Contact Color Therapy Coloring Number

Contact Color Therapy Coloring Number

Published by on 2020-12-07

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Common Color Therapy Coloring Number Issues

  • By @jaeshae07

    Loved it???

    Great app I would spend hours and hours coloring in great masterpieces but there are not a lot of great things as well. Once I was making something and finished and clicked the done button to post it then it froze I tried opening something else but then I realized it froze my whole phone!!!! When it unfroze it restarted the app and I looked and saw that it freaking undone all my work and didn’t even save it!!!! The very first time I got this app I realized you have to pay to get pictures that have stars and not just once you have to pay it monthly or weekly. But I like that you can color according on how you wanna color it but they should be more careful about where they place things because when your color a finger might slip and you press the button for the drag color so when you hopelessly drag you finger not realizing what happened the color you chose is half way across the coloring page. And earlier when I was talking about having to pay it’s not just the pictures it’s the colors to so if you do not want to pay you are stuck with limited colors and every time you accidentally move to a starred color it pops up that you should buy it. So if you made it this far do not download this app it may be great and everything but when you get mad because it did something stupid don’t act like I did not tell you it wouldn’t happen.

  • By J. Kaaren

    No longer fun😢

    This is no longer the app to which I originally subscribed, and which I enjoyed immensely for a long, long time. Honestly, I was addicted, and really enjoyed coloring the first-class pictures it offered and the ease of navigation. I enjoyed the interaction with the other subscribers and loved the contests. Then it began to change. It was no longer the relaxing, coloring app that it started out to be. I was gone for about a week and when I returned, the app had been totally revamped and I began to have trouble navigating the site. Instead of a relaxing coloring app, it became very stressful just to find tools. While I did enjoy the tutorials in the beginning, and followed them faithfully, they later began to take on a different dimension, some of which were not to the least of my interest. The contests became more complex, and instead of simply submitting our pictures, we were supposed to vote for the works of others. In other words, I was now becoming not only stressed, but feeling bored with my options. I have never written an app review before, but I feel as if the developers need to know that they have quickly turned this long-running “relaxing” app into a stress inducing app that only can be fun and relaxing for a professional artist. Sad to say, but I have cancelled my subscription to Color Therapy, saying goodbye to my coloring friends there and moving on.

  • By Rrrrrrrrrrrosy🤨

    Almost Perfect!😄

    This app is a lot of fun. You can color unlimited pictures for free, unless they’re a deluxe page. You get a nice amount of colors to choose from before you have to pay. A few of the colors and gradients you can follow ColorTherapy on instagram to unlock or color __ pages. Another great thing is you don’t have a million random adds popping up every other second. I like that you don’t HAVE to have an account to color pages. I got one, and once you do that, you can participate in challenges, post your artwork and follow other people. The things I’m not so happy are that you don’t get hardly any options for manual coloring. If you want more you have to pay. 😫 in order to become a VIP ( unlock all colors, pages, and tools) you have to pay 7.00 a month. A MONTH! Aggggggh! Maybe I’m just cheap but that seems like a lot! You can also pay forty bucks yearly. Another thing is that now with the new update they mix the VIP pages on with the normal ones when you’re browsing through A-Z. A suggestion would be a free option where you can take a picture and then color it. That would be so cool. 😎 I think it would be kinda hard to do so I don’t expect it or anything. Overall, ColorTherapy is a great app. 👍🏻

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Reported Issues: 19 Comments

By Lorraine
May 09 2021

Dear Customer Services,
I have tried for the past 24hours to open my Color Therapy App. Is there something wrong. The page comes up and it says ‘DOWNLOADING’ but nothing is happening .. can you help me please..
This is the best App for colouring that I have used..
Many thanks.

By Lynn
Apr 30 2021

W Like many people here, my account has been blocked by admin. I have no clue what to do, it puts me in a new account and let’s me repost my old work from my first account, but without the likes and comments and it doesn’t say the work is repainted. When I sign into my old account, I am immediately signed into the new account when I try to post or comment. I have done everything right and followed all the rules, if anyone has any suggestions please help.

By Joelle
Apr 18 2021

I got blocked by admin but I didn’t break any of the rules can you pls do something about it

By Caroline
Mar 21 2021

My account got blocked. I don’t know why. I don’t know what to do. This is very unhelpful.

By Cyra
Mar 21 2021

I have been blocked. Y admin and cannot access my account of ColorTherapy

By Stephanie Johnson
Feb 25 2021

Cleared cache but still can’t enter challenges

By Tessa
Jan 11 2021

I’m pretty sure I was reported by 10 year olds because they were arguing how that it’s right to abort a baby and calling it a virus and aliens and I’m not happy about loosing my account

By Tessa
Jan 11 2021

I got blocked by admin in ColorTherapy and I’m very annoyed,I can’t post my artworks and it won’t even let me make a new account.

By Rita Lawson
Dec 02 2020

I have 2 subscriptions. I need to cancel 1 or add it to the 1st one. I couldn’t color until I renewed my subscription, after I done this I discovered that I didn’t need to renew.
Now I can’t cancel it and get my money refunded.

By Opal
Nov 28 2020

I was blocked by admin and I read all the guidelines
and did nothing wrong this was one of my favorite apps and now I cant even access it.

By Jay Sanders
Nov 05 2020

I Literally got blocked by admin and I cannot post any of my masterpieces that I’ve been working on for a while. I checked the guidelines and I had done nothing wrong. It’s ridiculous how someone can’t do what they love because of a stupid app I’m done with ColorTherapy. Have fun without One of your best Colorists.

By Izzy
Oct 12 2020

My acc was blocked by admin that was so NOT COOL! I don’t even know why. I followed all the rules!! I’m not pleased with that.

By Maddison
Sep 07 2020

My account got blocked I don’t know why but I tried everything to make a new account I even deleted the app and got it again and it wouldn’t work and I have to get it back because I have friends on the app and it’s sooo calming

By Celeste
Sep 05 2020

MY ACCOUNT GOT BLACKED BY ADMIN?! I don’t even know why!! Please is there anything I can do to get my account back!!??

By Maddison
Aug 30 2020

Someone is calling me fake on this app named Maddison.l_is_fake and is telling everyone! Can you please force her to stop or something I am trying everything and she has confronted all my friends as well and it needs to stop!

By Juliana
Aug 24 2020

I got blocked and I done know what to do

By Juliana
Aug 24 2020

I got blocked and I done know what to do

By John
Aug 18 2020

I thought this was supposed to be an adult coloring app? I don't want kids driving me crazy with their constant phishing for likes and followers. This is not a game but that's how they treat it. They also use it as a chat room away from adult eyes. PLEASE find a way to separate the children. I have zero interest in their activities. Also how about making DTPs fair. You have incredible artist then you have kid scribbles. I find that to an incredible insult to those marvelous artist. GET SOME NO SO FEMININE DRIVEN TEMPLATES !

By Exie
Aug 14 2020

I got blocked by admin without doing anything weong

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