stated is was 'FREE". False advertisement!!! A subscription to Kindle Ebooks is $9.99 a month and the books are FREE. SHAME ON YOU GOOD NOVEL!!

By Sherry Schutz
May 02 2022

It is absolutely ABSURD to have to pay over $20 to read ANY book . Let alone from an unknown author. They try and get you hooked on a story to get you to keep paying. What a ripoff!!!

By Heather Littlefield
May 02 2022

I loved the app until they started locking chapters I had already paid for. I’ve tried to contact them over a dozen times and get barely a reply telling me to uninstall then reinstall but when that didn’t work they continued to not reply or send the same messages again to me. So disgusting how they treat their readers it’s despicable!!!!

By Regina Moore
May 01 2022

I am 220 chapters and $30 in to the Charlie Wade book 📖 plus I thought 💭 I brought $10 max they charged me $25 what in tax world I get another $10 then I said like everyone else this is the never ending story3! I was like do they not know when to wrap it up. I love ❤️ novels I have been read them since I was 23. The Hobbit Lord of the Rings long book but I paid like $100 for a series of book not one long drawn out story. I don’t care 🤷‍♀️ what happens to Charles and his wife who have never so much as kissed not even on their wedding day the 2snd one. Then I need a prank will book just to understand why they hate them so much and they’re their family? Ok he’s a loser and trash 🗑 I get it but how many times is he going to beat them up? I paid more money than then I have so far on Sex and The City but I don’t buy things until they end. 800 plus Chapters and I can’t figure out the ending no way. Plus he was a billionaire when the story was free. Then he has super powers😵‍💫🙄! Then he can beat up everyone he’s John Wick 😂 lol. Then the wife has that mother who was so different from her??? She believed that people give away $130 million dollar homes? The father in law was the son of the greedy grandma and not the greedy mother? They try to take their house because he was married to someone in the family. I’m not rich but, I’m sure they take pride in getting their own houses and money? I think I will buy the book a little bit 1x a month. It’s like reading a soap opera!

By Bless
Apr 29 2022

Same story for sucked in from reading what seems like a good novel then opted to downloading the app then- buying coins. 150 something 2-3(if you’re lucky) page chapters later 20 bucks done. I wanted to read more but I will not spend more. I will just buy a regular book online or at the bookstore it’s better. Smart idea for this company- in the expense of ripping people off.

By Adina
Apr 27 2022

This app and website is both a sham and unprofessional.

They'll offer you something but you won't get what you want. Plus they have rude customer service representatives who spam and are passive aggressive. All for money is their main motivation

If you're looking for a book to read or publish, go to a reputable company.

By Jenna
Apr 27 2022

This story just popped up so i started to read, then had to download the app, then they asked for $ to finish... No way so i quit reading but they kept sending notifications. I tried to find a way to cancel but no option. So went back to app.... They had all my info including my cc #.??? I was pissed. Its been 3 days... In their terms it says if u log in u then r their customer n they have the right to all ur info.. Still trying to cancel.
This app is fucked up

By Fay
Apr 18 2022

I did not know I was buying into a soap opera novel… a lot of words missing too…. Had to figure it out… $19.98 later I’m at chapter 202 and they’ve locked chapter 203 asking for more money Good grief! So disappointing. Go fk yourselves.

By Yolanda Rich
Apr 13 2022

The app is not working I bought 600coins yesterday and it won’t let me read the next chapter.

By Mary
Apr 04 2022

Disgusted and disappointed. In addition to being outrageously costly, the book I was reading dropped off in the middle of the story. Allow me to repeat: I feel ripped off and conned. I paid an ridiculous amount to pursue a “novel” that abandoned the reader without an end.
Am assuming GoodNovel is having a big laugh at all the readers they exploited.

Apr 01 2022

This IS a scam- I have already spent close to $100 for one book. It should be a flat fee for the book downloaded.. I do not recommend this at all.

By [email protected]
Mar 27 2022

After reading comments about the app and using it I came to my own conclusion. I wouldn't recommend this reading platform to anyone because first, it is fucking expensive, second, it cheats u of your coins. Why couldn't we just pay a flat rate to open a book instead of spending so much money to unlock a chapter then you see your coins disappear?

By Cordelia Kruse
Mar 04 2022

Hello, my card was charged $21.41 on a payment that I did not make, and I'm not sure what to do about that

By A Harrison uk
Jan 15 2022

Readers from the uk beware…. You will have to pay more than US readers! For example, $14.99 for a coin purchase will cost a UK reader more than $17 due to them profiting extra from the exchange rate. Contacted them to raise the issue and all I got back was you need to contact apple for a refund. Will stick to Dreame where you get the genuine exchange rate

By Gene Eder
Jan 10 2022

I bought 500 coins to refresh read that went to refresh again and it says I need to buy coins? I’m reading Charlie Wade and I thought it was using 10 coins so where Are the other 490?

By Isabella mcbrown
Nov 17 2021

Dear team, l logged out of my goodnovel's account and logged in again after sometime but l cannot see my published book which is being reviewed for sometime now. Please help me to get back my books

By Richard Buffin
Nov 03 2021

I spent lots money on this GoodNovel, The ultimate husband I spent 46.60 and before that 77.69 I’m just getting rip off, now I’m only reading one chapter a day. Very disappointed shouldn’t of never got into GoodNovel, next think they well be asking for more money to top up ., this is a ripoff and spammed

By Louise Prothero
Oct 18 2021

For the last 2 days it wownt allow you to check in to earn your coins it keeps taking you to a page to subscribe for 5.99 per week! Why can’t I just check in as normal!

By Richard A Moen
Sep 22 2021

This is such a rip off, the writers are taking way too long to write anything.
I only get two chapters a day. Was 7/8 pages , now only 5/6 pages per chapter. I only read Charlie Wade. I won’t start another unless the owner does something about this.

By Maiden
Sep 18 2021


By Lorraine Clavell
Aug 27 2021

Rip Off!! You get interested in a book, pay dearly for it only to get to find out that you cannot read anymore because the book is not finished!! I have been reading Married by Mistake for a few months and now on chapter #1836. I can only read 2 chapters a day because they are still in the process of writing the book, completely unacceptable!! Quit repeating over and over again what we already know in the book and finish the story!! Stop taking our money for a book that is not finished it should be free at this point. This response on several of the reviews I have recently read is just outrages "We hope you could understand that you are not only paying for the novel, but also paying to support the author to create good stories". You sucked me in and that is on me to pay but I thought I was paying for a completed book first off and second don't want to pay for this author's college degree I only want to read a good book. Finish the book!!!

By Simone
Aug 24 2021

I've read one book on Good Novel. Cost me more than $100 (Australian dollars). I deleted the app and said never again.

Now I stick to Dreame.

Don't waste your hard-earned income on this scam.

By Anthony Bazan
Aug 10 2021

Was reading a novel, and paying out the nose. Next it stops and says author is writing next chapter. I was already into over 3032 chapters. Next thing I know it starts into a book I did not select. With no way to get back to the original novel I was reading. This is a bigger scam than a Nigerian prince wanting to give me a million dollars. Not good at all.

By Jennifer Deming
Jul 25 2021

You keep taking away all my point when I open one chapter. I had 100 points, I had been saving over the last 5 days and I opened one chapter of a book for 37 coins and you took them all!! Seriously?! This isn't the first time it happened! I planned on reading a few chapters today and only got one! Please fix that because it is a waste of my time.

By NeilathenA
Jun 24 2021

This novel is a scam.. What a shame

By Hailey
Jun 02 2021

The app is amazing but recently when I collected my bonuses after they didn’t show and the app keeps crashing

By Alvin Meng
Jun 02 2021

I had 22,000 odd points. Suddenly, all the points got wiped out! So, how are you ppl going to resolve this?

By David Degennaro
May 31 2021

Went through 1000 coins in one y.Its a RIP off not counting the bonus coins I've gotten.The book I am reading but to already spent $11.00 to just get to chapter 128 out of 2020 pages is just ridiculous!!!!

By David Degennaro
May 31 2021

The chapters are to only on chapter 126 and ive spent almost 11 dollars the bookk I'm reading has 2020 pages.

By Kelly Mulley
May 27 2021

They’ve charged my account weekly for purchases I am not making or authorising. It’s hundreds of dollars - how do I contact someone to make it stop? I’ve even deleted account details off of apple to try stop but was charged again yesterday.
I can’t afford these charges!
Please help me stop it!

By Roberta E Logan
May 27 2021

This is not legit I do not believe. You buy 500 coins for 4.99 and it only cost 10 to unlock and go on. But when you get to the unlock point again you have no coins left out of the 500. Why?????? So I bought them again and now its saying I have 1 coin left from that 500 coins. RIP off!!!!! As much as I want to finish this book, NO MORE ....I will warn all my book reader friends.

By Amber
May 08 2021

How can I get a refund? I paid 9.99 for coins to read a piece of a book? Have to pay and earn coins how frustrating.

By Mrs. Me
Mar 28 2021

Oh my good story. I love to read a great story but its over 2000 chapters and $20 for every 200 chapters purchasing coins. With only 15-20 coins given free daily if u remember to get them! This his became a rip off in order to complete this book probably be out of $500. $500 for a book!

By Hendrina
Mar 24 2021

Please stay away from this app. Extremely expensive.

By Gale Light
Feb 28 2021

I have read up to chapter 680 ?? Waiting for more chapters but nothing is coming, have coins still left and I want whatever is left to be credited to my account, this is so bad all it does is rob you of your money!!! Credit wanted

By Emma Archer
Feb 23 2021

GoodNovel is a complete rip off and would not recommend to anyone the authors are copying books from other authors that do not have a copy right attached, good novel are not bothered by this but are still charging people a lot of money to read books that you can actually get free in other places not even willing to give a refund stay clear this app is a rip off

By Drienie
Feb 23 2021

would like to see the end, but seriously the story keeps repeating itself just with a different money making scheme abusing people's curiosity.......married by mistake......

By Amber
Feb 18 2021

Insanely expensive! Don’t bother!!

By Drienie
Feb 18 2021

Married by mistake started of with a bang and loved the storie. But really get to the point. Stop running in circles. Not a good way to read books. Not a friendly app. Very expensive and the episodes gets loaded on to slowly. If you are a person that likes to read a good fluent story and is exciting about the end, I do not recommend this app.

By Nicole
Feb 17 2021

Very disappointed in this app. I am happy to pay a set price to read a novel No transparency on the process of paying for chapters. I agree that it appears to be a scam and I hope decent authors find other avenues to get their work out there online. I would not recommend this app, steer clear!

By Jean
Feb 14 2021

I don’t recommend. I have bought over 2000 coins so far and cannot even get close to finishing “Married by mistake”. It is too costly. Don’t start reading anything!

By Paula Solomon-Hillen
Feb 13 2021

Your app is a total rip off I 1000 coins and now you’re expecting me to pay more for a story that is never ending. Extremely disappointed and disgusted with scam.

By Sarah Brady
Feb 12 2021

It will not allow me to scroll back to where I am on my book even though I have still unlocked chapters to read. I accidentally went to check how many chapters tapped on one and now will not take me back to my chapters

By Drienie
Feb 11 2021

Total RIP off. Love the book I'm currently reading but it's getting annoying now - a never ending story. No opportunity to start a new book as one never ends. And way way to expensive. A pity to get people to read amazing stories and ripping them off like this.

By Joyce Morris
Feb 10 2021

This app is a scam, they click bait you with a few free chapters then charge you a fortune for poorly proof read unfinished ebook chapters. The "chapters" are more like really long paragraphs. So disgusting spent $40 on Married by mistake and its keeps dragging on and repeating same scenarios over and over. On chapter 410 with no end in site. Such a rip-off. They just want you to keep spending money so they drag it out endlessly. Plus now the site is malfunctioning all day and you can't do anything on it. 😡

By Dee
Feb 09 2021 can you charge people and let them think they bought the book, only to be told to spend more money to know how the story ends. Complete crap!!!!

By Vladimir Suktov
Feb 09 2021

Totally rip-off, just asking for more and more coins, you would spent like 10-20 times more compare to buying a real thing in a bookshop. As you progress more into the storyline the Chapter will become more expensive to unlock and leave you in doubt, your mind will tell to stop but your desire want you continue no matter how much it ripped your pocket. What an excellent scam technic engineered to lure unexpecting readers. Just stop before its too late and spend your money for some good real legit books online or shops.

By Mamta
Feb 08 2021

My account was charged. Please help me.

By Oni Kehinde
Feb 07 2021

Someone is accusing me of PLAGERISM. She's basically bullying me

By Jacqueline
Jan 22 2021

I would like to purchase coins to finish reading awesome son in law, but there's so many negative reviews from many who purchased 1000 coins and used 9 just to be told they have to purchase more, because they have only 5 coins left!!! Exactly how many coins or 9.99's does each chapter cost to read?

By Ravi Remani
Jan 19 2021

This is a complete rip off with each chapter of hardly 10 paras of 2 lines each para with the novel running into 100s of chapters; No way to know how many chapters are there; after few chapters the novels deviate the subject and filling chapters with garbage content with the aim to just charge for chapters

By Rosa Deane
Jan 13 2021

On what I was being charged per chapter, I should have had enough coins to read further. There should be an agreed limit to what is charged per chapter. What a waste of money this is and I haven't even got close to the end. Now to read the comments that some books don't finish. Scamming at its finest and I can not believe I fell for it. Story line was good, but the spelling not so good. For what I have been paying, it should have been better than this.

By Mellena Mintz
Jan 11 2021

The amount of coins needed each chapter keeps going up. One chapter will be 27 and the next 50 something. Won't be recommending this app to anyone

By Christy C Bourgeois
Jan 11 2021

Please do not start reading The Amazing Son in Law. The author is doing a poor job of releasing chapters for this book. By the time you finish reading this book it will cost you way over $500. I think before a book is put on this site, the whole book should be available to be read. The author now is only putting out 6 chapters a day. Many readers have complained and no one in this company is doing anything to help. Most readers will never read another book on this site again. They are making a fortune off of everyone. Readers Beware

By Gary
Jan 09 2021

This by far is the worst app ever been trying to read my amazing son in-law but they only upload a few pages every couple of days and so far I’ve paid a fortune this is ridiculous and insane to charge us paying customers the amount you charge and control the limit of pages uploaded, the book has been written upload all chapters. What a rip off

By Mark Harrison
Jan 07 2021

Unbelievable! Most expensive reading i have ever done. Absolute scam site. I am reporting this to Google Play Store and will campaign to have it removed.
Incredibly, the half decent plot makes you want to continue reading, despite the atrocious gramnar, repition, missing words and contradictions.
Do not purchase any coins when prompted. It simply isnt worth it.

By Gail Da costa
Jan 03 2021

This site is way more expensive then a normal book spent $30 dollars and only 67 per cent read so full book would be at least $50 not even the best sellers charge that pride cmon this has to be a scam

By Richard
Dec 24 2020

The world most expensive UNFINISHED novels!!
Greedy scammers. People should read the reviews before falling for their bait of a free start pages of their so called novels.
Cost me £10.00 before I realised what I was up against.
I'TS A SCAM!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

By Dave Atienza
Dec 24 2020

Please assist me. I need to get in touch with the owner of this App. Last night I purchased a chapter of son-in-law book worth 99 Philippine peso. This morning just before the Caesarian Section of my wife I was informed that I reached my credit card limit worth 200k Philippine peso. When I checked the app I didn’t noticed that there was a note of auto subscribe next chapter that was automatically checked. I cannot believe that IOS will allow such scam. I will definitely not allow this company to steel 200k Philippine peso from me. That money is intended for the delivery of my wife. That literally is life for me. Please help me on this.
Thank you very much.


By Maria
Dec 23 2020

The GoodNovel app is set up to take advantage of readers by extreme price gouging. They would probably try to defend themselves by gleefully pointing to their terms of service where they've buried their disclosures. They might be in the clear in a legal sense but ethically they are not. They are in the business of ripping off people, no matter how much they might try to hide between their terms of service.

They charge an jaw-dropping amount per book and the books don't even have to be complete. My guess is that they can go on indefinitely and/or end up being several full-length novels. I have no idea if they are also taking advantage of their writers, but given their outstanding lack of ethics, I'd guess they probably are.

The books themselves are written poorly. They contain several mistakes in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The characters are often one dimensional and lack maturity. I suspect a lot of the writers are teenagers. Now, sometimes the story itself has promise. The ideas are good, it's just that the writer needs to learn the mechanics of writing. They are prime examples of why the world needs editors. If they have trouble with the mechanics, there is no shame in that, because that's why editors have a job. I'd be humiliated to put out work filled with errors. In fact, I had to stop reading. The plot was okay but I could no longer endure the childish characters and poor writing.

You can support new writers in many ways but those who are party to this unethical scheme should not be supported. This app is just not a fair way to support writers. I recommend not wasting your money there and instead pay a reasonable sum for a book with an end.

By Paul
Dec 20 2020

I've spend $40 already reading The Amazing Son in Law and I've only completed 42% of the book. They charge different amount of coins every chapters ranging from 8- 15 coins. You will never know how much you need to complete 1 book. Cause they will not state that even after emailing them to which they reply by saying We will look into it, 3 months down the line later nothing's change.

Does anyone know where can i buy this book for cheaper. The Amazing son in law????I've looked everywhere

By Cindy Fogelson
Dec 19 2020

You just scammed me out of $10. Nice job. I want a refund and I am also reporting your scam website.

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