Property Brothers Home Design Reviews

Property Brothers Home Design Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-29

Drew and Jonathan Scott, famously known as the Property Brothers, need you to
help clients achieve their home design dreams! With the brothers at your side,
you’ll demo, renovate, customize, and design spaces with the same charm and
style the twins have become known for. Play along to go...

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Property Brothers Home Design Reviews

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    Major Disappointment

    This app is about one thing only, making more money for the already rich Property Brothers. It is not a game about design - as the design options are few. You are required to play through several layers of unrelated games to earn cash or tickets. Completing a level is difficult at best. It takes 3-6 explosions just to clear 1 wooden box and there are many along with other obstacles that must be removed. Bottom line is that you’ll spend hours trying to complete a level to earn a fourth or third of what you need to purchase the opportunity to design one piece of the room - spending as much as $2000 for a plant! The reality is that they want you to buy extra lives and the explosives to complete the level. It’s funny - after spending hours or days trying to beat a level, all of a sudden the game gives you numerous bombs and you’re able to complete the level without any problem whatsoever. How is that possible? It’s by design, to keep you hooked. If you’re looking for a design game or app - this is not what you’re looking for. This is nothing but an attempt at a money grab! I thought better of the brothers. Guess I was wrong. Now I know some will say the brothers aren’t developing the game, but they are allowing their name to be used and I’m sure they have some say. What could have been an awesome design game is just another bubble busting game. My bubble was busted for sure.

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    Very good but a bit boring after a while

    I just downloaded the game tonight. I have been playing for about 45minutes and I’m already on level 38. I am really enjoying so far. As you probably figured out it is a design game. You play different levels of bock game to gain money to design the house. When it’s time to design you get three choices to choose from. It is very easy to play. I do in joy it the game is kind of basic they could make it little bit better. I think it’s a very good game for younger kids since it’s easy. One thing that rally enjoy is that I haven’t Gaga single as yet. Every other game on the market is cramming ads down your throat every second but not this game. Edit: I got this game on Saturday and know it’s Monday. I’m not so sure I love it anymore. I am on level 60 and I can’t pass it. I keep running out life’s and I can’t get more unless I pay $2 to buy more gems. No way am I gonna spend real money on this crap. They made level 60 impossible to pass.

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    like most people who have left a review for this app, I downloaded it because I thought I finally found a home app where I didn't have to play puzzles in order to style and renovate a home. why is this a trend in home apps? if we wanted to play these puzzle games, we'd download puzzle games?? it's annoying but that's not even the worst part. the rounds are really hard, and you only get around $500 each time, which is pretty much nothing because you're spending around $1,000 - $2,000 for each item and fix? the home part of the game is really fun and intriguing and I'd play it all day if I could. but I can't. I can hardly even play it for thirty minutes without getting frustrated because I can't pass one round and I have no money to decorate or build with. I don't want to delete the app because the home part of it is really fun. but I know at point I'll get too annoyed and end up removing the app altogether and continuing to try and find a good home app *without* these challenging puzzle games.

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    Money really? Why?

    I love decorating in these types of games. The thing I don’t think is fun and necessary is the whole money part of it. It’s hard and quite frankly annoying to get money to design the houses in this game. The whole money aspect of this game is bad. Can’t you just take away the money part so everyone can design what they want. If I where a person looking to get a fun designing game I would probably choose a different one if I were you. I know if you are one of the creators of this game you think the whole money aspect is fun. I’ll stop you right there. It’s NOT. If you want people to play this game and ENJOY it then take away the money part. I know it’s hard to do that but please. I know I’m not the only one who believes this. I’m sorry to be so harsh. All I want to do here is design homes the way I want. Putting money in it is just defeating the purpose of that. Please take it into consideration.

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    fun but...

    this game is fun. it’s so fun that i have become addicted to it, in a way. i love seeing each room come together and being able to completely fix up an otherwise hopeless piece of property. however, as i advance through the houses, i notice how large the price increase is. i’m on the Louisville home, and everything is overpriced. a ceiling paint job is $7,200? really? a freaking door frame was around $6,000, and then i had to pay for the actual door which was around the same price as well. when i got inside, i had to buy another door. why? i already purchased one on the outside. and why is it so darn expensive? it’s not logical. not to mention the levels and their difficulty. the max amount of money one can earn from completing a level is $682. that’s bizarre, as some of these levels can take days to beat. i really think i might delete this app if this doesn’t change. it was fun while it lasted but at this point it’s just frustrating.

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    Too many difficult puzzles

    I got this app for the design aspect because I love interior design. The design options are great and picking a look and completing it is very fun. However, I was very disappointed when I found out I had to complete puzzles to complete designs. I’m still on the first client and getting stuck in certain levels of puzzles for days and it’s really frustrating. I think the puzzles take away from the rest of the game. I’m here for the design, not to play candy crush. They need to either be super easy or don’t have them. Also the items they use for designing require me to play like 3-4 puzzles to earn enough coins so it takes forever. Instead of encouraging me to keep playing, my interest dies out after getting stuck in puzzles for too long. I won’t be using this app anymore until they overhaul the puzzle aspect.

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    Not worth it

    This game is ok, easy in the beginning but the puzzles are based on luck not skill and even the easy levels can take you up to 10 tries. By the time you get to the third house you are lucky if you can complete one design element a day because it takes that long to collect enough money from the ridiculous puzzles. Even the designing part of the game isn’t that great, you get three options to pick from for each element so you don’t get to be creative. The longer I play it the more I lose interest, it’s just not fun to lose a game of luck over and over again only to be minimally entertained once you finally beat it. If you are looking for a fun and challenging design game that lets you be creative and show your own style then this is not it, I would recommend you try Design Home instead.

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    When I saw the adds for this game I thought, cool it’s finally a design game that doesn’t have a stupid puzzle to complete in order to get 1 item. Then I went to the AppStore and scrolled through the pictures, and there wasn’t a single thing mentioning the stupid puzzles. So I downloaded the game and when I got it I was very frustrated. Clearly, people don’t download design games and think, oh I really hope I can play an extremely difficult puzzle to earn just 500 coins for a product that costs 2000. Most people that downloaded this game (including me) got it for the design aspect. And while that part is fun and well developed, the puzzles overpower it causing many people to get frustrated and delete the app (including ME) This was clearly just a way for the property bros. to get more money which is something I didn’t expect from them

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    Not enough focus on actually designing

    You spend more time playing the matching game than actually designing and decorating, which is annoying. Unless you’re playing a hard level, each time you win a matching game they only give you hundreds of dollars, which is only a fraction of what it costs to complete one small part of the design. The money is depleted fast because each part(& there are a lot) of the project costs $1000+ , which is crazy because all of these people claim to be on a budget—adding books on a table should not cost $1,300. Then at the end of the project you get $100. *side eye* Other than that, the designs are nice when you’re able to get to that part. I do wish they had more than three options for every part or that they allowed you to change the color of an item etc.

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    Watch Out For The Puzzles!!!!

    I downloaded this game for the design aspect, I thought it would be fun to design homes like the property brothers. But soon after playing I realized it was more of a puzzle game. The adds for this game are misleading it’s more of a puzzle game then a design game. You have to play puzzles to earn money for your decor and other aspects. Some items are way over priced like the table decorations. For one table decoration it’s $600 but you only get $500 per puzzle so you have to play multiple times to earn enough money which takes to long. Not to mention the lives, if you lose a puzzle you lose a life and have to Waite forever for a new one the puzzle aspects and the “Lives” aspect are the reasons why I’am deleting this game. If I wanted a puzzle game I would play candy crush. Until they basically fix the whole game I will not be back to play.

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    I was dumbfounded after hearing from support regarding the piggy bank. My entire family plays. My niece who plays had this feature my sister and I didn’t have until recently, the piggy bank. She has had this for at least 3 months. I was excited to finally get the bank. However, after one payment of $2.99 my bank went away. I contacted support and I was told to update which I already said I did in my message to them. The additional response was that they are still testing and it could have been test run. I was confused because my niece had it already and my sister still has it after a month. So...I guess I’m the unlucky one. Especially since I spend so much money on this game. I have to rethink this...

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    I love this game but when it comes to super hard levels I hate it because it wastes my lives

    So yes two was playing and I was on level 196 and I berly finished the level today on 1/5/20 I was so mad but I love that they have nice furniture and houses and the challenges are fun but when it comes to playing I hate it ( Property Brothers if you’re reading this I hope u make a new update were there is no hard levels were you have to brake those boxes with their color and the ones with the bomb and make the levels have more that 25-35 chance because 20 chance is not enough 😟😔) if you do this I think everyone should like your game better !!!!!!

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    Way too difficult levels

    The design of the homes is decent but the fact we can only choose from three different things is a little disappointing. The game is actually good for a home design game. The only problem I have are the levels. It’s almost like we aren’t given enough moves to complete the level so we have to repeat them again and again along with waiting for lives to refill. I wish there were other ways to earn gems other than paying and I just wish the levels were a lot easier because I find myself multiple moves short every game with a lot left on the board.

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    Don't Bother

    This game has several issues. It's too expensive in several ways: (1) can only buy gems with real money, (2) can't earn any power-ups by playing, can only buy them. I mean you don't even get a few to start off with. (3) you run out of lives/energy too soon, given the difficulty of the levels and having no power-ups. Then there are the very limited design options. I mean seriously, gray, gray, or gray. What we wind up with here is just a game you play for 20 minutes, then run out of lives without advancing, and then closing the game. What's fun about that? You know, most everyone who plays this type of game will give a dollar or two dollars every once in a while. This game though, wants cash upfront and forever on.

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    Level 160 wrecked this game for me.

    I love the strategy of the puzzles and though some are annoyingly difficult I could think through my strategy several moves ahead (like chess) and eventually win the levels. Starting at level 160 there was an unnecessary timed element introduced that works against you and this totally wrecked it for me. No time to think, no time to plan my best moves, only way to win is to use lots of bombs (is this a money grab to force users to buy bombs?). This went from a relaxing time filler to a stress inducing/frustrating game. As much as I’ve loved playing and decorating I will not be able to continue playing, with this new element now showing up in any subsequent levels, and that’s very sad. Up to Level 160 I was thoroughly enjoying it.

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Is Property Brothers Home Design Safe?

Yes. Property Brothers Home Design is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 337,265 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Property Brothers Home Design Is 31.8/100.

Is Property Brothers Home Design Legit?

Yes. Property Brothers Home Design is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 337,265 Property Brothers Home Design User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Property Brothers Home Design Is 31.8/100.

Is Property Brothers Home Design not working?

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Reported Issues: 8 Comments

By Deb
Jul 26 2021

The games are impossible!!!!! Stupid game & absolutely NO designing!! Great disappointment.

By Kathi hurt
May 28 2021

Way to many hard levels back to back hard.. picked up my tablet to play tonight went through my 5 lives and now I’m done I got a whole solid 10minutes to play😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

By Linda Randitsas
May 18 2021

I love the design home game but you make it very hard f I r us senior citizens. It is ALWAYS 2 or 3 moves short of completing the game. We seniors cannot afford buying it with real money. Please at least add 5 more moves to the game. We stay stuck in an impossible game for days and lose interest. It is suppose to be fun!!! Love you guys but think of us poor seniors who love to decorate but can't get through the challenges. In fact no one can unless they pay real money......

By Molly
Apr 22 2021

Too many ads...

By Erin
Mar 26 2021

I’m a fellow Canadian, love watching the Property Brothers and I fully support their success! When I discovered the game app, I was thrilled, to be honest and play OFTEN! I do not have money to spare and the big disappointment is that the success of the game is based around giving cash and not mere game enjoyment.

I expected more from Jonathan and Drew, I truly thought they were more than exploiting true supporters for even more financial gain. Disappointed and sad

By Connie
Feb 17 2021

This game very disappointing

Frustrating the further you get, it cheats you on moves, bombs will not work on everything.

No fun playing.

By Dee
Jan 25 2021

When you get unlimited lives you don't get them. Just came in third place on a challenge. The game said I had 3 hours of life and didn't get it!!!!!!

By Johansen
Jan 17 2021

The game has potential to be fun, but I agree that the puzzles are really annoying. The design part is the only fun part of the game. I quit because of the puzzles.

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