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Published by on 2024-02-06

About: Ready to explore this world and join an adventure with millions of
players?! CREATE YOUR AVATAR AS YOU WANT Which character do you want to be?
Human, zombie, unicorn, witch, dragon… there are many possibilities. Combine
clothes and accessories, use colorful hair, fashion clothes, fantastic wings,
armor, swords, and much more.

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E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit PK XD Website

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Reported Issues: 16 Comments

4.7 out of 5

By valeria

1 month ago

Hello. how can I restore my account if it is disabled in pk xd?

By valeria

1 month ago

Hello. how can I restore my account if it is disabled in pk xd?

By Ayeshakhan

7 months ago

Pls aap kya phone number sent me ok my number 9700686808

By Barbara Wainer

1 year ago

My daughter is 5 and I have downloaded this app so she can try out and she plays this app when she is with her father. I don’t believe that this is appropriate for her and I’d like to delete her account . One of the issues is that I never made up a user name for her and I believe that her father did and he won’t give me the information . Can you please let me know if there’s another way I can delete her account ? I just remember downloading the app. That’s all. Please let me know if there’s anything you can do for me. Thank you ,

By I'm tayfair

1 year ago

Why my pkxd is not opened

By Erica

1 year ago

I didn’t register my account but I did purchase a lot of stuff and also purchase the xd plus monthly I would like to get my account back

By Dianna Bandhauer

1 year ago

We purchased updated armor for $10. It was supposed to fly, but it is not flying. What do we need to do to fix it.


1 year ago

Hi PKXD i would like to take my account back. Is it possible? I really appreciate it.. This is my Pkxd User :. WDGASTER#133 thank you so much!

By Arfaan Abdullah

2 years ago

Hi This is Arfaan here I need your contact number and your phone number please

By Snow drops

2 years ago

I rejestered but nothing came no friends no avatar

By Briana

2 years ago

I was charged for a product and didn’t get the product! Please contact me. I bought the space house for 25.99$ and it did not show up on our app.

By Tan

2 years ago

Hi, I keep stuck on loading page after I log in. My device is Huawei matepad 10.4. My app version is v.0.32.2 Please help

By CindyYT

2 years ago

Your Cellphon number😳

By kennedyrainegrimsley

Why so little but love it still

It’s such a pain to only have one game like this in this game isn’t the best I have a few ideas: it can be small because there’s only two whirls and I for one think that they should add more maybe a hospital world a dentist world a snow world or like or movie world like where you can have movies and stuff have you ever played Toca world there is so much to do in that game I wish it was like that but it isn’t and I would like the PKXD creators to fix that I also wish you could design your own outfits so you could have your own customized outfits and if there wasn’t so much to buy and you could get free cool things like you do not have to buy stuff to get armor in win races because you have to buy gems in order to do that because no one is going to be able to just randomly have for 100 so they could change that I would change my opinion it would be sad if they didn’t do that because everyone Who reads this and agrees will be sad they might even stop playing and then they won’t pay and then you lose more and more and you’ll be out of a job so please fix this problem that you created people who comment and don’t like it is because you don’t actually listen to them you upgrade stuff but that doesn’t make my world do you add stuff but it just takes up room so you create more world and people will be happy so fix the problem that you created and make people 😃 happy to everyone . Ps you never make any thing good

By Miss in love !

Pretty good though it could be better.

I personally like the game but it could be a lot better! I really like the anniversaries but as I said it can be better like more mini games, free clothes and pet clothes, more jobs, more cheap furniture, new islands and NO updates its just that I would like the game more if there were no updates and you could just go in the game in Halloween and other holidays and not need to update, I actually missed the Halloween and Christmas updates this year cuz I was too lazy to update! I would play the game a lot more if I didn't have to update so if your reading this pls try to make it possible to go in the game, see the updates without updating. PK XD would be more fun with tasks like 10 daily tasks, and Im saying that cuz at first when you download it you play it for like a week but then when you have a house and furniture and of course clothes and a pet and maybe even pet stuff and all the things you want you don’t have anything to do so you explore but then you remember you did explore while getting the stuff cuz you went to different places in PK XD to get them, so you have nothing else to do and you get bored so you leave the game and again PLS make it possible for no updates pls pls pls if you can at least try. Otherwise good game. Btw Roblox is also an amazing game the log in is just a little bit hard (Roblox has updates too but not much like 1 time in 8 months).

By caide bug

good but not fun after.

OK so this I love this game it is very addicting but like another person said I can agree to them because once you get everything you want well it’s not really fun anymore and there’s really no reason to play it when you have everything you want and I like all the updates and stuff but the arcade and stuff it’s not very fun when you play all the games more than one time but I also really would like to work on the prices on these packs and new things because they’re very expensive and I don’t appreciate that and I would really like for you guys and girls to work on the prices because it’s really too expensive and please can you please work on the prices because it’s too expensive but let’s get to another topic like I said it’s not very fun when you what’s the word when you get everything you want in your house is all good and well and stuff and I get where you’re coming from when you made the game but really I would like you to put more fun things in there please if you would and the school it’s not much of a school I mean it’s just three or four rooms but otherwise this game is a very fun addicting game I love this game but also I barely check on the game but anyways like I said I love this game it’s a very addicting game I think it’s pretty fun I haven’t got everything I wanted yet because it’s really hard to earn money in the game but yeah I love this game is very fun and addictive.

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