Smolsies Reviews

Smolsies Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-30

Meet Smolsies — the cutest squishy pom-pom creatures! Hatch surprise eggs and
collect all the pet Smolsies! Watch baby Smolsies grow! Play, feed and clean up!
Merge Smolsies, get new surprise eggs and hatch more super cute squishy and
fluffy animals! Watch your Smolsies chat and play wit...

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Smolsies Reviews

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    I love this game soo much, but when i got it and I was pairing the animals to get different ones, I thought you could make your own combinations. I think you should add that in the game. Also I was able to unlock all the animals in less that a week. Again I think you should add more animals in the game. It is really cute and fun, but I have lost interest because now I can only clean up trash and play games. I think you should also add a shop where you can buy things for your pets, like accessories, and items for the house. Other than that it is a really cute game and it was exciting, while I was hatching animals. -Hazel

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    Great but...

    It was a great and fun app, there are eggs for you to hatch, feed and play with, there are also games to unlock which are the only way to get coins and I think they could improve the app so that after every time you play you get closer to the next level/ gold, silver and bronze medals, and you get some coins every time you get to a certain point, also when I’m waiting for when it’s time to hatch the egg there is a button that says to watch an add to speed things up, but I’ve tried many times with the games “keep going” button too and nothing happens, but over all that it’s really fun and I suggest it Edit: nevermind the add thing works now

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    One bed?

    More beds would be nice since 4 want to nap but then someone’s there napping how is one bed for over 5 pets a nice thing to do to anything The combos change and when I try to do the one I bought the egg for it doesn’t let me because it changed to another one before I could do it and won’t allow me to do the other one. The good thing is coins earned and hatching eggs can be done with ads. I thought maybe you added choice of using 2 and not always have to go by the given since people wanted choice and you replied like you added that but you didn’t. Needs more games or longer jump game so I can get more coins in one go. They don’t give allot per game and the coloring one shouldn’t even exist it gives you nothing but you have to buy the egg to get it. You don’t even get a choice in eggs since you have to have certain ones to unlock games and they all go up and up to the point you just kinda have no choice but to do the ones they want you to get. I wanted to be able to pick my first one this is practically a virtual pet game and the first pet you don’t even get a choice of which you want. Pokémon can do that with a starter Pokémon but this game rather not give you some type of a choice.

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    Good but...

    So this game is good but the time you have to wait is ridiculous. I have once waited 2:00 hours for the egg to open. That’s today. I have to wait two hours for my egg to open and I only got the game today. I find that crazy. I know you can watch ads but I will have to watch SO many ads to have it opened now. Something I do like though is when you need to animals to make something it doesn’t take away those animals. It’s not like trade two ok animals for a better one you just get to keep all of them. So I hope you fix it. It’s not like it’s a bug but the time is ridiculous. Have a good day!

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    I tried this app out cause it looked like fun, I played the 4 games and I hatched all the eggs, One game where you jump up the mini lands and you reach a gift well I think I got all the gifts cause I was jumping up and up and after 20 mins there was no present in sight? Also I see the little ideas above the Smolsies heads I tried clicking on them to see if I could make them happy but nothing works. So now I have a bunch of little guys running around and that’s it I got all the trophies my shelf of full so if anyone can HELP me if there is something I’m missing or not clicking PLEASE let me know cause I’m just so confused. Thank you Joshua

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    Please read :)

    I love this game , but it is kind of short and the mini games can get REALLY hard. I love collecting the pets but I really think there should be a lot more since there isn’t a lot. I also think there should be more furniture to obtain and you should be able to place pictures on the wall yourself. I think there should be a, “painting” option where you can paint your room and every time you paint costs a certain amount of coins. There should be more games as well. Besides this, I love the game but please update for 5 stars!!

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    Wonderful and well done game!

    I just want to say that I absolutely ADORE this game! The characters are adorable and the quality + motion are very well done. This game may be simple and probably more of a “game for tots” but honestly I think this game is enjoyable enough for all ages. I love the mini games, interaction with the adorable creatures, and even waiting for a surprise by watching them hatch! There is a premium that you can pay to obtain more eggs, but even without that it’s just as fun! I’m still trying to save up for the premium though and can’t wait once I can buy it! My only suggestion here would be to probably make the animals a little more interesting. Perhaps make them differ a little more than the animals their based on, for example the elephant could get some more creative colors like pink or green. Overall a great app, highly recommend it for lovers of virtual pets!

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    Needs more....

    The animals are cute and it’s fun for a day. After you get the eggs (which isn’t that many) that’s it. This could be a cute game with more animals, more combos that could breed, more mini games, and more rooms. Also a way to buy food and decorations with the money earned would be great too. I do see there is a way to buy 5 eggs and 2 mini games for $5, but after you buy them there’s nothing to do so it’s a waste of money. I really would like to see more come from this game. Currently it’s kind of like a demo to what could be a really fun and cute game.

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    Okay yes this game is fun but when you try to make a new species and you use two different animals to make a new one some of them say error and that’s what disappoints me. My little sister loves this game but the best way to put this is that I think you might need to change that feature of the whole error thing. Sorry about this it’s just bothering me and my little sister please respond as soon as you can because I want to see what you say about this review😓

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    Time 🕰 also PLS read this

    I’m in love with this game but each time you get a new egg it takes longer and longer to hatch I don’t really wanna Watch all these adds to make it quicker so maybe creator you can make each egg be five minutes and if we don’t want to wait five minutes we only have to watch two adds or something not twenty five adds but I think 10 out of 5 this game is SOOO amazing I’ve loved so it was time I made a review 😎😜😋🥰

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    Love it...but

    My daughter loves this game...but she asked where the rest of the house is and if she can buy items with the coins she won from the mini games. If they added more rooms like bedrooms, kitchen, even a bathroom and buy items to customize your “house” this game would be 5 stars! Also the machine always says error and doesn’t show clues of which one to put in to make another how are children like my daughter suppose to know which ones to put? Other than that great game kids just wish there was more too it!!!

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    Love ❤️ it but.......

    I love 💗 this game but after playing it for awhile it kind of gets boring😪🤤and every time I try to mix animals it says error it that makes me sad 😢 and you need to add more things and mini games to it and more pictures to color🎉I don’t like how you have to pay 💰 for the other stuff🥺because I don’t want to waste my 💰 on things like that when I can buy something I can enjoy 😉 so like I said I love ❤️ this game but it has some work👨🏼‍🔧 Thank you 😊

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    Pls listen

    Can you please just not give you a lot of hours and tons of adds it is way to much ads to do when you have like 12hours or 6hours please just lower the adds and don’t give it much time for the egg to hatch please other than that the game is great and I love it I hope it was worth is reading this your game is awesome and that is why I put a 4 star

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    Fun at first, but gets really boring fast

    I really enjoy this game, but it gets really boring after a while. I like how you can breed animals together, but you can only breed animals when they are required. Can you please fix and let players breed with whatever animals they want? Why do players have to pay, with real money, to get 2 more mini games AND more animals!? Can’t we just watch ads to unlock them, or make further progress in the game?! Other than that, this game is pretty good.

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    I love this game

    I love the game but you finish pretty fast I have collected all The furniture and smolies I just wish there was a smolies 2 I was pretty sad when I finished and kinda happy can you please make a smolies 2 Who ever made this I definitely Think you should get it every time you get a egg you get Very excited while waiting if you do make a smolies 2 One day then thank you☺️

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Is Smolsies Safe?

Yes. Smolsies is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,811 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Smolsies Is 42.1/100.

Is Smolsies Legit?

Yes. Smolsies is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,811 Smolsies User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Smolsies Is 42.1/100.

Is Smolsies not working?

Smolsies works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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