Love Pins Reviews

Love Pins Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-05

About: A simple puzzle game! Remove the pins in the correct order. Bring the boy and
the girl together.

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It gets harder as you progress through the stages.


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4.4 out of 5


Boring, not challenging, and repetitious

I was glad to see someone finally make a game like all those fake ads for Homescapes and Gardenscapes, but was disappointed. At no point was it challenging. I played through over 200 levels waiting for it to get harder. In that time I unlocked all characters and pin styles, and then I just kept getting repeats of levels I had already passed. It never got any more challenging than level one. In fact, on some levels, there’s only one pin to remove so there isn’t even any strategy (or even thought) involved. If you don’t have an IQ over 100, this may be for you. But if you’re looking for a game to make you think your way through your next move, this isn’t for you.

Oh, and I spent the $2 to remove ads — but in order to unlock new characters, you still get stuck with an ad. If I actually PAY for no ads, why are you still showing me ads every few levels? Dirty pool, and I don’t like it.



This game is kind of like the beginner levels of most other games where it really just shows you how everything works. That’s the entire game. I played 80 levels pretty much subconsciously waiting for it to become more challenging, until I realized. Out of the 80 levels, I died a total of 1 time. I’d say it could be a decent learning tool for kids, but if you have your 5 year old a tablet or phone with this game, they would have more viruses installed than an antivaxxer in the middle of a pandemic. I understand you guys need to make money, but a 30 second ad after every 2 levels is a bit much, you clearly didn’t put that much time into the game to begin with. I’m going to go ahead and uninstall it instead of botching on here, but there’s my honest review.


I like the game but....

Hi, I love this game so far, it’s really fun and kind of addicting. But there are 2 things I’ve found... The first is that on level 45, when I dropped the bomb on the bear it just bounced off, so there was literally no way to save the people. After I tried almost 4 times again the bomb worked. Also, I saw that this is supposed to say your IQ at the end of every level. But never saw it out of the 46 levels I’ve completed so far. But the game is super fun when you get challenged so that’s good.


I guess it’s ok just a little bit glitchy

Hi so there is some fixes that I think you should fix. 1. I think that you should let the pink girl get some clothes too. 2. So at the end when the boy and the girl start dancing I think instead of dancing they should have a romantic kiss that people can unlock! 3. It is very glitchy whenever I play. That is all I wanted to say so if you do these three things I would really appreciate it thank you!


It’s not my favorite...

I came to this game, thinking i was going to play a game with not so many ads. Usually sometimes i die and an ad pops up. And when i finish, another comes up. I’m just mostly complaining about the ads. But sometimes someone would make a advertisement like “Garden Scapes” Or some other games, ans out them on something. Then they download the game, and it’s something else they didn’t want! But this game actually put this on what some people want, and I appreciate that. Which is why this is a 3 star review.



It’s a perfectly good game, there are no ads and it’s exactly what is described on LovePins Store. The only concern I have with LovePins is how the levels repeat. Everything else is fine, and keep up the great work!


Low-quality gameplay

The gameplay mechanics is fun. However, too many repetitive levels makes the game boring over time. It also seems like the levels were designed without putting too much time in them. For example, oftentimes the couple is killed after the level is done. The difficulty of the levels also varies from trivial to hard-ish throughout the game somewhat randomly. I would expect to have an increasing difficulty the further I go in the game.


Developer please respond

Alright this game is great and for ONCE its the same as the ad
But the reason i gave it 4 stars is because the developer needs to make the levels harder because if the levels are not getting harder the more you play then it gets kinda boring
Other than that its all good
Looking forward to harder levels in the future


Love pins

I like this game it let you play and it you have to push the key and if you get eating than you die and all you need is WI-FI or connection wherever you at but I give this game a 5 because it is like if you are mad this game will make you calm down so I love it and I wish you can play it too but I rated it a 5/5 and I hope you like it and rate it a 5/5


Very simple.

I did read anything about the suggested age level before downloading this game. The idea is fun, but the game is so basic and simple that it just was not entertaining to me. Most levels there is an animal and either spears or a trap, once you pull the first pin, the animal dies and you move along. Takes very little time to complete. I do like the option of either watching an ad for more coins or just taking the 25 coins. Overall a younger child might be entertained for longer but not this middle aged adult.


Too much animal cruelty

I wish there was a way to play the game without all this animal cruelty. There should always be an option to make your way around the animals . I know that they’re fictional computer animals , but I still feel really bad when I drop a bomb on the poor gorilla .

And to all the people complaining about ads - Just turn off your WiFi while playing games like this with excessive ads . You can easily turn your WiFi back on when needed . Problem solved.


Great game but....

WAYYY WAYYY WAYYY TOO MANY ADS! Come on now, I understand that all games have ads and all, but you don't have to show an ad after every level! At least show one ad every like 5-7 levels, and it wouldn't be too bad, but watching all these ads after every level is making the game boring. I just downloaded the game and only had it for like 10 minutes and I've seen like 20 ads. Cmon people. I'm deleting this until you fix the ad problem. When you do, respond and let me know. Thanks!


It’s relaxing…

I bought out of the ads. The peripheral ads go away when I tap start. I just added the same game to my newer iPad. I was disappointed to discover that they did not sync. My older iPad, which I have been playing this on, is 55, while this iPad is on level one. Can I sync these two iPads, please?


No increase in difficulty and lacks equity

Levels are extremely simple and do not increase in difficulty. Not impressed that the “blue” character always saves the “pink” character. Looking forward to a day when video game programmers are willing to send messages of equality. Plus for creating a game similar to what that other company is using in advertisements but doesn’t even offer. At least with Love Pins the game can finally be played, not just advertised.


Could be lots better

I’ve played to level 654. Many of the levels are just exact repeats of a few levels before. It does not get any harder the more you play. I’ve unlocked all the hats, all the pins, but get NO option to unlock any of the different characters! Seriously? After level 654 I can’t unlock any of those?!
It’s a cute game - could be really great if they made increasing difficulty.


Great game...too many ads

I love this game. I think it’s a lot of fun to test your problem solving skills. The only thing is that that you only play for 3-5 seconds (figuring out a solution) before there is a 30 second ad. You spend more time watching ads than anything else. Please modify the game to where there are 3-4 rounds before an ad. An ad after each round makes me steer away from playing this game.



This is my favorite game app! It’s not that challenging; it’s rather simple; it’s DARLING! The little dances the boy and girl do when they’re finally together are so very sweet and cute. The little helicopter beanie cap and the outfit he wears are adorable! (Maybe a little dress for the girl?)
DEVELOPERS: Please don’t change a thing as far as the way the game goes. It’s so sweet and adorable!


Ads & Repeated Levels

I got LovePins . It started off great! I noticed there was endless ads, got annoying so I deleted the game. Weeks later I redownloaded it and played on airplane mode so I wouldn’t get ads. I got to level 108 when I realized the levels were repeating! What I mean by that is I would go up a level but get the same puzzle every other level! The puzzles weren’t even fun or hard to start with, so why put more and more of them? All in all LovePins is stupid and I don’t understand the point of it. To make money?


Fun at first

This game starts out with basic instructional beginner-level puzzles, then increases to easy/medium, and then never gets more difficult after that. Whatever you do, don't waste your $1.99 on the No Ads version because it still has tile ads and you'll be bored after a few hours anyhow and stop playing. Great game concept, but they should have made it harder.


Terrible! Rip off!

This is terrible! It doesn’t even work! My child saw this game on that app I think called ‘TokTik’ And wanted to play it. They downloaded it on the family tablet and it doesn’t even work! It probably hacked it! I’m so mad! Also another TERRIBLE thing about this game is that it has violence!
The pink and blue character can get killed! And a bear gets killed! Worst of all, there’s blood! This should not be advertised to children! My 8 year old daughter saw this!

This should be taken off LovePins Store!


Good game

I personally like it it can get a little boring but for car trips, it’s quite fun, 8/10 recommend. The one this is the ads every three rounds, I’m just happy it’s not after everyone. 😂

Is Love Pins Safe?

Yes. Love Pins is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 50,006 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Love Pins Is 59.5/100.

Is Love Pins Legit?

Yes. Love Pins is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 50,006 Love Pins User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Love Pins Is 79.4/100..

Is Love Pins not working?

Love Pins works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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