Word Crush - Fun Puzzle Game Reviews

Word Crush - Fun Puzzle Game Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-10

Sharpen your brain with Word Crush! Word Crush is a word searching game where
you connect, swipe and collect words from stacks of letter blocks through
thousands of interesting topics. A word searching and word connecting puzzle
game for everyone, there are so many free and fascinating...

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Word Crush - Fun Puzzle Game Reviews

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    Love this game, BUT.........

    I’ve played this game more than any - ever! I’ve won two championships, have reached level 2148, have almost 25,000 coins, and have amassed many “hints”. Then, the game froze and I can’t move on. I can play the dailies, but not the regular game. I tried the ‘app support’ button and was led to a site that welcomed me to ‘nginx’ and lists of codes, numbers, and dates. I tried ‘developer website’ and received the message that the page was removed. I am so frustrated and unhappy.......and would appreciate any suggestions. Update: even more frustrated! Got NO response to the above; saw a response to someone with he same problem so followed the advice given to that person — uninstall, reinstall, update, and problem solved..... didn’t work for me. So, I finally just started over. I’m now back to level 180, doing well in the current tournament, and realized that I am not getting credit (coins) for all the bonus words......arrrgh! Please help........there are lots of other word games, so I’m probably done with this developer’s games. 2nd update just a few minutes after the last! Lo and behold! I opened the app once again, just to finish the tournament, and all my original coins and hints were restored and I was returned to the level where I froze! Yay!! 5 STARS again!

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    Love this game!

    This has been my my favorite word game by far. It’s great to challenge the brain and keep it sharp. The levels are generally not too hard but challenging. Some levels are repeated (I’m in the 700’s now) but it doesn’t happen so often that it gets boring. I like that there is no messaging capability between players and you really have no way of knowing anyone else other than to see them on a tournament leaderboard. That way I never get harassed by creepers. The placement of the hint options is the only thing I’d say needs to be revamped- it’s too easy to hit them by accident with your thumb and use coins you didn’t intend to. Once I purchased the game, the ads went away- although you can choose to watch an add for additional coins or rewards if you want but it’s not necessary. Overall this is a fantastic word game for a nerd like me.

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    Good Game Worse Operation - Frustration too high to keep

    In Response to Developer Request to update Review: Your response did not indicate any changes had been made to lessen the number of ads, time required to watch (some require watching full ad) or steps necessary to get out of ads. When more time is dedicated to ads than playing the game, the objective is lost. I realize the developer is due some reward for developing but not like this. Sorry. Initially rated high until I found out how much time was required to play a simple game. Game is good problem is game is designed to force you to pay to use; either you spend money or time. One round/word location in the game may take 3 seconds then you spend 35 seconds forced to watch an advertisement for another game. This is because game does not allow you to shuffle letters without repeating this process (letters purposely need shuffling). Summary 2 words may take several minutes. Waste of time. Other game advertisements don’t force you to wash the advertisements in entirety as does this one. There are better word games ou there. I’m gone.

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    Perfect Word Game!!!

    I just quit playing a game I really loved (Warlords of Aternum) after 3 years because the devs ruined it. Been playing Word Crush for just one week and am already at level 312. Saw my wife playing, so I downloaded it. Quickly got going and am now totally addicted. Extremely enjoyable, relaxing game, with vivid colors, great themes and not too heavy on ads. Other word games I’ve tried are frustrating and poorly conceived. Word Crush’s Bonus feature is fantastic because it accepts nearly every word in the English dictionary including many colloquialisms. Overall the game is challenging, but not completely ridiculous. Game fits my brain structure so well that I haven’t needed to use any of the hints or helps thus far. The few times I was stuck, I got a notification after a few hours with a “suggestion” which was very helpful. Further, I was enjoying myself so much that I won a tournament that I didn’t even know I was in! I am a vocal player regarding glitches and suggestions. But so far I haven’t seen a single thing I would change, which is why I rated it 5 stars. The devs of Word Crush designed a truly praiseworthy game for which they deserve much credit and the perfect rating I gave it. Sincerely, Scott

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    Great game, but...

    This is it fun game, but the major problem is the number of commercials. Even that would not be such a problem, because many free games have similar numbers of commercials, but twice an “option” to upgrade popped up in the center of the game screen and there was no way to remove it. The only choice was to purchase the upgrade to continue the game. I switched off of the game a number of times, but the “option” remained on the screen each time I pulled the game back up. I finally deleted the game. One suggestion: at one point A number of options to upgrade popped up. Prices were different but it was unclear (at least to me) what benefits were included in each option. Clarifying this would really help. I like the game enough that I would have purchased the option to remove the adds but it was unclear for how long that would be effective Once again, this is a great game, but, at least for me, the fun was outweighed by the frustration

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    Great until it stopped working

    Been playing this for a while and like it but unfortunately today the game seems to have broken. I’m able to play the daily game, but when I move on to a regular game (I’m at level 556) it freezes. Too bad because I like the weekend competition. UPDATE: Still broken on 6/22. Everything seems fine except that no game loads at level 556 which means I can’t move on. I guess I could delete and reinstall, but that probably means I lose all my coins (over 18,000) and my advancement. I guess I will just delete. UPDATE 2: So I got an email response from the designers. They are aware and working on a fix, but gave me a workaround. Go back to the first game of the first level and play it again. This unlocks everything and after you finish that first game it brings you to your current, pre-lock level. YMMV - but this worked for me and I did not lose any coins or levels. Giving back the stars I took away for their quick response and easy work around until they get it sorted out.

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    More frustrating than fun

    I played 250 levels. At first I thought it got harder as I went, but no. They may add more words, but the levels don’t get harder; on the contrary, they are highly repetitive, using the same words over and over. That was strike one. The game is British. Nothing wrong with that, but there wasn’t a warning, so I was trying to spell a word that the game wouldn’t take. I eventually figured it out, but it’s hard to play a game when you don’t know the lingo. Lastly and most importantly to me, the ads force sound. I can be anywhere with my sound off, but the game will suddenly spawn an ad that is loud and play the sound anyway. Since I am looking for a game to play while in waiting rooms and such, this game will not work for me. If the other two issues did not exist, I would consider just paying to get rid of the ads. With so many apps out there, this one gets a no from me.

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    Liked game until it froze

    Was enjoying the game and had earned thousands of points through the tournaments and by finding extra words and completing many levels. Unfortunately this week the game froze and then wouldn’t reload. The only thing to do was to delete the app and reload. Now I’m back to the first level and all my points are gone. I’m done with this game now. I won’t start over. It was already getting a bit redundant with the same words being used again and again in the puzzles. Fun while it lasted I guess. I’ve seen on line that many people have experienced the app freezing up. It is almost worse knowing it is a glitch in the program that they have known about for a long time and have yet to fix. It particularly seems to happen when people have gotten deep into the levels and earned lots of points.

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    X2 Daily gift

    Is anyone else having this problem?? First, let me say, I’m enjoying this game! But for Some reason, I am not able to get double the daily gift when I click on the button. This has happened for the last five or six days now. When I click the button that says x2, I get the message, connection is not available at the moment. I used to get this message all the time, but I would tap the button a couple of times and it would take me to the ad that I needed to view to earn x2 gift. I have turned off my iPad and turned it back on but I’m refusing to remove the app because I have earned a lot of coins and don’t want to lose them. Is this problem being caused by the update that was done this past June? Or is it only me having this problem

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    Great potential

    App is great for a wordy person but has lots of little weaknesses that detract. Examples include throwing french words into an English game. E.g. “Pape” instead of “Pope” as someone who wears white. Even though you can see a lot of the words before they are crushed into position you can’t get credit til one particular word is found and that word can be a french word so its weird. Also sometimes the app simply won’t accept that you have found a word. I try to select it over and over it wouldn’t take but after flipping the board it let me take it. (I think the example was “Bridge”. If you don’t find a word in 4 seconds it will start bouncing cheat options in the tray which is annoying. But the mix of terms is better than I expected so I still play it sometimes.

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    Loved this game...until

    I did love this game until I got LOCKED out! I have won first place twice in the last few weeks and second place once. Built up 2415 coins. Tried to enter this weekend’s tournament and completed a board called: associated with a witch. Instead of entering me in the tournament and giving me a new puzzle I was sent back to the associated with a witch title board, but no puzzle came up! How can I get back in the game under the name eli where my coins are? I have 2 e mails don’t know which I am registered for this game with I have a Facebook account which you cannot seem to locate. Please help! I do not want to lose my coins... I have too many hours of play wrapped up in this game to start all over again! Got your e mail... thank you. I updated new version but it sent me right back to my frozen screen. I did enjoy playing this, but I need a solution to my problem that works or I will have to find a new favorite game!

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    Needs improvement

    First of all, the words are entirely too simple. They’re not really the kind of words that offer a challenge (as, me, at, him, her, there, etc.). Secondly, if you get a trivia question wrong (I got a LOT wrong) that’s it. No option to learn the right answer? No popup of a related verse? It’s just simply wait three minutes or complete several more overly simplistic puzzles. Finally, the WORST offense is this; when a scripture verse comes up at the end of a chapter I can only see part of it and I never do see the rest of the verse. Overall, it’s not terrible and the music is soothing, but as someone who has an above average vocabulary it just isn’t interesting. And as someone who has forgotten a lot of the small details over the years it would have been nice to get a refresher, but no. It’s just, “Wrong answer; try again in three minutes.”

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    Total coins

    I’m given this game only 3 stars for the way the total coins total is handled ( total coins). I play every morning early and every evening while watching tv. Twice this game has taken away all my points (coins). I’m at level 274 and trying to see how many points a can earn. The first time I reach a total of 19? (Don’t remember the exact number) and as I went to play the next game, hoping to reach 200 the game went back to zero points and I had to start over. Shrugged it off and continued to play. This morning shad worked my way up too 194 coins and the game did it again. Twice on thee same game is too much for me. Will not try again I’m done with this game and any other game by this developer. I also refuse too buy points so watch a lot of commercials. Les

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    Okay with lots flaws

    NEVER RECEIVED MY DOUBLE POINTS FOR VIEWING AN AD. Game has a lot of ads. The daily puzzle date is off, it is one day ahead which is weird. The daily puzzle is too long and there are no points for extra words when completing the daily puzzle. Also some words do not count as bonus words, very selective when accepting bonus words. The daily bonus is usually doubled when a video is viewed, unfortunately it never works. There’s always something wrong with the connection, odd since the ads play with no problems but getting an extra bonus the connections somehow don’t work. Also the ads stop 🛑 playing and become non responsive. Never received my bonus. Also the app tried to download some malicious app on my phone from a site the was written in Chinese. This is just another way to sell bonus items. One star is too generous for this app. Stay away .

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    Why are developers dumb

    Okay game. Ads up THE ying yang. But biggest peeve is that the video AD that we have to continuously see on all apps is totally BOGUS! bogus. A USER CAN MOT SWIPE DIAGONAL!! Nor is this app endless word search anagrams. You can only swipe vertical and horizontal. I don’t get it. Why show footage and advertise false info. There is Only one game app that I found that allows you to find endless words going perpendicular as well as vertical and horizontal for free coins. As well as the game objectives featured here and across many of these type of gaming apps. Do to business ethics, I will not post the name of the game here in this review. All I will type is that developer is the largest competitor of these word type games. DEVELOPER DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND UNDERSTAND THAT US USERS ARE INTELLIGENT FOLK. TO MANY CROOKS OUT THERE. YOU WILL GET BURNED SO HONEST UP! DONE.

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Is Word Crush - Fun Puzzle Game Safe?

No. Word Crush - Fun Puzzle Game does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 733,829 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Word Crush - Fun Puzzle Game Is 16.4/100.

Is Word Crush - Fun Puzzle Game Legit?

No. Word Crush - Fun Puzzle Game does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 733,829 Word Crush - Fun Puzzle Game User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Word Crush - Fun Puzzle Game Is 16.4/100.

Is Word Crush - Fun Puzzle Game not working?

Word Crush - Fun Puzzle Game works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 9 Comments

By Marthie
Oct 04 2021

Tooo!!!!!!!many ads

By peggy murdock
Aug 09 2021

You have a truly disgusting ad that spoils this game for me. It is a betting game and there is a woman smirking at the screen. When she looses she is given a choice. One choice is to strip. If you would allow it. I would write a review expressing my total disgust to warn other potential players. I like the game, I have zero respect for you.

By Michael
May 26 2021

As a retired prof of applied linguistics and composition, I enjoy the challenges. What I DON’T LIKE AT ALL is the very poor grammar often demonstrated in the category titles. For example, “Things horse have that we don’t.” It’s irritating to play a game showing such low level grammar skills. The writers are definitely not native English users. Fortunately the word searches in the puzzle don’t require grammar skills.

By Lynda Byrd Smith
Apr 05 2021

How do you score games?

By wordman
Apr 01 2021

when is a chat function coming to Word Crush? what about head to head games (timed? first to specified score?). what about rolling all time leader boards? day, week, month to date, YTD and all time? could increase interest and keep the game fresh. awards for various milestones?
good game. simple in concept but keeps the mind fresh.

By dean windle
Mar 23 2021

my wife has been playing word crush for several months.
today we have had to reset her notebook.
is it possible to carry on at her previous level?

By Mike Fleming
Mar 12 2021

LIke the game but the hints are to easy to bump by accident costing me coins that I try to build up. Coins have also vanished twice for no reason.

By Mary
Mar 09 2021

When I leave the game and go back it takes me to a level I have already completed. Why is that? Very annoying

By Jeanne Dangelo
Feb 04 2021

When you watch the ad for a free gift how do you het that gift? I never do...

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