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Powered by best-in-class injury prevention algorithms and physical therapy content, Recover Athletics allows runners to take control of their training and seamlessly incorporate the recovery needed to stay injury-free.

We use training data from Strava combined with physical therapy survey data on perceived soreness to automatically generate active recovery plans that are customized to your individual needs.

We get it, recovery is the easiest thing for a runner to skip, so we tailor motivating reminders to your running schedule to help you prioritize this critical part of your training.

We work with top physical therapists and doctors from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital’s Sports Medicine clinic to develop these active recovery plans and deliver them through video coaching.

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Recover is the prehab app for Strava athletes. The Recover team works with the world's best sports physicians and Olympians like Meb Keflezighi to design an app that makes prehab fun and easy. In 90 seconds, the app will customize a program for your body and your training. These programs include strength, mobility, plyometrics, and other techniques to increase a runner's injury resilience. These programs are evidence based with exercises that have been shown to reduce aches & pains and help prevent injury. With this app, you can become a stronger and more injury-proof runner. Recover and Strava share an integrated subscription • When you subscribe to Recover Premium, you'll automatically unlock a Strava subscription. • All Strava subscribers get free access to Recover Premium when they log in with Strava. Terms of Service: https://this Privacy Policy: https://this

Top Reviews

By KB and fam

Just what we needed!

We signed up for an annual account so that we could use family sharing. Had little trouble getting the family sharing set up, but when I reached out to the developers they got back immediately and worked with us until everything was working correctly. We have high school runners heading off to college to run and a couple of parents who run to stay healthy and this app has been great for all of us! Love that you can pick out right where the pain is and get exercise to strengthen that area. We have had so much success with this app. Try it out, use if consistently for a few weeks, and I bet you will notice a difference too!

By BigBIG hitter

All Levels of Runners Need This

I’ve always been skeptical about running apps; especially workout/stretching because they never actually target the needs of runners. But this does just that by targeting the needs of runners! Great app and easy to use, I highly recommend adding this to your arsenal if you’re serious about improving your overall fitness and avoiding injuries. One recommendation for the developers: if someone doesn’t know the area they are having a problem with, can a “click here” feature be added and then asks more details about specific area? Then from there a formula picks out the area that’s affected

By stillpushing

Hip Flexor issues, I now have hope

I started running a little over 4 years ago I have run several 5K,8K,10K,15K, and 2 half marathons. After a hamstring tear injury, it has been hard getting back on track. Once I started back running, I noticed my hips were very sore, so with the app I make sure I do the 5 minute warm up and the hip flexor post run segment. It has truly made a difference in my running pace and I am in hopes of running a full marathon one day. I am grateful for this app and grateful as well for movement.

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