Photopia: Cartoon Photo Editor Reviews

Photopia: Cartoon Photo Editor Reviews

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About: Making your cartoon avatar have been gone viral on Tiktok/Ins this
days. Photopia could help you turn your pics to cartoon, just with one
tap! 【Main Features】 - Aging Prediction Are you curious about what will
you look like when you are old? Photopia could predict that ; ) - Cartoon
Effect Upload your selfie, then you could get your own cartoon portrait within
3 seconds! - Hair Salon Looking for a new hairstyle? Wha.

About Photopia

What is Photopia? Photopia is a photo editing app that allows users to turn their pictures into cartoons, predict their aging, try new hairstyles, and more. The app also offers a premium subscription service for users who want access to additional features.



- Aging Prediction: Users can upload their pictures and see what they will look like when they are older.

- Cartoon Effect: Users can turn their selfies into cartoon portraits in just three seconds.

- Hair Salon: Users can try out new hairstyles and see what suits them best.

- Easy CUTOUT: The app automatically cuts out the portrait and allows users to switch backgrounds.

- Child Again: Users can turn their current pictures into childhood photos.

- Anime Food: Users can turn real-life food into cartoon images.

- Film Scanner: Users can turn their negative films into colorful photos.

- Pose Guide: The app provides various pose guides for users to confidently show off their poses.

- Magazine Cover: Users can become a model on a fashion magazine cover in just two steps.

- Beauty Selfie: Users can enhance their selfies with flawless skin, sparkling eyes, pouting lips, and shiny white teeth.

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Key Benefits of Photopia

- Use of filters to make photos look more dynamic or vintage

- Emoji feature

- Free access to features

24 Photopia Reviews

4.3 out of 5



So I saw an add for Photopia a couple of times about how you can turn you’re photo’s into cartoony kind photo’s and after seeing it a bit of times I decided to download it just for the cartoony effect. BUT as I downloaded it I looked on and saw that I had to pay for it NO WHERE on the add had it said ANYTHING about this and, I wasn’t about to spend some money on something I would barely use! Also took like 10 minutes for the X out button to get on the first screen it brought you to, I THOUGHT the ONLY way to get out of that page was to PURCHASE the special effects but I Waited a bit and the X button FINALLY popped up. But you know I didn’t think it was to much of a problem YET because I thought I could at least I could try the cartoony effect out with my photo’s even if I could not use them. BUT I could not even do that! Like what if I would want to buy the specials effects pack but can’t even test them first! I was very disappointed after that and deleted Photopia .

Tip: If you’re gonna make an add about you’re special effects at least make it noticeable that they cost money

Tip 2: Before you let people buy you special pack let them test it out with you’re photo’s

Tip 3: PLEASE make the special effects screen X button more noticeable and be already there because if you accidentally click it you have to wait wait and WAIT!

The only good things about Photopia was the beauty effects the rest of the free effects you could literally get from camera roll.☹︎


I’m not a fan

I downloaded Photopia thinking it would be fun and I was all excited because of the good reviews. but immediately a slide popped up saying “access all features”. The weird thing was it was free! I clicked start now and I was all excited because I was looking for a free cartoon editing app FOREVER. To my disappointment nothing happened as if it were a photo with no functioning buttons. I clicked the X. Anyways, I was editing my photo and was having trouble finding the cartoon feature and other features I was excited about. I found them and was thrilled they were free. Or so I thought. I took the photo clicked the photo and it said “become premium for free” I said ok but it loaded for 5 minutes and then said there was an error. Even if you don't care if it is free or not you should not download this because the premium featutes do not work. If you are happy this ia free, don't be because the good features do not work.


Not Worth Getting.....

The game plus the ads it’s self make it seem good, and it pretty much is. But, they should NOT make this a 4+ when you have to BUY your way into the game?!?! That will just make children upset. I’ve seen some, “kid” reviews and they seemed very VERY sad, and angered and Photopia. Do NOT get Photopia as a kid or even as an adult!! It’s a horrible app and it just makes these people upset. Nobody and I mean NOBODY would want to have to PAY there way into the actually game. And what makes it even more worse is that, it gets the poor little kids all excited to finally do it after all the information it, “needed” only for the kids to now find out they have to pay PER MONTH. Very unnecessary and horrendous...... I would do 1.5 stars if I could since I won’t lie, it WAS pretty cool after PAYING....


Money hungry

They change 8$ weekly for premium items, or equal to 32$ monthly, and you can't use the majority of the abilities in Photopia. It shouldn't be labeled as free just charge us once and get it over with. I didn't spend much time on Photopia but I was disappointed because it instantly asked me to get premium and I couldn't find the x button because it wasn't there, I shut it off and got back on and it finally showed up. I get on it and try to do the hair one, I didn't expect many options just maybe a couple of options, but none, didn't show me, nothing. I wasn't able to tell if it was really as high quality or anything. I wasn't on it long enough to even find out if I had access to anything but in the time I spent 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎



Photopia tries to swindle you from the start, misusing the word free all over the place when you first open Photopia and giving you extremely limited options if you don’t subscribe. Then, they automatically present you with the insanely expensive yearly subscription under the guise that you might be getting some kind of free trial. Of course, if you try to walk away, they instantly offer you a legitimate 3 day free trial. Even still, they make you do I think monthly at best after those 3 days. Only after going into your subscriptions in your account do you find there’s a weekly option. Of course, they don’t let you get away with just the one week either, it automatically renews, so beware.


Not a fan

I downloaded Photopia because I had seen so many ads about cartoon maker apps that all looked like clickbait, but I was still curious. As soon as I opened it, a card popped up saying “Unlock All Features for Free” or something like that, but I knew it obviously wasn’t free so I didn’t even bother. Then I tried to use the cartoon filter, the only reason I downloaded Photopia , and it said I had to pay for it. The free filters aren’t even good. They’re very subtle and not pleasing to the eye, in my opinion. But why in the world would someone pay $80 to unlock some filters?! I do not recommend downloading Photopia, and if you are going too, make sure you’re willing to spend $80 on basically everything.


So stupid 🙄

I was so excited just because I’ve been looking for an app with FREE cartoon effects, keyword FREE. And I had to delete so many things for this stupid app because I had run out of storage and I needed space to download. So I finally get onto Photopia and I’m all excited, I’m looking for the cool effects I was so excited for, I pick the photo I wanna make a cartoon, and when I was ready to edit it, it asks for monthly payment like wth. If you were gonna make an app that includes monthly payments, why make Photopia free? Might as well charge to get Photopia and make everything inside free, not the other way around where Photopia is free but everything inside has to be payed for. So supid, don’t download 🤡


Might as well not be free

The only reason I am not giving this one star is because the things you can do with it are pretty cool. But you can hardly do ANYTHING without paying for a membership, like you might as well just charge for Photopia . Don’t get this if you don’t want to spend money.
Edit: I just got a developer response and just don’t listen to them, no most of the content is NOT free, the first thing that pops up when you open it is something asking you for membership or whatever, and you can barely use anything, as I said before. Changing this review to 1 star. Don’t get Photopia.


Advertises as Free, Download and Immediate $79 request

I downloaded it to see if it would be another fun picture editor to add to my collection. Sure, with the other apps I watch ads for some features but it’s still free for me. Photopia opens and immediately asks for near $80 for a yearly subscription. I, of course, declined and a 3 day free trial pops up in its place. I try to decline it and I’m still stuck looking at the sign up button that sparks the request for $80. *shrug* It’s a pass for me more because it advertised as free but that’s far from the case. At least be up front about the astronomical charge.


Went from good to [Non family friendly word].

Alright, So I first got Photopia when most effects were free like dragon, I deleted it for a game. I got it back, and now EVERY effect is pay to use. It's terrible to do that, and that made Photopia terrible. There's no photo "Editing" in Photopia anymore. Every feature you could just do from your phone without Photopia . It'd be much better If you at least made the Dragon effect free again. Otherwise, I'll have no reason to support Photopia and spread word to the world to avoid it, because it Isn't a photo editing app anymore, it's useless.


False advertisement + you have to pay

the ad I saw for this showed someone turning into a anime person but it turns you into cartoon so stop lying to make people think they can turn into anime.

The second you enter Photopia it’ll make you pay. You have to pay and there isn’t a X in the corner. You make people think that these apps are free and there not. It’s annoying

There are fake reviews if you keep looking at them because Photopia would be rated 2-3 stars but there are fake reviews so that more people download Photopia .


It’s ok

I got Photopia and deleted it afterwards, I don’t really trust apps where you give access to your photos anyway, but what Photopia is advertising isn’t what it really does. I thought the emoji thing was cool, but Photopia doesn’t have it. I absolutely HATE when apps do that. And it doesn’t work for side view photos. It makes my face look all weird when I do the beauty thing too. Maybe it’s just my face, but the results are not something I would post anywhere.


This app will ROB you

Photopia requires you to first pay a subscription fee before use, therefore in order to test whether the effects Photopia claims it’s capable of is true, you have to make a payment prior to that. The cartoon filters they advertise are complete exaggerated compared to what Photopia is actually able to do. The cartoon filters Photopia can actually do are complete inadequate and incompetent. Photopia will look good in advertisements, make you pay for what you think you’re getting, then give you completely garbage filters. Basically, Photopia WILL ROB YOU!!


I don’t like it😖

I really don’t like Photopia because I literally can’t use anything, without paying $8. The only thing you can do with out paying is, magazine cover. It says I can access all features, then I press it, all of a sudden I have to pay. They make it seem like everything is fun but when you get on there you have to pay for everything. So unless you want to spend eight dollars on everything, this is just Photopia for you. So I highly don’t recommend Photopia if you think everything thing is free, cause it isn’t.


Do not get this app

I wanted to see myself like in a cartoon or what o would look like when I get older. So I downloaded it. When I got in I saw most of everything cost money. But I still went to the part we’re you take your picture and you turn old. It took the picture and then the money popped up. It said that I needed money to take that picture! Why! If everything cost money, why doesn’t Photopia itself just cost money.



As soon as I opened Photopia , a page came up saying access all features for free trial. Naturally I pressed continue. MAYBE a couple hours later, if that, I got a notification from PayPal that I had just sent $75 to Photopia Store, and I hadn’t authorized anything. Sure enough, it was this app. I didn’t see any sort of one hour trial limit notification or else I wouldn’t have continued with the trial.

Just be careful. There’s plenty other photo editing apps that don’t try to trick you into a $75 year long subscription, and they’re just as good as this one.


Just make the app cost money!

I went into Photopia expecting to at least be able to use it, but absolutely nothing is free! I can’t use any of the features described in the add, if you want to use Photopia without paying for it, don’t bother, just buy an editing app. The only thing I could do on it was put a filter on my photo, which is something you can do on many free apps. Just make Photopia itself cost money


Tricky thing

I don’t even remember my intentions when downloading this (I think I saw it on Facebook and wanted to give it a shot) but seeing as it was free I wasn’t expecting much. Apparently I still expected too much, as almost everything requires you to pay—and not just a couple of dollars mind you. The pop-ups I was getting was trying to have me pay $78 and some change to use it for just a year. Many of the features are ones you have to pay for. Would not recommend at all



I expected to have at least some features for free but no then I got a subscription deal and you would expect it to be a week subscription or a month one but no it was a year subscription and the worst part is that I decided to buy it expecting for at least a 3-7 day free trial but no Photopia decided to just eat my money so there goes nearly $80 down the drain and it never even let me restore my purchase. Please young people take this information and don’t make the same mistakes I did.


Great on the hand editing

I like Photopia for its use of filters to either make something look more dynamic or for the vintage look. As a cosplayer I’m always trying to look for something that can give my photos a little hit of an edge that compliments my craft.


Wow just wow!

I’ve only just started on one picture and then I was like WOW this is so much fun and my picture looks way cuter than before I love this so much and I will keep this for the rest of my life and it will make all my pictures better and also I can’t wait for updates so keep on being you! 🤗


Its okay.

So I keep seeing ads of this on tiktok, they had billie elish then turned her to a chartoon/Anime character, then i went to try it out. I used a picture I really like and its so cute (Yes I understand you guys save them :/ ) then I tried to find something to make s chartoon, then I found the editing feture, I love it so much! It make the lights so bright (LOVLEY LIGHTING!!)! And made me look so cute!! The editing feture is why I love Photopia!!!


Beauty in picture

Lol this is so fun plus you could add a twist you should add face filters like snap chat plus funny ones and let us make videos and add sound affects now that will be so so so funnn I like this games but please add my funn tips cause your game is a little bit boring add twists I’m so so so sorry. ..........😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


Great app but...

I love Photopia but the pro version said there is a free trial and when I did that I decided I didn’t like it so I went to cancel it but my card has already been charge the $79 so I don’t know what to do but I would like my money back please


Hate it

I just got Photopia and was super excited to try the hair color filter to see if I wanted to get some highlights. I went on Photopia right when it finished downloading, to find out I had to pay $80!!!! Like what?!?! So then I clicked on free 3 day trial and told me to pay $80! Does Photopia even know what free means? Or is it a mistake I hope it is because that would be a big one! Maybe try fixing Photopia a lot!!! I absolutely DO NOT recommend Photopia WHAT SO EVER. No stars


Needs a little more passas

It’s good but it needs more passas because you didn’t put any inspiration you just copied selfie. Art suggest that you stop coping


It’s stupid I hate it

everything you have to buy for and you know why I don’t want to buy for it this is stupid you’re so not play this game you’re probably going to hate it once you get it just like me I don’t everything was free game I need space but no they decided to be rude and be rude rude rude rude rude rude rude rude rude rude rude rude rude rude rude rude rude rude rude rude rude rude rude yeah so yeah that’s what they wanted to be and so guess what I am barely never gonna play it only for!!!!NOTHING!


charged my card and bad quality.

Hi I just downloaded Photopia and I just wanted to try it out so I tried the free 3 day trial and it automatically charged my card $8.63 within 5 minutes of using Photopia , I then cancelled the subscription and the charge was still there. I also wasn’t very happy with the quality of Photopia . It would be gladly appreciated if you could refund my money back. Thank you!


Don’t get this app

If there was zero stars available I would put that. So I downloaded Photopia with the intentions of think it was going to be free. Then it said upgrade to premium for free so I did that and It wanted me to download something again and all of a sudden it took $83 out of my moms pay pal account which I forgot it was linked to mine. Strongly recommend that you don’t purchase Photopia.


How I just got this game

Hi this app Makers! I love this game already but I can’t find what I need in Photopia that I saw. But that isn’t All! Also I need a account for this and I don’t have Facebook, Or anything else like that. 1 Mote thing. I gotta sign in just to put pictures in apps! :( But that’s all! I’d say a short little Review ;)

Carol RINGVELSKI   2 years ago

I am trying to publish a dvd. When I am ready to publish the show process the encoding. However it never proceeds to creating dvd structiures. I immediately receive the message "Error in creating output." I did watch your video on publishing a dvd and followed the instructions. I need help. Carol

cindy crabtree   2 years ago

horrid. I used this butt cream for two weeks and it did nothing to the rash on my butthole! It said it gets rid of rashes and bumps but it didn't! now it has spread to my husband! horrible! I HATE IT!!!! I WANT A REFUND! NO I AM SUING THIS COMPANY! contact my lawyer!!!!!! (972)-273-8352

MARILYN WELCH   3 years ago

I've tried contacting you on several occasions about the program crashing and still today after almost a week haven't heard from you. Since I joined Photopia I haven't been able to use the Photopia program. Back in 2011, I purchased Proshow Producer and Proshow Gold, plus all the other extensions which is obsolete now. Needing a program for my art work, I decided to try Photopia so I signed up downloaded the program. Every time, I try to create a show, it crashes saying, "creator.exe has stopped working." I don't like being a pest but all of this is lowering my vibration and I'm going to have to cancel my subscription if I can't get any help from you. I loved my Proshow Producer and never had problems like this.

David Otto   3 years ago

Extremely unethical, dishonest, thieves. They probably won't get sued civilly, but here is what I wrote them and I sincerely hope no one falls for their deceit and they go out of business like they deserve "I read your rationalization for changing your name, going to a price gouging model of 10x the previous price. My young daughter spent a LOT of time using ProShow Gold (which I paid for several times and own). She had problems putting in music and got me. Obviously the music didn't work and neither did any of the saving options. So I went to the web, then to your new company and saw the price hike in PERPETUITY. You changed your name to legally get around my ownership of your program. You all are unethical greedy pieces of shit. Don't try to rationalize your unethical behaviors. You are horrible spineless people lacking morals. Previous customer you fucked over"

Is Photopia Safe?

Yes. Photopia: Cartoon Photo Editor is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,443 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Photopia Is 20.4/100.

Is Photopia Legit?

Yes. Photopia: Cartoon Photo Editor is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,443 Photopia: Cartoon Photo Editor User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Photopia Is 33.3/100..

Is Photopia: Cartoon Photo Editor not working?

Photopia: Cartoon Photo Editor works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

- Weekly subscription: $4.99 per week

- Monthly subscription: $19.99 per month

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