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It gets harder as you progress through the stages.

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A simple puzzle game! Remove the pins in the correct order. Bring the boy and the girl together. It gets harder as you progress through the stages.

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By hisham killer 14

Developer please respond

Alright this game is great and for ONCE its the same as the ad But the reason i gave it 4 stars is because the developer needs to make the levels harder because if the levels are not getting harder the more you play then it gets kinda boring Other than that its all good Looking forward to harder levels in the future 👌

By ...Therese...


This is my favorite game app! It’s not that challenging; it’s rather simple; it’s DARLING! The little dances the boy and girl do when they’re finally together are so very sweet and cute. The little helicopter beanie cap and the outfit he wears are adorable! (Maybe a little dress for the girl?) DEVELOPERS: Please don’t change a thing as far as the way the game goes. It’s so sweet and adorable!

By thisismynikname-.-

I like the game but....

Hi, I love this game so far, it’s really fun and kind of addicting. But there are 2 things I’ve found... The first is that on level 45, when I dropped the bomb on the bear it just bounced off, so there was literally no way to save the people. After I tried almost 4 times again the bomb worked. Also, I saw that this is supposed to say your IQ at the end of every level. But never saw it out of the 46 levels I’ve completed so far. But the game is super fun when you get challenged so that’s good.

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