Penguin Isle Reviews

Penguin Isle Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-31

Collect a variety of penguins by creating each of their own habitats. Cute and
adorable penguins are waiting for you. Enjoy the waves with relaxing
music. Game Features - Easy and simple gameplay - A variety of penguins and
arctic animals - Cute animal animations - Beautiful arctic sc...

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Penguin Isle Reviews

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    An Essential Idle Game

    Definitely not the first one to start a review off by saying this, but I seriously don’t think I’ve ever taken the time to write a review for a mobile game before. I don’t think a mobile game—let alone an idle game—has ever impacted me in such a way to get me to write about it. Well, never say never because that’s exactly what Penguin Isle has done! I don’t hesitate to call this top-tier game development. They’ve taken the best parts of idle games, removed all the icky stuff, and created a phenomenal experience that only resonates the game developers’ passion and care. The animation and soundscape are beautiful and relaxing. The gameplay is surprisingly entertaining, and game progress is perfectly paced. It’s also extensively thorough and detailed. The gameplay is rather simple in concept, and because of that, I think the developers were really able to hone down on that simplicity and include a lot of splendid and creative detail to an idle game that could have potentially been fatally boring. Every detail is included only to enhance and never take away. In a lot of ways, this game reminds me of “Egg Inc.” (another impeccably-made idle game), but I believe that “Penguin Isle” reigns superior. I have yet to find an aspect of the game that I dislike. I’ve been playing for about two weeks, and I’m not sure I’ve ever stuck to an idle game for so long; hopefully, my playing doesn’t end soon! Keep it up, HABBY, and thanks for the great game!

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    ASMR in a clicker game

    This clicker game is the most soothing one I’ve played. The music and art is absolutely beautiful, and I love to zoom in on the details or hear the penguins squawk when they give me love; sometimes I keep this app open on my desk for a dose of serotonin. I also really appreciate that this clicker is slow and steady from the start, unlike some others that are clearly designed to give you a rush from leveling up very quickly in the beginning, and giving a big visual boost with ads. Instead, Penguin Isle has several forms of currency and upgrades, which make the game seem cumbersome at first glance, but gives you lots of smaller goals to work towards over time. I actually find myself willing to watch ads occasionally because they aren’t shoved in your face, and the game is so aesthetically pleasing that I want to support it. I do it for my penguins too; they deserve the grandest tuxtown around the iceberg. If there were one thing I’d change, it’s the badge icons in the top right. The bright red is a stark contrast from the rest of the color palette, and sometimes I find it jarring in an otherwise serene game. But at this point, I’m just nitpicking. I’m also a fan of Archero and Slidey Block, so hats off to Habby! Yet another great game by a great developer. You have a customer for life.

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    It’s really fun and relaxing

    It very fun and relaxing to play, it looks amazing BUT I feel like there could be much more to make it better. I was doing the little missions and I didn’t like that they had no information to go off of. Most were straight forward but I wasn’t sure what to do when it said “pick up 1 item”. Maybe it’s obvious but I didn't and still don’t know what to do. I think it would be a lot more fun if you could also buy maybe little accessories to place wherever you want that are not related to the fisherman and gardener. I don’t see any actual problems with the game at all, and it is very relaxing and a very cute game to play but I feel like there could be much more to it. The little penguins that walk around don’t really do much but profit and it would have been cute if they did more then wobble around NOT that they aren’t adorable already. They’re great. The game is great. But it’s a little boring while waiting to save up to unlock things so it would be nice to have little in between challenges or something that I could complete while waiting and leveling up. With maybe more information or directions on what I need to be doing a little more specific. Other then that I would definitely recommend, it’s a great game.

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    It all started with a simple search through the App Store. I began searching for something I desired most, entertainment. Immediately the game got my attention the image of penguin brought me closer to installing this app. I began installing, once it was finished I was really happy I was entertained for the first few minutes. I was kind of happy as well with my life. I was taking care of penguins and I feel like I was part of the family. Hatching eggs building and constructing a community of penguins. I would wake up every morning and the first thing I would do is check on my penguins and make sure they were safe and secure. Then suddenly one day in the morning I woke up and I realized what am I doing why am I playing something that probably isn’t even true at all. I’m playing with the virtual reality of penguins and building a community and a false life. Then I finally realized the countless times I would spend on this app and realized I was making no money at all that’s when I finally decided it’s time to stop playing this app. It’s time take control and actually begin to control my own life and worry about what’s happening out in the world instead of something in my phone. These apps are only wasting our time. Amen.

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    Great Game. But please change this:

    This game is the most enjoyable and chilled game I know of. (Pun intended.) I have played this game from almost when it came out, and I have every place except for log flume. When the crafting feature got added to the game, a whole world of possibilities for island development and personalisation opened up. I am constantly crafting items, and I have a ton. But my big problem is, the maximum decoration capacity is 30, which means you can barely put any decorations at a time! I have so many decorations, yet I can only enjoy a very small amount of them at a time! Therefore, I think your game would be greatly improved if you expanded the decoration capacity to an amount that makes more sense, like 50-60 for instance. I understand the reason for the 30 is so the average small isle will not be covered with decorations to the point where you can not see anything else, so my idea to solve that is that whenever you buy a new place your maximum decoration capacity increases by a few slots, so as you expand you are able to display more decorations. I truly think this change would be amazingly popular if implemented into the game. Thank you so much for reading, A huge Penguin Isle fan

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    Great but 2 problems

    I love this game soo much. I was in for the 5 minutes and I fell in love. The graphics is soo real. I only faced 2 problems but they were not a huge deal. The first problem are the ads. I get that all games need ads but some of the ads in there are a bit violent ( This is just my personal opinion ). I’m just mentioning this because I worried that if a child was playing this game, then the ads, at the very least, worry their mothers. The second problem is not a huge big deal but I prefer playing games with the screen being horizontal. Unfortunately, this game only allows me to play it vertically. Once again, I’m in love with this game; keep up the good work. I love how you have soo many things that you can do but at the same time there is this amazingly calm music. I’m very satisfied with this game. The penguins as well are very cute. Things are a bit pricey but I feel like that it’s a good thing because you have to work towards it and it’s fun. I’m not trying to be offensive, but if you can improve these 2 things, honestly this is the best app ever that I have played cause it’s calming and competitive.

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    Beware! Lost months of progress/purchases

    I’ve been playing this game for about six months. I didn’t spend too much money but occasionally I would buyA perk or two. I had made it all the way to the end of the game I had unlock every penguin habitat.I had constructed materials in the workshop and created hundreds of items. I even completed the workshop quest. But then I turn my game on last week . All of my progress was reset back to before the workshop opened including all of my habitats that I had upgraded my heart production the Penguins I had purchased in any real endgame purchase I had spent real money on was gone. I contacted the support team and they responded with we don’t understand what’s going on. I sent them screenshots and proof that their game had malfunctioned. They have not responded. if you play this game I recommend that you uninstall it immediately so that you won’t be disappointed when you lose everything. If you have not downloaded this game I am recommend that you never do and find something else to waste your time with. As long as game developers are protected by Apple and refused to respect the time and energy put in by the players, we will continue to have horrible companies managing our gaming industry like this one. By the way this game is not really a game it’s really a scam to get you to watch ads that’s all it is because you cannot play this game without watching thousands of ads.

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    Almost perfect

    I’ve never written a review for a game before but I wanted to give this game an amazing review because I think the creators really listened to people’s complaints from other games and incorporated that here. I hated games like FarmVille and HeyDay after a short while because it just took way too long to do anything and you basically HAD to spend money or wait 20 years for anything to happen. This game you really don’t have to spend money for things to happen quickly, and it’s great that it continues collecting while you’re away for a few hours. Also, although it gives you the option to watch ads, they aren’t for nothing - each ad you watch can give you a LOT of rewards so it doesn’t feel as annoying as being bombarded in exchange for nothing. The ONLY THING I would mark down a star for is the decoration capacity limit being set at 30 and not increasing when you add habitats. I’ve googled and a lot of people have been complaining about this, and I would continue to take off stars if they don’t address this in future updates. And, if they increase storage capacity, they should give the option to build another workshop so you don’t have to wait so long for one decoration to be made.

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    Best Idle game I’ve ever seen

    I’m very new to the game and this game is by far the best idle game ever. Over the years I’ve gotten many Idle games like supermarket tycoon. The games like that are good but this is 10 times better than those games ever could’ve been. This game has all the great little likings that most idle games don’t. This game has been an amazing calming game better than most games I own. This game has great graphics and the penguins are adorable with their little costumes and just in general because that’s penguins nature to be cute. The game has cool setup where you upgrade things, the quests, etc. I do have one possible suggestion for the creators though. I’ve noticed in a past review that the adds were to scary but now that that’s all fixed a new problem looks to have formed. The adds are super kid friendly but the do repeat quite a bit. And that’s just a possible suggestion to the make the game that much better. Like I’ve said repeatedly now this game is an amazing game, by far the best idle game ever and I hope that everyone can enjoy this experience.

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    Most amazing idle game I have ever played!

    I saw this game on instagram, I was a little skeptical of this at first, considering i had played many other idle games that were rather forgettable and boring. Last night i saw this game on the app store, I decided to try it and play for a little bit. This game is amazing, you arent forced to watch 10+ ads to get one thing quickly, you can choose whether to watch ads to get hearts or work for them, working for them doesnt take long if you have enough penguins either! I love the quest system. Some of the quests are a little confusing like open a chest, but others like take a photo mission, they’re so easy but they all introduce a new mechanic and reward you for taking the time to do it. This game takes everything from other idle games out and introduces new, better things to take their place. I have never taken the time to make a review about anything but this game is amazing! I fell in love with it after 10 minutes of playing and i do not plan on quitting any time soon. Keep up the amazing work!

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    “Idle” ad watching simulator

    You basically can’t progress in this game without paying or watching ads. The idle time in this game is for such a short period of time and you only make a fraction of what you could from watching an ad. The only way you make any real money is from time skips which cost money or from gifts that you have to watch ads to open. It’s a pretty and serene exterior for a game that’s just about the app developers making money. I respect the hustle but at least make it somewhat feasible for someone who doesn’t want to pay for gems or doesn’t want to spend their time playing a game sitting and watching ads. It’s just the obviousness of it that makes me dislike the app so much. It could be fixed by simply letting it actually be an idle game where you can accumulate money while you’re gone rather than having to sit there watching ads for 1/2 an hour just to be able to “earn” the ability to let money accumulate for 1/2 an hour. Don’t worry! If you sit there for another 1/2 hour continuously watching ads you can boost that idle time to 1 hour! I don’t understand how there’s so many 5 star reviews. But maybe i just expect too much from a mobile app. Like it actually being a fun game. I think people are just so used to this being the norm and the formula.

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    Simple, Calming, Adorable App

    Ok, so first of all, the art and animation is BEAUTIFUL, and so are all the cute designs of the penguins who work at places. (The penguins are hilarious and oh, so cute!) Second, I love this game because it doesn’t take skill. It doesn’t take knowledge. It doesn’t take anything, really, besides patience. If you are impatient with this game, you may find yourself deleting it right when you get it. But if you’re patient, you find yourself with plenty of new things to discover in just one day of collecting gold and other things. Take me, for example: I got this game earlier this afternoon, and I already have five habitats for my little pets! (My favorite’s the Hot Spring. It’s so funny to watch them swim!) My point is, there’s no one who’s good at this game, no one who’s bad at this game, you just wait for gold, spend it, and watch the penguins waddle to work and play. Overall, it is a cute, simple, relaxing game that brings a little bit of happiness into your day.

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    Too many ads/too expensive

    Let me start by saying this game is great. It’s calming, relaxing, I don’t feel like I have to rush anything. The graphics are cute, the music is pretty and chill. The spike in how much everything costs (I’m only at the W of money) is a bit but to be honest it’s not even that bad (yet?). It’s more of an idle game where you make money and take advantage of selling and ships and boxes that float in the sea. And that’s where my issue comes in. The ads. The number of ads in this game is a bit. They’re usually only 30sec and give good rewards so I’ve been fine. But on god there are so many. Which would be fine if it didn’t cost $30/mo to have no ads. That’s more than I pay for a AAA title subscription game. It’s honestly ridiculous. Most other p2w games have a one time purchase of the game for no ads. I literally need a subscription more than Netflix to play without ads. Again. Great game. I’m giving it 4 stars here. But I have to take one away for spending more time on ads then on the game combined with how expensive it is to remove them.

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    Disappointed over time

    While playing the game for a few hours I became addicted. Overtime I became more and more disappointed. You are forced to watch ads to gain certain “prizes” within the game whether that be coins or energy for tiers. I feel as if I am watching an ad every 2 seconds making it more annoying and stressful to play the game. As you progress in the game there is less to do. Things in the game become more expensive making it harder to play, making you watch more ads to get more coins and the game taking longer to progress. There is only one quest at a time. I wish there were more quests. Since you don’t see your next quest until you finish one I hope in the future for there to be more than one quest viewable allowing the player to multitask to earn more energy. I also hope for there to be less ads. Maybe another way to earn coins instead of watching a 30 second video all the time. Overall I think this game is great. It is very relaxing and it’s a wonderful structured idle game.

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    Lovely game, weird ads

    I really love this game for many of the reasons others reviewers have already stated. It’s great and the holiday penguins and creatures are incredibly cute. I don’t mind watching the ads needed to continue playing, however some ads truly interrupt my gaming experience. When my phone is on silent, some of the ads interrupt what I’m listening to on another app. This is very annoying as I have to find the hidden mute button in the ad, switch back to my other app to click play, and then switch back again. Or, worse yet, the ad cannot be muted. More importantly, some of the other ads are for games that are violent in nature (sniper, murder, etc) and the calm, relaxing sense this game provides is gone. I can normally set my phone down during these, but when the ad plays involuntary sound, it’s really quite a headache. I’m glad the gross foot game ad is gone (see others’ reviews). It would be really nice to see ads more in line with what these penguins provide to replace the violent ones. Thanks!

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Yes. Penguin Isle is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 33,557 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Penguin Isle Is 39.9/100.

Is Penguin Isle Legit?

Yes. Penguin Isle is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 33,557 Penguin Isle User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Penguin Isle Is 39.9/100.

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Penguin Isle works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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