Numberzilla - Number Math Game Reviews

Numberzilla - Number Math Game Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-03

Millions of people all over the world are in love with Numberzilla - the TOP
numbers game! The best brain teaser from our childhood with good old familiar
rules now has come back with a brand new witty look. People say this super
addictive and relaxing puzzle game helps their mental he...

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Numberzilla - Number Math Game Reviews

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    One BIG downside

    This app is great if you’re looking for a game to stretch your brain. It makes you think with puzzles that are challenging but not impossible. However there are loops that you can get stuck in if you eliminate all but a few numbers. This is manageable if you just make your moves carefully. Undos and hints help a lot, as such getting unlimited would be something I would love to do. The one thing that is stopping me is the price point. Rather than being a flat price it is a weekly subscription. Any subscription based payment is deterring as it’s an upkeep you have to mentally and financially manage. However that’s not the worst part. It is $10 every week. This price point is astronomical, even if it were monthly it would still be pushing the limit. I would love to see the prices adjusted to a more reasonable price point. Another complaint I have about the subscription is the lack of options for duration. The only option is weekly, this does give the customer more control however it also prevents any opportunity for bulk discounts. I throughly enjoy this game and would love to see an attainable price for a premium subscription. It plays smooth but the one aspect holding me back is the lack of available undos and hints unless you subscribe at a ridiculous price point or watch a video every two minutes. The game is wonderfully made but that one aspect is the only major downside I see.

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    Great game, Some suggestions

    I really enjoy playing this game but there are still a few things that need to be worked out. Some of my suggestions are: -If I click on hint for it to tell me that there are no possible moves, that shouldn’t use up one of my hints. It would be nice just to have something automatically pop up when there are no possible moves. -I understand that when new numbers are added, they’re the same numbers that you already have on the field, but sometimes this results in an endless loop and unsolvable puzzle. I’d suggest adding a feature to shuffle the numbers that are already in the field. This could be something like the hint and undo buttons where you have to watch a short ad to shuffle your existing board. -I would love to pay to get unlimited hints without advertisements, but the fact that the premium version of the game is a subscription rather than a flat out purchase is deterring, and to be quite honest, overpriced for a game of this type where there isn’t a whole lot extra that you get for paying.

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    I really was enjoying this game, but a couple of things. After I got the hang of it, things were going really well, but it wasn’t clear when or how I would “finish”. So after several hours (which I wasn’t crazy about seeing the time I spent on it being kept track of), I quit and started over. Then it wasn’t so fun. I kept getting the sequence of numbers with very few matches. Every time I quit and restarted, I’d get the same sequence of mostly unmatchable numbers. I’m thinking it’s a bug. I’m going to reinstall it. Hopefully that will help, because this was one of the most satisfying puzzle games I’ve played. Edit: I did this review too early, before I got the hang of it. In all three modes, the object is to clear the board(duh). But it takes strategy, which means you must carefully choose your matches, i.e., quality not quantity. When you hit add, you will only duplicate the numbers on the board. So if you remove all the 8s, for example, it reduces your ability to remove 2s, which may result in getting a sequence of numbers that will never have matches, no matter how many times you hit add. I highly recommend this game. BTW, the ads are super annoying; I would pay $2.99 to remove them, but there isn’t that option.

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    So fun

    I love this game! It’s so addicting to me, and I find it very satisfying. But I was looking at the reviews to see what other people think because there are some aspects that I wish were different. I’m always watching ads to get hints or undos, which I’m fine with, but if I want unlimited hints or undos, $40 a month seems a bit extreme, most monthly subscription boxes you receive in the mail aren’t even that much. I do know the apps need a way to make money, I just think $10 a week is a little pricey. I also saw someone suggested a shuffle button which I thought could be really useful, I’ve been on the same game for about 60 hours, which I know is crazy I could just restart, but I want to be able to complete the game I’m on. I do think the levels should have a way to help complete them, otherwise I’ll just be on the same level forever haha

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    Kinda lame

    I love the concept of this game and think it COULD be fun if the number additions were fixed. When I play classic I get big chunks (like 10ish rows) where every other number is 1, but there are no 9s. So there is literally nothing that can be done because you can’t remove any numbers to match the 1s, because every number that isn’t one is surrounded by 4 1s. And then in Dynamic mode, I got stuck after the first 3 rows were cleared as much as possible and clicked “Add”. It added 2 rows of numbers with absolutely no matches in them and no matches to the previous rows, even if I clicked the undo all and brought it all back. So I clicked “Add” again, and the same 2 rows just duplicated. Over and over and over. So there was literally nothing I could do to get pairs. There was no shuffle option. I tried exiting the game and going back in. It went in to the same game. So I just don’t have a way of playing dynamic mode now. 🤷🏻‍♀️ So after only about an hour of playing, I am just going to quit until the people who made this figure out these huge errors. I will check back after the next update.

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    Very fun, yet very frustrating

    This game is extremely fun! I love the concept and is so interesting for someone, like me, who has a number oriented brain. It’s an amazing way to chill after a hard day. However, it has come to my and others attention that this game is seemingly impossible to solve. The numbers generated often create an impossible loop to solve. I understand if the goal of the creators is to make a very hard game, but I’ve spent 5 hours on one game on classic mode and it seems to not be possible. This is extremely extremely frustrating and a huge downfall to this game. Another downside is the ads. If you click on the hint button you get shown an ad to get the hints, completely normal. However, the number of ads you get shown just in the game is ridiculous. It also frustrates me that the ads get rid of any background music you may be listing to. Also, as many others have said, the price for premium is a rip-off. That price genuinely makes me debate deleting the game. Developers, please take this advice from me and may others and make these much needed changes to the game.

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    Really addicting

    I was reading this review that said the repeating numbers would give them no opportunity to finish. I agree when that happens it is annoying but that is just what happens. I know how the adding numbers work, and I know that it’s a strategy game. The whole POINT is to be SMART ENOUGH to avoid those situations. There are also reviews that say “give me hints” and I think the point is to do it YOURSELF WITHOUT hints. Anyway I think this number game is SUPER FUN. The only problem I have (it’s minor) is how there are ads. I know that companies need to earn money but some people just want to enjoy the game. I know there is an option to remove ads but it costs money. Maybe there could be a way to shorten the amount of ads, or do a feature like “solve this and no ads for two hours.” That would be cool. Thank you for this ameowozeeng game!

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    Addictive but how to win?

    2nd UPDATE**It's official... I beat dynamic mode in just over 30 minutes. So yes you can win the game once you figure out the number sequencing logic of the add button. Now... Time to conquer that damned classic mode.** UPDATE**So... I just found a strategy that's working. Jolly tough game. Good job!*** I've read other reviews and your responses. You have a good start with this game for sure but you might REALLY want to consider the ever growing human need for gratification. People aren't used to playing a mobile puzzle for hours without winning, or losing for that matter. It quickly gets to the point where your initial intrigue fades to frustration and potentially the loss of desire to play at all. You might want to think of ways to adjust game play to build an ending into the game or a way to win that doesn't take hours upon hours.

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    Get Real with the price!

    I’m ready to put this game on the back burner until the price comes down to 3.99 or less, LIKE EVERY OTHER GAME OF THIS TYPE. The game is fun, I like the look, and I want to play more but the ads you have to wAtch are a real deterrent. I’ll bet I’ve spent more minutes watching ads than on actual gameplay! You would have to be nuts to spend $10 a month for ONE game, and I can’t take the ads anymore. I agree with others that you shouldn’t have to “pay” to find out there are no matches left. I’d like to see a way to earn hints or power ups thru gameplay, rather than watching ads. Collect achievements and get a free hint! Win a daily puzzle and get to add numbers without suffering through an ad! You guys must earn more $$ off ads than you do from selling apps, so you just made the price so exorbitant that no one will actually pay it. It’s the only explanation. Meanwhile...I quit.

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    Unsolvable number generation

    This game is a great puzzle solver, and really good for killing time and working out your brain. However, after playing it for a few weeks, I’ve noticed some major problems. There are 2 pattern loops that seem to occur randomly through all game modes that lock the game with impossible-to-solve patterns that are not randomly generated. One pattern is where only 3-4 numbers get stuck on repeat, (for example 7,1, and 5), and if you keep adding lines, only those numbers show up. Another pattern is where the last line before you add gets repeated diagonally, creating an impossible pattern to solve, and if you keep adding it only keeps going. Both of these happen in all game modes, and have happened almost constantly. Other than that, it is a good game. If these issues were fixed, it might be worth the weekly charges for the full version of the game, but even that price seems ridiculous for such a small game.

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    These adds! Ugh!

    I like to play this game but I also want to listen to something in the background while I do that. Some ads don’t prevent that but others turn off all other sound and what’s even worse, continue playing in the background after the actual ad was closed down. This means annoying music takes over and continues playing on a loop after the ad was closed and only stops if you restart the game, OR it means it turns off the volume on any outside playing sound from any app and silenced everything and you cannot hear anything else unless you restart the app. In short, I love this game, but any ad that does that is an ad I’d never click on and if I can I’ll turn it off or stop playing. 🤷🏻‍♀️hope they fix this issue...

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    It’s got serious problems

    It’s a fun game but classic mode gets stuck in unwinable loops and there’s no way to give up on a round and start over, other than deleting the app entirely and redownloding it. Additionally the monetization is RIDICULOUS and disgustingly aggressive. They want you to subscribe to pay $10 A WEEK for unlimited hints on a simplistic number matching game. That’s more than I pay for streaming services. We all know the app companies are all greedy capitalist pigs, but could they at least pretend they’re not just con artists? Whoever decided how to monetize this game is stupid and should be fired because all they’ve achieved is convincing me to NEVER give this company any money. Smaller issue: it would be better if each number had its own color instead of the numbers appearing in big blocks of the same color so they’re easier to tell apart. My dyslexia has trouble differentiating when it’s just a screen full of numbers.

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    So much fun!

    This game is a lot of fun to play and keeps me occupied during long car rides. I love that it makes me really search for matches and numbers that are a sum of 10. Most of the reviews are giving it 1 star since “The ends don’t match”, however there is a very detailed instruction of what to do before you start to play. If you watch that, you will know what to do. So although this is a great game, there are some things I’m not crazy about. The thing that makes me most upset is that it takes a hint away to tell you there are no matches. I think that if that is the case, it should not take a hint away. Again, that is just my opinion and I will continue to play happily. I recommend this game to anyone!

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    I think I could’ve liked it

    The tutorial was brief and then it throws you into the game. I played the first board for SEVEN HOURS. I still can’t beat it. I ran out of hints quickly and after viewing a few ads, I ran out! I keep leaving the app, playing things, and coming back. Still no ads to watch, but they will force you to view them while you’re trying to play. I could get unlimited hints, but it’s $10 PER WEEK. I’ve never heard of something so absurd. The price is too high, especially for a subscription that autorenews, and is per week. They’re asking people to spend $520 a year for this app? Not worth it. I gave up and tries two other boards before getting frustrated and giving up. They need to figure something out, either give more hints, give an easier board, or allow watching more ads. Too late for this player; what should’ve been a fun and challenging game was a frustrating waste of time. Uninstalled.

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    Ads stopped working properly and really disrupts gameplay

    This game is fun. I love the user interface and the different game options. I have one major frustration (aside from them wanting an absurd amount of money for subscription) is that the most recent ad for Shipt won't give you the reward. It plays theough, you wait until the exit X appears, but if you click it, a pop-up reads "if you leave now you will not get your reward". It doesn't matter how long you wait or what you do, it doesn't register that the ad is over, so you can't get anymore hints or undos and it really disrupts gameplay. I'm not sure if that is on the game's side or the Shipt ad itself. Secondly, I would love a hint option that just tells you IF there are anymore moves. If there are, don't show me where. If not, then I know to add more.

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Is Numberzilla - Number Math Game Safe?

Yes. Numberzilla - Number Math Game is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 56,750 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Numberzilla - Number Math Game Is 37.8/100.

Is Numberzilla - Number Math Game Legit?

Yes. Numberzilla - Number Math Game is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 56,750 Numberzilla - Number Math Game User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Numberzilla - Number Math Game Is 37.8/100.

Is Numberzilla - Number Math Game not working?

Numberzilla - Number Math Game works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 5 Comments

By Mcc
Jul 10 2021

After hours of not getting the satisfaction of clearing the board I just gave up and erased the app.

By Rebecca Obrien
Mar 18 2021

The hint highlights a number but there is not a correct corresponding number to eliminate the highlighted number. I tried turning the power off on my iPad but the game is frozen/ won’t add more numbers. Help, please!

Feb 16 2021

Please offer a group of hints for 2.99 and remove ads with any purcase. Of anything. 10 bucks way too much

By Teresa A Raybourn
Feb 03 2021

Put a shuffle feature in the game!

By Gina
Nov 24 2020

Who hurt the model in the ad?? The lady with the bracelet has very bad bruises and cuts on her wrist!! Is this prisoner labor? Are these girls forced to do these ads? This is very worrying!!

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