X-Plane Flight Simulator Reviews

X-Plane Flight Simulator Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-13

The most realistic aircraft. The world at your fingertips. It’s not a game,
it’s a flight simulator. ▶ "Highly recommended." — Mel Martin, Engadget
◀ ▶ Featured by Apple in "Best New Games" ◀ ▶ Over 1 million downloads!
◀ Come experience why real pilots fly X-Plane. It starts with the...

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X-Plane Flight Simulator Reviews

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    Fun but needs some improvement.

    The game is way too touchy! The slightest movement of the hands and suddenly your diving, climbing to a stall, turning way off course, etc. there’s no real plans feel. I’ve flown in Cessna 172s several times, and had the plane flown as “touchy” as this game’s does, I’m sure I’d not be alive to write this. Another thing is the plane panels are too dark and fuzzy to clearly see the instruments and what they’re doing. (Yes, I have my glasses on👍) I’ve tried to fly with the instruments, but I get lost on the front panel, especially when the plane is dipping and swerving when I’m trying to get my bearings. Thirdly, on take-off, the rider automatically is set at a hard left. Took me a while to figure out why the plane kept running immediately to the left every time I went to take off. Holding the rider to the right so the plane will go somewhat straight forward can be quite tricky, especially with how touchy the plane’s controls and movement are. These are for me the main problems with this game up to this point. Otherwise the details are moderately good and could make for enjoyable flying. It could be that there is something in the settings that I’m missing, I don’t know; so for now I can only give 3 ⭐️. I’d like to enjoy this game and buy other planes, but until these problems, at least, are fixed I can only give 3 ⭐️. Fix these and I can go to 5⭐️ and spend $ for more planes. I never give my hard earned $ on less than great games.

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    To the developers:

    X-plane 10 for mobile is the best flight sim for mobile I’ve seen yet, I’ll keep this short for you guys. First things first; I absolutely love everything you’ve done to this game, and we can clearly see the amount of hard that was put into this game. Second things second, I know takes a long time to make high quality models for this game, so I think that the time you’ve spent adding these updates is almost as if you’ve been working every second of your life to add these updates, and so I think that you guys should add a community in which people can share their models. Now wouldn’t that be easy? I don’t know the specific requirements for a community, but this should make things a hole lot easier. Last things last. Please continue to update this game, if you guys succeed on adding some of the important features of the computer version of X-plane 10, this game would definitely gain a lot more attention. Overall, this flight sim is just at its start, right? By the way, I noticed you guys were working on the manipulators for the F-22 raptor. So don’t think your game is on the dark, think of it as behind the curtains, just waiting to be called. Thank you for everything, even if you didn’t read all of it.

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    So Much Potential...Falls Short

    Overall an enjoyable experience for quick Mobile Flight Sim. Where I feel this game lacks is the User Cost to RND Investment by X-Plane. Whether I’m speaking prematurely or they really aren’t putting much effort to the platforms shortfalls, only time will tell. I cancelled my monthly subscription for the following reasons: (1) land scenery such as buildings are scattered everywhere even 1-dimensionally up hillsides where in real life non of these things exist amp shear other glaring scenery issues such as poor lighting of runways, ect. (2) aside from the 737 almost every plane has auto pilot issues such as losing or gaining altitude with no inputs which means if you’re not attentive good chance you’ll crash. (3) aside from the 737 most planes lack cockpit button selection which means you won’t have the ability to fully control the planes as you can with the 737. (4) Sound of many planes can be improved to mimic what you’d hear in real life. (5) F22 can’t get off the ground for the life of it so you have to start your flight in the air. There a number of other small things as well but basically for the price of admission IMO it’s not worth it. A one time payment for lifetime usage I wouldn’t be complaining but if I’m gonna pay a monthly subscription and I’d imagine 1000’s if not 10’s of 1000’s are as well X-Plane needs to do much better for me to come back and subscribe.

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    Best flight sim EVER!!!!!!!!

    I love this game and my friends love it too and I love this because I wanted to become a 👨‍✈️ when I grow up and my first plane ride was when I was seven and I was with my dad and then I had three more with my cousin and his wife my ant and me we went from Vici Oklahoma we drove to Dallas Texas and spent the night then the next day we drove to the airport then we got on a plane and flew to a place that I forgot🤷‍♂️ then We got on another plane flew to Florida and went to Disney world for a week and I loved splash montain but the last day we tried to ride but the park shut down because of bad 🌧 oh and we went to the dinosaur cafe and we sat in the underwater part than we left got our car drove to the airport flew back to Dallas we spent the night but before we went to sleep we went to medieval times we got vip we got the yellow night and I still have the sword,yellow towel,yellow night suit and a yellow night flag then we went to the hotel went to sleep then we woke up drove back to Vici THE END but I am eight now and I am almost nine I will be June seventeenth 2019i don’t know why I told you this story but I thought it would be nice so I told you it THE END (again)

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    Great Game

    THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do have some feedback though, first, it needs more places, like on the US east coast, San Francisco, and many others since currently there are only 5, also please expand the maps, second, I say more aircraft are needed (I would really like if you add a DC-10, or Boeing 727, I would also like if you add a large propeller Plane), and they need to be much cheaper, so far I’ve spent over $20 or maybe more on just planes, third, water physics need to be added, right now it is just hard ground, and finally, I would really, really love it if this game allowed you to customize your planes with a custom paint job you can save (I understand if this is impossible with crash physics, etc. but I think many others would love this feature even if it costs a few dollars), and use over and over again, and it never is deleted as long as the paint job isn’t deleted. Thanks so much, and good luck to the developers on improving this in the future. :) P.S. sorry if I seem needy or something, but I want so many changes to this game that if they were, I would give 10 stars to this game if I could.

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    X plane 11

    Please unlock all airplane on this game add the walk around on iOS make doors open for airplane make an engine sound for the plane add passenger on the cabin make the passenger walk to the plane make the jetway to move forward and backward for the plane make a microphone to talk to the control tower add more aircrafts add clouds like x plane 11 add ground workers add suitcase for the passenger make a city like x plane 11 add more islands add Puerto Rico island add the emergency vehicles for the plane make the vehicles move with the workers inside add bird strike in x plane 10 add engine on fire like x plane 11 add window to see make the camera to move on cabin add to seat in the front to see the engine add flight attendant make the pilot and the flight attendants to talk the passengers and pilots make the cockpit door open and close make the passenger window close and open make an air refueler aircraft and f 18 to refuel the plane add roads and cars so the cars go anywhere around the world add and highway add a bridge add ground vehicles and make the ground vehicles to move add objects on ground vehicles add air traffic add more liveries thank you and fix crashes so it doesn’t crash on the iPod iPhone and iPhone XS and iPads

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    Best Mobile Flight Sim

    I’ve been playing for a little over 3 years now, and when I came to the AppStore to update the app, I was shocked that some people gave it less than 4 stars. This game is amazing. Interactable cockpits on reworked aircraft, and a wide variety of aircraft to pick from. Sure, there are some things that could get improved. Biggest one for me is probably multiplayer. I really wish they would change multiplayer from 2 player max, to 4 player max. There are of course other things. Sometimes the graphics they use for the planes looks a little visually unappealing. Typically with dark colors. But compared to watch else is out for mobile flight Sims, this one easily takes the cake. And just when it looked like AeroflyFS mobile was about to surpass X-plane, they released global scenery which took the game to a whole new level. And they added service trucks, and GSE. Overall, I highly recommend this game. I personally bought all the aircraft individually before the big update came, but now, you can get all aircraft unlocked, and global scenery fir just over half the price of Infinite Flight.

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    Great game but not a lot to do...

    First off, this is one of the best aircraft games in my life. I love the detail of the cockpit, I love the detail of the planes in 3rd person, I just love the game. But, there are some things I want to say. Whenever you do the free flight or multiplayer, well first off you can only play with two people and second, you can only do challenges and free flight if you want to do something on your own. Anyways, what I am trying to get at is, missions. You need missions to keep us satisfied playing the game other than fling around in a small aircraft. Look at airline commander, they have different missions and other things that will keep you on the game. They have plans that you can unlock other than having to buy them, you have airports you can unlock other than taking off or landing in certain country’s, all that stuff. But on X-plane 10, you can’t do any of that stuff. I just think that you should take airline commander as a example of what your game should be.

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    Great sim but the cost

    I love this flight simulator but the planes are never updated and the cost to just fly around the world I’d rather have the global cost not be a subscription service and it be a one time purchase. That was a lot in one sentence but it still makes me mad that when you play global for a few months let’s say 4 that’s 20$ just gone and for the 6$ expenses that’s 24$ gone that’s the only problem for me. The reason why I’m saying it should be a 1 time purchase is because 1, I’m a 11 year old without a job for like 10/h no I have to chose what I get when it comes to 3$ stuff. 2, I’m sure a lot of kids like me are passionate but are blocked by 60$ games and 5$ subscription services. Then they don’t update the aircraft if you want to use the overhead panel on the 777 then you are out of luck or even use things on the a320 nope that’s not possible. Laminar research is still working on the game and have not fully moved to x-plane 11 so please laminar make the global version a one time purchase.

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    A FUN and GREAT WAY To Learn!

    Last Week I put 21.5 hours in the seat of a Baron that had the same type of avionics you’re Baron in the game has...I hadn’t messed with the game very much but today I have been glued to it! This is BY FAR The best way to learn how the avionics function and “marry up” to the Flight Director and Autopilot systems and just how all the “Boxes” function!It would REALLY be cool if a person could equip the aircraft with exactly the type of avionics they have in the real airplane and learn some most valuable lessons before seeing it actual as well as the ability to learn from mistakes. (Obviously would have to put the Lawyer Disclaimer on it!)...People Gripe about the price....Go Buy an initial or recurrent training program....Hopefully people will realize what you have here and use it to its full potential!…Keep up the GREAT WORK!…any suggestions on a good control system to fly more realistic?....My Wife made the comment that it’s a good thing the real aircraft has a control yoke and not an IPad to control it with!lol

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    Great Tool to learn G530W and Now the G1000 too!!!

    I have never considered desktop Flight Sims to be games, but rather learning tools. I have used FSims since the SubLogic FSim for IBM PC Jr; with it, I learned about VOR and ILS navigational aids. I’m a hobbyist pilot with Commercial Multi and Instrument ratings. I constantly use FSims to keep instrument skills sharp, so this review is mostly on instrumentation rather than scenery graphics (I’m always inside clouds to minimums). XPlane is great to learn the basic operations of the G530W with the C172. The new upgrade also vastly improved the Cirrus Vision Jet. Its flight dynamics are much better and more importantly, the G1000 is now very functional. I have shot several approaches with the G1000 since the upgrade and it is a great basic tool for any pilot wanting to transition from analog to glass panel. The only complaints I have at the moment: 1) The sensitivity of the rudder control; too sensitive. 2) Larger or at least random active areas i.e. change the flyable areas at each upgrades.

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    Wonderful, but buggy

    This is without a doubt the best flight simulator for mobile. However, there are a lot of glitches and often very strange things that make the IAPs rather odd. One of the biggest issues is that the first time I start the game, I always start 80,000ft in the sky and then the plane has to drop down to the Earth and a few restarts later things work alright. Another rather odd thing is the mach speed selector which is just an integer. Thanks but I think we should see more than a rounded integer value. 0 and 1 tell me nothing. The other issue is the strangely inconsistent cockpits. Some planes are wonderful and others are just so poorly made that it makes me wonder how they decided to sell it in the first place. The A320 in particular is just an embarrassment with only about 3 actually useable items. The 737 and the 747, however, are absolutely wonderful to fly and I love it. Overall, I love this simulator but there’s room for improvement. Hopefully we’ll have a better game in the near future

  • One of the best flight sims on mobile

    I love the interactive cockpit, they just bring this flight sim to an absolute epic and top shelf flight sim you can get on mobile. I advise any one to download this. I enjoyed the app so much that I even got multiple aircrafts just to interact with the cockpit. I just wish their where more free aircrafts (but don’t get me wrong the two free aircrafts still give lots of fun). I did notice that when you fly the f22 raptor with after burners the aircraft tends to dip up and down without you even touching the control (I don’t know if this is normal) even the Sikorsky after you put your collective past halfway the right side rotor tends to generate more lift making the helicopter bank left without any movement on the joystick. (Again I don’t know if this is normal but I find this annoying) over all I love the game and with some more free aircrafts and maybe fixes or more in depth explanations on the issues stated this game would be a masterpiece for any body looking for a flight sim.

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    Good simulator, way too pricy

    This is a good flight sim especially for the mobile app market. However, the app is not without its downsides. First and foremost, is price. I’m not asking for free or anything like that, but to unlock the planes would be the cost of a full blown windows simulator that has way more benefits. I think it’d be much nicer to see the planes in more of a bundle. $10 to unlock light aircraft, $10 for commercial aircraft, and $10 for helicopters and fighters. Another big downside is the lack of shear stresses and gravity physics present. I can pull turns in this game that would shear apart the plane in real life. I can pull sustained high g turn / dives without any blackout on the part of the pilot. The wind physics are a bit questionable too, with no real change to vr / v2 noticeable despite heavy tail / head winds. All in all, the game is pretty comprehensive and good for a mobile app. However the price (if you want to unlock planes) puts it up there with full pc simulators that do a much better job of true simulation.

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    Excellent sim but improvement needed

    As of recent i have very much enjoyed the sim flying the newly updated 737. Firstly, I hope the we will see a graphical update to aircraft cockpits as as the low quality makes switches hard to read unless you have already had prior experience with the airplane. Secondly I’d like to see that the fmc system in the 737 be updated as it is kind of useless in its current state as you cannot actually input anything (typing). Lastly I hope that you will add certain ground services to the game. Especially pushback, rendering in the truck itself isn't necessary but the functionality itself will be very appreciated as using reverse thrust to pushback from the gate really breaks the immersion Even with these issues, the sim has greatly improved since long ago (especially scenery-wise) and has become greatly more enjoyable. These fixes will only make the game better. Keep up the good work!

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