Point Pickup Driver Reviews

Point Pickup Driver Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-19

We invite you to come deliver with us! Point Pickup Technologies, Inc., is a
quickly growing enterprise same-day delivery company that provides an exciting
new driver model for last-mile delivery that is being used by the country’s
largest retailers. Drivers prefer Point Pickup’s high...

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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
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Point Pickup Driver Reviews

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    You might make more money offering your services on Craigslist to pick the toe cheese out of a homeless mans foot vs working point pick up deliveries. My first delivery I sat at Walmart for an hour and a half waiting for about 15lbs of groceries that had to go 8 minutes down the road where the customer wasn’t even home to receive their groceries. Also, the number on their account was seemingly fake. Not the end of the world. If that happens all you have to do is bring the items back to where you picked them up from to attempt to pick them up from the retailer and deliver again on another day for another $10. Good luck

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    Orders available but not available...???

    I have an iPhone. I will get 3 available orders back to back. Not even 30 seconds later i will check and it will say i have not available orders. Wake up to almost 300 orders but then soon as i check there’s nothing there. I called customer service and was told i should be on version .12 and I’m on version .11 that’s why it’s not working correctly. I come on the App Store and see that it was just an update for version .10. Not sure what’s going on at this point. Didn’t think it’ll be this problematic.

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    App Clickers are ruining this

    Individuals with app clickers are ruining this service for the rest of us that do it the right way. I can have the app open and click refresh repeatedly, see an available order, and it’s gone as soon as I open it. This service is for those of us that need part-time income. Those who cheat are ruining this service. Point Pickup: you HAVE to find a way to stop those accounts using app clickers or you will drive good, honest drivers away.

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    Customer Service

    I have delivered for other delivery platforms such as insta cart, door dash, and more. Never have I received quality customer service like I do with Point Pickup. Everyone at this company has been professional, friendly, and always willing to help me.

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    Great way to made come extra cash

    I do a few deliveries a week and make some extra money. Really helps to pay off gas and car payments. Just be aware that most orders become available at 3 am so some days you have to wake up early to get them

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    Update to review..

    After my review, I was finally able to speak with a representative and they explained that it was miscommunication and was able to unblock and resolve me account. FYI: if they’re not able to reach you they may do that to get what ever issues resolved.

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    Worst !!!!!

    It’s never no order , it’s first come first order grabs ! I can never get orders . They start to drop order around 1:50am-3:00am . Every 30mins it’s couple orders ! Sometime you click to pick up an order you won’t catch the order in time if someone else grabs it before you ! It’s game of catch me if you can or you won’t get no orders today ! Worst job ever to have ! They need a better system or app give your employees fair chance !

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    Easy to use, makes good money

    Never had an issue with the app and I make solid money on the side. Pays the bills and easy enough for anyone to join and start driving

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    Is this a scam

    I had this app now for about a month at first it didn’t let me register my information then out of no where it approved me to drive I don’t understand now that I’m on the app for almost another month I have yet to get a delivery and I sign in everyday and check and stay sign in to receive notifications but nothing happen glad I have a full time job

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    This app is extremely pointless. It’ll say multiple deliveries, but by the time I open the app the deliveries are gone. I haven’t been able to get one delivery in 2 weeks. Sending the orders out to everyone at the same time is a fantastic way to make people who can’t stare at the open app all day lose interest. I’ve had it, screw this company.

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    Great App and easy to use

    Great app and the update makes it that much more easy to use. Clear instructions and keep the updates going !

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    It’s waisted of time

    I create an account, everything look good but no order where fount while my husband account let him do it and in mine appears like nothing in the area. Then I opened again to see if there orders and find out that the account its been blocked, and I can not create a new account because all my information is in the blocked one.

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    Amazing App

    Really intuitive and user friendly! I spent a lot of time driving for Uber and Lyft and Point PickUp is much easier to use and more lucrative 100%.

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    Complete Junk

    This app is completely junk. The orders freeze, half the time the notifications don’t come through and good luck getting ahold of anyone. The management is a complete joke of incompetent idiots that are no help. But have no problem calling me a million times when their gps isn’t working for tracking my location.

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    The app needs Fixing

    I keep getting hundreds of notifications but whenever I click on it there’s nothing available. Its getting to the point where I want to delete the app because it keep notifying me which makes me stop doing what I’m doing to click on it to find out nothing is available.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Point Pickup Driver customer service directly
via Email using our new site - AppContacter.com

Contact Point Pickup Driver directly

Is Point Pickup Driver Safe?

No. Point Pickup Driver does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 879 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Point Pickup Driver Is 15.0/100.

Is Point Pickup Driver Legit?

No. Point Pickup Driver does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 879 Point Pickup Driver User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Point Pickup Driver Is 15.0/100.

Is Point Pickup Driver not working?

Point Pickup Driver works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 16 Comments

By David S Martin
Jun 05 2021

I am having Trouble with paid Point pickup through Stripe Platform the last time I got paid was 05-25-2021 that was a week late I am missing two payments from Point Pickup I telling thaT ALL THE TIME THEY KEEP BLAMING STRIPE FOR THIS ALL THE TIME I KEEP TELLING POINT PICKUP I CAN NOT UPDATE STRIPES PLATFORM FROM AND OLD DEBIT CARD NUMBER TO A NEW CARD NUMBERS

By Tammy Jones
Apr 21 2021

Hello wondering why I didn’t give my full payout. How does pay work?

By tom hill
Apr 20 2021

Strict pickup times are addind additional wait time to get my orders. If im driving a Walmart order and the Pick up time is 1:45 you can get there early but the app wont allow you to call the pick up number and have them bring out the order. Mean while several other people arrive to pick up their stuff while you end up at the back of the line. If i could be allowed to show up no earlier than 15 minutes prior i could avoid waiting sometimes 30 minutes risking a cancellation and a waste of my time. If i could save a few minutes at pick up i could get more jobs in a day or at least avoid having to back out of a job.

By Jonny
Mar 23 2021

I prefer the old payment system...the new one ain't accurate...each time you click on a order to see your pay....then click the back button the order keep duplicating

By Shondalyn King
Mar 18 2021

I WANT YOU TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT! It shows 3 to 4 hundred deliveries at a time but when I click on it, there are no orders available. I have contacted support and received no response. Just delete my account.

By Yunior
Mar 15 2021

No abre mi aplicación

By Barbara Yamila Alvarez Coureaux
Mar 10 2021

I had this app now for about a month at first it didn’t let me register my information then out of no where it approved me to drive I don’t understand

By Dawn wiley
Feb 22 2021

My account was blocked I don’t understand why I got a wait for it to be on blocks because what they telling me is that it’s missing items which is completely a mistake but they’re still making me wait almost a week

By Tatrica Stone
Feb 06 2021

Point Pickup in Mississippi is awesome.. I encourage anyone looking to make some extra cash to hop on the band wagon.. it is what it is extra cash my 1st week I made $240 in 2 days. It is what you put into it. The only complaint I have is that when I'm having an issue I can't speak to anyone I have to chat.

By Marshs Anderson
Jan 30 2021

I signed up to be pont pick up driver and now would like to cancel signing up...i shouldve did more research on company. Please provide me a phone # a link ...a chat box. I font feel comfortable providing my personal information. I want to close my agreement with Point Pickup Driver

By Aldo Barillas
Jan 23 2021

It is a business that lacks professionalism, ethics and fair treatment of drivers. They are unilateral in their policies and I would dare to say that ILLEGAL. they play with the need of drivers who seek to make money and of customers who offer a false quality of service given the unfair treatment of those who use our resources to send them their purchases. They don't show their faces! be less cowardly in solving the problems of those who make your business a reality

By Nancy RAY
Jan 06 2021

Something is definitely going on with the delivery requests. I've been doing this for almost 4 weeks, and I was able to get several deliveries. But all of a sudden, I can't even get one. No matter how early I get up or how long I stare at my phone, with app open and constantly hit refresh...they're instantly GONE! I read that some people are using "click apps"??? Is this possible and if so please put a stop to it. Or is it possible that people working in Wal-Mart have family members doing Point Pick-up deliveries that they can tip off just before the orders are posted? I understand that I'm never going to get all the delivery requests, but no one should be able to monopolize the deliveries and leave the rest of us with nothing. Also, how come I never see any delivery requests for other stores besides Wal-Mart? Like Publix or Winn Dixie. I thought Point Pick-up provides service to other stores as well.

By Shantelle Willis
Dec 23 2020

Ok so how long does it take them to release the money it says transit but it's not in my account I actually love this app but it's a lot of disadvantages that will make you not want to do it anymore one the communication it is very hard to get help and the only way to communicate is through a chat room which can take forever they need a direct contact number dealing with peoples time and money second is the way they put out your payment it's not accurate you would have to write down every payment and ride you do because if not you really won't know exactly how much you made then when you email them they won't email you back

By Scott Brocaille
Dec 22 2020

I log in and it's says error at the bottom but I'm able to close out and reopen the app and it works but only one part of it works I can see my orders but I cannot open any other item on the drop-down list my working area my schedule anything like that just sits there and thinks and never opens I have uninstalled the app powered the phone off and reinstalled twice with the same result I feel like I'm losing potential income by not having the full backing of the company in app

By Lavonte Thacker
Nov 16 2020

The app isn’t working every time I try to log In it says error something happened try again can you please fix the issue with the app so I can log in thank you

By Demetric Jenkins
Nov 10 2020

My 2nd day on this app, and I've worked 15 hours for only gas money. No one helps and I have not received my full payments i am currently waiting on. Ware is my 5 $21.00 payouts???? Why am I seeing $9.00 for five payouts, when they should $21.00???

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  4. If you are a Point Pickup Driver customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Point Pickup Driver.

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