PK XD - Play with your Friends Reviews

PK XD - Play with your Friends Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-06

Welcome to your virtual world! PK XD is all about fun: create your own avatar,
build your house, meet friends, and go on new adventures. In this open world
game, you’ll challenge yourself with minigames to get exclusive items and take
your house, your looks, your pets, and all the fun...

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PK XD - Play with your Friends Reviews

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    Great game bit some ideas that would make the game really cool

    First of its a really good game me and all my friends got hooked up on it but i have a couple of suggestions that would make the game even better so now we can send of pets that we don't want but it would be cool if we can trade them to so that way people can get their dream pet i would also like if you could put some more pets like some pets that do not exist in the real world also if we could sell our furniture that we don't want i am sorry if this is a-lot😞 also it would be nice to have some more houses and jobs their are a-lot of houses that are to expensive so it would be nice if you could lower the price on the houses also if you could give other people gems and coins and you could also make a family and what i mean by that is if you tap on them it would say invite to family and you would invite them for the jobs it would be nice if you could pick what you want to do for the pizza job like sending the pizzas away or make the pizzas and for the fruit job also please make some more jobs there is only 2so it would be nice to have more it would be nice if you can change into a baby so people would adopt you also have like a park and a toy store and a baby store again sorry this is a-lot 1 more idea it would be amazing if you could separately buy fly potions and ride potions pls add some of these to the game to make the game better

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    I absolutely love PKXD! Just a few ideas

    I’ve had this app for about 5 months and I absolutely adore it! It’s so much fun!! There are a few suggestions though. Ok so to start this off PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get rid of 😘😍❤️! There are young players in this game! Secondly, I think we can all agree there should be different places than the Playground and the Neighborhood. Like maybe a city 🤩?! While we’re on the topic of more locations we NEEEEEEED an airport!! It was be soooo much better! Also, there should be time zones. Minutes instead of hours and seconds instead of minutes. Okay I know loads of people want players to use the school more, but personally the game would be better if you got rid of the high school and replaced it with like maaaaaybe a college??? Where you like keep your house but use a college dorm for like a week and you can only get a job if you go to college. You need to add careers. Like Doctor, Cop, Actor, Life Guard, Pet Caretaker. Also I think it would be cool if you could actually order pizza and the pizza delivery people would see a picture of your house and then deliver it to your house. Okay sorry this is huge but there’s sooo much! How about a pet daycare? Queen/King of the week? Cars Bikes? More types of houses? And lastly the ability to kick specific people out of your house. Thanks for reading (if you read all this) The game would be better if you add these! Then again these are just suggestions. Please join the PKXD community!!

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    Love PKXD

    OK PKXD should let you choose which kind of pet you want so that legendary pets take longer to hatch than commons and rares take shorter time to hatch. also I would like for PKXD to give back the take a tour for the house. also I want it to have the take a tour back like you say you wanna house but you don’t know what it what it looks like on the inside but you can’t take a tour of it. also I would like for high school to have activities like not just some chairs. I do like the floating burgers that was a really good job but I think that there should be more activities in the high school like maybe there should be tasks to do in the high school like school work in the high school or a game that would be what I want. PKXD should have more citizens and more houses. It is the best game that I have ever experienced because I’ve had experiences with really bad games like games where there is no social reality and so I like social games like PKXD and play together. there should be vehicles in PKXD and I also have something else to say. crazy run it should have like double the parkour and when you get to the finish line double the money. I would like that and then you win $1000 each time you play crazy run and in the mystery box round when you get to a mystery box it should gives you like a six digit when you get a mystery box round in win first place. and that’s what I want thank you and please take this into consideration thanks.

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    My PKXD isn’t working 😭😢😭

    Hi, I wanted to play PKXD with my friend , I logged on and it shows the screen and then it’s just go black!! I wish it worked I restarted my phone I deleted it I tried everything but nothing worked 😭 I don’t know if any other people have this problem I wanted to play with my friend and I logged on and it didn’t work 😕😕😕 I wish it did but I just can’t it’s sad and I hope that will get fixed soon. me and my friend wanted to play but it always kicked her out! I wanted to play with her but it did the same thing to her that it did to me 😢 oh and pls take away 😘 and the 😍, I want to have cars! I think that would be fun and maybe the arcade can have some like Cotten candy and like a candy store please !!!!!! and something like that. I heard that there was a new place and I didn’t get to see it I wish I could I was just gonna see it on my friends phone thanks for reading and pls add new places like a new phone case store or something like that but maybe not trying to be rude but me and my friend been waiting and waiting for the pet store room to open it said this will be here soon but no I’ve been waiting for months so pls try to work on that too,thank you for working hard for all kids over the world merry Christmas!!!🎁🎄❤️ stay safe everyone I hope you guys have a great day!!! 💗❤️ stay safe everyone, God bless you sorry I said stay safe two times lol 😂

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    Why so little but love it still

    It’s such a pain to only have one game like this in this game isn’t the best I have a few ideas: it can be small because there’s only two whirls and I for one think that they should add more maybe a hospital world a dentist world a snow world or like or movie world like where you can have movies and stuff have you ever played Toca world there is so much to do in that game I wish it was like that but it isn’t and I would like the PKXD creators to fix that I also wish you could design your own outfits so you could have your own customized outfits and if there wasn’t so much to buy and you could get free cool things like you do not have to buy stuff to get armor in win races because you have to buy gems in order to do that because no one is going to be able to just randomly have for 100 so they could change that I would change my opinion it would be sad if they didn’t do that because everyone Who reads this and agrees will be sad they might even stop playing and then they won’t pay and then you lose more and more and you’ll be out of a job so please fix this problem that you created people who comment and don’t like it is because you don’t actually listen to them you upgrade stuff but that doesn’t make my world do you add stuff but it just takes up room so you create more world and people will be happy so fix the problem that you created and make people 😃 happy to everyone . Ps you never make any thing good

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    Why is it so hard to get into PKXD

    I can not get in PKXD. This morning I was trying to get into PKXD but I could not and it is past lunch time and I still can’t can you guys fix that because I want to play PKXD so so so so so so so badly but I can’t. By the way I love the PKXD Easter UPDATE nice job making it 😊 and that is why I want to get into PKXD so badly🐤🐥🐣🐇🐰. And can you please add cars I think everyone would love cars 🚗 also can you add monkey pets and cheetah pets and tiger pets. And can you make there be an offline choice like when you click the app there would be two bottons that say online and the other one offline so that I can play when I have no internet please. and can you add that you need to go to school at a certain time and everyone in the world needs to go to school. And can you also add that we can change our name when ever we want so that we do not have to pay 30 gems for it. And can you add a new island for a big park I am sure everyone would want to play on a park please. And can you also add a coffee shop so that we can have coffee. And can you add a Walmart were we can buy everything there instead of other places. And can you add another pizza shop that is bigger and funner. And can we also have jobs to do after school is over please. That is all for now thx bye I hope you add what I asked for please bye have a good day!😊

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    I love this game so much!!

    I can’t say enough good things about this game! I love dressing up my character, decorating my house, and playing with my pets!! I have only had this game for about a week and it has already become my most favorite game!! I have been looking for a game like this for sooo long!! I introduced it to my brother as well and now we play together all the time! I just have a few things that I think would make the game even better!! First of all, the jobs. I think it would be much more fun to get a job like a doctor, or scientist instead of doing races, and delivering pizzas and fruit. The mini games do get a little old after a while, so I would love to see something new! Second of all, make it so you can say other things. I know this isn’t a great idea because of inappropriate content, but it’s very hard to say what you need to say with the few sentences provided. Maybe at least update your phrases? Third of all, change up the wallpaper and flooring. I think it would be really cute if you added some new wallpaper and flooring to the game! I like the other ones, but I think some new ones would make the game even better! And finally, new islands! I really want some new shops and islands! Maybe like a farmers market, pet park, city, library, and more! I hope you liked these ideas! I love this game so much!!

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    Plz put what ever u want to say but if they say bad words hatchtag them they look like this —> #

    Plz let us say what ever we say it’s annoying why u don’t let me say fonts and other please update it like to this comment read also ok pleaseeeeeeeee I will follow u in twitter if u do ok now do it k but it’s not the end add flowers bushes. And like you know and add planting trees flowers and fruits please make this and also add a lot of surprise boxes and please don’t make the days short make it long I’m working to get Halloween pets and also add a star emoji and a rainbow emoji ghost emoji and a cloud emoji add all of this thank you but also can you really really add wolf pets please please please yeah they are not in the game that’s why you need to add all of this so plssssssssssss I like this game add more pets as fast as you can and also add a zoo and cars and zebras elephants and birds too also add a jungle and make the island big and big I’m trying to make the game good so please do this now now alright cuz yeah and also add a forest and pond and a chair and watermelons and other stuff and also add toys and add a ball pit and also add more games so please do all of this I’m serious all of this okay also add tigers and lions and monkeys and hippos and kites and a shopping mall and a candy shop and so yeah I’m sorry of this comment is very long but please add all of this bye! Hope you do it now!

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    Fun game but please do remove the 😘😍❤️ emojis

    So this game is like so cool 😎 but....... some things you should add. Also More Updates Please. 1. No one really uses the school 🏫 building maybe u can make a another restaurant maybe with tacos 🌮? 2. Please let us make our own chats instead of the ones the game provide as long as there appropriate and not sharing personal information . 3. It would be cool if we can make personal servers for friends only maybe 🤔 and personal message friends on the game. 4. Maybe add a new place or maybe a different world to visit. 5. PLEASEEE add cars 🚗 it would be so fun like the halloween update with the witch broom 🧹. 6. How about add a app on the PKXD phone where u can trade things pleaseeeee at least for Christmas 🎄🥺. I think you should remove the 😘😍❤️cause it gets really annoying and younger kids like me actually play the game PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO ITS SO ANNOYING is see it all the time and it’s not appropriate for kids so please remove those emoji’s cause the game wasn’t meant to be made for online dating and I think anyone who does that should be banned from the game. One last thing. Pleaseeeee make some thing where people can not just walk in your house please make like a doorbell or a way to lock your house something. Otherwise really fun 🤩 game I recommend playing it 👍🏽 Too, PKXD creators.

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    Read creators of Pk XD and if ur gonna get this game please

    First of all, this game is amazing and great! I’m not saying I dislike it... I’m just saying if y’all could add more things like: 1. Cars 2. More maps 3. Can ya make it like roblox? 4. Please don’t make people buy things for so much money. Like seriously, you have to but a square water bowl like for I think $600??? Lvl it down pls. Especially the clothing cost, eggs, and other stuff. 5. What the heck?!?! Is this game mostly for members? Y’all need to let us get things that would be for members too without buying it with REAL money. Its not fair! Plus, the cost of the homes are like so expensive! Like bruh!?!? I was expecting more from Pk XD. Adopt me in roblox is way better than this. Plsssss, if you want to have more people playing ur games, do the things I listed! 6. Make it more like roblox, please let us just chat the way we want! Just put hashtags on the words that are inappropriate. It's nbd. 7. Can you guys let’s us get gifts??? 🎁. 8. As for the gems, why can’t we just earn them? We can’t just log in every dang day to get gems. You only get 2 gems anyway. 9. Pls take out the inappropriate ads. There are young players in this game! 10. Can you make more shops or maps? 11. Hello I love this game. But pls just do what I listen 1-10! Love Pk XD! Keep the great work up!

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    Please read hole thing

    I really really love this game but sometimes I go side ways and can you add more to the game like you can make a hospital so like if you fall and injure yourself you can go to the hospital next pls remove 😍😘 there are young people in this game to also pls add cars me and my sisters hands get so tiered can you add more actions to the pets like you can ride them for free and please add video games so all you need is a controller and can you please add state bords oh a please add locks 🔒 also please can we have patios in the back of our house also add new world’s can we also invite people to party’s at our house oh and how about planes so you can travel to like China also can we have calinders and bugs also can we have seasons not just night and day also at the back of our house can we have a play set so we can play and party also can we adopt a kid and also turn the high school into a college and make a football game for boys because my brother plays this game to also it’s so expensive so cut it down a little bit also it’s like Roblox also can we have toys for our pets can we really go to sleep and can we relax in our bed? Also please can we have an update please please can we make stuff to like drawings and can we have new clothes please

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    Awesome!! Just some updates.

    Ok to start, this game is amazing and I think people should know about this game. Ok now to changes that I think will go good with this game, 1: I think you should let people actually teleport to their exact location, cause I am like “where are you LOL” 2: Can you add more options with your pet, for example , Play with your pet on pet mini games to earn gems, send your pet home, and maybe can you add like pet food bowls, or like pet furniture for your pets to sleep or do stuff on? That would make this awesome 😎. And can we use gems to level up like 1 or 2 gems for it? And can you get rid of the 😘face? Cause like what are you gonna do with it? Kiss your furniture, and by the way. Can you add more clothes, faces, backpacks, and glasses? Because I am running out of it, and there’s not much, back to the good stuff. It’s a great game, and I love it everyone who reads this, check it out I highly recommend this. It’s amazing love the music for the dances. I dance all the time, and it’s just amazing because it’s kinda like real life! Work to get money. Get your own house. And there’s like pizza, and ice cream. And with the oven you cook it and like I used to eat them raw because I didn’t know it was funny. And again love this game, and highly recommend it!

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    I seen something right NOW TODAY.

    I really don’t like it when people online date there was to girls ok they were putting star emojis at first so I left it alone maybe they wanted to be friends but then a couple seconds later they were close to each other face-to-face and putting kissing emojis and the emojis come with sounds. Putting heart eye emojis, kissing emojis. These two are just waaayy to sexual because only girls date boys but making it wayy inappropriate and sexual by kissing a girl. Then one of the girls I guess said “Let’s go to your house?” And I guess they went and continued to kiss. I immediately left the game went to the App Store, searched PK XD and wrote this review. That’s why there’s a lot of kids pretending to be teens or adults pretending they have a husband and pretend to cheat. There’s an lot of sexuality in this game, a lot of child predators, online daters, and sexuality. I think this game is not for kids. This is how the girls were going: 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩. In the school map. Literally I said it clear and it is THE TRUTH. That’s why, I prefer Roblox more. On roblox, there’s less child predators, less online daters, more kid friendly, and safe. More of a building platform on roblox and PK XD is more of a social game. See the compares. It’s diffrent games from each other. I love the update that you can ice skate ⛸ ⛸ anyway, cya

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    I love this game!❤️😄🤩plz make the update I wrote down🥺

    This game is my dream come true!😄I always wanted to have a game which has things like adopting a pet and chating with friends ,dressing up and etc❤️😁 .first my favorite game was Roblox but when I discovered this game, instantly this became my favorite game! And i loved the updates that they give and it is so tempting for the next updates that comes!❤️❤️i want everyone to download this game because it is amazing🤩! I just want the next update to be you can chat anything ,I am happy that there is so many options to choose from but sometimes I can’t say what i want to say that’s why I only talk to my friends who I have the number of and I use my mother’s phone so sometimes my mother needs her phone so than I can’t chat 😔😭I really wish that you can keep an airport so if we go in it we can sit and travel to which ever land so that we don’t need to teleport to only 1 land and it will not be finished without a collage ! You can keep the collage in a another land and than you can have dorms and you have to go there every day and after a while in a another land you can keep different types of jobs! I know I am asking for too much but plz make it true!🤩🥺

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    Great game but some things want to exist in this game:

    I wish we could have more or three minigames l wish we could have an even bigger world and l wish we could have more places and l wish we could be in different games. And l wish we could have the Egg Hunt all the time. I wish we could also have a fly button to fly just like the brooms at Halloween. I wish we could get gems really faster in seconds in the PetParade and Crazy Run. And l wish there could be secret passages somewhere. And also l wish we could have minigames at Halloween and Christmas. And l wish we could also have little presents all the time and wait for them to open just like on Christmas and also we could collect different things all the time and talk with robots. And also l wish we could have lipsticks for girls and cream, and special cream for boys. Also please can we have a market and doctor? I want to have like carts at the market and bandages at the doctor. And l want to have like a construction and build are own houses. Also l want to have different types of worlds and planets, and we have a space bundle house, and can we have a space bundles that fly to space please? That’s all for me now, BYE EVERYONE THANKS FOR READING AND DON’T FOR GET TO ADD SOME CARS! I’M A GIRL THOUGH LOL AND XD! JUST TALKING TO MYSELF LOVE 💖❤️💞💕BYE!

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