AKASO GO Reviews

AKASO GO Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-05

About: With AKASO GO, you can control your action camera from a distance to shoot
hard-to-reach footage and preview them from your phone. Create stunning video
with disruptive effects and share to social media.


With AKASO GO, you can control your action camera from a distance to shoot hard-to-reach footage and preview them from your phone.

Create stunning video with disruptive effects and share to social media.

Capture the perfect moment with live preview, control your camera remotely.

Upload your video to social media through App, let your family and friends stay connected with you.

Save your storage space and time.Preview your files and download to your phone.

One-stop professional effects make video editing easier than ever.

You can easily adjust the settings on your phone.


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Key Benefits of AKASO GO

- Works perfectly

- Premium editing tools for easy customization

22 AKASO GO Reviews

2.2 out of 5


good app but should do more

TLDR: Annoying social features that auto play video and the camera is so good it needs livestreaming. Also: needs faster transfer speeds.

AKASOGO functions well enough as an interface to Akaso cameras (at least to the Keychain which is the only model I have) but the time it takes to transfer videos from the camera seems longer than it should be—the cam runs out of battery before the videos finish transferring! Transferring from the card to a computer seems buggy—both my Mac and my Windows machines have trouble reading cards used in the Keychain. Meanwhile, the social aspect of AKASOGO seems unnecessary. There are already too many social media apps to choose from. It’s also frustrating that when you open AKASOGO the social section shows first AND autoplays the first video (with audio—which is SUPER annoying) when I’m only interested in the page for connecting the camera. One thing I think would help AKASOGO a LOT is the ability to livestream to Twitter, FB, or anywhere, really. This camera could connect people in an incredibly immersive way to all kinds of events. I used it to shoot a wedding during the pandemic. Would have been great to bring the couple’s family there, too.


Social media force

The social media forced previews is super annoying. Don’t have this be the first thing that starts blasting video and music. AKASOGO is slow to transfer pics/vids. Work on that feature. As far as the actual camera goes...it is awesome. This review is only for AKASOGO .


Took me a second to figure it out.

I read the above reviews and I had the same problem of it not working in the live, but what I didn’t realize is that you have to add the actual wifi name of your camera. It won’t do it automatically. Tried doing it like 7 times but I finally figured it out. If not call the customer service number.



Camera is whatever, BUT AKASOGO IS THE WORST THING IMAGINABLE! The most buggy app i have ever used, doesnt connect to the camera half of the time, never fully downloads your videos( there is always something wrong, bad quality or sound dissapears) and every time i try to download a video i get some stupid error message that says there is no space on my phone when i still have 25g of space! Will definately be returning this camera and my advice, dont waste your time and just buy a GOPRO!


My review

I just got a go pro this past Christmas. I got AKASOGO (obviously) and I LOVE it! I can’t believe I saw such bad reviews. AKASOGO works perfectly and like I mentioned I love love love it! For the people who hate you are crazy weird and don’t know anything. AKASOGO is amazing and have a happy life everybody. Bye-bye!



AKASOGO is worthless V50X connected the first dozen times. Now progress goes to 90% and hangs. Doesn’t freeze. AKASOGO remains responsive, but now refuses to recognize the cameras right to exist. I will be returning this and spending the extra 150$ to get an app that works. The camera itself is fine, works as well as you could hope. But the development of a requisite app seems to be where the added cost is and for me personally well worth the extra money. Steer Clear. You have been warned.


Will not connect to camera

My phone is connected to the camera’s WiFi, AKASOGO keeps telling me to connect to the WiFi but it already is. I put in the exact WiFi address in AKASOGO with password and it still runs me in circles asking me to connect to the camera’s WiFi (which my phone already is) horrible app, does not even do the most basic function of connecting to a brand new camera.


Horrible app

It's horrible that the akaso camera requires an app, unless you want to be moving the SD card back and forth all the time. AKASOGO rarely recognizes the camera. And it is constantly sending alerts to my phone asking if I want to share the password. It covers the screen! I had to remove AKASOGO to get it to stop. I may have to return the camera just because of this stupid, defective app.


Camera will not connect to app on iPhone

Followed the instructions to connect camera to AKASOGO and it will not connect! Keeps giving me a message of:
I have spoken with AKASO several times and they can’t figure it out. I sent the first camera back because the thought it was defective but the second camera does the same thing.


Professional editing

Premium editing tools for easy customization


Won’t download with access to all private photos

AKASOGO won’t allow downloading photos and videos from the Akaso Brave 4 Pro camera unless I give AKASOGO FULL ACCESS to all the photos on my device.

I am trying to get photos from the device, not upload my photos to Asako, so I don’t understand why they demand this access.


Doesn’t recognize Wi-Fi connection

I have an older Brave 4 and am trying to connect to it. The SSID on the camera is just AKASO, not the multi-digit string. I can connect to it directly with the iPhone’s Wi-Fi settings, but AKASOGO will not recognize the connection. Looks like it was just updated recently, I’m guessing they broke the compatibility with the older camera.


The app is horrible.

The camera works just fine and has good quality. My biggest issue is that the log in screen doesn’t work. It mistakes me trying to create an account and just says that my password needs x requirements. It’s a big turn off that I can’t use one of the features promised for the camera.


No downloads

The downloads don’t work, I’ve freed up a lot of gigabits just for a 30 minute video it says its downloaded but it’s not


Camera keeps timing out on downloads

I changed all the auto off settings for the max and the camera keeps shutting offf before a download can complete. Any ideas from the developer? Thx!


The app doesn’t work and the other reviews are fake

AKASOGO doesn’t connect to the camera even though my WiFi is connected. The good reviews say absolutely nothing about AKASOGO because they are fake. But what can one expect from cheap Chinese software. At least the camera is of decent quality.


Mandatory Sign-In Not Working

App now requires a sign in before connecting to the camera but AKASOGO isn't working. Can't sign in or create a new account. After multiple attempts there is a skip option but that doesn't work either. Working with customer support but for now the camera is a brick without AKASOGO .


Way to hard to connect camera and download videos

Why does AKASOGO use wifi to connect to your phone? If it used Bluetooth it would be so much simpler, and not only that! It might work. The camera and my phone says I’m connected but the stupid app says it’s not connected and won’t function. Nice update AKASO!


won’t let me connect

i got this camera for Christmas but AKASOGO doesn’t even work. i’ve been trying for the past half an hour but it keeps telling me unable to connect. i don’t know why it has to be this hard. im very disappointed and will be returning the camera.


Terrible useless app

Doesn’t let you connect to the camera without logging in. Well I have to connect to the camera through wifi so how am I supposed to do that if I don’t have a cell signal? Why do I have to login to their stupid site to access the camera in my hand anyways?


Live preview doesn’t work

Unfortunately it seems that live preview does not work with our V50X, tried on multiple phones. We have seen it working on other people’s reviews, and have seen some recent comments about their live preview also not working. Some were able to get live preview to work by using an older version of AKASOGO , so I suspect that one of the recent updates broke live preview.

Other than that, AKASOGO seems to work great, transferring data from the camera is easy, and we can still control it from our phones, we just can’t see any preview.

mark kidwell   1 year ago

8/25/2022 Going to use the AKASO Brave 4 PRO tonight at my daughter's volleyball game and was making sure the App work correctly today. I have the App installed on both my Android Samsung S22+ phone and Ipad. I verified could make wifi connections on both and start/play video, take photos, and change angle view; it all worked for me. My plan is to mount it on the gym wall to a mount site the coach has placed there; It's about 8 feet up on the wall so I want to use the App for control and then go sit in the stands. I read wifi is good up to 10 meters (32 ft) so control maybe lost after moving away to the stands so we will see how it works. I have to video potentially for an hour so have an external battery and 128GB SD card to support the recording duration. I would like to be able to start and stop for timeouts, next set etc.

Shae Slove   1 year ago

By reading almost all the reviews on Amazon, & seeing all the YouTube videos of people complaining about the audio to I was a little hesitant, but am really happy I bought it, IT WORKS GREAT!!! I bought an external mic, just in case, but I don't need it really at all, only use it on my motorcycle helmet. The picture quality looks great on a cell phone, or smaller screen to view it on, but on a big screen TV you start to see what makes the GoPro stand out ahead of the rest, not only it's sound, but the amazing picture quality. If they just fix these few issues, as well as let us Livestream on social media with this, they'd start taking over the action cam market!!! 👍💯


No. AKASO GO does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 374 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for AKASO GO Is 16.3/100.

Is AKASO GO Legit?

No. AKASO GO does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 374 AKASO GO User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for AKASO GO Is 31.7/100..

Is AKASO GO not working?

AKASO GO works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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