Contact Numberzilla - Number Math Game

Contact Numberzilla - Number Math Game

Published by on 2021-01-06

Millions of people all over the world are in love with Numberzilla - the TOP
numbers game! The best brain teaser from our childhood with good old familiar
rules now has come back with a brand new witty look. People say this super

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Common Numberzilla - Number Math Game Issues

  • By Midorrian2

    I think I could’ve liked it

    The tutorial was brief and then it throws you into the game. I played the first board for SEVEN HOURS. I still can’t beat it. I ran out of hints quickly and after viewing a few ads, I ran out! I keep leaving the app, playing things, and coming back. Still no ads to watch, but they will force you to view them while you’re trying to play. I could get unlimited hints, but it’s $10 PER WEEK. I’ve never heard of something so absurd. The price is too high, especially for a subscription that autorenews, and is per week. They’re asking people to spend $520 a year for this app? Not worth it. I gave up and tries two other boards before getting frustrated and giving up. They need to figure something out, either give more hints, give an easier board, or allow watching more ads. Too late for this player; what should’ve been a fun and challenging game was a frustrating waste of time. Uninstalled.

  • By Dgdijcvn34(:8$!ndfi

    Kinda lame

    I love the concept of this game and think it COULD be fun if the number additions were fixed. When I play classic I get big chunks (like 10ish rows) where every other number is 1, but there are no 9s. So there is literally nothing that can be done because you can’t remove any numbers to match the 1s, because every number that isn’t one is surrounded by 4 1s. And then in Dynamic mode, I got stuck after the first 3 rows were cleared as much as possible and clicked “Add”. It added 2 rows of numbers with absolutely no matches in them and no matches to the previous rows, even if I clicked the undo all and brought it all back. So I clicked “Add” again, and the same 2 rows just duplicated. Over and over and over. So there was literally nothing I could do to get pairs. There was no shuffle option. I tried exiting the game and going back in. It went in to the same game. So I just don’t have a way of playing dynamic mode now. 🤷🏻‍♀️ So after only about an hour of playing, I am just going to quit until the people who made this figure out these huge errors. I will check back after the next update.

  • By shelbybelby5678

    Very fun, yet very frustrating

    This game is extremely fun! I love the concept and is so interesting for someone, like me, who has a number oriented brain. It’s an amazing way to chill after a hard day. However, it has come to my and others attention that this game is seemingly impossible to solve. The numbers generated often create an impossible loop to solve. I understand if the goal of the creators is to make a very hard game, but I’ve spent 5 hours on one game on classic mode and it seems to not be possible. This is extremely extremely frustrating and a huge downfall to this game. Another downside is the ads. If you click on the hint button you get shown an ad to get the hints, completely normal. However, the number of ads you get shown just in the game is ridiculous. It also frustrates me that the ads get rid of any background music you may be listing to. Also, as many others have said, the price for premium is a rip-off. That price genuinely makes me debate deleting the game. Developers, please take this advice from me and may others and make these much needed changes to the game.

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Reported Issues: 15 Comments

By Kate Jackson
Apr 08 2021

Just purchased a Firesale item advertised at 70% off $14.99 (I believe) and was charged $22.99. This is the second time I have been caught with an advertised sale on your game and charged the full price. Could you please address and refund the difference as this is false advertising.

By Jo Anne Bryant
Apr 02 2021

had to re-install game...had previously pay for no ads; how do I get that back without repurchasing

By Margot
Mar 26 2021

I’m playing the Dynamic version and to shuffle and continue I have to watch an ad HOWEVER the ad doesn’t play, even if I leave it for an hour! Not sure what to do, thanks

By Hannah Winson
Mar 18 2021

I bought numberzilla without the adds previously but now I have swapped phones the ads are back and it's telling me to rebuild! My playstore and payment method have not changed so please can this be fixed as I've spent lots on this game already

By Cali Rocha
Mar 09 2021

I have like 125+ hints but they are grayed out and won't let me use them

By elsie
Jan 19 2021

used up all the "adds" I had... wondering how the heck I get more so I can add more lines, or do I just start over? thx!

By Gina
Nov 24 2020

Who hurt the model in the ad?? The lady with the bracelet has very bad bruises and cuts on her wrist!! Is this prisoner labor? Are these girls forced to do these ads? This is very worrying!!

By Ina
Nov 22 2020

This game took money straight out of my account!! Will contact Apple!!

Nov 15 2020

I purchased No ads option, something went wrong with the game at a later date so I had to uninstall and reinstall. I did the restore backup option and now I get asked to purchase the no ads option again!! (Thankfully I am not having to view the actual ads, just the ad to get rid of the ads). Please fix as I paid a premium price for this.

By Janet Gaamel
Nov 05 2020

Your hints, bombs and undos are no longer supported by ad view , it only gives me the choice of purchase, is this your new norm? I love the game, have won all achievements. I play it a lot daily. I can not purchase so must rely on ad supported free play. Please advise. Respectfully, J. Gamel.

By Mari Bootje
Sep 18 2020

Numberzilla took money from my credit card but I never bought something.

By Pamela Estep
Aug 29 2020

I have paid for no ads on this game. I just upgraded my phone and I am not finding any way to continue my games after transferring everything to my new phone and now am having ads again. Please help. I love this game.

By CJ Webster
Aug 22 2020

I'm stuck on the game it wont let me Add any more numbers for some reason and it's done this several times I get so many points and I think I've made all the matches I can and it doesnt let me Add any more rows

By Geri M
Aug 19 2020

I use 2 different tablets and loaded Numberzilla on both, then while using one tablet I paid for no ads. The removal of ads is only working on one tablet (the one I purchased it from) if I'm able to load the game on both shouldn't my purchase of no ads also apply to where ever I play the game? With the cost of $9.99 it should work across devices while logged in through Facebook. What can I do to fix this.

By Coleby
Aug 16 2020

The games audio stopped working. I even tried.uninstallinh and reinstalling. Its the android version of the app. Please advise. Ty

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