Tiimo - Visual Daily Planner Reviews

Tiimo - Visual Daily Planner Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-19

Tiimo is a visual daily planning app that helps you organize your life, stick to
your routines, and work towards your personal goals. With a subscription, you
can use it at home, in school and at work to support you in doing the things you
need to do, in a visual and motivating way! T...

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Tiimo - Visual Daily Planner Reviews

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    Love it for my very procrastinator mind!

    I honestly love this app! I’ve tried so many with timers because they actually help me keep my time in check! But what I liked about this app was how you could also add checklists. That’s an extremely awesome feature. And also liked how I can make my days of the week different, it is so helpful. But there’s two things that could make this app absolutely perfect for me: 1. Instead of only being able to change the time of when something ends or starts, being able to change the duration! It takes me some time to try and calculate when something will end when I know for a fact how long it’s gonna take. Maybe add in seconds as well! 2. When I change the time of one of the habits ,or when I add something that overlaps, instead of overlapping, it changes the times of the other habits. Or somehow being able to not have to go and manually change the times of everything when I have to add something in the middle of the routine or change how long a habit is! Hope I was able to explain myself lol! These features were something I really liked in another app but I’m choosing to stick with this one and hoping that some of these features could be implemented! Thank you guys so much for the awesome app, honestly!

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    So helpful

    Tiimo is worth it! I have adhd and I don't use the app every day but it is so helpful in days that I need to remember my schedule or stick to a plan. I love the lists feature because it allows you to plan a lot of activities at same time and check them off as you go. The lists are especially helpful for me when I need to clean and don't know where to start :)

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    The App Holding My Life Together

    This app has helped me immensely with executive dysfunction, dissociation, and memory loss. It helps me reorient myself throughout the day with personal care habits and piano practicing at the moment, I'm sure i will expand to more things. I'm a 31 year old, late diagnosed autistic woman with various mental health issues and lots of things to get in my way and this app makes it easier to deal. ❤️

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    As someone who is challenged by both ASD and ADHD, this app has helped me remember to do my homework/responsibilities, plan out my days, and view my schedule in an organized manner. I love how it is very visual and how you are able to add to do lists within scheduled activities. This app has definitely kept me in check and I’m so grateful for everything it offers.

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    game changer

    this is the best planner/calendar I've used and ive tried many! i struggle with organizing and planning but tiimo makes it easy. i love that you can add image to events, and have a to do list for events. this keeps me on task and helps me remember things i normally forget. thank you tiimo!!

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    Easy to organize

    Good for people with autism, adhd, or other visual or neurodivergent brain styles. If a normal calendar isn’t working for you, TIMO is a good option.

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    What I Needed

    This app helps me tremendously with staying on task and having productive days for a change. Awesome!!!

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    this app is a lifesaver for staying on top of things with online school and daily life for my adhd.

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    i want to repeat an activity every three days but it doesn’t give me that option. it only lets me select certain days of the week or days of the month but it really should allow you to choose to repeat every 2,3,4 days etc.

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    Great help for virtual learning

    My 5th grade has ADHD. Our school district is currently virtual learning. With both parents working, he needs to take charge and be responsible for his learning. This app has been great. I gave him my old phone (connected via WiFi, no cellular) and Apple Watch. The app vibrates on his arm and reminds him when he needs to log on to live meetings, etc. It has been a huge lifesaver this week. He has even asked me to add other non-school related reminders. I would love a sign in option that doesn’t have “use”. Like a parent view so I can edit his schedule without being in the use profile on my phone. I also would love a 5 minute reminder ahead of a scheduled task (I admit that this option may be there and I have not found it yet).

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    So close! - updated.

    Update: After hearing from Signe I’m going up a star for getting a response and that the developers listen to feedback and implement features the users are asking for. I know that seems simple but it’s not common. I put a lot of thought into my review and came from a perspective of wanting to improve on the user’s experience so I enjoyed hearing back. Cheers, Tiimo! I had ADHD and I heard that Tiimo is a great app for your schedule so I downloaded it and it’s almost perfect, but there’s one feature that makes it frustrating for me to use. When I’m creating a routine or activity I want to be able to use the length of time an activity takes instead of a start and stop time. It might seem small, but I have time blindness so I time myself doing activities and record the amount of time they take to complete. Then I use that to schedule. Ideally I would place it on my schedule at the time I want to start and the end time would generate. With the start and stop time, whenever I want to place an item on my schedule at a different time it’s frustrating to first determine the amount of time the task takes, then reset the start and end time. Otherwise I really enjoy this app.

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    I love everything about the app. It will only get better with time! My issue is that it costs... I’m broke, to put it lightly. I’m a struggling college student with 4 mental illnesses so I’m unable to work. I was hoping to use this app to assist me in my recovery journey and help me return back to normal and eventually go back to work.. I have issues with forgetting to take care of myself and to do important things... the trial is a good idea but it asks you to put info in right away... my luck is I would forget to cancel. Granted the annual fee is very cheap... but even still, I cannot afford it. Lowkey wish that it could be a one time purchase... then I don’t have payment issues of forgetting to pay... a one time payment would be so perfect. Or you can do what notability does and charge one time, small fees for different aspects. $2.99 for no ads. $1.99 for all icons and colors. Maybe even add something like $5 donation to help support creators so that those with that financial stability can help you out! Just an idea... I adore the concept of this app! Just make sure to hear people out! :)

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    Updating my review

    I’m updating my review again from 3 stars to 4. The app has improved since I started using it, and some of the bugs have been worked out. One issue I reported was fixed within a couple of days. Also, one issue that I assumed was a bug went away when I upgraded to a newer iPad. I can see that the developers are really making an effort to make the app better. This is a very unique app, and I haven’t found another like it. I have ADHD and autism, and it works with the way my brain works. I have executive dysfunction, and I have a hard time getting started on tasks. Seeing the notification that a task is about to start kind of creates a sense of urgency to get started. And it keeps me on task. And because I’m a visual thinker, I like that you can customize the color and icons. Calendars have never worked for me, partly because you can never exactly guess how long a task will take and unexpected things come up. This app is flexible in that it lets you start and finish tasks early or late. So it’s pretty cool, and I think it helps me a lot.

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    Like this so far

    It’s only been a day, but I really like this concept. I’m an adult that was recently diagnosed with ADHD and I’ve without knowing I had ADHD always wished an app like this existed. Time management and executive function are hard for me. I can set up my day the night before and then I’m free to just be myself knowing that I won’t forget to do something important at the right time. 3 stars because I’m new and haven’t used it much yet. There is some functionality I’d like to see added. Namely an ability to do customized repetitions. Also setting times for activities is slightly glitchy. I’ve had to delete and recreate and activity already because the end time wouldn’t stay set to what I put it at after I hit save. It worked the second time though. All in all really interested to see how this works for me and how the app developers improve it over time.

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    Exactly what I have been looking for! I feel in control of my day with this app.

    Tiimo makes me feel “in control” because I’m able to see my day visually, and I can build up a library of routines to make scheduling a breeze. I always know what is coming next which reduces anxiety and helps me focus on what I am currently doing. The power of Tiimo is that they know their audience and build specifically for them. This makes such a difference. Also everyone who is a part of Tiimo is so fun to communicate with. They listen and respond promptly, I can tell that they care about the community they build their app for. I’m excited to see this app evolve even more in the future.

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Is Tiimo - Visual Daily Planner Safe?

Yes. Tiimo - Visual Daily Planner is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 785 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Tiimo - Visual Daily Planner Is 44.4/100.

Is Tiimo - Visual Daily Planner Legit?

Yes. Tiimo - Visual Daily Planner is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 785 Tiimo - Visual Daily Planner User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Tiimo - Visual Daily Planner Is 44.4/100.

Is Tiimo - Visual Daily Planner not working?

Tiimo - Visual Daily Planner works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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