Prismpop - Share What You Love Reviews

Prismpop - Share What You Love Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-27

Welcome to PrismPop, the lifestyle community to share what you love! This is
the place to share what you’re into, meet people with similar interests, and
shop smarter with each other’s help. From your makeup routine, your best look
of today, your fitness routine that you endorse, to yo...

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Prismpop - Share What You Love Reviews

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    You guys have some things to fix

    Screen goes black and kicks me out of the app. Also when I try posting the link to my favorite brands so other people could tap on the link and try them too it won’t let you the link for the brands site is just writing it doesn’t let you go to the link and buy their products that’s highly disappointing especially if someone loves the look of the product we’re posting they can’t tap it and go to the site small brands need more eyes on their products that’s what I post them they need more orders only way they can do that is if people can tap the link to bring them to the site so they can order. Please make that an option. Also make it easier to hashtag in the post you got to push hashtag then write in the hashtag instead of posting the hashtags in the description with the links which you can’t go to the sites of your favorite products you used the screen goes black and kicks me out while I’m trying to make a post if the hashtags worked like hashtags like Twitter you just write the hashtags in a post and they worked like they’re supposed to but no got the screen going black and kicking me out. So far this app is very disappointing please work on these things. Thank you.

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    My Go-To App for BEAUTY!!

    PrismPop is such a great app to find out what’s trending in beauty! Everyone is posting about beauty products so you can find out what others are experiencing with items before you go out and buy it for yourself! I love how everyone is friendly and very encouraging! When I post a video, the users always have some really sweet things to say!! (They must delete all negativity because I haven’t had a negative comment on any of my posts, which is good for everyone because sometimes beauty can be a touchy subject.) My favorite thing to do on the app is post my content, but I also love seeing what other people are up to in regards to nail trends and picking up new makeup tips from others. I would really love to see more challenges such as “Pass the Brush” and possibly other challenges that are beauty-unique (things like: “What I look like when I wake up VS. what I look like at my most dressed to” or “How I did my makeup in highschool.”) I think more challenges would be fun!!

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    PrismPop is POPPIN’

    I absolutely adore PrismPop! I actually found out about PrismPop when another app I had called Cherie announced it was shutting down. Some of the users mentioned other apps about beauty and skincare, and this was one of them. Although I hated to see Cherie shut down, I am so grateful to have learned about PrismPop through that post!! PrismPop is AMAZING, the community is WONDERFUL, the posts are so FUN & INFORMATIONAL! I love everything about this app! I’ve become a PrismPop addict! I love all things makeup and skincare so if you do too then this is def the app for you! Even better than that if you are looking for somewhere that is ALL about POSITIVITY & you want to be involved with a group of uplifting people, then PrismPop is DEFINITELY, 100% the app for YOU! It’s hard now days to find a social media app that doesn’t have trolls, negative comments/posts, or just mean people in general on them; so PrismPop is literally a GEM because of its wonderful energy! PrismPop is the BESTTTTT! Love my PrismPop FAMILY!!!! ♥️

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    Amazing Community Of People!

    I have been using the PrismPop site for around 7 months now. This site is honestly like a big community of like minded people. The content on there is super positive and well written. I’ve learned so much just from reading other posts! PrismPop hosts Daily Giveaways and has tester bags full of products that we can apply to try and review. My very first Giveaway that I participated in, I won! Same with the first Tester Bag that I applied for. We also earn points so we can buy full sized beauty products with them! My favorite part of PrismPop is how I learn something new all the time. Plus the people on there are super supportive and nice. The App is AMAZING! It has the coolest in app editing tools for taking pictures and videos. You can message people in the App too. PrismPop is just an amazing place to express yourself through writing, pictures and videos. I definitely recommend it. Especially if you’re a Makeup or Beauty Enthusiast. 👍👏

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    Prismpop is Content Creator Focused

    PrismPop is such a unique app! This app is all about their content creators. They have created a space for those who love educating others about their craft whether it be makeup, thrifting, home decor, exercise regimens, and so many more things. My favorite thing about PrismPop is that this app feels like a close-knit family of likeminded individuals who are rooting for each other to grow, glow & succeed. I love that we have the opportunity to try new products and weekly themes to get your creative juices flowing. A positive experience is that behind the scenes they will reach out to you to help you become better at your craft by providing pointers to make your content shine. I promise you won’t be disappointed by joining the PrismPop family because this is a one of a kind app that allows you to shine and your best self. Go ahead and download right now...See you on the app!

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    I love Prismpop

    I love Prismpop because if you have a question about anything you can find the answer on there especially beauty products. I have 2 favorite things about Prismpop 1. The points program to get rewards just for doing a few simple things every day. 2. The chance to get free stuff and do a video review on them how cool is that. Positive experience on Prismpop I was having a bad day the other day and this girl tagged me in a comment and she was really nice and put a smile on my face we commented on each other’s stuff back and forth it was fun. I really like the community everyone is so nice and and positive and you really can’t find this anywhere else. Come join us you won’t have to worry about nasty mean people like Facebook and Twitter you will have fun, laugh, learn new stuff, share your experiences with other people, not be judged, get a chance to review products, and get rewards!

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    Amazing community!

    I downloaded the Prismpop app 3 months ago and I am so happy I did. The app is full of opportunities. Almost everything you go gains you points that you can later use and exchange for products on their store. You can also participate in tester campaigns to get free products to try and give your review about them. The one I’ve been enjoying the most is the amazing community within the app. You can get support from anyone in charge rather quickly and they are always there to help. The girls in the community are awesome too. The app is very diverse as you can find content ranging from beauty and makeup to, to pets, food, fashion, cleaning, you name it. You won’t regret downloading the app and becoming part of the Prismpop family. ❤️

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    Fun, beautiful, and user friendly!

    This app is super cute and it gives users different ways to share fun ideas, reviews, day to day agendas, and more! I like this app because it connects you with other positive creators who encourage each other and promote positivity. PrismPop offers a point system with many easy and fun ways to earn. These points can be used to enter raffles, purchase products, or could be exchanged for cash! The app is free and honestly, I wouldn't mind paying for something similar! PrismPop helps you establish and customize your own designs from makeup, skincare, cooking tutorials, pet promotions, and even a plant parent contest! I would highly recommend if you would like another outlet to make videos and pictures!

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    A great beginning! Can’t wait to see it grow!

    I have been using Prismpop for close to a year now and have loved the whole community of beauty loving humans like myself. It’s such a welcoming and loving environment, unlike the many judgmental SNS that are very big. I have enjoyed creating with this app, especially videos using voice over AND music! I love that I am able to directly use the app itself for things I want to post about. Although I do wish those photos and videos would be saved to my camera roll directly, or that I had the ability to do so. I can’t wait to see everything else this app will do in the future as I know it will only get better from here!

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    PrismPop is my new go-to app for everything!

    Every time I open the app, I learn something. It’s definitely the app go to for my beauty needs/wants. People share their way of doing things and products they love. It feels less about the likes but more about the community and knowledge-sharing. Even I as a creator feel more inspired to post more. The community is so positive and welcoming! On top of that, it’s the only content sharing app I know that gives out cool, new, trendy products! There’s a point system Ando you collect enough points to redeem items and also this gift system that you can redeem for cash. It’s a really cool app and more people should get on it!

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    Great App

    What I like about the app is that you can collect points easily, but you do have to collect a lot of points though. Once you collect a certain amount you cash it into real money or receive high end products. My favorite thing to do is claiming the points once I have done everything that’s supposed to do. There are daily and weekly tasks to do and are so easy! One of the tasks is to post anything from beauty, health, food, to fashion. I like that it makes you follow other users, comment on their posts, and like their posts and vice-versa. I think this makes us more confident in ourselves cause of the comments one receives.

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    Such a great community!

    This app is so much fun! I was recommended by a friend to download it and I have been posting content on it ever since. The community on here is great. If you are a beauty, fashion, makeup, foodie, pet, or travel lover (and more) you will find a community of people on here that are interested in the same thing. If you are looking for inspiration for content, or a makeup look, or you need help styling something, you will find a video for it on Prismpop. I have also been able to redeem the points I get for posting content in their rewards store and have gotten a couple eyeshadow palettes for free!

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    Super Great Community of Content Creators

    So originally I came from another app that was similar to this one, however, the community on PrismPop has exceeded my expectations. This app is more than just reviewing items. It’s actually been a safe space where I can feel comfortable in my skin without worrying about being judged or critiqued in what I post. They also have an amazing reward system and are always creating opportunities for you to feel motivated in posting your content as well as making new friendships. This app is the best, and I can’t see myself without it ever since I downloaded it!

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    I get rewards / cash just for posting

    I have started to use PrismPop way more than TikTok and IG lately because I get rewarded just for posting creative content and there are a ton of perks and things you can turn your points in for! Like real gifts or just turn them in for cash - so I feel like as a creator I am truly rewarded for my contribution and as a consumer I love all of the tutorials and recipes and product reviews - and the raffles and challenges are so fun! The community is really nice and supportive too. It’s nice to check my comments and not see anything negative or any trolls. Great community !

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    Awesome platform

    This app has helped me tremendously. Honestly, I learned to grow and create content I thought I would never do before. It helped me to open up and show what I love to do and that is beauty and makeup. The community are such positive creators who just happen to boost your confidence and uplift your spirits, it just motivates you to create more content that you love. A plus side to this app is that they have prizes to review when you join these tester programs. It’s a fun way to create content and get free stuff and when you stack up points you also get free stuff ! A definite must-DL app! Thank you prismpop!

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Is Prismpop - Share What You Love Safe?

Yes. Prismpop - Share What You Love is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 295 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Prismpop - Share What You Love Is 50.1/100.

Is Prismpop - Share What You Love Legit?

Yes. Prismpop - Share What You Love is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 295 Prismpop - Share What You Love User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Prismpop - Share What You Love Is 50.1/100.

Is Prismpop - Share What You Love not working?

Prismpop - Share What You Love works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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