Wizz - Make new friends Reviews

Wizz - Make new friends Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-19

Welcome to Wizz, where fun comes from the unexpected. Wizz is a safe space where
you can let loose and meet new friends from all over the world. With over 5
million downloads and counting, you’re sure to find your people! TOP 5 THINGS

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Poor monitoring in regards to certain users

I’ve downloaded this app since October of 2021. Even though it’s supposed to be for finding friends and all. I’ve had a few encounters where users lied about their age. As well as guys that were just thirsty for nudes. Finally, people being rude and disrespectful to others for no reason whatsoever, which I’ve also encountered at one point. I will say if you do download Wizz be careful with whom you talk to, and use it wisely due to how poorly it is monitored. Since if you’re going to download Wizz and I mean if you’re younger such as 13 I suggest you do reverse image search, etc to make sure you’re not being scammed/catfished, and just not coming across any predators. Coming from a 17 y/o. Since Wizz isn’t the problem, it’s the users. Since some of the users that are sending inappropriate messages and just being disrespectful in general are not being taken off Wizz as they should be. Making it a bad experience for other users on Wizz . As well as some people being banned for no reason when the users that are being disrespectful/inappropriate are still on there when they are going against guidelines. I will say I do suggest it if you’re older and younger as well do research on the people that you are talking to on here since there are some sketchy profiles on Wizz , but regardless be careful on here due to the poor monitoring.



Wizz at one point honestly had some good potential but it's slowly spiraled down into another washed up cash grab Tinder reject for teens. The earlier version of Wizz was the best tbh, was the most engaging and was unique in every way possible. Nowadays it's just copying every other app like this to find new friends. Also adding secret chats defeats the entire purpose of reconstructing the layout to make it so people HAVE to message you to be friends. How am I supposed to make new friends when 75% of all my chat requests are blurred? Most people aren't willing to drop actual money on here and watching 30 second ads every time is mind-numbing. I understand as app developers you have to make some form of money to support Wizz but there honestly has to be a better way that doesn't directly interfere with the whole purpose of Wizz . Overall, the blatant "we want money" features of Wizz make it hard to enjoy, the newer layout ruins the uniqueness Wizz had in the first place when I got it two years ago. Before I met so many people and it was so fun but now you have to pay for literally EVERYTHING it’s horrible. I just want to meet new people and find new friends and I cent even do that bc I can’t talk to any of them and it also dosent even push your account most of the time out to people unless you pay for the account bost.



Wizz is actually great it’s a place where u can find place but the problem is the new update I saw that for a lot of people the new update made their this app not work I had my this app account for a long time and I noticed I lost all my friends and requests I thought it just refreshed it so I tired adding a lot of people so I can talk to new people but I noticed that no one added me or added me back which I thought it was just my phone just it’s all broken 😭so I uninstalled Wizz and installed it again but it still didn’t work at this point I thought it was my account so I deleted my account and made a new one it still didn’t work and no ken was adding me back or adding me I deleted and made a new account like 5 times and none of them work so I emailed the creator or whatever it’s called I still haven’t had a response and I’m getting sad/mad bc I actually really like Wizz :(! So if any of the this app people read this plz fix your app! make a new update bc it’s not working ty love Wizz btw keep up the work!


Wrongfully Banned

Apparently, I was banned?? I mean my messaging privileges were taken away. Although, I, myself, didn’t do anything? People kept reporting me because I wouldn’t want to do disgusting things with them- and one had even gotten into my account somehow? They had posted a picture to my profile of a rando who was nude, but it was also completely censored..? 🤨 They’d even gone on to harass multiple people through my account. I’ve even tried to make a new account, but it still won’t let me message anyone D:. That’s not even what I’m most upset about- I’m more irritated over the fact I was banned over an entirely censored picture, but people who have literally been known to attempt to blackmail, harass, and practically stalk others are yet to be banned?? For god’s sake I see people just straight out saying that they’re TWENTY YEARS OLD WITH THEIR AGE SET SOMEWHERE BETWEEN 14-16!! And they’re entirely aware of what they’re doing!! They literally say that they “like younger girls” and I still see that their accounts continue to be active?? They've even gotten in contact with a multitude of my friends! I find this incredibly bizarre and just unfair in it’s entirety. I hope that Wizz is soon to be rid of these sickos and that I get my account back.


Fix These Issues

Wizz at one point honestly had some good potential but it’s slowly spiraled down into another washed up cash grab Tinder reject for teens. The earlier version of Wizz was the best tbh, was the most engaging and was unique in every way possible. Nowadays it’s just copying every other app like this to find new friends. Also adding secret chats defeats the entire purpose of reconstructing the layout to make it so people HAVE to message you to be friends. How am I supposed to make new friends when 75% of all my chat requests are blurred? Most people aren’t willing to drop actual money on here and watching 30 second ads every time is mind-numbing. I understand as app developers you have to make some form of money to support Wizz but there honestly has to be a better way that doesn’t directly interfere with the whole purpose of Wizz . Overall, the blatant “we want money” features of Wizz make it hard to enjoy, the newer layout ruins the uniqueness it once had and the support or actual interest in what the people who download Wizz have to say is lacking. I’ll give 2 stars only because Wizz was once actually good. Sad to see it take the same direction as all the others.



Wizz has had a major malfunction , my chats won’t show up after I send a message . I used a bulk message , so I wouldn’t have to text 100 people at a time . None of those 100 people showed up in my request so my bulk message got wasted , every time I send a message they disappear and never show up in the requests I sent . I also tried to send a super chat , none of those 5 super chat messages went through . I swiped out Wizz because it wasn’t acting right , I come back to no request and another 5 super message because the other 5 didn’t even send or go through . Wizz needs to be fixed , I’ve been contacting this app getting no kind of feedback . The communication with this app actually replying is terrible, I didn’t get a message from any kind of automated system telling me they got my message . I went to my mail on apple iPhone , the email still says sent . I know it went through but I still haven’t gotten any response from this app and this is absolutely upsetting for the fact I spent my money on this app just for this to happen , also if this isn’t fixed I would like to have the money I spent refunded back to my card or else I will be taking higher actions .


Mediocre at best.

A few years I had Wizz and it was amazing. You could make a random conversation and people who were genuinely interested could click and chat. Now it’s just a teen tinder, which I’m aware is not completely the developers fault however the layout was obviously meant to give some hints at that. I understand the ads are needed to keep Wizz open and they usually aren’t a problem. The only time ads are annoying is when I have to watch them to answer a swipe that someone else sent me. It would be great if the group chat feature was added back on and also if there was a search bar to find friends. Another thing that would make Wizz much better is letting people make an actual bio. Not just posting a picture and putting captions in it. That really limits people to what they wanna say. I’m sure that feature was added as a safety expansion but it’s extremely inconvenient. Other than all of that Wizz is pretty okay. It’s nothing special but it’s one of the better apps to make online friends all things considered.


Not the same

I used to use this app a lot and i started using it back in 2020 so I’ve seen it go through some pretty interesting changes. The most recent update is really bad in my opinion. I think i know what Wizz was trying to do which I’m assuming is to help motivate people to talk to each other more on Wizz which is why the only way to make someone ur “friend” is if you actually talk to them. although this isnt actually a horrible idea I think what Wizz forgets is that (especially since it’s marketed to a younger audience) people don’t like to talk😂at least before the update i was able swipe and have the option to test my confidence to see if i was going to text first but now YOU HAVE TO in order to friend that person and keep talking to them. it just takes away the option in my opinion. i used to have a bunch of people try and make friends with me and now absolutely no one is talking to me and i think it’s bcuz it’s way too direct. There was nothing wrong with the swipe left swipe right concept and even before that there was nothing wrong with the message bored where people can respond to your message (iykyk) but anyways Wizz is dead i don’t recommend.


It’s alright but could be better

I just downloaded it earlier but I got banned and don’t know what I message I sent or photo was bad. What’s bad about that is to get unbanned you have to wait a year. Myself of I wouldn’t a year just for a app. It would be more better if there was a warning or being banned for a week or month. People have other time then just to wait to get unbanned from an app. When you get ban you can’t message the service (you can but they won’t reply maybe that’s what I read) if you’re banned which is disappointing. Even if you wanted to make a new account you can’t until your ban time is over. Supposedly there are people you make friends on there and they may be a little worried why you haven’t responded in a year. Although it is fun and cool to talk to people. It’s basically tinder but more a friendly like Snapchat tho it’s detailed and have a layout like tinder. So overall I rate it a 3.8 or 4. I hope in the future they change the ban limit and have cool updates.


Don’t get this app

I download Wizz to able to make friends. I barely had Wizz for an hour and everyone Wizz being “girls” where sugar mommas and every guy on that app were very sexual. Like I mentioned Barely had Wizz and I had instantly got into to verbal arguments over two guys saying vulgar things to me of what I should do because they said so. I basically had only 3 pictures of my face and guys were coming into my inbox to degrade me. I feel honestly sick to my stomach. I won’t stand anyone regardless of their gender to degrade me on something that isn’t what it’s meant for. 1 of the the guys actually got me so mad he brought the most ugly most disgusting side of myself that I would never show to someone because he was saying stuff to me. I didn’t feel comfortable and I didn’t have a good experience someone I met on Wizz said she had to go through 3 weeks of guys being very sexual towards her because she got used to it. There shouldn’t be getting used to it when there are kids on Wizz there’s no room for it none what’s so ever. It’s not Wizz developers fault but the people who decide to take a good thing and make it bad. Just putting my two cents in.


Genuine review for average people

Let’s start this off by saying Wizz is great. I love the way it works, I like how you can talk to people from all over and get responses almost instantly AND I love the most how easy it is to use. Having a chat and a request feature lets you sort out the people you want to talk to versus can talk to and it feels as though there’s not much problems. If you want a lot of adds on snap or insta i’d just save up and use the 100 chats automatically after you have enough coins and if you just want some conversation with someone you find especially attractive save a week worth of coins and send them a special message. The only key problems I have and some others do is the amount of fake accounts that try to sell content or issues with delaying messages due to bad service or wifi but overall if you’re a decent looking person you should have no problem finding friends or more.


i’m annoyed.

i really like Wizz but it needs better regulations and moderation. i’m constantly getting inappropriate messages. CONSTANTLY. to my 2 good messages there’s 20 nasty ones and it’s disgusting. Wizz needs supervision just on the base fact that there are minors AND adults on Wizz. also, even with my swiping preferences set to all states, i still get shown only the same people over and over. and people that ive blocked show up in my find new friends too. they’re blocked for a reason, i don’t want to look at them. also, please fix the swipes into a loop. it’s very frustrating when i accidentally click too many times and then i’m on the next profile and can’t go back. also, why can’t we add more pictures to our profile by using our coins? not everybody can afford the this app gold. what is the point of giving us 10 daily coins if we have nothing to use them on? also, we should be able to unlock the secret profiles with coins. having to watch ads because i’m broke is annoying. please please fix this or i will be permanently deleting my account.



Honestly I love this so much it has been so easy to use and efficient and gets the job done my favorite part is the location so you know when you’re adding someone if they’re 10 miles or 10,000 miles away it just makes it so much better so you can make yourself only talk to people that are local and almost have chances of meeting up with them I like everything about this except for the fact that I don’t get notifications when people text me only when people added me and I also don’t know if this is with me but every time I leave this I haven’t come back I have so many new requests it’s crazy I always have at least 50 requests every time I leave and come back to Wizz if I’m gone for five minutes or 15 minutes it doesn’t matter I always have a new request waiting also love the tags that you can add some people can know you’re interested in right there on your profile


Only allowing users with verification to use this app.

this app i’m a big fan of this great app and today i was just thinking that the amount of people on Wizz that steals other people identity and trying to sell inappropriate sexual content. i was wondering that if you guys can make everyone around the world that has the resources to use Wizz to verify themselves to have a blue check mark next to there names because not only me but also my friends that i introduced to Wizz wants to feel safe on whoever we talk to and it’s really that person we’re really in communication with cause honestly there’s people on here that are really getting out of hand with using fake identification and also pretending to be someone else and that not professional at all. so i hope you guys fix that because us as people that really care see’s alot if potential for Wizz. be safe & happy new years.


Bullying, Harassment, and Racism

I had Wizz for at least 2 and a half weeks, and when I started it, it was good at first then u had boys saying sexual things and stuff, asking for pics *which I was not going to do* and other things like that. Then that’s when I had been added into a group chat with 134 people in it, and it seemed very odd to me. One of the girls I had complimented on as a friend told me to log out of it, and I didn’t think nothing of it. And that’s when hours later I went on Wizz and saw I was in the group chat again. And I started seeing lots of people taking screenshots of other people pictures on Wizz , and then adding them into that group chat, and saying lots of hurtful things to them like calling people ugly, fat, etc. I tried to report the group chat but it only gave me the option to leave it or cancel the leave. You can’t even see who added you into the chat because there are so many people in it. And that’s when I just deleted Wizz . This needs more monitoring and this is not acceptable, if they don’t get that under control it can lead to someone harming themselves.😡🤬



Wizz was overall really good i’ve gained more then 300+ on my insta (@s8renity) which was very shocking i loved talking to some of the people on here n it felt nice to make new friends allthough it would’ve been nice if there was a pin or follow feature so uu can keep up to date with the people you actually like talking to instead of having to scroll down for hours trying to find your conversation. also it would be nice if you didn’t have to watch an add or anything to un cover secrete messages bc it makes people not want to look at all not to mention either that or to pay for it you have to realzie some people can’t afford that type of stuff to so it’s not entirely fair to them you could watch a video and then it gives uu like three times to go back if uu missed someone that would actually be a good use of ads but other then that i really like Wizz !


The new update 🤮🤢

I literally cannot with the new update I liked the old way just fine and this new one? No. It was perfectly fine before and I’ve met some great people on here but the best feature that they had is that we could see what each other wanted to say AND we could see the ENTIRE bio. People could post things on the stream and other people could click on their post and decide whether or not to reply. Now, you can’t their entire bio, u can’t see what type of personality they have when they post, like I wanna know whether or not this guy is “thorny without the t” because I wouldn’t want to talk to him. And the swipe left swipe right thing? Every other app does that. I thought this one would be different but here it is copying other people. All in all, it’s a nice app but I hate the new update. Have a nice happy day 💛 🌻 :)



okay so . the update i was really hoping to spam add again cause that’s what i do but now it’s like all they put back is the requests . it’s gross tbh i just want y’all to put back the thingy where i can spam cause it’s so boring now. the way it was like a year ago was sm better back in 2020 . i didn’t have to talk to people they could all talk to me. this app fix it i’m not playin with y’all. before when i first got Wizz Wizz was so fun. people were constantly texting me and it was so fun but now when i go on Wizz having to look for people i don’t wanna talk to it just kills my vibe. i just wanna be happy meeting new people tbh and if i can’t then imma just delete Wizz atp. i wanna be able to spam add tbh and the fact that y’all took that away and THE ONLYYYY thing you’ve changed was the requests . that’s gross :( like pls change it rn D: i love u this app but fix it. thank you<33! . YOU BETTER GET MY SPAM ADDING BACK😡😡😡😡. fix it rnrnnrnrrn like that better be the NEXT update.


Allowing racism and ignoring reports.

There’s a lack of good monitoring which has allowed racism and bullying. I and many others have been told very vile things due to the lack of monitoring on Wizz. I have reported it to the owners but they still refuse to make any change necessary to make us feel a bit more safe. They have chosen to ignore any criticism given especially when it comes to the many racists being allowed to act out on here. The people saying such vile things and showing disturbing images should have their accounts automatically removed. There needs to be a better set of rules and once you repeatedly don’t follow them your account should be removed. I think they don’t care about making us feel safe because the more they allow these people to act out the more attention it will get. Higher ratings too. They are allowing bullies to literally traumatize young children it’s absurd. All to make their app get attention. When it could have been something fun and wholesome for a lot of us.


Hate the UPDATE!

I absolutely hate the new update.... many of my friends and i have even deleted Wizz already. THE group chats are what made most of us interact... and now they’re gone... like if people didn’t like the group chats or felt unsafe they could’ve chosen not the join them. Plus one on one chats are really boring and dry some of us prefer having a lot of people. I find it really unfair that you guys took away group chats because certain people didn’t like them when some people would prefer the group chats more than the swiping people and talking one on one... like people can choose not to join them 😐. Also i deleted/deactivated my account but when i searched up my name on my cousins account the account i have deleted still shows everything like my pictures and what i had written down... i feel really uncomfortable how it’s still not gone it’s been days & i can’t figure out how to get into it which i don’t think it’s possible because i deleted so can u please make sure next time the accounts people delete actually get taken down for good !!



If you delete your account can someone see the message you sent even after your accounts deleted



Ok so I like Wizz it’s hella fun but like maybe update some things like don’t be reporting poeple when they did nothing wrong and we can post or send videos and make the screen not a square like when u post stuff and maybe change it a little kinda like Instagram cause right now Wizz is getting boring and I might delete it hope u see this and update some things and also maybe update for us searching usernames instead of just finding people in the section thing


Banned for no reason

This apps tends to do this to a lot of people, some have reasonings one why but in my case this app took me down for posting a “inappropriate” picture as my profile pic when it was me holding my hand up across my face. Overall I do recommend Wizz it’s fun and all and get to meet lots of new people. I believe they should get ways to communicate to their community for people asking questions about their ban, or how Wizz could be better.



I’ve had Wizz for a very long time, I got it the week it came onto Wizz Store. But in this time, I’ve had to make FOUR accounts because this app has a terrible banning system. I’m not sure how it works, but I have done nothing wrong and I’m very upset. The customer service is terrible, emailing them doesn’t work and there is no way to contact them if you have a problem. I have lots of data and have made many friends-but now it’s all gone (including the conversations ) because I was banned for NOTHING. Horrible app. DO NOT DOWNLOAD


Weird people

All the 49 year old were asking for stuff and people started hating on me and bullying me because I said my friend was pregnant which was obviously a joke but I did get a lot a clout from it so I mean just do something controversial and you’ll get clout and hate so overall it’s a stupid app I made no friends except for tj and Corey and if you get Wizz you’ll probably lose friends because you tell the this app people that your friend is pregnant when u obviously photoshopped it


New update ruined the app

You can no longer leave comments on photos to talk too other people. Everything goes straight to DMs now. This ruined Wizz and I causing myself and many other people I have connected with to delete it. Do not download Wizz if you are wanting to meet new people or find friends. It is becoming over run with inappropriate pictures, and people trying to sell premium Snapchats. STAY away from Wizz. They took away the one good thing it had. What a shame.


I got banned?

I love Wizz because it’s so much fun communicating with new people but some of my posts got taken down when they weren’t even remotely inappropriate and they were more like jokes. I got banned once but I got a new acc but it still bugs me how you can be easily banned for something so small. Also can people add videos?


You Banned Me!

It all started when I asked everyone a question and someone left a bad comment to me so I cursed them back out but for me cursing at that one person you ban me I know I was wrong for cursing but at least give warnings first because I’m naturally a good person so that’s 3 starts for banning me for something I didn’t start


Update idea plz

Please update so you can go back to deleted chats because I didn’t mean to delete this one chat and now I can’t find them and it wakes me sad because he was a good person and it’s been a half an hour since I’ve been trying to find his acc and it’s making me sad😢


Disappointed user

I was really excited when I first got Wizz but then there was so much inappropriate things going on and other things that is not for me and they kept saying inappropriate things. I think that u should take away things like that



Wizz is dangerous. People only want nudes and will use killing them self to take advantage. a girl did this to me and many guys ask for nudes it needs to be shut down. It is the perfect place for perverted old people to find kids to get nudes from. I can’t not sleep knowing what just happened. I reported the girl and am done with Wizz in all. If your reading don’t get Wizz . In safety of you and your family.


A little too much

Okay so I love Wizz and stuff but there is too much thirsty boys here like really I got already inappropriate images so yeah not that great but Wizz is still good



I thought this would be a fun little app where you could make friends yk (I’m home schooled and I have terrible anxiety so sometimes it’s easier to talk online) and all people do on here is tell you to kill yourself, or cut etc they talk down on you everytime you make a post. I deleted it 3 days after having it because I couldn’t deal with it anymore.


Could use improvement

There needs to be a feature to unsubscribe from a post because you get spammed everytime someone comments. Also there needs to be better moderation. Lots of homophobic and racist people on Wizz and they are the reason I’m discontinuing my usage of Wizz


Fix this.

i rarely EVER write reviews but Wizz definitely needs it, Wizz is great, could use some improvements but it’s good. However the hate/slander/racism/homophobia on it is just ridiculous that it’s not being monitored, please start banning accounts that use racial and homophobic slurs. Your app will do much better.

Is Wizz Safe?

No. Wizz - Make new friends does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 126,967 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Wizz - Make new friends Is 19.0/100.

Is Wizz Legit?

No. Wizz - Make new friends does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 126,967 Wizz - Make new friends User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Wizz - Make new friends Is 19.0/100.

Is Wizz - Make new friends not working?

Wizz - Make new friends works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 24 Comments

Nov 15 2022

Got ban for no reason I would like my account back now please

By Josleyn Torres mancilla
Jul 25 2022

Mane tbh fuck this app it ban me for no reason and rn I can’t send messages and I won’t receive messages wizz yo app lame and get rid of them dudes that be asking for nudes cause that’s weird

By Tank
Feb 04 2022

Error code 17010 how do i fix this?

By Ellina
Dec 29 2021

I didn’t post anything inappropriate or anything but i have the error code? I want to log back into my acc!

By sal
Dec 12 2021

its not available for germany:( y‘all need to fix it tbh

By amelia
Nov 14 2021

something went wrong code:17020

By Everett
Sep 15 2021

My account won’t show any friend requests or let me text anyone, so I tried making new accounts and it still doesn’t work. Does anyone know how to make a fresh account ?

By dw
Aug 11 2021

i have 2 accs one is my main and the second one is for spam adding and then on the second one i was just shirtless and my acc got banned and the on my main i can't even text anyone anymore after they banned my second acc so if you can please fix it it would really mean a lot

By LeAndrea
Aug 03 2021

It won’t let me back in my account it says error code 17010 every time I try to put in my number

By Alex
Jul 20 2021

Error code 17010

By Delanie Marlowe
Jul 19 2021

Hey so I already heard one person say this, but I was wondering why I didn’t get any friend request when I usually get them all the time. I’ve made like three new accounts . I really don’t wanna leave the app lol. It’s actually really fun

By Gabby
Jun 16 2021

what does error code 17010 mean?

By Leo
Jun 11 2021

how do i get unbanned or just make a new account after getting banned

By Jay
Jun 06 2021

Jaymoney_2025 on snap I fix accounts $5 get many adds back

By Kia
May 24 2021

You guys really need to check and ban inappropriate content it’s getting uncomfortable being on that app .YOU GUYS REALLY NEED TO START MONITORING THINGS .I DELETED THE APP NOT PLANNING ON GETTING IT BACK.

By Jackson
May 19 2021

How do I fix error code 17010

By davon
May 04 2021

I haven't gotten any friend request and its weird because i got them all the time

By Jarred Schrader
Apr 28 2021

I swiped right twice on this friend and now there are two grey dots where the “X” and “❤️“ would be when I search them. What does the mean?

By Tsmith2002
Apr 27 2021

Please unbanned me

By ariannah
Apr 21 2021

i logged out of my account and cant get back in. it says "oops something went wrong error code 17010" whenever i try to log back into my account

By Peter
Apr 20 2021

I’ve been for over year I’d like to be unbanned please I’ve learned my lesson even though I don’t remember what I did i really would like to use the app again

By morgan
Apr 05 2021

i made a new account and on my old account i used to get a lot of adds whereas on this new account i get barely any requests please help me

By Riyadh almulaiki
Feb 20 2021

I have not gotten even 1 friend request for 2 straight days. Why is that?

By Rubab Anis
Dec 06 2020

How do we check who added us?

Please get back asap thanks.

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