Dominion Reviews

Dominion Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-05

About: Expand a small kingdom to a mighty Dominion! Play the Spiel des Jahres
winner beloved by millions of boardgame hobbyists around the world. This is the
officially licensed implementation.

About Dominion

Over one hundred thirty-two septillion possible Kingdom combinations, 500+ cards, 15 and counting expansions, and ongoing promo packs make Dominion one of the most extensive and replayable boardgames in the hobby.

Discover the game that defined a genre, Dominion was first to popularize deck-building and remains a staple of tabletop.

Your deck starts out a small sad set of Estates and Coppers, but you hope that by the end of the game it will be brimming with Gold, Provinces, and the inhabitants and structures of your kingdom.

Download the game that started it all for free! The base set of Dominion is available at no charge.

Play one of the most highly regarded strategy tabletop games of all time through our simple tutorial.

Try the Daily Dominion, a free puzzle level available to players around the world.

Play with up to 6 players online through your device or pass and play among your friends.

With an active Discord and online community, make new friends or challenge new people to a game.

Play the Spiel des Jahres winner beloved by millions of boardgame hobbyists around the world.

Sharpen your skills with solitaire style solo play against a robust AI, with four levels of difficulty.

Choose wisely among the 10 cards available in the tableau to create the strongest combos to dominate your opponent.

Play from any supported device, whenever you want, after verifying your email in-game.

Jump into a lobby game with expansions enabled to try before you buy.

Export and share kingdoms and game summaries to compare strategies.


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4.7 out of 5


The award winning card game

… finally gets the digital version. It deserves.
This implementation of Donald Vaccarino’s masterpiece is everything a board game lover could want. If you act fast, there is a special price for all of the expansions. In Cardboard, you would’ve paid over $700. And the result would be an unwieldy collection. This wonderful little app gives you instant access to every card ever made, and creates fun challenges for you with capable AI opponents or real life players.

Give it a try, the base is free, and see why this brilliant game has won so many awards.


Fantastic implementation of a great game!

Wow, TGG knocked this one out of the park! This game was in beta forever so that the dev team could make the launch as smooth as possible and it shows. Just a perfect digital version that is smooth and works intuitively. The Daily this app is a fun challenge that makes you use cards you may not play with often to try and do the best you can against the challenging AI. Love this game and it’ll be fun to watch it become my most played iOS game.


Awesome implementation, responsive devs

The game itself is amazing, and Dominion version is super. Streamlined very well, font size options can be made to jumbo without cutting off so easy to play on phone. AI is very fun to play and will challenge all but the most dedicated of this app players. I waited a looooong time for this to come to iOS but its even better than I hoped. They do need to figure out with Apple how to enable it on Macs though because I would love to play on my Air


Fantastic implementation!

Beautiful on iPad and iPhone. This is the perfect app to enjoy, explore and experience this app! I love the challenging neural net based AI. It’s my favorite way to spend 10 minutes of downtime, or an hour or two when I’m winding down. It’s great for experimenting with strategies, and learning the cards at my own pace. The UI has lots of neat options for how to handle/automate specific situations. Looking forward to going deep with Dominion.


Easy to lose track of time

Great application of a great game. The sound is a little loud and shuts off randomly, but that’s a minor issue. It works really well overall and the AI is pretty challenging. Fun sound effects for each card too.


It’s all you could hope for!

this app is such a classic, and it’s awesome that it works so well here. Smooth, easy to use, easy to play, I can see this taking over what few spare minutes I have in my day!


This is how you do it 🙌🏻

Props to the developer!! Great game and excellent adaptation. Clearly listened to the feedback from fans, and provided exactly what was asked for. If I had to offer up one thing: a better soundtrack would be great :) but… that’s being picky lol



It’s this app. You’ve played it before and bore you can play it all the time. Watching TV? Play this app and watch TV. In an Uber? Play this app. Waiting for the fire department to show up with the jaws of life? Distract yourself by playing this app.


I now have infinite entertainment on my phone

And I can attest from months of beta testing that this is a perfect implementation. To say the hard AI is a worthy opponent would be an understatement…


Please allow on iPad (and other Apple OS’s)

this app is my favorite card game. I’m so happy to have this available finally after a long wait. But I am so disappointed that it’s only on iOS and not the other Apple platforms as well.



A faithful and professional implementation of the original card game, with all the expansions!


AI is really annoying

The AI players always forfeit. It’s super annoying literally NEVER have completed a game. Please change this behavior and let us at least finish a game once in a while.



A top board game, now on IOS!


Not paying $99 for digital cards. Ever.

Get the price down to $1.49 for small expansions and $2.99 for large. Until then I won’t spend a dime on this game. There isn’t a single game on iOS worth $50, no clue how you think yours is worth $99.



Been waiting years for this? I’m also not paying for all the expansions yet another time.


Great implementation

One issue I'm seeing is that expansion purchases aren't being shared correctly. My spouse and I are on the same family so game/app purchases are shared usually without issue, but I bought the Intrigue expansion and she can't get it for some reason - Dominion shows the purchase price instead of it being owned, clicking Restore Purchases doesn't work, and neither does going to Dominion Store and under Purchased and choosing it from my purchases.


I want what I paid for

I just paid $99 to unlock all expansions and nothing is unlocked


UI is unusably slow, unoptimized for iOS

Updated review:

The developer responded to my initial review that the UI slowness was because of server congestion. Indeed, retrying the daily challenge, I see that every tap is responsive. However, I don’t understand why server congestion is causing my local device to respond slowly; to be clear, when I say the UI would take 3+ seconds to respond, I mean that I would tap a card to view it, and it would take 3+ seconds to respond. I tested turning on airplane mode and accessing Dominion , and this seemed to be fine, so why is/was tapping a card to view it so sluggish due to “server congestion”?

Additionally, the home bar is still active all the time, and it is easy to close Dominion or switch apps by accident. Most apps require intentional swipe to wake the home bar.

Raising review to 2 stars since it technically responds better, but not raising it higher since I am concerned about the developer’s response about server congestion affecting local performance.

Original review:

Dominion is unoptimized and unplayable for iOS (iPhone 12 mini, iOS 17.2.1). I was excited for this version of this app and the great promotional bundle of expansions, but trying to play an online game or even just the daily challenge, the UI would take literally 3+ seconds to respond to my taps. Every tap also revealed Dominion switching bar at the bottom of the screen, even when I tapped middle or top of the screen. I am incredibly disappointed that Temple Gate Games - and Rio Grande - thought this was an acceptable UX. I’ll give it another chance in the next update, and if it’s still unusable, will uninstall for good (and continue to mourn no good iOS this app app).


Offline Mode or Can’t Connect to Server?

I’m having trouble accessing online play. It will say I’m in offline mode. I’ll click “go online” and then it will say offline and “not connected to game server”. Any solutions? Do you have to pay to access online?



5 stars for asynchronous play

More multiplayer games should support this. I don't have time for real time games so this game fits my time schedule perfectly


Ai can deploy multiple actions but I can not?

Action seems to end round every time but ai can do it till they run out of cards


Perfect. After 15 years

I’ve been waiting 15 years for this. It was worth the wait.


I can’t believe I’m thinking about $100 in app purchase…

Wow! The free base game has got me hooked. With some looong flights in my future, spending $100 for 15 expansions doesn’t seem that crazy… Dominion is really smooth and I have enjoyed Race For the Galaxy by these guys for years.


The wait is over!!! Only one small flaw so far.

I’m so glad this finally released!! Been waiting for at least a year. Thank you for all your hard work developing it! Gameplay is everything I hoped for. I do have one small grievance though. Playing on an iphone, when I am swiping up from the bottom of the screen to play cards or select them for discard, it’s very easy to start the swipe a bit too low and activate the return to home screen feature. This can get annoying pretty fast :( Is there anything y’all could do about that?


Fun but needs work

It is a fun version of this game.
It would be 5 stars if one thing was added and was thing was tweaked.
There needs to be a way to pick cards not just random (main reason for 3 stars)
Also, as with many games on iOS, the AI cheats. It gets perfect draws and the player gets average to below average draws.
If I could pick my cards this would not be as much of an issue.


Slow/overloaded servers

All processing seems to take place on their back end servers. A 10 minute game takes 30 because the server can’t handle it.

Just got dropped from a game because my turn timed out, it was just frozen waiting on server.

Now “server full” so I cannot play.



If you’re not already an expert, the inability to always have the card text visible, or at least available with less UX friction that requires memory, makes the game unplayable. Dominion is the reason people buy analog games instead.


Fantastic rendition, 2 questions

I love this app. It was one of the first games my wife and I played together. Dominion is fast and snappy! I already went all in on the bundle. I have 2 questions/requests: (1) When playing a randomized game online or offline, can you add a feature so we can save the setup as a favorite? There are so many permutations to try, it’ll be good to save one that we stumble across. (2) Can you make in-app purchases shareable in family purchases? My wife is only able to play the expansions with me, but not when offline. And the bundle isn’t cheap. Thanks!


It’s finally here

I am a long time fan of this franchise and I’ve been waiting for Dominion for over a decade. I’m very thrilled to see that it is [mostly] polished on release. I just bought all of the expansions again, and I’m excited for more to come. Keep up the great work, this UI is the best yet. Consider bringing back in game chat, at least for private matches.


Ludicrous polish

Like every other Temple Gates game, Dominion is a labor of love that has no business being as polished as it is. The UI is slick. All of the hundreds of cards are implemented, and their nonsense interactions have been hammered into correctness. The AI is the AlphaGo of this app, representing the very best of this app’s strategy. It’s really, really good.


Fix badge notifications when it’s your turn —> 5 stars.

For asynchronous online play to work, badge notification are critical. They don’t work with Dominion. The banner pops up. Inside Dominion it shows an ! If it’s your turn. But there’s no badge when outside Dominion .

5 star game with a seriously simple blunder to fix.
And, yes, I’ve checked notifications and turned them on/off, and I’m not in a “focus” profile, and they work just fine in other asynchronous apps.

Also - more QOL than issue: adding a setting to enable end-game conditions to be chosen would be great - playing til 3 piles exhaust regardless can be a lot more fun than someone racing to exhaust the provinces.


Get to learn the game, but you get what you pay for

Random setups can be unplayable, using Attack cards without Reaction cards to defend, or vice versa. In actual play, such a setup would be unacceptable. Don’t expect that buying expansions will address the problem, either. The only solution is to resign the game and get a new setup. The tutorial is good enough to teach you the game.


New release has me playing async and loving it.

Would love it if I could set a custom tone alert when I get a “my turn” notification.


Perfect execution!

Brings the table to life without all of the overhead if you are getting the rules correct. Plays fast, challenging against the ai or against your friends… be warned, you are likely to buy a lot more of the pricey expansion!


Great Game

I’ve played this app for a couple of months now. It started with the physical board game, then the Steam app, and finally now on iOS. I especially appreciate that DLCs can be accessed by my steam account and Dominion via my email. It’s astounding how many games make this process difficult.
This game is so incredibly in depth and well thought out. It’s obvious the developers of this game put a ton of effort and enthusiasm into making this game. Thank you for putting out a product that is really special.


The Wait Is Over!

this app is finally on iOS and it is magnificent
Game play and legibility are dialed in. Connecting cross-platform is simple, and I love the ability to sustain multiple games with notifications for your turn
Only downside to the “swipe to buy/play” mechanic is the tendency to pull up the apple “dashboard” when buying/selecting cards on the top row, otherwise, flawless execution


It’s fun but the AI is broken

I hate to give it two stars but needing to restart each game to get desired decks is too time consuming. Basically, If you ever play against the AI and Militia or Witch is on the board, the AI will play them EVERY. SINGLE. TURN. meaning you’ll only get 3 instead of 5 cards each turn AND lose points AND clog your deck but if the player buys them then it’s incredibly rare for you to get them in your hand which means this game has weighted cards instead of random cards. It becomes so frustrating that you need to just keep rematching so neither of those two cards are in play ESPECIALLY if there’s no way to remove the curse cards so if you DO decide to play against Witch you NEED to also have cards in play to remove them. It requires such a specific setup of cards to play with Witch you’re better off just not playing with it at all. So, TLDR, if Witch or Militia is in play, restart until they’re not because the AI will abuse the heck out of them while the player can not because the cards are weighted and not truly random. Oh, and the placement of the cards on the iPhone means you’ll CONSTANTLY swipe out of the game because of the white bar on iPhones.

Edit: I am subtracting stars because the Hard AI literally cheats. They’re buying multiple cards on their turn when there’s no cards in play that allow them to.

Is Dominion Safe?

Yes. Dominion is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 102 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Dominion Is 76.2/100.

Is Dominion Legit?

Yes. Dominion is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 102 Dominion User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Dominion Is 93.4/100..

Is Dominion not working?

Dominion works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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