Bible Coloring Paint by Number Reviews

Bible Coloring Paint by Number Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-29

Bible Coloring - Paint by Number is a color by number game rich with miracle
pictures of Christian coloring pages. Just explore the gallery of Bible-related
pictures, Bible Coloring allows you to color God's word, Lord, Jesus, bible
stories, verses, disciples, and so on. Let's choose a l...

Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

Bible Coloring Paint by Number Reviews

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    Could be much better

    Getting ready to delete this app because there are several things that annoy me. First, like they say, coloring should be relaxing, not aggravating by having to find a microfine speck, that doesn’t add anything to the final picture. If I wanted to play hide and seek, I would play one of those games where you have to find six tea pots. Hints are for quitters. I also am not into psychedelic coloring of objects, such as whales and birds, when doing them in their natural coloring would have been so much better. My hippie days was fifty years ago and I don’t want to go back. Lastly, whoever creates these pictures must be infatuated with the color pink. I’ve colored pink clouds, pink mountains, and pink stones, and if there is a flower in the picture, it will be pink. There are different colored flowers in the world. Recently just did a picture of cream colored flowers, that really looked nice. Final suggestion to the developers, create a five second preview of a finished uncolored pictures, so that a person can see if they are going to end up with a picture that they were glad they colored.

  • By

    Fun but at what price?

    I loved (past tense) this app. And it was fun to color and I like the pictures. I liked that you don’t have to maximize the picture to the fullest extent in order to color the little spots that need coloring. However I wish that you didn’t have to enlarge the picture all the way to the max in order to see the number in the spot that correlates to the color palette. The other thing is there are two other apps that I paid to eliminate the ads on. Happy color and tap color. And I have been very happy with them. I found out where to sign up to pay the $2.99 per month you want to charge so I did. But I was shocked and furious when I found out that even though I’m paying $2.99 a month, I still have to watch ads in order to get a hint every single time I need one. That is utterly ridiculous. Tap color and happy color eliminated ALL ads and provide unlimited hints for a one time charge of 4.99 You can certainly consider doing the same, especially since happy color has 10 times the library of pictures that you do. You need to fix this and fix it now. I won’t be recommending your app to ANYONE.

  • By

    4 Stars cause it’s bible but few things

    I have this 4 Stars because I’ve been waiting for a bible coloring app. Though there are some issues I have. One is that every time you open the app, every time you open a page to color, every time you finish the page and press continue to exit the page and look for another to color you see an ad. I feel like it becomes too many ads. My next thing is I downloaded this app for pictures related to the Bible to color. Yes the app has some of those. But I’m also seeing just random pictures. Like one of Santa on a deer, or of presents sitting in front of a tree or something. I understand it’s for Christmas but Christmas is actually about Jesus being born, not Santa flying around bringing gifts to everyone. I hope to see more bible related pictures. Maybe like Moses in front of the splitting sea, or Jonah and the whale, Jesus walking on water, Adam and Eve in the garden, and so on.

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    Paid for Ads? Are You Kidding?

    For crying out loud, why should I have to watch a 15 second ad plus wait another 15 seconds to clear it every time I want to use a hint? I paid for premium user service and this is what I get for my trouble? I saw another review that said I could turn off ads under My Works —> Settings but there isn’t anything there except Premium User, which doesn’t turn off the stupid ads for hints. I’m going back to Happy Color with no ads, thank you very much! Now to make matters even worse, the latest version moved the hint button to the middle of the top of the screen so it’s more in the way than ever! As a result it’s very easy to accidentally hit that button while coloring which causes the stupid ad for some other app to play for the next 15 seconds and then it takes another 15 seconds to get the x option to close it. I have deleted the app from my phone and will be requesting a refund for the 2.99 I paid for it to not have any ads!

  • By

    Jesus on the Cross

    I have been using the Bible Coloring App for a while and I really enjoy it. However, I have not seen a black or brown man in any of your pages until I saw the coloring page with Jesus on the cross with two others. In this page, you used a black man on the left which depicted him as the criminal who did not accept Jesus. I think when a person is deliberate in showing black and brown people in a negative light, it speaks to what that person believes about people of different skin colors. It would be a good time for you to acknowledge your short coming, repent, and change the way you are scandalizing the character of black men and women. If you are not aware of it black and brown people are created in the image of God and when you lack to display any black or brown, it makes the the coloring pages inaccurate and works towards a division that Christ would not support.

  • By

    Fun App with 1 complaint

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP! I think it’s fun and relaxing and I love that it’s Bible based! My only complaint is is that I’ve tried multiple time to remove the ads by going to my works> settings> remove ads but every time I tapped on it the loading circle would show up on the screen and it would circle around and around and around and around for minutes until I got sick of waiting and would ex out of the app and go back on so I can color and have to watch another ad. If I get a txt and go to answer it every time I’d have to watch another ad. The ads are crazy! I’m only writing this complaint because I would really love for it to be fixed because I REALLY love this app and don’t want to stop using it because I cant get the ads off.

  • By

    My favorite coloring app!

    Great job to the designers! What sets this app apart is, of course, the Bible scenes and verse, etc. The colors change automatically to the next one when you have completed a color. The ‘touch’ is also hands down the best. I simply lightly touch and the color fills. On all others I have used, you sometimes have to keep hitting the section to be colored very hard to get it to fill. I have done every picture (but 2 Bible scenes) which I am saving for meditation and prayer time. There are very few errors, and the details in the Bible scenes are beautiful. I’d give it 10 stars if that were an option!

  • By

    Love the concept....just several concerns

    I have been using this app for several weeks and have discovered some things I really like and other things, well...not so much. I love the Bible verses and other categories with so many pictures to color. I especially enjoy the ones that are a challenge. Now, some concerns. Every time I go back to your site I have lost a hint. That is very frustrating especially since I don’t often use them but if I do need them, many times there are none left. I have a very difficult time with your ones that are “painted”. Many times the color does not match AT ALL the color it says it will be or the color is exactly the same as one already used. A lot of the colors are completely different in various places on the picture.

  • By

    Repetitive add.

    Okay first off I’ll do the good things. 1. The drawings are amazing! As people have said before the adds are WAY too much. But I have a sulution. If you’re really serious about this game just turn on airplane mode! Then no adds will come! Now for the bad parts.. 1. Every time I do a drawing the tiny colors that I can’t find I have to watch a add! The add is 30 seconds and I just tap it and that’s all I get! I think we should at least get 3 or 4 for that long add. 2. I keep seeing a add about some company that ships pet food. I know that’s how you guys make money but at least do a different one each time! I am gonna delete this if you don’t fix this. Anyway thanks for reading my book! 🤣🤣🤣 Please respond and thank you! -Lydia-

  • By

    Bible Coloring.

    This would be a five star review if it wasn’t for having so much trouble getting bonus pics. Going to FB to get them is a pain. Checking the links gets too complicated. Going back n forth thru app. FB and back for each one is too time consuming. Used to be easier but with each update it gets harder. FB doesn’t work right with it. And pics don’t seem to be as Bible centered as they once were. If they’d figure out a different way to do bonus pics I could do better review. Right now there are a few others that work much better so four stars is pushing it. Sorry. I’ve got so I don’t even try to color every pic every day anymore. Please fix bonus.

  • By

    Fun, relaxing and very therapeutic!

    I love this app! It’s fun to see what colors are going to come forth. It’s very relaxing, as you have to concentrate with your vision, allowing the tuning out of thinking about other things. I use this app every day, mostly at night to unwind before sleeping. It’s so addicting! I’ve colored for hours at a time even though I tell myself, “just one more color”. This app is excellent therapy for me, as I suffer with anxiety and it calms me right down! I recommend this to everyone! The only reason I didn’t rate this app with 5 stars is because it won’t allow me to listen to worship music while I’m coloring because an add closes my music out each time I go to color.

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    Love this app but it has a flaw

    Recently my app would not open it was up to date and all but still would not open so I uninstalled it to see if that would correct the issue of it not opening, it did but by doing to it erased all my work over 300 images I’d colored, progress on the story line and badges their needs to be a way to connect the app to the iCloud or to Facebook so everything is saved in the event that a person feels the need to uninstall it briefly to fix a problem, still giving it a 5 though because over all it’s a excellent app

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    Holy Bible Coloring Pages(?)

    When I first gave this app a review, I gave it a 5 Star BUT now, it’s went down to a 2!😳 I’ve had to “delete” it then “reinstall” it 3 times now, so I’ve lost all my artwork that I didn’t share!😢 It keeps FREEZING UP ON ME DURING THIS SAME AD? I know y’all might not think that that’s not a reason to “delete” it but when I share mine, I usually write something along with it that makes ppl think 🤔 or they comment too! That may seem silly to y’all but if that’s a way to reach someone that DOESN'T know JESUS, then hey I’ll keep coloring till my little sausage fingers fall off! Can y’all help me or do I just forget about this app and the impact that it could have on someone? P.S. This is the ONLY app I have ANY TROUBLE with at all. Thanks for your time #TennesseebornbutHeavenBound❤️

  • By

    Best coloring app!!

    I love this coloring app it’s the best. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because you can’t back up your status on Facebook like some apps. Sadly I had to replace my phone due to apple needing to repair and replace my phone. I have colored every day for the last 120 days consistently every day first thing I do when I get up every day to help calm my mind and start my day. I had almost 700 photos colored. I lost everything when apple replaced my phone yesterday now I have to start over all over again I am very disappointed. If you could do anything to update this app that’s what I would like to see. By far the best coloring app yet

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    The best!

    This is now my favorite coloring app! I love the use of gradients and bright colors in many of the pictures. I love the variety - having positive Bible verses and some Bible themed pictures as well as the un-themed pictures that are just plain pretty and fun. I also like the little dial around the color dot that tells me what portion of that color is completed, and it’s especially helpful that each color dot goes away when it’s done being used. The sound on the ads was interfering with my tunes and audio, but now that I’ve discovered I can remove the in-between ads, I am perfectly happy!

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Is Bible Coloring Paint by Number Safe?

Yes. Bible Coloring Paint by Number is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 129,774 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Bible Coloring Paint by Number Is 26.1/100.

Is Bible Coloring Paint by Number Legit?

Yes. Bible Coloring Paint by Number is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 129,774 Bible Coloring Paint by Number User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Bible Coloring Paint by Number Is 26.1/100.

Is Bible Coloring Paint by Number not working?

Bible Coloring Paint by Number works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Bible Coloring Paint by Number customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Bible Coloring Paint by Number.

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