Steam Chat Reviews

Steam Chat Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-06

Take your Steam friends, groups, and conversations with you wherever you
go. The Steam Chat app includes many key features of the desktop Steam client
chat, including: Friends List – See who’s in game or online at a glance.
You'll see your custom categories and favorites bar just like y...

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Steam Chat Reviews

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    What I think & A Suggestion

    First of all, I want to say that I like the chat application and I have never encountered with any kind of problems so far (I am using iPhone XR. ) I don’t know why some people are complaining about Valve making a separate chat application instead of updating the mobile application with the new chat. I believe that Valve / Steam Team or who developed this app should have released it before but I know that they are taking their time and making sure it works well. Here’s a suggestion (I don’t know how to explain it properly so I will try my best to explain it.) I know that we can use the “/store” command to show a game to our friends, and when we do that it says “view store page” but we should be able to view the game’s store page in the application instead of opening the store page from Safari application.

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    Fluid and works well, but seems pointless.

    It does it’s job, and it does it well. However, it doesn’t seem worth keeping it. The original Steam app is quite awful, but while being clunky, the chat was still functional. To have developed a whole new app instead of overhauling the current app (which is severely out-of-date (like, two years without an update)), just seems completely unreasonable. This doesn’t help me in anyway, all it does it give me more clutter on my home-screen.

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    This is nice, but...

    This app has a visually pleasant and convenient UI, and I overall appreciate the design. This being said... why Steam Chat? The much more fundamental Steam Mobile app has gone months and months without a much needed redesign. The mobile app is slow, clunky, and ugly. I would have loved to have seen the design principles displayed in this new app baked into a Steam Mobile update, and I’m sure that’s still possible. So my request is a Steam Mobile redesign, it’s much needed because the current design is far out of date. As for this app, I’ll give it a 5/5 because I mainly reviewed it to beg for a Steam Mobile redesign frankly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Developmentally challenges

    Firstly, I can’t understand why you would release this, instead of give the steam app an overhaul with this rolled up in it. Having 2 apps now, I don’t like it. Also, why are steam chats so... inconsistent? Start a chat in game with someone on the PC, even on the new iOS steam chat, no conversation. Then, there’s voice. Many of us have been using discord for voice, and using it happily on our phones and iPads. I would honestly love to ditch it and use steam more or less exclusively, but until it has mobile support, no can do. Now I realize steam is more of a sales platform, and for that I can’t be too harsh on the company itself for providing inferior inter connectivity tools, but the voice and text chat and overall social support on mobile is bare bones and clunky as it is.

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    Did Valve lose the ability to update Steam Guard or something?

    Did Valve lose the ability to update Steam Guard or something? Okay, I kinda get it. This app is dedicated to being more social, which makes sense. Maybe there should indeed be a separate app for all social interactions. But then what does that leave on the Steam app? Just steam guard?.. ooooooh......... wow.......... So many people wonder, why didn’t they just add this to the Steam app? And so do I. The community has been begging for an update to the Steam app, and instead they do this. I love the features on this app, but I wanted an update for the Steam app. Better chatting, the ability to add steam credit to your account from the app for iOS money like iTunes credit*rolls eyes*. And just less crashing and more features like what you would do on pc in all. Also, I can’t even access my groups on steam chat app. I wanna post an announcement from the steam chat app, but I can’t. Just.. And I’m still getting notifications from both apps now when messaged. Annoying! Fix!

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    Good port of Steam chat but has issues

    While it is functional, and pleasantly featured; with a lot of little things that are nuanced, I have to repeat what everyone is saying. Why is this separate from the already existing Steam app. And Steam link too, for that matter. Make the phone app a proper progeny of the desktop Steam. The Steam app could already do direct messages to friends. Although Steam Chat is lightyears ahead because that couldn't show images or anything besides text (videos/webms don't seem to be working right now on Chat). But that circles back to why didn't they push this as part of a refresh or update of the Steam app that needs some attention to a few functionality problems and outright bugs it has. Also who even uses Steam chat anyway? I use it but not many people do, I like that its just there as part of Steam and mostly works. Actually funnily enough uploading images on the app works better than on desktop which often fails to load at all. So yay? Valve please release a content update for Team Fortress 2. Thanks in advance

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    Serviceable but riddled with problems

    I use the app daily to chat with friends and it works great for that but some of the features advertised simply do not work. One of those are notifications, I receive no notifications. I also notice when I close the app my status is taken offline instead of being shown as away. Hope things improve in the future but knowing Valve I won’t hold my breath for anything in the near future.

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    Lacks Landscape mode for tablets.

    There’s probably mixed opinions for splitting the Chat and main mobile program but the update was necessary since the main client is so outdated. The program seems to be designed for phones first because I cannot find an option for Landscape mode which I use a lot on this tablet.

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    No keyboard

    I honestly don’t know what’s worse. This? The steam mobile app or the web viewer via iphone. Not one will let me send a message, well no that isn’t entirely true. This app lets me send a message as long as I copy and paste it in. Is it so difficult to get a chat system right? 2 stars because it actually lets you see which of your friends is online and clean interface. Forget this app, just get the web app working. Would be cheaper too.

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    Broken integration with steam app

    For one, this should have been an update to the original steam app in the first place. And now that they’re separate, they’re not properly integrated. I still get notifications through the old steam app for chat messages and I can’t ever clear them out because chat doesn’t work on the old app. Opening store pages doesn’t open them in the steam app, it opens a safari window. And why haven’t they fixed the old, broken steam app that hasn’t been updated in two years?

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    Its alright but

    This app is quite decent. The ability to use steam emoticons is probably my favorite. My only real gripe with this app is that notifications is broken. If you want to continue getting notifications on Steam then I don’t recommend getting this yet because it breaks notifications on the this app and the original Steam App. This issue happened to me but don’t know about everyone else. If that gets fixed this can become a 3-4 star rating.

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    Steam Chat value? Having a Hard time?

    Less than week ago I tried to download this Steam Chat Value app, for whatever reason it will not let me download. All I see is a round circle that refuses to download it fully. At the same time I wish that it can download it fully. In other words when it download fully I can use this app. So that way I can download it in order for me to use this Steam Chat Value.

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    Now fixed on iOS 13. Old reviews out of date.

    Far better chat experience than the old, clunky app. Still waiting for more than just chat, though. Would love to see the old app brought up to date, or have features moved over.

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    Splitting the app - don’t do it

    Not a fan of the split app idea, won’t be using this simply for that. You obviously tried to clone a stand-alone discord app, but you aren’t Discord you’re steam. Not to mention the fact that the actual steam app has never looked more outdated than it is right now (last update was TWO years ago) functionality is also not on par with the PC steam client at the moment. Diverting resources to a separate app to clone discord wasn’t exactly the route you should have taken.

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    Definitive steam chat

    It’s the currently up to date steam app just like on the PC, the app we’ve been waiting for since the new chat, complete with emoticons and links and all that other good stuff. Shame it can’t be on the regular app.

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Is Steam Chat Legit?

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